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Add Home Directory Icon to the Desktop in Windows 7 or Vista

One of the new changes in Windows 7 and Vista is that each user has a “Home” directory that is actually accessible and meant to be used. In XP and 2k, you had a hidden home directory that you weren’t meant to muck around in.

Some of the new features, like the Downloads directory, are only accessible through your Home directory, which is why it makes sense to put an icon for it right on the desktop.

To do this, click the Start button, and then right click on your User name. Choose the Show on Desktop option:

Now your home directory icon should show up on your desktop:

Alternate Method

You can also right-click on the desktop, choose Personalize from the menu, and then Desktop Icons on the left-hand pane.

From this screen, you can simply check the box for user’s files to add the icon to the desktop.

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  • Published 01/2/07

Comments (9)

  1. Cynthia Southall

    Thank you for the tips Geek!

    When I right-click on my username, I don’t see an option labeled ‘Show on Desktop’. Guiess I’ll go looking for that fix. Thanks again!

  2. Mark S.

    You can also change the icon as well, the same way that you change your other desktop icons.

  3. Dan-O

    Can’t you right-click the desktop and go to “properties” and change it there? I’m not at home in front of my Vista Desktop, but I’m sure that it is just as simple that way, too. This method may help Cynthia!

  4. guti

    I want put a shortcut on the desktop, but I need that if user switching, it can still see (in xp put it on all users) anyone knows how to do it in Windows 7

  5. David Lantz

    I am having a problem with wallpaper on my laptop computer. I try to use the same wallpaper on my desktop and my laptop, but it will not stay on the laptop after I import it. Got any suggestions?

  6. dinesh

    this is was so use full for mine

    thanks & Regards

  7. dinesh

    hi all

    this is so use full for mine thanks for u and your team

  8. ganesh

    so nice

  9. Sherali Khan

    Thanks a lot. I do a lot of downloads and each time had to go to computer and then to downloads,this shortcut makes it so easy for me,thanks again

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