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Add "My Computer" to Your Windows 7 / Vista Taskbar

I like to have the quickest access possible to folders on my desktop, which usually means putting something onto the taskbar if possible. You can add the Computer menu as a folder on the taskbar for the easiest access to your drives. You could also use this tip for any folder you want.

To add a folder to the taskbar, just right-click on the taskbar and choose the Toolbars menu, and then click on New Toolbar. 


Just find the folder that you want… in this instance we’ll select the Computer icon and then click on Select Folder. 


Now you can see the Computer folder right there on the taskbar. If you click the little arrows it will pop up and let you browse through all your drives. 


I always add the Desktop to the toolbar as well.

The same thing works on Windows 7 as well.

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  • Published 06/16/07

Comments (34)

  1. Tim

    This works in XP too, btw

  2. Yero

    But it takes up so much taskbar space because it writes out “My Computer”. I wish I could just have the arrows, or rename it to something shorter.

  3. Monoto

    You can rename it to something shorter. Just right-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and choose Rename from the context menu. I renamed mine to PC. The toolbar will have the same name as the location it points to.

  4. Wayne London

    On Vista right click on it and uncheck “show text” and “show title” and only the icon shows. My prob is that I want to get rid of it because the “floppy disk drive” icon shows and the “Local Disk C” icon is hidden. It came with the package. Sending it to the Recycle Bin doesn’t work. It stays put. Any solutions? Thanks, Wayne. PS – I know Vista doesn’t have a floppy disk drive but it says it does. One of MS jokes.

  5. Wayne London

    PSS – The right click thing works with all or most text on toobar or notification icons. Wayne

  6. Wayne London

    Thanks anyway, but got rid of the icons in the usual way. Right click on toolbar, uncheck Computer. Wayne

  7. dude

    I recall this works on XP as well. However if you unlocked the task bar you were able to drag it onto your desktop. This would be much more useful to me but it dosnt work on vista but i did see a my computer tool bar on the desktop of a display computer running vista at David Johns or something. Any ideas?

  8. Wayne London

    Has anyone managed to get only one icon or do you get one each for “drive c”, “floppy d.” etc? In my case they can’t be deleted seperately, so all had to go. I have Vista. Thanks, Wayne

  9. Tim Smith

    I’ve used this to quickly open folders with work, photos or music. If I may humbly add my own bit of advice, I found it very helpful to change the icons for the shortcut so they stand out without needing space-hungry text.

    Right-click on the shortcut and select Properties. Left-Click on the Change Icon button and pick something from the list that appears. You could make your own if you want but this is much quicker.

  10. Bagheera

    Can I suggest an even better way – – it replaces the Quick Launch bar. I’ve been using it for years. It allows you to add menus, folders, shortcuts, etc. to that little area next to the Start button that will make your life so much easier.

  11. Wayne London

    True Launch Bar costs $19.90. Isn’t there something free out there that does the same?

  12. whs

    I found the easiest way to have quick acccess is to use AppLauncher in the sidebar. This way one does not mess up the taskbar and you can put many. The sidebar, of course, must be “always on top”.

  13. Michael

    Works on Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and 2003 as well. Works on Windows 95 and NT only if Windows Desktop Update from Internet Explorer setup is installed.

  14. Rhywun

    I’ve been using TrueLaunchBar for years too – well worth the price.

  15. Chan Tai Wah

    this tips is so helpful !!

  16. lela holloman

    i cant find [my computer icon] any where how do i get it back? please help me ok thanks so much lela

  17. Paul Creamer

    I like it except for it putting all the items of My Computer out.
    I have 5 hd’s and 6 ‘removables so it clutters up the taskbar unecessarily.
    If it could menu it up … I would consider this a great idea.
    But its too much clutter for me.

  18. Riyaz

    It works in Win 98 to Vista

  19. Diamond Max

    but in vista,xp,milenium,2000,98,97 you could put that bar anywhere you want it, in windows 7 i m only able to put it in the task bar which is rather pointless, is their any way to reposition invidual tool bars to various sides of the screen,

    my usual setup on all previous versions of windows has ben like this, my computer bar on the top of the monitor, desktop bar on the right side, i havnt found a way o do this on win7 yet, any ideas.

  20. Ricardo

    Another way is to right click on the desktop and choose Personalize. In the window that opens on the top left click on Change desktop icons. Next tick on the Computer or Network icon. That will place it on the desktop. To move it onto your taskbar right click on the taskbar and choose Open Folder. Next drag the desktop icon into the open folder and close it. Once on the taskbar you can drag the icons into the order you want them. This works great with the taskbar on Auto-hide.

  21. Shikia

    I have been try to set the windows vista in my computer but i still failed to set it…how could i set windows vista

  22. Geldanlage

    This ist pretty late on your desktop :D you should go to bed instead of writing tips for us – even if theire usefull :)

  23. Paul

    Um…think about it… for me its 21:16pm … depends on where he was at…

    On another forum… all times are central…even if it comes from the other side of the planet so some will seem to be posting in the wee hours.

    I wonder if thats similar here.

    But for me… if I cant customize which ‘my computer drives’ show up…its overkill for me having too many media drives…

    What I have works for me…and if I cant have the above idea exclude the media drives which will usually rarely have stuff in them (on demand per cameras)…then nope, it aint worth it.

    For the basic user, yes this is a great idea, I do in fact use similar on my other small machines.

  24. Matthew Lambert

    I’m trying to put “my computer” on my desktop but the directions are not clear. I need it in black & white.


  25. Szabi

    OK here’s a tricky question. How could I make my desktop appear in the taskbar, but only the files/folders that I put there and not all the stuff that appears usually (i.e. computer, network etc. etc.) So I just want the files/folders that I put there to appear and when I delete them, nothing should appear. I’m not sure if I explained it clearly enough. Thanks!


  26. Patrick Kelly

    Is Windows 7 good?

  27. calebstein

    @Patrick Kelly: Windows 7 is fine, but I’d just get Kubuntu 9.10

  28. Karina


    this creates a serious bug though. I have win 7 and spend days fighting it. Putting computer in the taskbar on the LEFT side will cause the first icon to show up half way… no way to change that. Its hard to explain, can I upload images here?

  29. URLAGE

    Really like this one, and will link, too.

  30. Simon Savage

    I noticed in the 3rd picture down that there are icons for programs such as Word, Outlook etc. How is that done? I have them in the Quick Launch but just wondered how they were displayed like that?

  31. daniel

    it is really nice and cute on ma computer thank u

  32. kiv

    You can also create a folder anywhere (My Documents) and fill that folder with shortcuts to all of your most used things, and then add this folder to a toolbar. At later dates, you can modify this folder at your leisure to make modifications.

  33. hercules

    deve se bom

  34. vivek

    can’t v drag and drop the MY COMPUTER icon to top or right side of the desktop- which creates a toolbar instantaneously. had this feature in XP

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