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Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP

If you have a home network and are running Windows 7 and have XP on other PC(s) you might want to share files between them.  Today we will look at the steps to share files and hardware devices like a printer.

Sharing Files In Windows 7 and XP

Sharing folders between two Windows 7 machines with the new HomeGroup feature is an easy process, but the HomeGroup feature is not compatible with Vista or XP.  For this tutorial we are using Windows 7 x64 RC1 and XP Professional SP3 connected through a basic Linksys home wireless router.

First make sure both machines are members of the same Workgroup which by default is named Workgroup.


On the Windows 7 machine go into Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Network and Sharing Center then click on Change advanced sharing settings.

network and sharing


You will want to verify the following settings under Advanced Sharing Settings for the Home or Work and Public profile.

home or work settings

If you want any user to have access the public shares turn off password protection.  This is located in Advanced Sharing Settings toward the bottom of the list.

turn off pw

If you want to keep it enabled make sure there is a log in account for the other XP machines and they have a password.

create pw

Now if you go into Network in Windows 7 you should see your XP machine and the Windows 7 as well which in this case is Mysticgeek-PC.


To share the printer on the Windows 7 machine go into Devices and Printers from the Start menu and double click on the printer icon.


Next double click on “Customize your printer”.

1 Printer

In the Properties screen click on the Sharing Tab and check the box to share the printer and type in its share name.

2 printer share

If your XP machine is an x86 OS you can install Additional Drivers before setting up the XP machine.

3 Printer add drivers

To find the shared folders and devices double click on the Windows 7 machine icon under Network.  Here you can see the printer connected to my Windows 7 machine is shared and also the Users Folder.

shared device and users

Continue into the Users folder and Public to see the shared folders, here I also created a folder called XP Share just to keep everything in central location.


Over on your XP machine open up My Network Places to find the Windows 7 (mysticgeek-pc) shared folder.

My Network Places

Double click on the Share folder to find a list of shared folders in the Public folder on Windows 7.  If you have password protection enabled you will need to type in the username and password of the user account on the Windows 7 machine first.


Setup XP With Shared Printer

To set up the shared printer in XP you will need to go into Printers and Faxes from the Start menu and kick off the Add Printer Wizard.

add Printer

Now select “A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer” then hit Next.

network option

Next select “Connect to this printer…” and type in the path for the printer connected to the Windows 7 machine and click next.  


Now click Yes to the confirmation message.

confirm msg

Then click Finish the printer to install and complete the Wizard.


In some cases you will need to install the x86 XP drivers for the shared printer because the Windows 7 drivers are not compatible with XP.  When everything is installed open up Printers and Faxes to find the shared printer.

in explorer

This should help you get started with sharing your files and other devices with your Windows 7 machine.  When I first started I was able to see the printer on XP right away because I had a HomeGroup set up, but once I deleted it I needed to share the printer like you would for a workgroup.  You might also have to do a couple restarts of the XP machine for it to see the shared resources on Windows 7.  If you have had any experiences with sharing between Windows 7 and XP leave us a comment!

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 05/20/09

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  1. jmarkhus

    you rock. very few people know how difficult printer sharing is between windowsxp and win7. thought i was a guru till i upgraded to rc. thanks alot man.

  2. dinesh

    Hard work Geek. Good job.

  3. MRL

    Many thanks, amigo.

  4. James

    hello … on the windows7 machine I can see the Xp machine but when I try to connect I get an error message …

    “Windows cannot access \\XPMachine – Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click diagnose.”


  5. Aelic92

    This is awesome! But how would you access a printer connected to a xp machine from windows 7?

  6. Jeff

    spot on. worked beautifully. Worth mentioning, my 2 puters workgroups were set to different names.

  7. docpaul

    Excellent! Now what I’d like to know is what theme is that on XP? It looks like a navy version of Royale?

  8. mysticgeek


    It is an official embedded theme you can download it at:

  9. jmarkhus

    @james, go back over the instructions and try to follow them to the letter. i had the same issues till i found i was jumping ahead of myself and over confident. just follow carefully all the above instructions and the printing should work.

    @Aelic92, the reverse was easy for me win7-win7 should work by just going to the winxp machine, go to printer folder, right click and select connect. the win7 connecting to winxp is what i would call “reverse compatible” with older oses

  10. Mike Hutchinson

    My XP laptop simply tells me I do not have authority to access the Win7 shared folders when I click on one. Regarding the procedure, am I missing something or is there no point at which any folders are shared in the first place ?

  11. symbiont

    I followed this, worked for Printer Share – but Folder share is not as clear if it’s not the “Public” folder your trying to share. I was trying to share my music folder on a secondary HDD with my XP machine. You have to add “Everyone” to the “Choose People to Share With” dialog in a folders sharing properties. My Xp machine could see the share – but not access it until I added this.

  12. bill

    I want to share the HP officejet G series the windows 7 does not have a driver XP does – does other way work somehow?

  13. jake

    @bill if you can see the printer over the network right click on the printer and select connect. that should hook you up

  14. Wayne

    This is an excellent tutorial! However, I either have done something wrong in setting up Win7 in the first place, or something is weird! I have exactly the same problem as James — … on the windows7 machine I can see the Xp machine but when I try to connect I get an error message …

    “Windows cannot access \\WAYNE – Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click diagnose.”

    The XP machine can access the Win7 machine just fine.


  15. JoelK

    I followed the tutorial and got FOLDERS to share, but when I try to share an entire drive on Vista with 7, following the same steps it says I don’t have rights. I even tried to put Everyone in the access area, restarted, same error. Any help? Thanks!

  16. PeterH

    When I tried to install a network printer connected to a xp machine from windows 7, windows 7 said it couldn’t because the print spooler wasn’t running but when I tried to print a document from windows 7 it printed….

  17. Jim S

    Thanks for the tutorial I have it almost working but there is one hurdle I can’s seem to get over. My XP MCE2005 machine and the Windows 7 machine network perfectly with all shared folders on the XP machine visible and accessible, and vice-versa However, my laptop is running XP Home; I can access the Windows 7 machine from the laptop perfectly. However, when I double click the laptop icon on the Windows 7 machine I get the following error message: “Windows cannot access \\laptop. You do not have permission to access \\laptop. Contact your network administrator to request access.” Any ideas on the fix or is XP home a lost cause??

  18. Jim S

    By the way, I didn’t mention in my last post that the Windows Media Player in Windows 7 accesses and plays my media files on the laptop with no issues.

  19. Marcos

    Thanks so much, helped a lot… when you’re in a hurry you often don’t see the most obvious things.

  20. Mike

    I have three computers running XP operating system linked together in a virtual network. The computer linked directly to the router is a desktop with XP and a canon mx310 printer directly linked. I am attempting to link my Dell Latitude D800 Laptop running Windows 7 operating system. I am able to form a link with the XP network and I can access shared files on the XP computers, but the XP computers on the network are unable to access files on the Windows 7 computer. I am looking for a way to allow the Windows 7 computer access on the network. Is there anyway to use the printer with Windows 7, I am told there are no drivers available for Windows 7.
    thank you

  21. Sudz

    Great tutorial, however I cannot seem to get Windows 7 to install the x86 printer drivers for Windows XP (this is for a Canon i850). When I try I get an error message stating that the driver is 32 bit and the Windows 7 OS is 64 bit, and therefore it cannot install them. So I’m stuck. Anyone else run into this issue? How did you get Windows 7 to allow you to install the x86 drivers?

  22. sudz

    These instructions were very helpful, thank you! However, I’m having an issue with the step “If your XP machine is an x86 OS you can install Additional Drivers before setting up the XP machine.” When I attempt to do this on my Windows 7 computer, it will not allow me to install the x86 drivers – it immediately halts the installation and complains that my OS is 64-bit and therefore I cannot use the 32-bit drivers. How do you get Windows 7 to allow you to successfully install the x86 drivers for your Windows XP clients?

  23. John

    “This is an excellent tutorial! However, I either have done something wrong in setting up Win7 in the first place, or something is weird! I have exactly the same problem as James — … on the windows7 machine I can see the Xp machine but when I try to connect I get an error message …

    “Windows cannot access \\WAYNE – Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click diagnose.”

    The XP machine can access the Win7 machine just fine.


    I have this exact same problem. Windows 7’s error messages are not specific enough to allow a diagnosis. Something else is at work here, I HAVE followed this (and other) guide(s) to the letter. XP sees win7 and connects and transfers files both ways. Win7 sees the shares on xp but cannot connect to them.

    Error message1:

    \\FAMILYWEST\SharedDocs is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

    Not enough server storage is available to process this command.

    Error message 2:

    Network Error

    Windows cannot access \\FAMILYEAST\Documents

    You do not have permission to access \\FAMILYEAST\Documents. Contact your network administrator to request access.

    For more information about permissions, see Windows Help and Support

    So, add to MY Friday fun.


  24. Ciunguta

    tnx nice tut.

  25. joe

    I got the exact same problem as mentioned before:
    My Setup is like this:
    Windows 7 RC1 64 Bit + Canon Inkjet Pixma iP5000
    Windows XP Home 32 Bit SP3

    So I wanna have the printer shared for the XP system but I can’t install any x86 driver I can get from canon. Especially no XP drivers (windows 7/Vista drivers are not available…). So I think I need to wait for Windows 7 x86 drivers so it will work? Why the hell isn’t there a way to use already installed drivers on the xp system. The installation of shared printers automatically stops when you can’t give it a valid .inf (and I don’t know what will be valid?!). Very stupid this is.

  26. wired_retired

    By God man, you deserve a medal. I’ve visited all the pages you have. Not necessarily in the right order but…??? And I’ve just posted a snotty note on the Technet forums as well. Doh!
    Why oh why do Microsoft make everything so bloody difficult..??

  27. Fuzzmaster

    Same problem here. My win7 machine can’t connect to the printer on my XP machine. When i click “connect” like you recommend, I get an “access is denied” error even though it is set to share on the XP machine. Please help.

  28. William

    I read your article on sharing a win 7 printer with win xp computers on same network. My printer is a canon pixma ip5000. the xp machine finds the ip 5000 printer share from win 7 machine everything is ok until i try to install the win xp drivers on the xp machine the error message is windows cannot find suitable printer driver. I tried to use the win 7 machine to install same xp drivers for 86 machine and it gives an error message the location does not contain ip5000 driver for the requested processor architecture. I have dual boot on the win 7 machine with win xp as second operating system and the same printer drivers work on both xp machines and the network printer works flawlessly. Also the printer works fine on the win 7 machine any suggestions

  29. thippesh

    iam sharing the printer & some file but not access for this

    problem is network connection is not avilable

    but pinging the two system is correct & workgroup, ipaddress, computer name, file sharing, all has been correct

    please solve for this problem

  30. Deminetix

    Good work. This is a very handy tutorial on home networking between different operating systems.

    One suggestion to add to this is how to Map a network drive to your computer in windows-7 and XP. Makes file sharing that little bit hassle-free.

    Thanks for the refresher!

  31. Phil McGuire

    I run a small network of 3 computers – A Windows 7 machine, a XP machine (Service pack 3) and a MAC (OS X). The Windows 7 machine runs the current RC. After much mucking about Windows 7 sees both the shared drives on the XP box and the MAC and can access them. It even shows them in the network map.
    The shared drive D on the Windows 7 machine is visible from the XP box and the MAC. All good, except neither the MAC or the XP box can access files on the Windows 7 machine. I get access denied – you do not have access permission. I have set up the sharing on the Windows 7 machine with full access for everyone and even disabled the Windows 7 firewall. There is no password set and both the Windows 7 machine and the XP box have the same username.
    This used to work under Windows 7 beta, but not with Windows 7 RC1. The only Windows 7 area I can access is the public users folder (on C drive).
    I’m no novice at this, having successfully set up networks with MACs & PCs since Windows NT4, but this is ludicrous. It really shouldn’t be this hard. Not everyone uses Vista so the Homegroups option is useless. I can see a lot of small businesses telling Microsoft to shove Windows 7 until this is fixed.

  32. Mysticgeek

    @Phil McGuire:

    I agree it shouldn’t be so difficult at all. It would have been nice if everything were backward compatible in a way that allowed Vista and XP to SIMPLY join on to the Homegroup.

  33. Eddy

    From my vista/xp machine, i can see the shared folder but access was denial.
    I have no issues accessing the shared folders (vista/xp) from win7 machines.

    is there a bug on win7?

  34. Uldis

    Im still a noob in networking. So this probably is a silly question.

    If I haven’t had these 2 pc’s I networked together before, will this guide still work ? I did this step by (I have linksys wireless router) but I can’t see xp computer when I check network. Only other thing I can see is Network Infrastructure Linksys WRT54GL. Both pc’s ar connected to wireles router…
    Maybe there is something more I should do on xp side ?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  35. Goldy

    Good Job, geek!
    Helpfull and a delight to follow through!

  36. Craig

    Well, this is half of a good tutorial but you never covered setting permissions on the XP machine so that the Windows 7 machine can access the shared files directories on the XP machine. Would you like to finish this?

  37. saeun

    thanks for this but i’m still having problems with my xp, my laptop (win7) already detects and can access my desktop (xp), but our desktop doesn’t seem to recorgnize any other units on the network. can anyone please help on setting up the network on my xp. thanks

  38. Elizabeth

    Very useful. Helped me get my printer set up in no time. :)

  39. stadi

    YEAH*dancin’around*!!! worked right on, thanks!

  40. BLood

    I found a solution for my self whit error ““Windows cannot access \\”. I installe SP3 om my xp machine. At forst that was not enaf and i still got the error, but i runed network setup wizard and who-al-a, i can connect to xp machine and its shares.

    So what you should do

    1) Make shore you have SP3, if not then install it
    2) Run the network wizard after install

    Ofcourse it my not help you, but its worth a shot.

  41. BLood

    I found a solution for my self whit error ““Windows cannot access \\”. I installed SP3 on my xp machine. At foist that was not enaf and i still got the error, but i runned network setup wizard and who-al-a, i can connect to xp machine and its shares.

    So what you should do

    1) Make shore you have SP3, if not then install it
    2) Run the network wizard after install

    Ofcourse it my not help you, but its worth a shot.

  42. Tej

    Thanks a solved my 4 hours problem

  43. Belen

    I have a very weird problem. I have my printer set up on my windows 7 pc. When I try to access this PC through an XP PC y asks me to input Username and password though I’ve disabled password proteccion on my Win7 PC. It lets me in if I hit Enter. It is only when I do this that my XP machine sees the printer and allows me to print. If I don’t do it, I can’t print. Everytime I restart my XP PC I have to do that. Thankfully I only have to do once, I can print as many times as I want once I enter the Win7 PC.

    Does anybody know why is this and how can I fix it?

  44. Diego Espinosa

    Thank you very much for your assistance. Sometimes remembering just where exactly is every option in different OSs is a problem. I was failing to share between two computers running Win7 and one with XP. The Firewalls were off, the permissions and security set to Everyone, Guest accounts enabled and still no luck. Forgot about the advanced network settings. Appreciate the tutorial. Many, many thanks.

  45. deetmar

    If your having trouble sharing files in windows 7 with XP here’s a quick fix

    right click the file or folder – share with – specific people- type “everyone” in the box – add – set permission

  46. Gudmundur Thorberg

    I have 2 XP´s at home and now 2 Windows 7 machines. One of the 7´s is not workgroup joined.
    I guess from the helpful information above, its not possible to bring a domain registered Windows 7 laptop from your office and connect it to your XP home network since the Windows 7 laptop would not have a workgroup name. This would be a step backwards for me in terms of not being able to use my WinXP shared home printer from my office laptop. The Windows 7 doesnt find the XP computers, i guess due to the workgroup vs. domain settings.
    i tried to rename the workgroup name to match the office domain name, without success.

  47. butcher99

    no go for me. I have an eee pc that I want to connect and I can see the windows 7 machine and I have an account on it and when i click on it I get Not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network. etc.
    I can see and share the files just fine on my Mac and from my Mac. Just EEE will not connect.

  48. ScubaPete

    Thanks man. I hadn´t spotted the “password protection” option and didn´t really want to go creating the same users on each computer to allow sharing.

