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Add a new File Type to Indexing in Windows Vista

Windows Vista has a new built-in searching engine that is completely integrated into the operating system, but not all files are indexed. To add a new file type to be indexed, you just have to follow a couple of steps.

To get to the indexing service panel, just type index into the start menu search box, and hit enter.

In the Indexing Options window, click the Advanced button:

Now, type in the new extension and click “Add new extension”

If you want the file contents to be indexed as well, find the file type in the list and make sure you select the “Index Properties and File Contents” radio button.

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  • Published 01/9/07

Comments (4)

  1. rick

    Windows indexing on my vista machine yeilds incomplete results regardless of what the file type is

  2. Richard

    I have completely lost the .exe file extension. So I am unable to run rundll32.exe, which is obviously what we are trying to run when we search for index.

    How would I add the .exe file extension a different way?

  3. isaiah

    BRAVO! and thanks. I’ve been looking for this info for days. G’ bless.

  4. Gary Leal

    My Desktop Icons were all changed from their own stlyle/design to all of them changing to the letter r that RealPlayer uses. In effect, the file associations now have the .lnk association. I cant recall exactly what I was doing when this change happened. I think I was looking to changing the screen savers andor background colors when I did something that must have caused (acutally all but 4 icons were somehow not changed. All I need to know is what and or how do I get my desktop icons to change back to what they use to look like. Fortunately, the name/title of the icons were not changed. Please help with a fix. Thank you.

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