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How to Add Registry Editor to Control Panel

It’s always struck me as odd that system tweakers use the registry editor all the time to fix annoyances in Windows, but nobody has created a tweak to add the registry editor to the control panel… until now.

I’ve created a registry hack to add the registry editor as another option in the Control Panel in any version of Windows.

Usage in Windows 7 or Vista

After installation you’ll need to choose System and Maintenance in the control panel.


And you’ll see the new Registry Editor item at the bottom of the list:


Perhaps most useful, it’s now available through the start menu search box.


Usage in Windows XP

After installation you’ll see the new icon in Control Panel if you choose the classic view.



Just extract and double-click on the installation script. You can remove using the included removal script.

Download AddRegeditToControlPanel Registry Hack

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  • Published 10/21/07

Comments (19)

  1. DuckMan

    wow! I never knew where to find regedit (not even back in Windows XP, 98, 95 – was there a registry in Win 3.11? I can’t remember ). I always go start->run and type regedit.. it’s a lot faster.

  2. Bookie

    Thanks for this. Off mark, but how can you stop Vista from caching thumbnails and where does Vista store it’s thumbnails?

  3. KSG

    Thanks for this, very helpfull. I was wondering where regedit was in vista.

  4. Geekwanttobe

    could not work better. see why I want to be a geek. then maybe I could do things like this.

  5. M.Higham

    Worked for me! On Vista and XP! Thanks!

  6. Johnny

    Thank you very much, got it into control
    we hope you bring more for our windows vistas.

  7. Al C.

    The reason we the “tweakers” never went to this trouble is because you can simply call it up by running it from the RUN app.

    START, RUN, type: regedit (enter) and Viola!!

    that is easier and faster than open the Control panel (after you create and install a tweak)

    furthermore I have a better trick:
    On the desktop I have simply created a new folder which I named “links”
    or whatever you want.
    Then I create many shortcuts on the desktop for apps I need like
    regedit, System(cpl),CMD[DOS tools], Ipconfig, Administrative tools, Services(activate or deAct. running components w/o reboot), etc, etc,
    I also created a Storage folder “SUPPORT” w subDir “Tools” where I keep all files and info pertaining to the Comp maintenance and REPAIR tools.
    I also Create a shortcut on the desktop for that.

    THEN…..I scooped up all the shortcut icons and dragged them into the “links” folder. so I have them readily available under ONE icon on the desktop.
    I even went further to customize the “links” folder by right-Clicking on it, Properties, choose CUSTOMIZE tab, and changing the ICON using the Shell32.dll or choose a picture of your own.

    Now you have ONE icon or folder on the desktop with AAAAAALLL your tools and tweaks! Forget writing and programming!!.

    ** also do a search for all *.cpl files Then create shortcuts for them and Also drag then into the LINKS folder.
    cpl files are the Control Panels for eveything.
    (Windows Search may not “Find” them for you(too powerful for dummies). so you have to go find them yourself.)

    Now, what are you going to do with all this POWER!?!?!?

    Probably, screw your computer beyond repair!!! Har har har!

    You really want to be a SUPER TWEAKER!?!?

    open the cpl files with notepad and Go for it!
    I have replaced the Windows Logo with my Company’s logo in the Explorer window so no matter what folder or page I am on; I never see the Windows logo by MY OWN that’s like buying a Custom version of Windows from MicroSoft.

    That’s Power!

    Chicano Power! That is… Chicanos on the MOVE in the 21st Century.

    Happy tweaking! (but backup your valuable stuff. and don’t be shy!)

    –De Volada! Man

  8. mikeeeeee

    how can i remove the tweaks??

  9. Romeo29

    When I double click on Registry Editor Icon in the Control Panel. It says “Access Denied”. And yes I am running as an administrator in Windows XP.

    What are reasons for this?

  10. Dave B

    Awesomeness, very helpful hack!! Thanks loads.

  11. Michael Higham

    Does this tweak work on Windows 7 64-bit?

  12. Loqman

    Nice Tips, and also that from Al C. So I may add a hint to slickrun (flying commandline), this may ease very much. And a question. Couldn’t we put the registry call into the control panel’s Add/Remove Programs applet?

  13. rwilcher

    Neat ! nice to save some clicks. Always neat stuff here I love it.

  14. Batata

    Did not work for me. Double clicking AddRegeditoControlPanel just pens a text document w Notepad. Nothing is added to the registry. Right-Clicking offers option to Merge, but this only opens Notepad again. No changes are made to the registry.

    Pls help

  15. Wabberjock

    Hmmm, this doesn’t work in Windows 7 64-bit. None of the instructions match what I see when I execute them, eg, there’s no “System and Maintenance” option in the control panel. There’s “System and Security”, but when I select that, there’s no “Registry Editor” item that comes up. Am I really stupid, or is this a 64-bit difference?

  16. Trevor

    Yes, It works great on 7 x64.

  17. toad

    Cooler yet; type it into the Start>Search and when it pops in at the top, DRAG it to the Start button.
    BAM; now its in the top of the Start menue.
    2 clicks and done deal!

  18. imma

    Great work i lv this

  19. Tony

    I just put a shortcut to regedit.exe in my start menu under System Tools. About March 2003 lol!

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