  49. Frienel

    This will only share the contents of the “public” folder. If you are trying to share any other drive or directory you are still out of luck.

  50. Carey

    I followed the instructions with a windows 7 wireless laptop and xp home main machine. I can access all files on the windows 7 laptop but I cannot find the xp machine from the laptop nor can I share a printer. Any suggestions?

  51. victor

    hey nice tutorial
    hey man i got a situation where i cant get the win7 pc to find the win xp pc i have tryed almost everything. i changed the work group from defaul to the one that the windows xp was had, and also tryed to change the windows xp workgroup to workgroup to match the one from win7 and did not work

    at one point i was able to get the windows xp computer to see the win7 computer but when i tried to join to it. it gave me an error saying that the network resource was unavailable
    so as far as i can tell the win 7 and xp computers are in the same workgroup conected to same network but wont conect i tryed with 11 xp computers with same resoults

    o by the way im using windows XP pro SP3 32 bits and windows 7 also 32 bits both in spanish
    please any help would be realy appreciated thanks

  52. Nodscene

    For anyone having problems with sharing an external drive, I’ve found that you can’t share the root of the drive (IE: d:). You must make a folder on the hard drive and then share that. At least that’s how I got it to work. Although I didn’t have that issue when sharing the root of a hard drive installed in my pc.

  53. Papasmurf

    Excellent tutorial.

    “On the Windows 7 machine go into Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Network and Sharing Center then click on Change advanced sharing settings.”

    You can also right click on Homegroup in Windows Explorer > ‘Change Homegroup settings’ to get here.
    I also had issues sharing DRIVES on my Windows 7 machine over the network. All shared drives resulted in access issues as many have mentioned here.

    My solution: stop sharing the DRIVE and only share FOLDERS. Immediate success, I can now access my Windows 7 files over the network from my XP machine!

  54. Óscar Miguel

    Interesting post.
    I can do everithing right to the step ” My network places” on XP. I don´t see any folder. I only have My Web Sites on MSN. How can i do to continue this process?
    I appreciate your help.
    Thank you.

  55. Madhu

    Oh..frustrating problem…I installed windows 7 by formatting xp,but my old TV Tuner did not work in it.Thus,i installed xp again…but im not able to boot Windows 7 again…Please help me avoid reinstallation of windows 7,as it takes long time to update my internet security again,n drivers installation like that..pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase help…pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee…

  56. David Allen

    Ok, mine is even stanger. Got a new HP Laptop with Windows 7 on it, I got it hooked up to my network and I actually was accessing things on there. Now, it’s Gone! I went through these Steps again and I can’t figure it out for the LIFE of me!

  57. ssss

    Thanks, dude!

  58. Mark

    to install a printer shared on Windows xp on Windows7 you have to install extra x64 drivers on your XP machine!! after that Windows 7 has nog problems installing the network printer

  59. Rob

    Your instructions turned me into a hero! If you don’t mind, I’m going to let my wife think I figured it out all by myself. At least for tonight :-)

  60. plooger

    Just wanted to chime-in that I *was* experiencing the ~can’t access Win7hp shared folders from XP Home~ hassle … UNTIL I added the ‘Everyone’ user to TWO dialogs associated with the share’s properties, under the ‘Sharing’ tab, both in the ‘Share…’ dialog and the ‘Advanced Sharing…’ dialog (granting ‘Everyone’ the same permissions, Read/Write, in both locations).

    If I remove ‘Everyone’ from either location, my XP machine can no longer access the shares.

  61. jorge5667

    I’ll try it this afternoon.

  62. Greg

    Thanks, This worked Thanks a lot!

  63. Dario

    BLood, You rock!…I was going nuts trying to solve this problem for a say and a half.

    Setting up the network wizard on the XP machine was the answer to my dilem. Now Window 7 can see Xp and shate the XP printer.


  64. Xyrf

    I have tried to share a printer from my Win7 x64 to my Vista x64 with no success. Any tutorial for that? Thanks.

  65. Barry

    I’m totally stumped at this step:

    “Now if you go into Network in Windows 7 you should see your XP machine and the Windows 7 as well which in this case is Mysticgeek-PC.”

    It’s not happening. Granted, I’m not a networking wizard, but I’ve followed all the above steps precisly, several times, over several hours checking and rechecking all the steps a dozen times or so. Have a Windows 7 laptop trying to connect to a printer on my XP desktop, but so far the laptop doesn’t even know the desktop exists.

  66. patrick

    Worked great I have one problem though on the xp machine i have to put in my win7 login to get it to work. I did as mentioned above in advance setting yet the xp machine is still asking ??

    Thanks in advance.

  67. gw

    For those trying to get an 32-bit XP machine to use a printer connected to a 64-bit Win7 machine:

    – go through the “Add Printer” wizard
    – choose “Local” printer instead of “Network” printer
    – choose “New port”
    – enter the path to the printer “\\Win7Machine\PrinterName”

    It used my existing 32-bit printer driver and works fine. Good luck.

  68. Abdullah

    Thanks for this great tutorial

    For those who dont have password,
    Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\local security policy


    local policies\security option

    disable “Accounts: Administrator account status”

    when it was enabled, I couldnt acces my shared drive or controlling the windows 7 remotely
    But now everything works fine
    BTW, my other computer is vista

  69. Bruce

    I have the same problem as Barry. I do all the setting changes and then I get to: “Now you should see your XP machine on Network” I don’t see any of the XP machines I have. Help!!!!!

  70. Grainne

    I could not see the XP computers on windows 7 – i have a small home network of a PC with Win 7 and 3 laptops with XP.
    The first half the tutorial worked but still could not see laptops. Eventaully used add printers on XP and manually typed in the address of the printer (case matters for the address e.g. \\Grainnecourt-PC\EPSONStylusPhoto(Copy 2)

    and it worked! great tutorial

  71. Sheryl

    Awesome detailed instructions! I was about to give up until I found your advise. Many thanks :-)

  72. Sheryl

    I had the same problems not seeing the other computers at first… but once I restarted them all after the changes you recommended… everything appeared perfectly.

  73. Ben

    been several days and following this and still my XP machine cant access any files on Win 7 laptop
    Win 7 see XP machine fine and acess everything great but i cant for the life of me access the laptop please help

  74. joedrummer001

    the fix is quite simple you need to enable full trust on your xp box on your antivirus i am running norton and it was blocking it i was getting the same error “Windows cannot access \\XPMachine – Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. hope this helps

  75. Doug

    I followed these procedures — from XP Desktop I can see and access files on WIN7 laptop but I cannot see the XP Desktop from WIN7 laptop network view. Could XP firewall or something else on the XP Desktop be blocking access? thanks

  76. kelly

    For anyone having problems with sharing an external drive, I’ve found that you can’t share the root of the drive (IE: d:). You must make a folder on the hard drive and then share that. At least that’s how I got it to work. Although I didn’t have that issue when sharing the root of a hard drive installed in my pc.


    This should be added to the tut stat!

  77. Jon

    As a few other people have mentioned, the solution to getting my shared folder on the Win7 machine visible on the XP machine was to specifically add the user “Everyone” to the list of people with whom the folder should be shared. Until I did that, I kept getting “unauthorized” error messages when trying to open the folder on the XP machine.

    It would be very helpful if the author of this page would update it so that the shared folder is NOT in a sub-directory of the already shared public files but is instead just a normal folder somewhere. And then show the dialog box and options that are necessary to enable sharing of this folder. The existing step just says “here I created a folder called XPSHARE” which is not helpful at all. We need instructions for exactly how to tell Win7 how to share a folder.

  78. AmishCake

    I was having all the same troubles getting my XP machines connected to my new Windows 7 machine. It could “see” them but not access them. I figured out that the trouble was being caused by Symantec. Once I turned it off, it could access the XP machines immediately. Now to configure an anti-virus solution that isn’t TOO secure….

  79. jim

    This is wonderful and it all works EXCEPT for …. when i am on one of my XP machines i can see the shared folders but cannot access them. i get the “you might not have pemissions” BS. everythin works fine. printer sharing both ways (win 7 to xp and visa versa) i can also share and access cd driv from xp to win 7 and visa versa. just not the c drive and ny folder on it. i have tryed everything. permissions,security,everything!!! please help!!!

  80. Ankit Upadhyay

    Hey man, this is amazing stuff !! I only have one problem with this. I can access all my windows 7 laptop data from widnows xp ; however I cannot access windows xp data from my windows 7 machine. I can see the windows xp machine but i cannot access it.

    How can I solve that ?

    Thanks in advance.



  81. martyn

    Thanks, really great. Actually I had nearly got there myself but because the password protection sharing needed to be scrolled to find, I didn’t see it. It should be at the top!

  82. peter3

    The only thing that I could make work was installing printers as LOCAL printers rather than NETWORK
    printers. After finding that solution, everything else worked. Just create a new PORT named as
    And don’t forget the Windows Update button if you can’t find your printer in the list. My ancient HP
    and Lexmark laser’s were in the updated lists
    But this is a good start.

  83. anthony72

    Does this work if i am using Windows XP Media Center Edition

  84. frank

    My old Brother MFC had network and USB connections. I couldn’t install the MFC from its original CD on my Win 7, since there are no suitable drivers, so my other machines (XP) are connected to the MFC on the network but the Win 7 is connected by USB.

    I also found as others have that the Win 7 and the XP machines all have to have Everyone with Full Control in folder share settings and in advanced settings. Then everything works in both directions.

    Thanks MysticGeek and everyone else.

  85. Deb

    I was trying to print wirh my printer hooked to xp from a computer running windows 7. I followed all the above directions. It keep saying it could not find the driver. After many hours I got it to print by adding a new port: Open ports in the printer on windows 7. add new port on local port, in enter a new port type: \\name of your xp computer\printer share name.

  86. Trine Curtis

    “First make sure both machines are members of the same Workgroup which by default is named Workgroup.”

    Ok, I can see the name of my workgroup on the XP machine. I don’t see any such information on the Win 7 machine though. A little fuzzy here at the moment. Thanks.

  87. kevin

    I’ve the windows xp pro & window 7 pro hooked up via dlink router.. the win 7 machine cannot access the xp pro files , though xp machine can see files of win 7 machine.. any ideas.. Thanks.

  88. Trine Curtis

    “Now if you go into Network in Windows 7 you should see your XP machine and the Windows 7 as well which in this case is Mysticgeek-PC”

    Hmmm. Now that all in the same Workgroup, I hoped this would work. My XP machine is not showing up in this list at all.

  89. flick

    These instructions were great!

    I replaced my old XP pro with a new Windows 7 machine. This machine also acts as my print server with an RX500 printer attached. Using the supplied Win7 drivers the printer and scanner are working. However, when I try to install a network printer to my existing XP boxes this fails. I understand I may need to install the XP drivers on the Win7 box – but I can’t seem to make that work. I called Epson support and they gave me the following work around.

    Make sure you have sharing set on the Windows 7 box. Then, go to the Epson site and download and install the printer drivers for the XP machine – in my case for the RX500 that was

    Printer Driver v5.5bAs
    Windows XP, Windows 2000
    epson11326.exe – 7.7MB – posted on 02/01/05

    After this, you should see a new local printer in the “Printers and Faxes” on the XP box. Right click on this printer and select “Properties”. Select the “Ports” index on this dialog, select “Local Port” and press the “New Port…” button. This will pop a dialog asking for the port name – enter

    “\\Windows 7 Machine Name\Printer Name On Windows 7”

    where you put your info into the fields. The match is case sensitive so you have to type the printer name exactly as it appears in your Windows 7 box. Then select that port for this printer and print a test page. This worked for me – I’m now printing from my XP box to the Win7 attached RX500.

    Imaging away / flick

  90. Lea

    I am having the same problem as some of you…can’t get Windows XP printer driver to install on Windows 7, thus XP computer in my network can’t use the shared printer. I tried what Flick suggested on Nov. 23 with the workaround for his Epson; install printer on local port on the XP machine. I got the error message “The specified network name is longer available.” I am 100% sure I typed everything completely right including upper/lower case. Then someone suggested I try the exact same thing using the Win7’s computer IP address instead of its name. I tried that and it did work…but then when I turned off both computers for the night, in the morning the Win7 computer had a new IP address so the printer didn’t work anymore on the XP machine. Help!

  91. hahahaz07

    Thx!! at first, I thought it’s very hard to connect this two computer together. But after following your precedure, IT’S DAMN EASY!! Good Job~

  92. mike

    I had the same problem with sharing as Wayne.

    I could SEE the public folder and other shared folders on the Win 7 computer from my Vista computer BUT, I could not access them.

    I went to to the folder and right clicked properties/Sharing Tab/Advanced Sharing option >> clicked Share this folder >> clicked permissions >> add >> everyone >> Allowed Read …… and still couldn’t access, UNTIL ….

    I went back to the folder, right click properties >> select Sharing Tab >> select [Share …] button >> select ‘Everyone’ from drop down >> select [Add] button >> chose ‘Everyone’ from list >> selected ‘Read’ under permission level ….. Then it worked, finally !

  93. Ts

    Very good article, a good follouo would be , “how to add a windows 7 pc to an existing XP network”

  94. John

    7 and XP networking I can not get past the Network password window on the 7 PC nor can I eliminate it.
    No password will work.

  95. Mark

    I have a desktop running XP SR3 and an a laptop running Windows 7. The XP machine can see and access the Win 7 machine and its files. The Win 7 machine in network can’t see the XP machine but can in full map but can’t accesss files on XP machine. I have told the XP firewall to allow access to the machine I have downloaded the LLAD or whatever MS said was needed for the XP machine to be seen or accessed. The Win 7 machine can print to my network printers just fine. I only need to be able to access files on the XP machine from the Win 7 machine. I turned off password protect in Win 7 I told XP to share its drive and files. I am out of suggestions.

  96. fletch

    What about permissions on the xp box? Well I know about them but probably many do not. Still having problems with browsing and I think it is because 7 insists on loggin in on the wrong domain and I know XP will not allow that..sigh..does MS ever test this buggy software??

  97. John

    So how do you tell 7 to log in on the workgroup instead of the homegroup that has a password window?

  98. Mark

    the XP is an administrator signon So I activated the Windows 7 Administrator account with the same password as the XP machine because I read both machines need the same logon and password. Both are in Workgroup. Still the Windows 7 cannot access the XP although the XP can access the Win 7 fine. Any ideas?

  99. John

    I seem to have the same problem.
    Do you keep getting the network password window where no password will work?

  100. Mark

    I totally removed my firewall and now I can get to the computer and can drill down but when I get to the Adminstrator files it says I don’t have permission. So something must be set wrong on the XP machine sharing. I will check and let you know.

  101. Mark

    My Win 7 recognized my wireless network and automatically joined the WORKGROUP.

  102. Bill B

    I have what seems to be the opposite problem from those above. Got a new windows 7 desktop. Hooked up the old printer to it, found a good enough driver. My XP laptop can print fine (probably still using the original driver). But it can’t see the new desktop at all. Can ping it by number but not by name.

    I was thinking of taking down my workgroup and starting from scratch but I can’t even figure out how to do this.

  103. Mick

    Tried all the above could not get it to work,when I clicked share this printer in Win 7 kept getting error code 0x000006d9,googled it and came across someone who had same probs,his answer to problem was to turn on Windows firewall if disabled ( as mine was,using Norton),try sharing printer again,then turn off Windows firewall,and Lo and Behold it worked,followed mysticgeek`s walkthrough and all ok.
    Hope this helps anyone who gets the same error message as I did.


  104. Trebor

    This is an awesome tut, however when I come to the add additional drivers section Win 7 can’t find the driver for the X86 OS. Also I don’t have the disk for the printer. When I try to install the Win XP drivers manually it says error.


  105. Keith

    My printer is on the XP computer. I have no problem sharing anything (within the normal limits, of course) on the Windows 7 machine with the other computers and I can access the shares on the XP machine from the Windows 7 machine but I just get “Access Denied” trying to use the printer on the XP machine.

    The other XP machine (free roving laptop) has no problem using the shared printer.

  106. nripin

    Great Article mate !!!

  107. Matt

    Thanks for this help but I ma still having an issue. I have 2 networked Media players that rely on using shared folders. Even though I have followed these instructions I still can’t get them to see the shares, if I boot into XP (Dual boot machine) then no problem. Any help very gratefully received. Thank you

  108. Barkdust45

    This is easier — at least for me and it worked. The shared printer is attached to a Win 7 x64 box and the XP is x86. Credit Jimbo45 at sevenfourms:

    I’ve posted on this before but to share Printers attached to XP computers with either X-64 or X-32 versions of Windows 7 is SIMPLE. These instructions are for the Printer attached to the XP machine (but works in reverse as well).

    (“Stand alone” Network printers can be done slightly similarly BTW).

    assume the computers are call XPMACHINE and W7MACHINE.

    1) Ensure Printer on XP machine is shared – assume it’s called SHAREDPRINTER.

    2) On the Network Browsing on your Windows 7 machine ensure you can “See” the Printer share.

    Now on the Windows 7 machine do the following (doesn’t matter if it’s X-86 or x-64).

    3) Control Panel==> add LOCAL (Yes LOCAL) printer. I know it’s on a Network but hold your horses — what we are actually doing is “Poodlefaking” the Windows 7 machine into thinking it’s running the printer.

    4) Create NEW port==>Local port


    6) Now Windows 7 will load a driver and you’ll be able to print on the XP machine.


    (For a “Network stand alone printer”) at 4) chose TCPIP port
    and at 5) enter the IP address.

    If the printer is on the Windows 7 machine and you want to print on the XP machine then do the same instructions on the XP machine —
    port name in this case will be \\W7MACHINE\SHAREDPRINTER

  109. Steve

    Barkdust45 You Rock!
    That did it for me. Adding the local port allowed me to print.

  110. Orion

    A challenge for some who have posted comments appears to be mastering proper spelling and punctuation techniques. For example, this is not the best place to use text-messaging style abbreviations.

    Acquiring the skills and discipline to compose coherent paragraphs and comprehend detailed instructions will also strengthen a persons ability to circumvent Microsoft’s ubiquitous networking hurdles.

  111. Effectspedals

    Mike was right… in order to solve the ” XP ” machine can’t see the Windows 7 folders, drives, follow his message about setting the ‘Everyone’ with read and write permissions. I can’t believe how buried that solution was. Crazy… Windows advances in some aspects with each iteration of the OS, but it always seems to make some things so much harder than they were before… no?

    Thanks Mike and others who’ve taken the time to share their solutions.

  112. Trine Curtis

    I have been able to get my printer recognized across all my Win 7 and XP machines. Thanks! However, I still cannot get Win 7 to see my XPs on the network. XP can see Win 7 (mostly), but Win 7 acts like it is completely alone according to the Network page. Any ideas?

  113. Ryan

    Awesome article. Very helpful and straightforward. Thanks for the effort!

  114. Laura

    Thank you! This worked like a dream!

  115. dwight

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  116. C

    These are some of the best-written instructions out there. I don’t ever comment, but wanted you to know that they’re really great. Thanks.

  117. Jim Whitston

    God bless you sir. Your instructions provided 95% of the solution. For those who may have a problem (as I did) with completing the printer setup (basically windows 7 refused to recognise the driver for the xp machine) the following two links will be useful

    Thanks again

  118. Russ

    The problem with installing x86 drivers on my x64 machine (as shallowly shown above) is that, while I’ve got my HP 5550 installation disk, I have no idea how to navigate to the “driver” it wants, even after trying just about every path on that disk.

  119. Russ

    (Sorry, cut my comment off early…) And yes, I tried the Whitston links provided above, but W7 doesn’t want to install just the driver (via an edited .inf file), but it wants an ntprint.inf file as well to complete the storing of the x86 driver (on my 64-bit host) to make available to XP computers asking to use the W7-attached printer.

    This is all just a big mess, at least for the HP deskjet 5550 series and HP’s latest drivers, etc. doesn’t help any.

  120. Juan Ramon

    A thousand blessings for your instructions. It finally worked. As a support person for gazillion people, the sharing of my downloads folder is very important. That’s where all of my utilities, drivers, etc. are located. Again, a thousand blessings for you.

  121. john

    i have problem .. my printer sharing is on win2k .. my client is win7 .. the printer on win2k sharing with password. from win 7 i can see the win2k but when i want to access .. it ask the password right ?
    so the problem is win7 can’t login even the password is correct so i can’t add the printer on win2k on my win7 .. can you help me ? thanks

  122. Neil

    Excellent tutorial, thanks!

  123. Gry dla dorosłych

    Hmmm on my Windows XP this resolution still doesnt work :(

  124. Dan

    I struggled for hours to connect my new laptop to my PC, until I found this website. THANKS GUYS!

  125. Chris

    Great Tutorial, I only had two problems.
    1. The “Windows cannot access \\WAYNE ” which I fixed by turning off the Active Armour firewall and using the windows firewall on the XP machine.
    2. I had to run the Set up Network wizard on the XP Machine before it would recognise the 7 machine. I supposed that this was because the original network was an Internet connection.

    I haven’t yet tried to use the printer sharing as my printers are network connected, but they do appear on the network as shared printers; But “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” seems the best policy.
    Hope this may help somebody.

  126. nambi

    After an hour of struggling with this I found my solution!

    My XP machine could not see my WIN 7 machine, but my win 7 machine could see my XP machine.

    I work with networks for a living and I was convinced there was a bug until I decided to look elsewhere.

    My Symantec AV 11 has a feature called “NETWORK THREAT PROTECTION” it was in these options there was an option tic box that says “share my files and printers with others across the network” after this was checked the Networking was enabled.

  127. Mara

    We have 2 hp (psc1315/laserjet1200) printers, connected to a mini notebook with Windows XP 32 bit on it (serves as sort-of-printserver). My brother got a new PC with windows 7 64 bit.
    One of the printers I installed on de Windows7 64 bit PC by directly connecting it (the other printer is to heavy to move) and it worked, then I put the printer back with the XP 32 bit notebook.

    The 2 printers on the XP are shared and the other computers in the network (XP/Vista/7 32 bit) can all print on them, but the Windows7 64-bit sees the printers, but says it cannot communicate with te printers.

    I think it is because it needs 64 drivers on the 32-bit XP computer to work, but a) I’m terrible at finding drivers, and b) in XP when installing extra drivers for a shared printer it only gives options for XP ME 2000(old systems), no options for Vista and Windows7…

    Anyone tips/links/usefull forums???

  128. Paul

    My thanks. I struggled for an hour. Read other forums for an hour. Then found this article and your advice worked within 5 minutes. Greatly appreciated. Paul M.

  129. B

    It worked thanks

  130. Leonid

    A lot of thanks! It works.

  131. Tim


    These instructions did not help me, either–but I did find a fix. Here is what happened with me. I tried to download the LLTD from Microsoft’s support site (See Step 2 below.), but Microsoft’s installer told me that I already had SP3. Some searching revealed this fix:, which I followed carefully. (Quotation follows.)

    > > I had this same problem and am still trying to get Microsoft support to
    > > determine why it does not seem to be in SP3 like they say.
    > > However, I found two ways to deal with it.
    > > 1. If you install the LLTD before you install SP3, it works fine.
    > >
    > > 2. After installing SP3 or when you do a fresh install of XP SP3, even
    > > though the protocol won’t self install you can install it youself by
    > > first
    > > extracting the files from the windowsXP-KB922120-v5-ENU.exe file. See
    > > this
    > > article.
    > >
    > >
    > > In the folder where you extract to you will find a folder SP2QFE.
    > > Open this and you will find the required files.
    > >
    > >
    > > Then copy the rspndr.sys to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers folder,
    > > rspndr.exe to C:\Windows\System32 folder.
    > > rspndr.inf (inside ip folder) to C:\Windows\Inf folder
    > > Then open a Command prompt and navigate to the C:\Windows\System32
    > > folder
    > > and type rspndr.exe -i This will install the LLTD responder.
    > >
    > >
    > > —
    > > Paul

    Next, I enabled the LLTD from the Network Properties window (shown in the Microsoft link).

    Things still were not working properly, so I did some more searching and found out that, in my case, it was necessary to enter the desktop’s IP address in the networking address bar on the laptop. Obviously, Microsoft technicians could have resolved this issue–or at least posted a few more instructions. I am finding out that a lot of people have encountered this issue.

  132. Le

    Thank you, Mysticgeek.

  133. Catherine

    As usual, you know what you’re talking about! Love ya! Thanks!

  134. Horse88

    Great tutorial.

    Now my problem is I have laptop Win7 and desktop win2000 server.When I go to networks on both w2000 & W7 I can see my laptop and desktop. I can access files from W2000 but when I click W2000 from W7 it pops up a “enter network password” “enter your password to connect to W2000Server (my W2000 computer name)” gives two input boxes forusername and password, below it says “Domain: Laptop (my laptop computer name), a check box to “remember my credentials” and an error message “Log on failure: unknown username or badpassword”

    Can you help?

  135. TomC

    Great tutorial, but still have problems! I am trying to share a Canon MP 780 from a Windows 7 64 bit computer with a Windows XP Home/Media laptop (32 bit). I have been using Network Magic for file and printer sharing in the past and get as far as trying to finish the connection with the laptop and the printer but at the point where the installation is asking me for the printer driver for the x86 I cannot find the correct inf file that is requested. I have tried getting online drivers (both 32 and 64 bit) and using the CD that came with the printer. I cannot get past this step to get the printer to link up. I have tried installing the printer locally and then editing the port to a local port with the correct computer name and printer share name to no avail.

    Can anyone help?


  136. damnjan

    Thanks man, help me a lot.

  137. Raj

    I have tried what all you mentioned here…I am not able to see XP machine on my Lap which has Windows 7. I remember that I had seen the XP initially.. but later when I could not print to the printer connected on XP machine which is connected with my lap through a Netgear router I noticed of missing the network. I tried many things…but could not make my network PCs appear… I can ping the ip of XP machine which is assigned by the router.. but my lap with W7 cannot find the XP PC. I have NOD32 firewall running… in both machines. Moreover I can access internet through router without any issues… so connectivity to router is not blocked by firewall..
    Appreciate to have your immediate help please……

  138. Paksen

    Back in the good old days of Win98/2000/XP I thought it was a no-no to enable file sharing. If I follow these instructions will it open my computer up unwanted activity from the internet?

  139. Steve

    I can’t seem to figure out how to connect my Windows 7 laptop to my XP desktop connected printer. I get an error that the driver can’t be found and when I try to install Windows 7 drivers on the XP machine,
    I get another error that the drivers are not compatible with XP. I really want to be able to print from my
    Windows 7 laptop.

  140. Tom

    Right my solution for the ‘cannot access pc’ problem, i.e. when the tutorial says now you can see the folders in My network places and you can’t.

    1. Check your firewall, I have Mcafee on both PCs and Mcafee was set to treat the PCs as a trusted network.
    2. However, trusted network in Mcafee speak still blocks shared folders, basically had to fiddle round in the advanced firewall settings and change the specific IP address from public network to trusted network.
    3. Problem solved.

    Props to Network Magic for diagnosing the fault correctly.

  141. Carmine D'Ambrosio

    When I get to the step in this article of going to Devices and Printers and double clicking the printer icon, I do not get the next step to come up i.e. being able to double click on “Customize your printer.” Am I missing something in the procedure? All went fine until this step. Hence, I can’t get any further in the writeup

    Carmine D’Ambrosio.

  142. Joe

    On my windows 7 PC I can connect to my XP PC and I can see the printer there. But when I click on it to connect, windows says it can’t find the driver. So I went online and installed the driver but when I try to connect, it still says I need a driver.

    Any ideas?

  143. Terri Lesperance

    I found your web page fantastic! However I am still trying to connect my win7 laptop to my WinXP printer. Everything seems fine except Win7 cannot find my printer driver. I beleive it is because HP Photosmart 7760 driver is called 7700 series on XP, and 7760 on win7.
    I tried to go into printer properties on both machines to add additional drivers, but cannot find drivers. Any ideas?

  144. Lauren

    hey, this page is great. But i’m trying to connect to a printer (that is on a windows 7 computer) through my Windows XP laptop. I can get to it fine, but when the pop-up that talks about printer drivers i say continue and another pop-up comes up saying it can’t find the xp driver file, then it comes up with a screen to locate it….don’t know where the .inf file is.

    So i download the driver from the net, go into the setup and turns out that the printer doesn’t have a port cause it can’t connect and therefore can’t install the driver 0_o can anyone help?

  145. Heidi

    my windows 7 can see my xp and access everything but my xp cannot see my windows 7. i’ve tried sharing with EVERYONE. but it still does not even recognize the windows 7. please help.

  146. Mike

    I’m trying to connect to a printer in a win xp machine from my win7 laptop. I can connect and I installed the printer and I’ve transferred files back and forth, but when I click to print a test page I get an error back right away that it can’t print. The troubleshooter has no idea what the problem is. It looked like this should be fairly simple, but for some reason it’s not. Any ideas? I’ve successfully printed from other win xp machines so I know the printer is set up correctly.


  147. javed pathan

    the best solution for win7 & winxp sharing folder and printer

    thanks for solution

  148. mike


    I don’t work on printers, but I do work in the Windows group at MS. I had a massive problem getting the following scenario to work:

    1. New Win 7 Home laptop (64 bit / x64 / amd64)
    2. XP desktop with an HP printer attached (32 bit / x86 / i386)
    3. Sharing the XP printer and printing from the Win 7 laptop

    The post above by ‘Barkdust45’ and ‘gw’ helped me out.

    I’ve also noticed that if the drivers aren’t on Win 7, you can plug the printer into the laptop have WU (windows update) find the 64bit driver and then once that is done you can do the steps that Barkdust45 mentioned.

  149. Toni

    Thanks SOOOOOOOOOO much! For a non-techie, this is just what I needed. Why isn’t it this simple on the Windows website?

  150. Desert

    I’ve been trying for hours to connect my XP laptop to my Windows 7 computer’s shared folders – it kept asking for a user name and password. Problem solved thanks to this page! Fantastic thanks!!!

  151. andrew

    i can’t see my xp computer in the network folder on my windows 7 pc even though they’re both a part of the same workgroup by default (WORKGROUP). my setup is that they’re both connected to a router

  152. mehylander

    thank you barkdust45. It took me a while to actually find a post that worked. I currently have a kodak esp5 printer on an xp machine and could not for the life of me get my windows 7 laptop use the printer. I could see the share but it would not network. I made sure that the windows 7 drivers where installed on the laptop and did as you instructed and it worked perfectly. thanks again.

  153. me

    i have a problem with a new computer i got with win7. i have a network set up and my old laptop could print over the network (wifi) but the new win 7 laptop sees the printer but cant connect or said it does but if i try to print is said can not connect to the computer. is there instructions to connect a win 7 wifi computer to a win xp pro computer with the printer on the win xp machine?

  154. Simon

    Barkdust45 – good solution. Thanks. I copied your answer to

  155. KJ

    I am having a similar problem as everybody else. I just installed Windows 7 on my computer that is connected to my modem and wireless router (Dlink 615). In my basement I have a computer running Windows XP SP3. Up until today I had no access to the Win 7 computer from the XP computer. It was working fine, then I left for less than an hour and it doesnt work anymore. On the Win 7 computer, sometimes I have access to the XP computer sometimes I don’t. Seriously, I will have access to it, refresh, then its gone or I get the error message “Windows cannot access \\BASEMENT – Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click diagnose.” I have tried turning off the firewalls on both computersand nothing changes, I’ve done several tutorials and read several message boards and I cant figure it out..PLEASE HELP!!!

  156. steve

    OK first of all this did not work. I disable password protecting for shared folders and the windows xp machine STILL askes for a password. Next when im on the windows 7 in the adminstration account and i go to the shared folder in network it doesnt let me change anything…. someone tell me how i can remove all these damn security settings when I AM LOGGED INTO MY ACCOUNT ON MY COMPUTER?!

  157. DynoDave

    You ‘da man Geekster. Just got my nephew a new Win 7 laptop and wanted to share 9GB of all my old mp3’s. The IOmega would not copy thru USB (why’s that?) and no firewire on new HP Win 7 machine. No DVD burner on my old laptop and too tedious via CD’s. Now we can do the mindmeld. Very Vulcan.

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    I m unable to connect the printer from window 7 to xp PC where the printer is installed and connected. Can somebody help me?


  159. JF

    Worked perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to post this for us.

  160. Ira Hart

    Mike, Thanks! your solution to the “problem of sharing drives on windows 7 aside from the public drive” worked! I can now see my shared WIN 7 folder on my WIN XP boxes. I’ll copy your solution to add “EVERYONE” here:

    I went back to the folder, right click properties >> select Sharing Tab >> select [Share …] button >> select ‘Everyone’ from drop down >> select [Add] button >> chose ‘Everyone’ from list >> selected ‘Read’ under permission level ….. Then it worked, finally !

  161. Mike

    This helped me 95% there. I have a W7 64-bit with Dell Photo AIO 944 printer connected (running in compatiility mode) and a WinXP 32-bit. Machines can now see each other. W7 can print. But I cannot get the WinXP machine to print. *sigh*.

  162. Gen

    I have a new Windows 7 and 2 other machines running XP SP3 home – FINALLY!!!!! got yhem all sharing the one printer, which is really useful when the XP machines belong to high school students – thanks because I couldn’t get the network to work following mayone else’s instructions.

    Mike – you may need to do the “add printer” steps and check you have the software for the printer installed on your XP machine. It only finally worked when I downloaded the printer drivers for XP machines.

  163. Gen

    Oophs – sorry about the typos in my earlier comment

  164. David

    Many thanks Pal. I was led to believe that Win 7 to XP sharing was really problematical. Almost did a clean installation as a result. You saved me a lot of hassle.

  165. Ken S

    McAfee Total Protection Service has a Firewall Connection Type option page.
    Make sure to select the appropriate connection type (when installing McAfee) prior to Networking any XP, Vista and Win 7 computers. Basically, in incorrect Firewall setup will not allow other computers on the Network to gain access to a computer with the incorrect Firewall Option selected.
    Remember when in doubt about a Firewall issue, just temporarily turn off the Firewall.


  166. Viktor

    hi, this tutorial is the best on the net, however i have one last problem with the printing. i have a vista laptop and 2 xp desktops, and they have all connected to the printer and everything, but everytime i try to print i get an error message saying “printing error…cannot print with current setup” i used the printer CD on both the vista and the XP computers. not the message no longer comes up, instead it says that its printing but when you look to see whats printing, it says that an error occured on the files that were printing. do u know whats the cause of this problem or how to fix it?

    best regards

  167. mjuice

    Followed it step by step didn’t work.

  168. Pat

    I followed it step by step and it didn’t work. I can’t even see my XP box on my Win 7 box. What’s up with that?

  169. 98bluewave

    WONDERFUL!!!! I probably spent 3 days over the last 2 weeks trying to get my Netbook to print to my home network. I went through the above instructions and solved my problem withing a few mintues!!

    Thanks a million!!!!!!!!

  170. BigJoe

    Tried all these options but it was only after a 1 hour 50 minute phone call with Microsoft Technical Dept that they found an answer. My Problem was that my Windows 7 PC could not access files or printers on my XP PC across a local area network (through a wired router).

    Got error message saying “you don’t have authority to access XP PC – talk to Network Administrator”. I hope the following will help anyone with similar problems.

    1. Make sure that both PCs are members of the same Workgroup – I called mine “WORKGROUP”.
    2. Make sure that you share all the Folders and printers across all users on your network and check on the Permissions section of the Security Tab on the Sharing option that you have given access to “Everyone”.
    3. Now this is Microsoft’s solution – you have to change one Registry entry on the XP PC.
    4. Make a backup of your Registry before you start
    5. On the XP PC Do Start/Run/regedit. Then do File/Export and save to your Desktop.
    6 Now locate the following Registry entry:-
    My Computer / HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Control / Lsa and change the Data Value of “RestrictAnonymous” to 0 (Zero).
    7. Then save the new Registry.
    8. Then Re-boot both PCs
    9. Viewing the Network option using Windows Explorer on the Windows 7 PC and double clicking my XP PC, I could now see all my Shared Folders and Printers and following some of the instructions posted on this topic, I could even print to an old Mono Laser printer attached to the LPT1 port of the XP PC.

  171. Skarr

    ARG! :) I followed this set up, I got the win 7 machine to see my XP machine. I shared the printer, got it all set up. Went to the XP machine, added the printer that is connected to the win 7 machine. I opened up notepad typed some gibberish, clicked print and it printed just wonderfully!! YEAH! Now I moved on to what I REALLY wanted to print and it would not print. Grumble. Went to check the win 7 machine and it was no longer connected to the internet. It still said it was connected to the network but had no internet access, what this has to do with it not printing I have no idea! But it would not print. I had to shut it down, unhook the wireless adapter, restart, then hook the adapter back up. It connected to the network, and the internet, went back to the XP machine and tried to print again, again no printing occurred and the Win7 machine was again no longer connected to the internet. Can anyone help me with this? Anyone have any ideas at all?

  172. Adam Doyle

    Accessing XP printer on Win7 PC:
    For those of you having problems networking with your XP pc, my problem was that somehow my “Server” service was stopped. So you might wanna check and make sure that’s up and running.

    For those of you who don’t know how: start > run > type “mmc” > hit enter > File > Ctrl-M > highlight “services” > click add > click finish > click ok > click “services (local)” > right-click the “Server” service and click “start” (if it’s not already started)

  173. Kevin

    Thanks, that helped a ton.

  174. dave

    Answer to the following from James

    hello … on the windows7 machine I can see the Xp machine but when I try to connect I get an error message …

    “Windows cannot access \\XPMachine – Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click diagnose.”


    1. Open the Start Menu.
    2. In the white line (Start Search) area, type regedit and press Enter.
    3. Click Continue for UAC prompt.
    4. In regedit, go to: -HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Lsa
    5. In the right pane, right click LmCompatibilityLevel and click Modify.
    NOTE: If it doesn’t already exist, create a DWORD value named
    6. Set the value to 1
    7. Reboot

    Voila now we can log into the XP shared dirs and printers from windows 7

  175. Peter

    HI, thanks for ALL the work you put into this. It all makes sense but can you offer any guidance on where to obtain Windows XP drivers (an .inf file is requested) and how they can be installed?


  176. quicktime

    Thanks for this, you almost solved my problem and provided the clues to complete the solution (5 hours elapsed).

    Problem: Printer on Win7 machine, XP machine on net to use printer.

    Solution: is as described here but you slide over the step of getting the appropriate printer driver on the remote (XP) computer. The steps that worked for me with a Brother 2040 are:

    1) Install printer on Win7 box, install Win7 drivers, get it working locally.

    2) Install and configure sharing as described above.

    3) Install printer driver for XP on XP machine but point to network printer on Win7 box. (note in my case this was a second Brother driver on the XP box).

    4) Use printer and have a victory beer.


  177. Rizal

    i have 3 computers. 1 computer used windows 7. another 1 used windows vista and the last 1 used windows xp. Can somebody help me how to creat a network with 3 computer for file and printers sharing. Please i need your help.. Thank you.

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    Here are instructions to share entire drives, including computers running earlier operating systems:

    For example, I have three computers, two of which run Windows 7, and one on Vista. Now all three can share all our data in any drive. Of course each computer should designate what it wants shared, but this solves the problem of having drives show up as shared but getting an error of not having permission.

  183. brian

    if you do everything, and can share the default shared folder, but nothing else will share – ie. you can see the folder on the other computer, but can’t access it
    you have to go to the security tab for the folder properties, click edit, then add, then in the ‘enter object names’ box type ‘everyone’ (without quotes) then just click okay a could times, it should work.

  184. Marc

    I am still having a problem with win7 seeing XP. I did each step, however, I do not see any XP machines on Win7 and see win7 machine on XP but cannot get access. What do I do from Here?

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    The instructions are quite correct and extremely clear and helpful but they didn’t work on my newly-purchased hp pavilion 1390ev because of the default settings on Norton Internet Security, bundled with the machine, which block all network access to all machines unless you configure them differently. It occurs to me that other problems reported in this thread may be firewall-based rather than anything to do with W7 or XP.

    But I still haven’t managed to add an hp 1020 printer running off XP over a Belkin router-based wireless network so that I can print to it from Windows 7, and I suspect that it is the drivers that are the problem. On other XP machines the shared printer just appears automatically, and it does in Windows 7 too through the W7 equivalent of explorer, but I haven’t found a way to add a driver to W7 that will make it work. Oddly, the ubiquitous XPS faxmachine device (or whatever it is) appears and seems to be ready to work.

  192. Joe Somers

    Good instructions got my Win7, Vista and XP networked. However, I want to share a Quicken file between the Win7 and XP machines but both files have the same name. May I just rename one file, enable file sharing, and then see each file on either machine?

    In advance, thanks for your help.


  193. Rick

    Thank you for this guide. I just finished networking a Windows 7 machine with an XP machine and they share a printer. I could not have done it without the guide.

    !!! RAMBLE ALERT !!!
    If you’re offended by rambles, read no further.

    It all started when we got a Google redirect virus on the old XP machine (which was still on dial-up). The virus was lurking in the background, but when I took active steps to remove it, I think it declared war. My Norton stopped working! So I attempted to restore the machine using the OEM restore disk. Then the restore disk would not recognize the OEM XP disk (service pack 2). This turned into a cold install of Windows XP. Ever try to download service pack 3 by dial-up? Don’t. Family’s in panic mode, no computer, total withdraw (I swear computers are an electronic narcotic, but that’s another story). Off to the store to buy a new computer. Get a USB modem. All sorts of problems. Dial-up as a system is dying, it’s just unworkable for a new computer, so we order-up DSL service. In the midst of this, I kind of jazz my IT buddy at work “Got a new computer at Staples”. He gets a bit snippy and says I just bought a bunch of over-priced stickers and plastic (he may have a point, but…). Then he says I have an ID10T error. OK, well, enough of THAT avenue of technical support. I guess I’ll go it on my own. So I Google around and stumble on this guide, it’s just what I’m looking for. It’s a good roadmap to get where I want to go. Oh there were a few detours. The support at HP is prompt (at midnight I enter a support request, when I wake up in the morning, the answer is in my e-mail, it’s truly has become a 24-7 world). I learned a few things too. “Teredo” is both a marine worm and a computer communication term. IPv6 has to be enabled to allow teredo tunneling, and that may fix your printer sharing problem. And that on a Windows XP machine you may have to temporarily give administrative rights to a “family” user to change something like an installed printer. But I digress. You expect detours in life, the main thing is: The guide worked! I’m no genius, but I was able to set-up a home network with shared printer due to this guide.

    Thanks again. I’m so happy…
    P.S I’m going to put a copy of the guide on my admin desktop for future reference.

  194. Neil Berger

    Thanks, this site worked like a charm. I did not neet to install an x86 driver on Wiindows 7 — I would guess it was becasue the Samsung ML-1740 Windows 7 driver for 64 bit also included files sent from a 32 bit envirenment. So… try it before you feel the need to install the 32 bit drivers — it just might work.

  195. kara

    Thank you! I have no idea what i am doing, just what I want to happen. This was so helpful. In fact, this site was Dell tech support’s answer to my question on how to do it!

  196. Scooby Doo

    I had a problem networking between windows 7 and XP, and the solution was synchronising the times. One machine was a week behind the other. Lowering the authentication security method in Group Policy would probably have worked also.

  197. voyageurs60

    I am thinking that you cannot share the C: drive from the Win 7 machine… from the XP machines I can see the win7 \ComputerName\Users folder… Can someone please confirm or deny this conclusion… Dan

  198. TheSolution

    I tried to share hard drives in win 7 by right clicking the drive->share with->advanced sharing->advanced sharing->share this folder “check”. But that did not immediately work, so what i had to do was to open the security tab->edit->add->advanced->find now->everyone->ok->ok->ok->close (or apply if it applies). Now all of my hard drives were shared, but not all sub folders were accessible, so what i found was that the folders i could access were not shared by them selves (i.e if you right click the folder you cannot access ->properties->sharing tab->advanced sharing-> then un-check the “share this folder” ->apply->apply . That did the trick for me

  199. DDC

    Many thanks to the person(s) who advised setting up a local port in order to get a WIN7 laptop to print to the wireless network printer attached to an XP desktop. I did not have to change the registry as suggested by MS. It seemed counter-intuitive to change the local port (on the WIN7) in order to use a network, but it worked! Prior to that I was getting the message about not finding the driver that others have encountered. I guess this way the print job goes to the XP machine to which the printer is attached and thus can use the usual XP driver. Good luck to everyone. It’s amazing that it should be a problem when both machines are running Windows. Three different Mac laptops have had no problem accessing the printer, but I need WIN for software not available for the MAC. Again, thanks so much. This cooperative sharing of expertise is much appreciated.

  200. MarkOneBoise

    @Deb: Thanks for your tip on opening a new local port on my Win7 to print to my XP connected printer. It worked! I could have wasted hours otherwise.

  201. Uconn128

    Thanks for the help I know everything except for one thing. I need to install an additional driver and when I always try to the system prompts for me to find the location of an .inf file. I have no idea where this is or what it is and this is the only thing blocking me from connecting to the printer.

  202. javed

    sir i have 2 pc window 7 and window xp and i connect the both system through wifi but i con’t acces the window 7 files and folder.error occor that take permission from the server host i have off passoward protect on window 7 advance sharing.on window 7 i access all fils of windows xp.but on xp i can’t acces the wondow 7 fils pls help me

  203. joej

    GW – your suggestion was brilliant. I had similar issues setting up a network printer on an XP desktop machine and accessing it with my new Windows 7 laptop. \\Win7Machine\PrinterName worked perfectly!

    Thank you!!

  204. kyriakos charitonides

    Hi In my office has 6 pc with W2000 and 10 pc with XP .All are them are connect together and share folder to see each other.Now we took other 4 pc W7.I done all the preparetion for connection.I sussec that I can see the folder from pc W7 the pc XP but from XP pc I see the pc W7 but is impossible to open the pc to take or see the files.From pc W7 I see the pc W2000 asked me the user name and password when I fill this did not recognize and asked me again other user. What can I do to solve this problem .I ask another think how I share with surver .

  205. zingbing

    Sorry, but it’s a poor explanation. Call me an idiot if you like, (I’m not), but this did NOT cover how to share any arbitrary files from the windows 7 machine on the XP machine or the other way around. Instead it was very confusing since before he got finished he jumped into printer sharing and then back several times. Then in the end he only created a special folder to share. What if I want to share the contents of the entire J: drive so I can copy it over the network? No way obvious way here to do that. In XP, you just click on the drive you want to share and check a couple of things and you’re done. Then when you are finished you can uncheck those for security reasons. This explanation is far more complex and doesn’t accomplish that. Or, perhaps once I relax, get a cup of tea, and spend a 1/2 hour or more I will eventually begin to understand it. But then it’s not a very clear explanation. It does seem to help those who really want to share printers though.

  206. janet

    Thx BigJoe! I can now see my XP laptop from my Windows 7 laptop!

  207. zingbing

    As someone else said, very clear info on the windows 7 side but merky on the xp side. If I simply want to access windows XP computer files from windows 7 machine, it is so easy I did it in seconds and the guide was not needed. And that’s what this guide set out to do which is why it was amazing how it jumped into printer sharing. I realize they are related, but that muddies the example.

    But in trying to access files on the windows 7 computer from an XP machine, it’s a giant guessing game and this article doesn’t help it. Even when I remove the passwords on the 7 machine, then windows xp still says it has a password to be entered. Amazingly some of the folders open anyway, yet others will not. In fact most will not. You have a nice layout to your article, but I don’t think it covers it in this case.

  208. zingbing

    Now, I decided to try a printer. All I did was say, “add a printer”. It searched the network and found it. I approved and it was printing in under 10 seconds. But still no logical way to share an entire hard drive on a 7 machine with an xp machine. At least not a straight forward easy way….

  209. darce

    Zingbing – did you find a solution to the annoying enter network password, user name and password problem?

  210. flipdip

    Hi to all, ive followed the instructions to the letter but when i click print from my laptop(xp) i get the icon come up on the bottom bar on my desktop(w7) but no printing when i click the icon i says spooling then deleting and that’s were it stays any ideas please Thanks

  211. drivin

    Sharing Windows 7 and XP files on my network.

    My network consists of XP, Vista and Windows 7. Vista and 7 shared fine, 7 could get the files from XP, but not XP to 7. I finally opened a web browser and typed in my ip address from XP to Win7 and was finally able to access my files. I tried this solution on all my computers and it worked. Also tried it on a friend’s network which consists of XP and 7 and she was able to get to all her files.The ip address should be entered something like \\ make sure you have the correct slashes.

  212. Rafeek

    People having trouble accessing the files on XP machine in windows 7

    Go to Folder options in XP

    Then click the View (second) tab on the tab
    then go to down bottom in the list and then make sure check box for “Simple file sharing” is on

    the try to share the folder again

    Hope this helps to some people out there

  213. ZZwashere

    I can’t seem to get my wireless printer HP Officejet 6000 Wireless to function from laptop to desktop. Both systems are now Windows 7 through upgrades. With 32 bit drivers, I didn’t think this process would be so difficult. But it seems that it’s beyond my expertise. Please Help. Also, Windows 7 will not read thumb drive files from Word Documents. What’s up with this?

  214. katie munoz

    Oh WOW!!! I can’t believe that I finally got this to work. I’d spent hours and hours on this. And then once I found your article it only took a couple more minutes and out popped a cute little test page. THANK YOU from every electron in my being.

    Wishing you endless computing bliss.

  215. ZZwashere

    Call me stupid, but where exactly is this ip address located?
    Thanks in advance.

  216. Kyle

    zingbing: I getcha, I have the exact reverse of your problem description. That is I have no problem seeing the Win7 Ultimate host from the XP host …I can ping it, and I can not only see the shares on the Win 7 host but I have access to write, delete, etc. JUst as it should be …

    ON the win7 host however I cannot EVEN PING the xp host. I can ping my router, but not the XP box so strange….

  217. Bullet7945

    Great Job ! Thank You

  218. Kyle

    OK I figured out what was going on at least in my case, which turns out to be McAfee.

    For McAfee users:

    So .. to summarize .. Logged into the Windows 7 host, I could not ping the XP host. I could ping the router. Strangely, the network (homegroups) could see the XP host, presumably via NETBIOS and I could use the ARP command to see that it was indeed there, but I just couldnt use ICMP to do anything… such as Ping and the shares on the XP host were not accesible….

    Swicth to and logged On the XP host, I could ping the Windows 7 host AND I could see, use, write, copy, create, all /any shares that I had created on that host. In other words, no trouble ..

    I have McAFee running on both hosts with identical settings. This turned out to be the problem: For whatever reason, the settings behave differently and are inconsistent between the rwo Operating Systems despite the identical settings. The McAfee firewall on the XP host would not allow NETBIOS and ICMP incoming. (ping is an ICMP tool)

    The solution was to change McAfee settings on the XP host to allow for full access AND if you want to be able to ping the host, turn (checkbox) that feature on.

    Open McAfee —>Configure (lower left Pane) —>Internet&Network —>Advanced button —> Allow Full Access .. and below .. select (or not) Allow ICMP Ping requests.

    Hope this contributes


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    Thanks for the step-by-step guide. In my case, the McAfee Security Center’s firewall was blocking traffic from my client to the printer server. To enable the client to print, I told McAfee to trust that IP and then everything worked.

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    I thought it was impossible, and your detailed explanation helped me alot. So everything works fine now!
    Even though hers was in english and mine in danish ;-)

  227. Greg

    Drivin was right! I’ve been trying to access Windows 7 through an XP machine for three days by using the PC’s name. That is the wrong way to do it. You have to use the IP address of the W7 PC and then it will accept your password.

    (Still, I have the Password requirement turned off in the W7 sharing settings, so this is obviously very buggy still).

    But YAY for IP addresses.

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    Even though the IP address fix works for me some of the time, XP seems to lose network connection with W7 pc fairly regularly.

    6 PCs on the home network — 3xp, 2 W7, 1 Vista, and they can all see each other with the exception of one XP machine not seeing one W7 PC (of course, they are the two I most use the networking with).

    Last night I thought it was fixed and was able to VNC from the XP onto the W7 PC, and in the middle of my session, I got cut off and haven’t been able to connect in any fashion. But I can use my Vista laptop to open windows from each one and copy files that way. Dumb.

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    After spending 4 h trying to connect my laptop with vista to my windows 7 pc I have to give up. It just doesn’t fecking work. The only folders I’m able to access are those public folders which appears automatically but none of the folders I’ve checked as shared works.

    Feck. Drink. Arse.

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  247. DSLR User 595148

    For file sharing (not printer sharing)..

    Why are you trying to share files this way?

    Why not use a Web OR FTP Server?

    If you are using Windows XP Pro, there is a Web and FTP Server in there.

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    Each step was precise – nothing left out.

    Worked instantly.

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    Can anyone help me with this one “Windows cannot connect to the printer. The printer driver is not compatible with a policy enabled on your computer that blocks NT 4.0 drivers.” Can anyone know how to bypass this error? I was trying to shared my windows xp printer to my windows 7 computer but it didn’t work. Thanks!


    Tried but not helpful i ve connected it thru wlan

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    I have tried for over a week to get Win 7 to see my XP PC but to no avail. My XP PC can see WIn 7 but not the other way around. Can anyone suggest some things to checkout? I have tried the above and does not work. I have Mcafee PF installed on both and yes I do have file sharing enabled on both as well. Please help. Thanks

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    You guys are tough!! I have the same problem as many people. I can see my computer but not the contents – what happened!! Also, I have a laser jet 2200 series PCL 6 that Windows 7 doesn’t support the driver for, is there any way that I could still use this printer? Thanks guys.

  257. Tom

    Great help!! Thank you! The only glitch is that both my Public and Private files of 7 show up on my XP. In other words, anyone that has access to my XP can view and change any file on the 7. I would like to hide the Private 7 files but can not figure out how to do it.

    Thanks again. If you can help with this one lone issue, I would appreciate it.

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    Hey guys if youre having problems with access denied this is what I had to do:

    First create a share and share it with everybody

    go into the security tab and – Click EDIT -> Click ADD -> Then type “Everybody” and then check “Full Control” (or whatever permission you want to set) in the permissions

  263. shannon

    When I try to do all this sharing between windows 7 and xp, I can see my xp machine in win 7 but when I try to browse the file it gives you do not have permission to access\\name. Contact you network administrator to request access. Any help would be great thanks.

  264. David

    How the “make sure there is a log in account for the other XP machines” is done? Do I have to create new user on Windows 7 machine to acces its folders from XP? Or maybe I have to configure somehow the XP machines? Where the log in account for the XP machines is createted? What it is?
    Because when I try to add name in share with dialog Win7 tells me it cannot be found. Where do I create it? Is it a login account you mean here?

  265. TJ

    I’ve had Windows 7 for 3 days now and love it. Windows 7 immediately found my current network and I could share files with no problem without having to set up much of anything, so I thought the printers would be a piece of cake. Boy, was I wrong lol. Good stuff. Thanks a million!

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    Tried your suggestions to solve the problem and nothing works. I have an XP home computer on a home intranet and have printer and file sharing enabled and using an old windows 2000 professional laptop that works fine but I got this new windows 7 laptop and cannot make it even see the XP home computer on the Intranet even though I have set it up with the same homegroup and followed your instructions. I want to share the XP home files and Printers with the new Windows 7 laptop and Windows 7 laptop files with the XP home computer. What do I need to do?

  267. John M.

    I haven’t tried Dave’s suggestion on 1/10/10 for addressing the problem of not being able to see XP directories and printers by modifying the Windows 7 registry. Touching the registry is a last resort for me. My Windows 7 registry doesn’t even have a LmCompatibilityLevel setting, so I assume that other users also don’t have one either. So, why isn’t everything having the same problem?

  268. John M.

    Shannon: Read Dave’s suggestion posted on 1/10/10. Does that work?

  269. Starman

    Great explanation and layout, but your solution jumped exclusively to public folders which have always been share-able. The problem is not being able to see and access the entire Win 7 file tree, including all additional partitions that we’ve created on both computers like we could between two XP machines. It seems Windows 7 has constrained file sharing between public folders only, which is less convenient and it prevents partition and folder synchronization between computers that was so easy with the XP OS. I love your clear and concise explanation with great visuals, but I think you are missing the point! We would like our Windows 7 machine to communicate with our older Windows XP machine as easily as we could between two Window XP machines, where each machine could see the entire file tree of the other machine. Only having the ability to share files within Public folders is very limiting and a step backwards to say the least, especially if you have tens of thousands of files and would like to mirror entire folders or even partitions on two or three networked home computers with different operating systems. Everyone’s enthusiam for the fix you’ve outlined above is a bit short sighted in my opinion.

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    hi! i have a problem that i cannot understand.. I installed Win7 ultimate and mapped a network drive with success. I want to install a programm ON the network drive (that’s the way my client programm works) but i can’t find the mapped drive on the list of drives i can choose to install…. :( i had windows 7 before and i could without a problem, it may be a security update(?) that changed it? do you know how to help me?

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    I have a diffrent problem my xp machine connects to the network easely but when i want to instal the new printer on the xp machine it tells me :

    The file *.INF on (unknown) is necessary

    Typ the path to the file and press oke

    Copie file from :

    C:/…../……../……/ (browse)

    I have no idea what so ever how to fix this… anyone has an idea?

    I have an – HP officejet 7410 al in one

    I instaled al the drivers that are neccesary.

    Pleas help and i appologize for my bad english

    thnx already

  272. Lifsabsurd


    I used the installation CD that came with my HP 690C printer, which was installed on my XP computer. There was an .INF file on that CD which had not been loaded onto the XP computer when the printer was first installed. I installed it as as an additional driver for the printer and it allowed the W7-computer to use the printer on the XP machine. I think the .INF file is used for the x86 system. As I recall, one goes to the printer on the XP computer, chooses to add an additonal driver, directs the program to the installation CD for the source of the INF file, and then browses to find it on the CD – or something like that. Good luck. Hope you have an installation CD for your printer and that it has an INF file.

  273. Bob

    Awesome. Thank you so much. It worked like a charm.

  274. Ding

    I’m hung up on the “Now if you go into Network in Windows 7 you should see your XP machine and the Windows 7 as well which in this case is Mysticgeek-PC.”

    Because when I go there, I don’t see my XP computer. Both computers are part of the same workgroup, I changed the settings on the W7 machine as specified in this tut, so I’m very confused at what happened. Any advice?

  275. Bryan

    I’ve been going crazy trying to get things done with Win 7 ever since installing it a couple of weeks ago. I found this page via Google, and your solutions works like a charm!


  276. Darell

    After following guide here we successfully connect win7 to all our Vista’s and XP’s. A Tidbit of info about mapped drives. Scenario as pervious post. Win7 connected via ethernet and all other PC’s are wireless vista or XP. Small business and we did not want to share out any critical folders to staff but needed a way for them to easily fill in activity forms etc. Se choose to use mapped drive. On Win7 created a folder called Share in Public Folder. This is visible on other PC’s. Mapping a drive is easy in all form of windows. Point to My computer in XP or Computer in 7 and Vista, right click and choose “map drive”. Do the browes and simply find the “share” folder on Win7 from each wireless and also on Win7. Another hint is to make short cut to desktop. Our people are not expected to be computer experts so tried to make it as stright forward as possilbe and all is working great.

  277. CharlieMay

    I’m just gonna throw this in for anyone which might be having the same issue. I have been working all day on trying to gain access from my XP machine to my Window7. I was adding users, setting options to no avail. The entire time, I was able to access the shares on my XP machine From Win7 but could not connect to the shares on Win7 from XP. The XP machine was named XtraWS and the Win7 machine was named Production-PC.

    I then decided to rename the Win7 machine so I renamed it to Prod-PC and immediately everything started working. Now I don’t know for sure if XP was having trouble with a Name that long or if changing the name did something to the shares when it reassigned them to the new name. Right now, I’m just happy it’s working so I’m not even going to try to change it back to a longer name at this point. Just thought I would this in as something to try if following the steps above is not working for you.

  278. CharlieMay

    Also, want to clarify, this is the machine name, not the name of the share.

  279. Brett

    I have a Windows 7 network I have set up. Connecting 2 Windows XP machines to it. Windows 7 can see a Windows XP Home Edition PC and it can see the Windows 7 no problems with these 2. The Windows 7 cannot see a Windows XP Professional Laptop BUT the laptop can see the other 2 computers, can access shared files and print to the printer connected to the Windows 7.
    Any ideas Why the the Windows 7 can’t see the XP Professional Laptop?

  280. Mario

    Thanks for the tutorial. I couldn’t read all the comments, so if anyone else already solved this problem, I’m sorry I didn’t read it.
    The thing is that for printer sharing I followed all the steps y windows 7 and I still couldn’t see the printer on the XP computer. I ran the trouble shooter and the problem was that the HomeGroup settings had to be refreshed, and now the problem is solved.
    Good Luck

  281. Jamie

    I had the same problem as lot of people in here in that thw W7 machine could see the XP one but kept getting the “could not connect error” and the XP machine couldnt see anything on the W7 one. I eventually found out / realised that the XP machine was using Symtec Firewall. The Windows Firewall will automaticly detect PC’s with the same Workgroup name but if your not using Windows Firewall you may have to open certain Ports.

    I just switched back to windows firewall and everything worked instantly but here is a link to the list of ports you need to open if your using a different firewall

    Hope it helps

  282. NibNob

    It works for me! Thank you ^^

  283. Skippi_d

    Thanks – had similer problems that others had. had to simplify my printers share name, had to select local port and then go through the manual settings in order for it to run with the installed drivers as would no accept drivers from cd or from the Windows 7 machine, but got there in the end. Thanks a whole lot – this will now make my life a whole lot easier

  284. Charles001

    Nice tutorial! I have a XP Pro machine with a shared folder that requires a user name and a password to gain access. I can access the xp machine from a 98, w2k, xp, or vista by searching or finding the xp machine. Now when I use win7 I can see the xp machine and when I try to access it, it asks for a user name and password. I try as I have done on the earlier versions of windows to access the pass worded shared folder and it does not give me access.

  285. Seth C.

    is it possiable to set up a small home network to share files with a Wired Windows 7 computer with a wireless XP laptop?

  286. RIFFMAN

    Great help but my EPSON NX300 won’t load the VISTA, 2000, XP x86 drivers. Will have to look on line maybe.

  287. Matt V.

    Great Advice. Its just too bad that you can’t readily find this info on Microsoft’s site. Regardless:

    THANK YOU!!!

    NOTE TO OTHERS: You can NOT browse through a drive to a shared folder if that drive isn’t shared as well (it doesn’t have to be shared either).
    Remember that which ever folder you share on the Win7 computer will appear when you browse just to that computer.
    ***This method will NOT work if the drive is not shared:
    In Windows Explorer on XP or Vista computer,
    click on “My Network Places”, then “Entire Network”, and “Microsoft Windows Network”,
    then click on “Workgroup” (or the name of the workgroup if changed) and then the Win7 computer, then click on the “C:\” drive (or the drive your share is on).
    You will get a “permissions” error.

    After browsing to the Win7 computer using first three steps above,
    Click on the name of the directory you shared.
    It should be listed along with the drives and any other installed items on the Win7 computer.

    If you are still unable to browse to your shared folder by clicking along the path, you can enter it by hand:
    Simply browse in Windows Explorer to the Win7 computer,
    Then go up to the address bar and click once just to the right of the computer name,
    Start typing “\” followed by either the name of the share you’re trying to access or the full path to that folder.
    As you start typing the name of each folder (separating each with a “\”), you’ll see the matching directory names pop-up in a drop-down list for selection.

    To access “\\Laptop1\Users\Dad\documents” (a Win7 computer), do the following:
    Browse to the computer (in this case, named ‘Laptop1’),
    Click to the right of “\\Laptop1” in the address bar,
    Enter “\” and after a second you’ll see a list of all resources,
    Either type “U” or “Users”, or arrow down to “\\Laptop1\Users” and hit enter,
    Enter another “\” and after a second you’ll see a list of directories under Users,
    Either type “D” or “Dad”, or arrow down to “\\Laptop1\Users\Dad” and hit enter,
    Enter another “\” and after a second you’ll see a list of directories under Dad,
    Either type “d” or “documents”, or arrow down to “\\Laptop1\Users\Dad\documents” and hit enter.

    Good Luck.

  288. Pete

    After the Windows 7 setup, your article states “Now if you go into Network in Windows 7 you should see your XP machine and the Windows 7 as well which in this case is Mysticgeek-PC..” On my pc, the XP machine does not show up. Any ideas?

  289. David

    I followed the steps as others have and can’t see the XP machine as well.

  290. kranthi

    you are the rockkkkkkkkkkkk

  291. JimChem

    I must be missing something. I have an XP machine attached to a wireless router and a printer. I have a notebook running Win7. I tried to follow your tutorial to allow shared files and printer. The XP machine does not see the Win7 machine. The Win 7 machine see the router but not the XP machine. I don’t have something right.

  292. Sally

    Help! I followed the example and my XP netbook showed on W7 computer but the PC did not show on my XP computer. I restarted both computers, and now my XP netbook doesn’t show in W7 computer anymore. I have started over several times and can’t figure out what I have done wrong. Any suggestions?

  293. Sally

    I am using the Free AVG – no firewall. I have the Windows firewall off too – I am using a router instead. Should I turn on the Windows firewall instead. I can see the XP netbook on the W7 computer but it says the spelling is wrong. Can’t see anything on my XP netbook computer. Help!

  294. JimChem

    My XP computer does not show up on the Win7 computer.

  295. Sally

    I realized that I have XP Home Edition. Will the sharing not work because I don’t have the Professional Edition?

  296. Jeff

    Thank you!

    So clear. So concise. My problem was that I didn’t scroll down on the advanced options to see turn off password protection. I didn’t realize it was there. So many thanks

  297. Jim V

    Add me to the list of people that have followed the guide to the letter but still can’t see their XP machine on the Win7 network or vice versa.

  298. valy

    very helpful thank you so much !!!!

  299. Jim Venn


    Ok I managed to resolve this. It was due to my Norton Internet Security firewall. Once I disabled the firewall on the XP machine I was able to connect it to the WORKGROUP and then both PCs could see each other.

    I’ve since installed Kaspersky which appears to have detected the WORKGROUP PCs and has not blocked either so all is good.

    In summary check to see if you have a firewall that may be blocking.

  300. Martin

    Thanks GW (November 5th post) – Spent hours of trying to get my canon iP4500 printer on a 64 bit windows 7 to share with my 32 bit windows XP machine and experienced the same driver installation problems as a number of others. This tip worked for me too – Joy

  301. Heidi

    Thank you SO MUCH for telling us how to do this. I followed your directions to the letter and IT WORKED. I am about to print my taxes, so this was very timely help. You saved me the time and expense of getting an IT pro in here to fix the issue. Really appreciate this type of visual and easy to understand instruction.

  302. Michelle

    Mike you are a genius, thank you!

  303. Barrington

    I cannot get it to work. I can see the Windows 7 machine from the XP machine but trying to go from Windows 7 to Xp, I am prompted for a user name and password and all login attempts fail. This is my setup. I have a Windows 7 machine that I use at work. The machine is part of a DOMAIN. When I get home, I want to share files and printers with an XP machine which is in WORKGROUP.

    The two machines can see each other, ping as well as browse the network. When on the XP machine, I run \\Win7Machine. All works fine, I can see the shares and copy data.

    However when I’m on the Windows 7 machine, when I run \\WinXpMacnine I am asked for a user name and password. For user name I put WinXpMachine\USERNAME and a valid password for the account local to WinXpMachine. But authentication failes.

    Please assist

  304. Bill Otteson

    I am having trouble with my XP machine. When I open up My Network Places XP machine to find the Windows 7 (mysticgeek-pc) shared folder I see absolutely nothing in My Network Places on my XP machine. There are no folders at all there.

  305. Finolait

    The problem I have found out with networking PCs with same or different OS is that if all PCs in a network connect to the Internet using a common hub/router connected to a broadband modem (in my case an ASDL modem), and if IP numbers are issued by the DHCP of the ISP, then PCs on the local network won’t see each other, and thus will be impossible to share resources. To restore normal network, you will need to disconnect the broadband modem. I bet this is security feature by the ISP, if not you would be able to see all the computers of each user in the entire country or region connected to a particular ISP.
    There should be a work around for that: i.e. having all your computers in a local network to see each other and share resources, and at the same time connect to the Internet using a shared ASDL modem.
    Anyone with an idea on how to achieve this?

  306. Tanos135

    Thank you for this. It worked great and was easy to follow. My wife is very happy now that she can print from her own PC.

  307. Terry

    Thanks man, very helpful! I just got a netbook with XP on it, and my desktop runs Win 7…this beats the hell out of buying a crossover cable to transfer some pictures and music.

  308. Jessica

    Wow thank you!! This was so hard for me to do with Vista but you helped so much!

  309. JSMiller

    Great article! I needed to add a clarifying step in my case (connecting a new Windows 7 64 bit system to two different Windows XP systems). When adjusting the “Advanced Sharing Settings” in the “Network and Sharing Center” for the Windows 7 machine be sure to select “Enable file sharing for devices that use 40- or 56-bit encryption” for the “File sharing connections options”. I followed all the steps in this article, but had the “Use 128-bit encryption to help protect file sharing connections (recommended)” option selected. Before changing this setting I had tried several different things including editing the registry with no success.

  310. FolsomJoe


    You can’t have a computer in both a domain and a workgroup, because if you did a computer in the workgroup (other than your work computer) would be able to access other work computers in the domain. There isn’t a workaround for this one.

  311. Zacochagrin

    Had the same problems of sharing files between XP & Windows 7…. I was able to:
    1) access windows 7 shared files from XP
    2) Remote Desktop to XP from Windows 7
    3) See XP machine from Windows 7 but not able to access xp shared files (Error message: //XPmachine not accesible…. You do not have permissions…etc)

    After checking all TCP/IP settings & enabling File sharing options… still same problem !!!

    Finally, by trial & error…… i created a user (same login & password as existing admin user on windows 7) on my XP machine. HEY HEY…. Now i can access XP from Windows 7 & share files + printer…

    My conclusion:
    1) Either you use same username/password on both XP & Windows 7
    2) Or, you create a similar user on XP if the username/password are different

  312. Sandy

    After trying on and off FOR A WEEK to hook up my son’s Windows 7 computer to my Windows XP printer, and showing all as shared but not being able to print out of any Microsoft program (Word, Excel), setting up the printer as a LOCAL and installing the driver on the W7 program worked. Thank you so so much!

  313. Shilpam

    I spent hours trying to get XP to see Windows 7 and vice versa. The problem I was having was that I have Vonage and my vonage adapter is connected between my router and computer…putting it on another sub-network. I had to connect the computer directly to my router instead of through the Vonage adapter. Hope this helps someone!

  314. Bro

    I LOVE YOU Mysticgeek and BLood! a totally manly and fist bumping kind of way.

  315. James

    Went through this a dozen times. No joy. Trying to share over wfi AP plugged into router. Plugged directly into router, still no joy. XP puters can see each other & share. No matter how many times I go through this, I still get no joy. Any other suggestions?

  316. adrian

    thanks. worked first time.

  317. Sally-Anne

    Suffice to say I have followed through your procedure several times, Geek, but this win 7 machine fails to connect to my files and folders on our XP machine. Both machines operate wireless from a BT-2 Homehub.

  318. swat

    Thanks Blood from August 28, 2009. Amazing, I’ve been working on getting Windows 7 to see existing XP workgroup for weeks by following the “simple” directions in this post and many others similar to it. I followed the directions to a tee, and still Windows 7 could see the computers but could not access them. I followed Blood’s advice and everything was working in less that 2 minutes:
    1- press Start>my network places
    2- press Set up a home or small network
    3- run the network wizard (be sure to make the workgroup name exactly the same as whatevers on your other computers and you do not have to make the network disk nor run netsetup on windows 7)

    I went directly to my Windows 7 laptop and could access every XP computer on my home network without rebooting. It was amazing.

    After you follow the original instructions to the letter and you still get “cannot access \\XPcomputer from windows 7, give the steps above a try… what could it hurt.

    If you’ve done everything recommended on this site

  319. Vinayak Sobti

    Thanks this worked but i can not access my files from the xp pc
    it is saying something about my networking rights
    can you help me with that

  320. juan

    he man im trying to fig oput how to connect from windows 7 on my descktop to wndows XP (PC) the tower at my home so i need to know how to connect to windows xp

  321. juan

    from windows 7 on my desktop***
    to windows xp (the tower) how i do it? please help me out

  322. paydaydaddy

    For those with the following conditions:
    you can…….
    1) access windows 7 shared files from XP
    2) Remote Desktop to XP from Windows 7
    3) See XP machine from Windows 7 but not able to access xp sharedDocs folder (Error message: You do not have permission to access \\XPmachine\SharedDocs. Contact your network administrator to request access.)

    This is my fix:
    I created some new files/folders on the xp machine and gave the read, write, and share permissions. I can access these and their contents from the win7 machine. I have given up on accessing the default sharedDocs folder of xp

  323. koroush

    Many Thanks ! Very helpful, straight forward, professional

  324. Dave

    WARNING – change firewall setting in virus software!!!!

    This did not work until I changed my firewall setting on my Kasperski Virus protection software.
    I had to make the wireless network a “trusted” network.
    I’m rolling now.

  325. Tony

    this is not exactly a problem….but its really annoying…everything works fine but on my win7 under “sharing” in “my computer” each computer connected to the network shows up twice…any idea why??

  326. rross

    on win 7 i cannot find network. to see the if the printer is liste.or if the xp machie is listed

  327. LAllen

    Thanks Man this is exactly what I was hoping.

    Question. When I am on my xp machine in network places I do not see the share folder or…. Win 7 machine. I checked the work group is the same on both machines & I rebooted… still no share folder or Win 7 machine.

    One other question I have MS Access file that I would like to be sharing….. on my other Win 7 machine once I open it….. it shows locked. I have seen it before. How can I share it so multiple user can open the file and make entries at the same time?


  328. Henrikus

    Thanks for the info.
    It is quite easy to share a folder.
    How do you share a complete drive?
    I can access the shared folders but not the shared drive on the same computer.

  329. amy

    Thank you thank you thank you. I don’t know why Microsoft had to make it so hard. I like XP where the wizard did all the work. Anyway, I’ve spent the last week agonizing over why I couldn’t connect my computer to the printer. I was almost ready to take my new computer back. The instructions were very simple to follow. Again thank you! :-)

  330. rahul

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  334. James

    Found this site and tips when looking to solve my very similar problem, but ….
    Desktop is hard wired to the printer – HP Officejet series 7300 with duplex paper handler. Windows 7 on desktop – all works OK with double sided printing.
    Have set up laptop, which runs XP and can talk to desktop and viuce versa through the internet/wireless hub. 2 problems:
    1. Despite removing the need for passwords, cannot print or get access to shared folders on desktop without entering user name and psw on laptop;
    2. when printing more than from laptop, manual paper handling screen comes up on desktop! I have reset the printer to “oFF” for double sided printing, re booted and this makes no difference.

    Any ideas

  335. T

    Works perfectly. Thanks Heaps. !

  336. alan

    Great tutorial, now only if it worked, DOH! Stupid windows 7.

  337. Richard

    Thanks for all the good work. My problem is the XP machines see the Windows 7 machine and the windows 7 machine sees all of the XP machines except 1. Iff I put the IP address in the search window it sees it immediately and shows me all of the shares, but it won’t find it when I click on Network?

  338. Espen

    Did not work… i cant find my cusins XP computer, and he is sitting right next to me.

  339. Sue


    Thanks for all this great info. However, I don’t seem to get an option to customise my printer and therefore cannot access the sharing tab.

  340. medokam

    First thanks for all of you . your tutorials were very help full for me . But I have a different problem
    It’s That I can’t share printer from xp to win 7 x86 when ever I did all these steps . there is an error says” the spooler isn’t work immediately ” and I tried to restart this service many times with no good
    And these are the steps to restart the service called ” print spooler ”
    1- right click on My computer , then select ” manage ”
    2- from left pan select ” services & Applications ” and then select ” services ”
    3- From right pan select ” Print spooler ” then right click on it and select “start ” if it isn’t work or select “restart” if it is working .
    I made these steps many times but with no good . If you have any solutions please help me .
    Thanks again

  341. kuzma


  342. zahid

    I’m currently running on Windows XP (home PC with cable).

    When I type the command “ipconfig /all” at the command
    prompt, instead of showing my IP as “IP Address” it shows “Autoconfiguration IP Address”, and I was not able to release and renew
    my IP.

    Can anybody guide me to disable the “Autoconfiguration

  343. Ronaldo

    Wow! One try and everything worked! So simple!!! (Well, maybe not simple but crystal clear!!!)

  344. testudo

    This registry tweek on my XP machine let my Windows 7 machine access files. messages:
    Not enough server storage is available to process this command.
    Not enough memory to complete transaction. Close some applications and retry.
    These error messages on a computer, which we will call computer A, can indicate the IRPStackSize bug on the other machine, the server that has the share, which we will call computer B. Go to that other computer, B, open the event log, and check for event ID 2011. If this is present, it is a strong indication for this particular bug. The two computers again:
    The computer trying to access a share on the other computer over the network, displays the error message, “Not enough …”. Let’s call this one the client.
    The server where the share is, needs to have its IRPStackSize parameter increased. Let’s call this one the server, even if it is just a desktop computer.
    To repair it, you have to set or increase the IRPStackSize parameter in the registry on the server where the share is, i.e. on computer B.
    There are many reports (below), indicating that a value of 15 is not enough, and only values in the range of 16 to 25 solved the problem.
    The most successful values used to be 16 and 18, but recently we have more reports of 20 and more. If you want to solve the problem quickly, try 20.
    It is not quite clear whether higher values incur any cost in terms of memory usage or performance, but it is conceivable that they don’t. If so, then we probably should just set the value to its maximum of 50 and forget about it.
    And don’t forget to reboot after each change, because only that makes the new value effective. Thanks to everybody who tested and reported!
    Please add a comment below to report which value you used to make it work. If you find the time to experiment, please report the lowest value that worked. Please try also to set it back to a lower value and recheck whether that indeed makes it fail. Reboot after each change.
    Here is the offending registry value:
    IRPStackSize DWORD 0x0000000f (15)
    Check for the presence of the value named IRPStackSize. If it doesn’t exist, create it as type DWORD and make sure you have the capitalization absolutely correct (5 upper case, 7 lower case characters), because the system strangely seems to depend on that. Make sure also that you haven’t by mistake added a leading or trailing space as described in this comment below.
    With base set to decimal, enter the value 16 or higher. 15 is the default, so entering 15 should have the same effect as removing that value altogether.
    Reboot the computer (or restart the server service, as described in the comment below: Worked for me).
    Certain software, when installed on the server, also causes this error. One frequent culprit is Norton AntiVirus, which tends to change the registry parameter. See also: How to remove Norton software. Other culprits seem to be Acronis TrueImage, version 10 or 2009 or higher, Seagate DiscWizard (a rebranded version of Acronis TrueImage), IBM AntiVirus, Microsoft’s Bitdefender, and Symantec EndPoint Protection (version 11+). Some reports state that only uninstalling solves the problem. If you have such a case, please report your findings here.
    Check also this Microsoft Knowledge Base article. It does not mention Windows XP, but applies to XP as well.
    Antivirus Software May Cause Event ID 2011 (Q177078)

  345. daveydave60

    joedrummer001’s solution worked for me. I was using norton on my XP computer and had to set it to give full trust to my 7 computer. Thanks Joe!

  346. Chris

    I tried the instructions, but my Windows 7 computer still couldn’t see my XP computer and vice versa. After trying a lot of things, I finally just switched off the router for a bit, then back on, and everything worked!! The problem was that the router had somehow lost the relationships between the computer names and their ip addresses, and resetting it apparently caused it to discover them again.

  347. HU

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    Well man!!! This worked great trying to connect my macbook pro to a windows 7 professional server!!!.

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    Thanks for this. I was needing to connect my xp system to a printer on Windows 7 and this helped!


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  352. Gary

    Neither computer is visable on either end ive followed the tutorial step by step multiple times. and tried few other tweaks. Im at a loss im on win 7 64bit and XP pro 32 bit on the other end. if you could please help.

  353. Jeff

    My dad and his girlfriend want to share my dad’s PC, but they don’t want to see each other’s files. My dad’s PC is Win7 and his girlfriend’s PC is XP. This tutorial worked great, except they could see each other’s files.

    In the “Change advanced sharing settings”, I set “Turn off network discovery” and “Turn off Public folder sharing”. Is that enough? Can they still see each other’s files?

    I notice that to share the printer, you need to select “Turn on file and printer sharing”, so I’m concerned they may be able to see each other’s files.

  354. Rico

    Thanks Bud..wish more instructions were like these. Simple and quick and it works!

  355. Jeff

    In the message two up from here, I meant to say that my dad and his girlfriend want to share my dad’s PRINTER (not his PC). His girlfriend has her own PC, and they are connected to the same hub, which connects to the internet. I have set them up so my dad is sharing his printer and she is using the share. But they could see each others files, at least until I turned off “Turn off network discovery” and “Turn off Public folder sharing”. How can I ensure that they are sharing ONLY the printer. Thanks.

  356. seanbean

    Thanks to all who contributed to this thread. Got there eventually (about 1 hour) – although I’m still not sure what I did!

  357. Norman Hillenburg


  358. JONVIL

    re: Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP

    A MILLION THANKS!! Your advise worked perfectly.

    My 7 year old XP laptop, which was networked with an even older XP desktop, died. Ran out and purchased a cheap Gateway (obviously with Windows 7) at Best Buy. My biggest problem was getting Windows 7 to recognize my HP Photostyler 7200 as a printer and not a storage device so I could replace the default XPS document writer (which would not share). After futzing around I finally did and the rest is history.

    Again, THANKS

    John Douglas

  359. Skarmio

    Thanks so much! It worked!

  360. John in Saudi

    AWESOME, I have a Dell 1720, Windows 7, that runs a stock chart program. Due to internet access, I need to download the stock data on a Acer D150, Windows XP, with 3G access.
    Now I can ‘read’ the data directly from the shared folder on the Acer with the program on the Dell 1720! and will probably find other options for this capability soon.
    Thanks heaps, John

  361. Mel

    The procedure works fine until it comes to .86 driver for XP computers. I cannot findwhere to find the .86 driver. Thanks Mel

  362. Patrick

    Thank you so much. I was trying to figure this out all night. If only I had found your tutorial sooner.

    I can’t believe how easy it was. Your website is now bookmarked.

  363. Azeem

    WOW!!! It worked the second time i tried it. your site will always be on my bookmarks. but just wondering, does this mean that when i do the file sharing with a mac (which i DID by customizing your tutorial a bit), i can run non mac programmes when i mount the HD on it? for example, GTA needs alot of files. if i moun the the HD containing them on my mac, will it work?

  364. Pranay

    i added both my windows 7 and windows vista to the same homegroup, but when i went to the network page i cant find the other computer!

  365. Tam

    This is not a clear instruction. I followed exactly and to the point where i need to install “additional driver”
    then it prompt for a CD. Author, please verify this and post it again, Thanks

  366. Melly

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  367. Gav

    I haven’t had a problem sharing printers between XP and Windows 7 (the windows 7 machine had the printer) Straight forward.

  368. Melly

    Problem is, the printer is on the XP machine and i cant and the network printer on the Windows7 machine..

  369. Nikola

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  370. Jane

    “Sharing folders between two Windows 7 machines with the new HomeGroup feature is an easy process, but the HomeGroup feature is not compatible with Vista or XP”

    Well, well, well … again and again windows sucks at talking to windows. Why might that be? Real operating systems (Debian, Ubuntu, Solaris, …) don’t have these issues at all.

    Why should users bother with such tedious tasks when the people at Microsoft suck so much at doing things right? No, there’s no reason for that, at all!

  371. Landon Wendel

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  372. Anindya Das

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  373. Kat

    Your tutorial is semi decent, but really needs to expand on the Additional Drivers..such as, which computer do you install them on, and how. Maybe its just my type of printer its not working on, I’m not sure. I’m currently trying to get help with it elsewhere.

  374. Mike M

    In the case of trying to use a printer on a 64 bit machine from a laptop running 32 bit system, you’ll have to install both 64bit and 32 bit driver in the printer share properties>Additional Drivers otherwise it won’t work. If you are unlucky like me to have a Canon printer, you can not do that as the do not provide drivers but only .exe installers.

    Maximum Success…

  375. ryan

    I’m really big into computers, but I haven’t used xp in years… so trying to network xp with a windows 7 os hasn’t been fun. These steps did absolutely nothing to help me… not even close

  376. Mark

    If you can’t connect W7 laptop to XP desktop, you may have another firewall, like McAffee that needs to be turned off. That was my problem. Took hours to figure out.

  377. vishnu

    i have 2 pc with windows7 , both are in networking , i have shared all drives
    but when i access any drive on opposit pc ,can not open message is give administration permission

  378. Robert

    Ok, so I changed Win7’s default from WORKGROUP to PIMPNET, rebooted as prompted. Went into the Advanced link as stated in the tutorial and made sure the home/work and public bullets were all clicked as stated in the tutorial. It then says “Now if you go into Network in Windows 7 you should see your XP machine and the Windows 7 as well which in this case is Mysticgeek-PC.” Well, nope. Doesn’t show up on either machine. For the record, I also have a Vista machine, it see’s XP fine, and vise versa, so the workgroup works, and folder shares work, but not on Windows 7. Can someone e-mail me and help me out please? I am not able to get past that step, and I’ve tried 7 times already, I can’t take it anymore. I even disabled all firewall settings because I figured someone would scream “IT’S YOUR FIREWALL” first off. So I would appreciate any help send to Thanks.


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    Thanks guys, you rock!

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    But I have one problem:
    Path is: “C:\Users” and in there are 2 folders: Public and Owner’ folder. I’ve shared only Public and the other one is NOT (it’s locked), but I can still access Owner Folder and it’s visible to all in my network) from from other PC who is running XP.
    Question: How to protect that folder from accessing?

    Thanks in advance,

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  383. Keir

    Too many comments to read through, so this may have already been solved.

    If not, this is a solution to the problem James and others were having.

    Its a security thing, not a permissions thing… (Thanks MS)


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    This is the best “How-to” I’ve seen on this issue. Truly excellent. I see some have had issues with firewalls which were not mentioned in the original article. Make sure that Windows firewalls are disabled on both machines. Windows firewall will prevent network connections, particularly access of the Win XP machine to the Win 7 environment. Windows firewall parameters are accessible via the control panel on 7 and XP by via the icon “Windows Firewall”. If they are enabled then turn them off. You will likely get warnings that your computer is not protected. Ignore that for now. You may also find that if you have an anti-virus application installed, it may have taken control of your Windows firewall. This is certainly true of Norton. In Norton, open its control panel and turn off the “Smart Firewall” function. Go back and check that Windows own firewall is still off. The same basic procedure is true of all other anti-virus apps. Some take control and some don’t. But always check for yourself. Note that using a router (or Wi-Fi router) is itself a very good firewall and the exposure of turning off your Windows and anti-virus firewalls is minimal.

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    I have called labelled XP Workgroup as ‘Workgroup’. What elese do I need to do??


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  396. Nixon

    The problem in the system could be the firewall settings.

    For example my XP machine uses Zone Alarm (ZA). The solution was to add the Win7 machine’s IP to the XP’s Trusted Zone in ZA, to list it as trusted.

    That solved my problem.

    To get the IP of any computer, there are other pages for that. If you are lazy, basically run cmd (command promt) and type in ipconfig. The computer’s IP will be the “IPv4 Address”

  397. EvilSupahFly

    In theory, this should work with Windows 2000 Pro because there weren’t many extreme changes between 2K and XP in terms of networking functionality, but I can’t get this to work. My 2K machine needs to be able to write to the W7 Machine, but can’t.

  398. seemaa

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    but i am facing a problem in sharing files
    on windows 7 i have a music folder i put right click and share with>> home group then i went to my xp computer and entered my network place and i found a folder named Music on xxx-pc i clicked on it but it showed to my a message
    \\XXX-PC\Music is not accessible . you might not have permission to use this network resource , contact the administration of this server to find out if you have access permission
    Access is denied

  399. Claus

    I’ve been trying to add a printer to my laptop which is running on win 7 (64bit)in vain.i’ve followed each step outlined but its not working.the printer is on a win XP machine.i have tried to install the printer directly but i get an error that the 64 bit operating system aint supported by the printer drivers.its a hp em swamped en the idea of printing through flash disks aint at all appealing.Please help out

  400. boris

    Hello good tutorial! I have this problem. My windows 7 pc share a brother printer with 2 xp pc. When I install in both XP computers the share printer all works perfect, even can I print. but when I shutdown and restart, the share printer is show as offline at xp pc and never can I use again.
    please some help

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    I am able to see my Windows 7 shares from my 2 XP machines…
    But, I cannot see the XP machines from Win 7..
    firewalls are off, and passwords disabled
    Any ideas?

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    This was very helpful, but I still have some roadblocks. I can see Windows 7 users and printers. I can log in to my account on the Win 7 machine. I can pull up documents from the Win 7 machine while on the XP machine. When I try to print to the shared printer (which is physically connected to the Win 7 machine) it spools it to the queue, but never prints. It sits in the queue and says it deleting in the status. After that I can’t cancel the print job from either machine (have to restart to kill the print job). Any ideas why it won’t print??

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    I have a printer of the same class you showed on the example, HP PSC 1500 series, installed on my Win7 x64 desktop. I got lost in the part you said to “add x86 drivers”, because I can’t find them! Where are that *.inf or *.in_ files that Windows asks for? Which are the namesfor that files?
    After that is just go on through the rest of your tutorial?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Now if you go into Network in Windows 7 you should see your XP machine and the Windows 7 as well which in this case is Mysticgeek-PC.
    I can see my two other computers and 1 of the 2 network printers listed.
    But, when I click on one
    1. I see at the bottom
    FUJI (the name of my other computer). Network location TL19 (the name of my wireless connection, while i’d rather connect via my 1G ethernet. and Workgroup THECORRECTNAME (=the correct name of my windows XP network)
    This means that the Windows7 has contact with the network and gets all the right information
    2. when i click on this (or any other computer of the XP network) I get the message
    Windows cannot access \\FUJI (which is the correct name of the computer)

    When I do windows Network diagnostics, I get “windows cant communicate with the device”

    Moreover, windows does not find the second printer on my network.

  411. theo

    1. A SOLUTION IF WIN7 DOES NOT FIND COMPUTERS ON AN EXISTING XP NETWORK even after you followed the geek’s advice
    2. a problem: win7 does not see the printers in that exisitng network

    I have a network with 3 XP computers, 2 printers, one linksys server with 2 HDD, connected to the web via a Fritzbox router.
    This works perfectly: I can print on both printers from all XPcomputers and all XPcomputers have access to each other, to the server and to the internet.

    For reasons of compatibility, the Brother DCP 7025 printer is directly connected to the Fritzbox router.
    This router connects to a D-links switch and this switch connects with the Deskjet 720C printer, the Linksys server and the other computers.

    Now I wanted to add a brandnew Acer laptop with Windows7 (Home Premium 64-bit) to this perfectly working network.

    1. the new computer did not connect to the network. I followed your suggestion, which made no difference. Reading the hundreds of tips I decided to start with the simple ones.
    SOLUTION: on the XPcomputers I created an new workgroup for all of them (in XP that takes 1 minute) and lo and behold: the Acer connects. (to get access to all files I followed the advice of sharing with Everyone in the Win7)

    2. the printers are nowhere to be seen. Hence I cannot follow your advice: To share the printer on the Windows 7 machine go into Devices and Printers from the Start menu and double click on the printer icon.
    Because Win& does not find the printer, I also cannot follow your advice: Next select “Connect to this printer…” and type in the path for the printer connected to the Windows 7 machine and click next.

  412. Dan

    How do I find the x86 driver? When I go to select it it says i have to browse for the driver and I have no idea where that is. Please help!

  413. Hermine

    I have read and will try to do it in later the morning but is seems like a huge task -phew! lol.
    However WIN 7 is on my Laptop, a PC and another Lapt top is WIN XP. I want to share with them but I have not been successful in setting up homegroup since the Windows are diff – . So will the tutorial above still help my problem. The printer is on one of the WIN XP PCs.. I also want to share docs etc. so do I set up Homegroup or work group, and what is the difference ?
    Awaiting a response
    Thanks in advance

  414. zcc

    Hi guys,


    It was the horrific Symentec EndPoint Antivirus v12 that was installed on my Windows 7 PC. The problem was I can access all shares created on XP PC from Windows 7 PC but cannot access any share created on 7 from Windows XP PC. Even after I disabled Symentec EndPoint Antivirus v12 that was installed on my Windows 7 PC I still cannot access any share created on 7 from Windows XP PC so I just temporary stopped ALL Symentec services on Windows 7 PC and it worked like a charm.


  415. Jagdeep

    my server on which MS server 2003 is installed is going through prblem of sharing the drive. The drive on hich the s/w is installed s automatically disablled after few minute’s and on the drive property the sharing and security doesn’t appear . all my client sharing the server go down and I have to restrt the server so that the sharing appear again.Kindly solve my problem.

  416. Kashif Aziz Awan

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  417. Rob

    Change from a home group to a work group and it will work with the less-than-professional versions of XP. DOn’t forget to name the group each computer is in to be the same thing through System and restart the computers for the changes to take effect.

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    Does anyone have any other ideas?

    Thanks Deb.

  422. Roberta

    I followed this to the letter and everything from my Win 7 laptop to my XP desktop is fine but I still can not access my laptop from my XP desktop and I’ve been trying for almost an hour…please tell me how to access my Win7 laptop c drive from my XP desktop. I’ve had this LAN for years and when I plug aVista laptop in it’s fine but not the 7 laptop. I even uninstalled norton security suite. Please help me!!!
    Oh, Th error I get is …laptop is not accessible. you may not have permission to use this network resource. contact the admin of this server to find out of you have acsess permissions. As far as I can tell, everything is wide open.

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    In regard to networking windows 7 (home) and XP (pro) and Vista…I have followed all the directions above and more…I have followed Microsoft instructions and forums …I have repeated all the steps…used WORKGROUP for the network name on all…named all the computers LAPTOP / WORK / SERVER.

    I have had the Laptop and the Work computer (ex: server) networked successfully for years then along came windows 7 my new server….and bang……the Laptop (vista) and the Work (XP Pro) can see each other and talk….the laptop finally after 3 reboots found the Windows 7 but lost it when I turned the computers off and it didn’t come back….the XP and 7 still cannot see each other…

    I have lost days on this…even turned off the firewalls…rebooted…done it all…any suggestions????


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    I’m not running Win7 Pro 64 but Win7 Home 32-bit and my XP machine is running SP2. I can see my wife’s Vista laptop but I can’t see the XP box or my Linux computer. Seems that with every new version Windows gets more and more impossible. Good thing I’m double-booting Ubuntu on this netbook. It worked first time. Long may I enjoy Ubuntu.

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  431. HDHTouchdown

    You left out one thing windows xp has a share name length limitation that windows 7 does not, so you need to make sure the share name of the printer is not to long if you want the xp to not only see it but use it as well. For my canon inkjet i860 I made the share name canon on the windows 7 pc it is attached to and now all my windows xp pcs see and use it just fine.

  432. Kr0max07

    here’s my experience:

    I have a desktop win xp computer, and a win 7 laptop.
    my desktop has two ethernet cards one for office network and for personal connection.

    i did it, it worked. however, it changes after sometime. from win xp pc, i can sometimes see it in workgroup domain, and sometime from the office domain.

    sometimes, only the laptop can access the desktop. sometimes, they can access at the same time… sometime they could not connect.

    weird huh?

    just sharing.

  433. Gene

    I followed the instructions (twice) and still have an issue. the Windows 7 system can see and access files on the XP systems; however the reverse is not true. I also have a vista system on the network and the Windows 7 system can see and access the Vista, the XP can see and access the Vista, the Vista can see and access both. So what do I do to get the Xp to see and access the Windows 7 system. Thanks

  434. GregR19

    Isn’t it mind-boggling how something that should be one of the most basic, simple things to do in terms of networking (“hey, I want my XP machine to see my Windows 7 machine and to use the same printer”) can be so freakin’ aggravating and time-consuming to figure out, and can require a whole bunch of steps that aren’t clearly documented by Microsoft anywhere? And then sometimes even the steps like this that you find on the Internet don’t work for some unfathomable, elusive reason. Ridiculous.

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    I honestly didn’t bother to read the comments posted after November 09, so the issue I’m writing about may have been solved already. Anyway, my problem was that I also got the whole permissions thing when I wanted to access some shared folder from my Win7 laptop.

    This is what solved it for me:
    – In WinXP, go to control panel –> administrative tools
    – Computer Management –> System tools –> Shared Folders –> Shares
    – You should get a list of the folders you are currently sharing
    – Double click on the folder that is causing you problems
    – Go to the security tab and click add
    – Click on advanced
    – Click on find now
    – A list of Names should pop up at the bottom, click on Everyone and then OK
    – Click OK again
    – Make sure that Read&Execute/List Folder Contents/Read are tagged and click OK
    – On you Win7 computer try again and it should work

    Bonus tip: if you are sharing multiple folders (say 4 with photos and 2 with music), when sharing them add a proper comment (I think you might need to enable advanced sharing not sure though). In Win7 you can group shared folders by comment, which results in a nicer allignment of you folders.

  438. Tathoru

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    Nope. I cann`t see it!

  440. john

    I do not know what planet these people who write these articles live on. I’ve been running different versions of Windows for years. It is never as easy as is written above. Turning on network sharing never makes the other computers available to be viewed shared. They probably forgot to write that you have to open a Netbios 128 bit portal and reroute the DHCP commands thru a passover converter or something. Something that all these tech geeks do but they never bother to write down.

    What a crappy article!

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    I am trying to share printer and files between my computers (via wireless) for a long time. I followed every steps by the book and BANG it’s working!

    Very helpful.

    And for John (August 27, 2010), it worked exactly the way it’s written above. I’ve put the same workgroup name on each computer and after checking all the points required above, my computer which has XP installed on it. There’s nothing about your DHCP geek stuff which I don’t have a clue of what it is. Maybe you should try it yourself before spitting on everybody! You’ll see it’s working…

    See ya!

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    Hi, i hawe a problem with aditional drivers, i have a printer on windows 7, and a xp on other pc, when i do the final step to connect to the printer it says that i dont have drivers, so i tried to put aditional drivers on windows 7 (x86) but when i select the drivers it says that there is no drivers, but i am shore that there is !!
    what should i do

  446. scribo

    this procedure worked perfectly. Thank you. I noted that my Windows 7 machine had both a “home or Work” profile and a “puiblic” profile that are opened and closed by little buttons marked ^ . I opened each one and set the sharing setting on for each one.

  447. Prateek Sharma

    Will this work on PC running Win XP Pro 32 bit and Laptop running Win 7 Home basic 64 bit Edition.

  448. Don S

    I have a lexmark printer as a local printer on a XP operating laptop. The second laptop is a windows 7 operating system. Both laptops are wireless and access internet through verizon myfi. I can see both PC’s when I go to run and type \\ip address for the XP laptop. How do I set up to share the printer on windows 7 machine?

    I dragged the printer icon from XP machine to the desktop on windows 7 machine and opened the printer. What do I need to do to proceed furthur?

    Any suggestions.

  449. Fred

    I have a new windows 7 machine I upgraded from an XP machine and xp computers on my network. I get the sharing but how come I can’t get the “My Documents” folder to share. It only shares the public folders. Do I have to move all of my files into the public folders? With over 1,000 file thart seems not quite so “easy” as windows 7 claims. and then can I default all of my office programs to automatically put all file in public folders?.

  450. Ethan

    Damn. Is there a tutorial that works this the other way around. My father’s XP computer is in control of the printer, not my 7 computer.


  451. joan

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  452. joan

    i have a problem that sometimes windows 7 or xp shows that ip comflict and in window 7 the homegroup group couldnt br created due to this reason and therfore sharing couldnt proceeded and what could do in this situation?

  453. Loren


    Fallowed all the steps to the letter, however the Windows 7 machine cannot see the windows XP machine. When I go to ” Network “, the Windows XP machine is not there. Very frustrating.

  454. Ducky

    Oh How AMAZING was this? I had partially set up my network but ran into a snag because Windows7 has this ‘nifty little HomeGroups” deal. That was no good as I have a win7 machine(the host machine) and 2 XP machines (one will be added later.. it needs to be cleaned up…). Between advice from a friend’s father, the tutorial itself and some of the comments above I got the printer sharing working (only to find out I’m out of black ink! Well.. shit….). The sharing/viewing of each computer was a little trickier but thanks to someone’s help up there (i’m sorry I’ve forgotten who now but it was to do with looking int he properties of the “drive/folder” and setting to everyone then READ etc)… I’m in business!

    Definitely saving this site!
    Many many thanks!

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  457. peterjr

    If you are trying to connect from windows 7 to XP printer follow instructions posted by GW in November 2009:
    “For those trying to get an 32-bit XP machine to use a printer connected to a 64-bit Win7 machine:

    – go through the “Add Printer” wizard
    – choose “Local” printer instead of “Network” printer
    – choose “New port”
    – enter the path to the printer “\\your_xp_share\PrinterName”

    This really works and does not require extensive system setup.

    disce sed a doctis

  458. MrElectrifyer

    Hey guys,

    I am trying to get a networking issue between Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and Windows XP Pro resolved.

    Here goes..

    So I use advanced sharing in Windows XP and I am sharing one folder. I removed the “everyone” permission and added my current user name to the permissions list. I give this user full control. Now when I try to access this from Windows 7, it gives a permission error and I cannot get in. The folder shows up fine on Win 7 and I can ping machines back and forth. This is not a firewall problem for sure.

    For testing purposes I removed the user in the permissions list on the XP share and I added “everyone.” Then I go back to the Windows 7 pc to try and access the share and BAM… it works. Opens in a rapid fashion and all is well.

    BUT. This is not secure. I want to be able to only allow certain users. When I remove the “everyone” permission and only add the current account name on the XP machine, I am making the share password protected. My xp machine has a user account that needs a password. When I access XP shares from other XP machines, it asks for a user and password to login. Ever since I brought one Windows 7 machine into the network, it gives me a permission error. I want Windows 7 to pop up the same dialogue box that wants a user name and password to access. I also should not need to have my XP and 7 windows have the same user name password.

    Windows XP was a breeze.

    Basically I want this: Make the shares on the XP machine to be password protected (everyone permission fully removed). So when I want to access it from the 7 machine, it will ask for the username and pass. (just like xp to xp machines do)

    I have read far and wide but never found something this specific. Any help will be really appreciated, please reply ASAP geeks

  459. BobLovejoy

    Ok, I worked it out. To get the XP machine to access 7’s files you need to (on the 7 machine) go to:
    1. Computer> Local Disc (C:)> Right Click> Properties> Security> Click “Authenticated Users”> Edit> Tick “Full Control” box> Apply.

    I did it on all of the options just to make sure, worked for me. Hope it works for you.


  460. BobLovejoy

    Scrap that, thought id had worked, sadly it hadn’t. How very frustrating!!!

  461. BobLovejoy

    Thanks to Papasmurf, his solution worked for me: stop sharing the DRIVE and only share FOLDERS. Immediate success, I can now access my Windows 7 files over the network from my XP machine!

  462. Austin

    I am trying to set up a new laptop that we just got at my work that has Windows 7. I am on the same network as every other computer and they are able to see the printers. I have tried the whole homegroup thing, turning my firewall off, adding a printer and using the IP the printer is on and nothing works. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  463. MrElectrifyer

    Hey guys,

    I am trying to get a networking issue between Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and Windows XP Pro resolved.

    Here goes..

    So I use advanced sharing in Windows XP and I am sharing one folder. I removed the “everyone” permission and added my current user name to the permissions list. I give this user full control. Now when I try to access this from Windows 7, it gives a permission error and I cannot get in. The folder shows up fine on Win 7 and I can ping machines back and forth. This is not a firewall problem for sure.

    For testing purposes I removed the user in the permissions list on the XP share and I added “everyone.” Then I go back to the Windows 7 pc to try and access the share and BAM… it works. Opens in a rapid fashion and all is well.

    BUT. This is not secure. I want to be able to only allow certain users. When I remove the “everyone” permission and only add the current account name on the XP machine, I am making the share password protected. My xp machine has a user account that needs a password. When I access XP shares from other XP machines, it asks for a user and password to login. Ever since I brought one Windows 7 machine into the network, it gives me a permission error. I want Windows 7 to pop up the same dialogue box that wants a user name and password to access. I also should not need to have my XP and 7 windows have the same user name password.

    Windows XP was a breeze.

    Basically I want this: Make the shares on the XP machine to be password protected (everyone permission fully removed). So when I want to access it from the 7 machine, it will ask for the username and pass. (just like xp to xp machines do)

    I have read far and wide but never found something this specific. Any help will be really appreciated, please reply ASAP geeks

  464. BristolRon

    Tried to set up home network between XP PC and WIn 7 laptop but failed. Named both workgroups the same, set parameters in WIN 7 as suggested and when I looked at network places I only see the WIN 7 laptop, no XP. What now?

  465. Johny

    I guess the geeks are too scared to post “they don’t know how to do…”. They keep ignoring the professional questions (like MrElectrifyer’s, which is mine aswell). Oh well, guess I will just have to keep googling for an answer. Laters, noobish geeks :P

  466. LouCip

    Will the totorial work if both computers are not on? I was thinking I would install a print server. Is this necessare? Will it work with a Kodak aio 5500 printer and 2 windows 7 machines? I have an ethernet network and wireless router.


  467. Cool

    Thanks very much! That helped heaps! And everything worked! If i ran into problems, it was all answered elsewhere in the comments etc – thanks @gw for the printer tip – that worked for me and i had to turn off password enabled sharing on windows 7 to see my windows 7 shared folder in my windows xp network places!). Anyone have any tips on how to share the internet connection from my windows 7 machine with my xp machine? they are connected together with an ethernet cable and i can share folders and devices across them, but the xp isnt getting the internet – thanks!

  468. Jason

    These are get instructions, but I need to take it one step further. I need to do the sharing between Win 7 and XP computer as posted here, but my computers are on different subnets on the same physical network. I know I had the same issue with Win XP and had to edit the Windows Firewall setting for File and Printer Sharing to allow sharing over any network and not just the current subnet which is the default setting.


  469. shrikar

    tahnks a lot..!!!!!awesome…it works beautifully….

  470. Josh

    For those of you who are still battling, try this. It work for me.

    I’ll consider that the two machines are connected through a hub or a switch or router, and that your Windows XP is Service Pack 3. Have a memory stick in hand. Also: MAKE SURE THAT ALL YOUR NETWORK CONNECTIONS ARE THROUGH A NETWORK CABLE. IF YOU ARE USING WIRELESS, THE SETTINGS MIGHT NOT BE APPLIED. STRICTLY USE CABLE CONNECTION.
    On the Windows XP machine
    1. Insert your memory stick
    2. Go to the Control Panel.
    3. Open “Network Setup Wizard” icon
    4. Click “Next”
    5. Click “Next” again
    6. Select “other” then click “next”
    7. Select the first option the click “next”: This option has the following, “This computer connects to the internet directly or through a network hub. Other computers on my network also connect to the Internet directly or through a hub”.
    8. On this window, just ignore everything (Computer name, etc) and click “next”
    9. Here rename your Workgroup name as WORK NETWORK, then click “next”.
    10. Here select the option with “Turn on file and printer sharing”, then click “next”
    11. If it asks you, “Are you sure you want to turn on file and printer sharing?”, select “yes”
    12. It will then show a summary of your settings, Click “next”
    13. Your settings will then be applied giving you an option to save them on a disk. In the four options choose the first one (which is to save the network settings in a removable disk). Upon saving the setting, select the memory stick option.
    14. After finishing, a file named “netsetup.exe” will be created and saved in your memory stick.

    On the Windows 7 machine
    1. Insert the same memory stick which you used to save the network settings from the Windows XP machine.
    2. Click open the memory stick
    3. Double on the file “netsetup.exe”
    4. Select “yes” to permit the program to run
    5. On the “Welcome to the Network Setup Wizard” screen select “yes”
    6. Click “next”
    7. Click “next” again
    8. This will carry on in the same manner as it happened on the Windows XP machine.
    9. If the machine prompts you to select the network location, choose the middle one, “Work network”
    10. The machine will then prompt you to restart. In fact restart both machines
    11. After restarting this machine, go to the control panel
    12. Open “Network and sharing center”
    13. On the bottom left corner select, “Homegroup”
    14. Click on “Change advanced sharing settings”
    15. On this Windows select the following:
    a) Turn on network discovery
    b) Turn on file and printer sharing
    c) Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in the public folders
    d) Use 128-bit encryption to help protect file sharing connections (recommended)
    e) Turn off password protected sharing
    f) Allow windows to manage homegroup connections (recommended)

    16. Then click “Save changes”
    17. Done.
    18. Restart.

  471. Momo

    Hi There

    I am having a problem with setting up a connection between 2 XP PC, 1 Windows 7 laptop. I have 1 xp PC connected to a router d-link (and modem to internet). In another room I have a wireless PC with xp and a laptop with window 7. I can connect wireless to the internet via the modem but I am unable to configure a workgroup and access it from all 3 computers via the router.
    I have followed all steps and instructions but I would appreciate a step by Step instructions guide if any of you has a suggestion where to find one on the web reative to my situation.
    Thank you!

  472. KyKy

    Great instructions. I was able to connect two XPs and a Win 7 Laptop to share files and printer. And I am 80 years old! Thanks for your help

  473. Ken Lee

    Good job. Thanks a lot for the instructions.

  474. Jeremy

    Hey I am having problems with getting a macbook to see a printer i have connected directly to a windows XP machine. I also have a windows vista laptop that can see the printer and even print a test document. The network is WiFi only. The router I am using is built in to the internet connection device. Its a sierra wireless device 4G from Time Warner. It creates the WiFi Network and routes up to 5 devices. I have tried everything to get the macbook to see the printer, but it’s not happening. Can someone please let me know what I can do to make this work. Macbook is on Snow Leopard. On the XP machine the windows firewall is turned off. But the AVG is on. Please help.

  475. Tom

    Similar here. Created network printer (HP 7350) attached to XP with several ‘tops on wireless lan. XP machines can print, Windows 7 gives no error, acts like it’s sending to printer, engages printer, makes noises, moves print cartridge, then “prints” out blank page. Did this for both test print and with a doc file. Any clues?

  476. Sam E

    For people with the following problem:
    “Win 7 is seeing the share folder but cannot access it “
    Disable Network Threat Protection if you have Symantec or any other virus protection software and turn on Windows firewall.
    The problem is on the XP side, not 7.

    After 30 minutes of trying to fix this problem, I turned that off the network threat protection and it worked just fine. 

  477. humantorch

    Thank you for the help and it was easy to follow the steps but there is a question I would like to ask, must I switch on the first PC which the printer is installed so that the shared PC will be able to use the printer?

  478. Sandeep


  479. Sandeep

    Thank you for the help and it was easy to follow the steps. Thanks to

  480. richmondRicky


    I spent 2 days checking every setting on PC’s, firewall checking, clock syncing etc. At my wits end, I had the idea to re-boot my HomeHub (its version 1 so this means turing it off and on). Shouldn’t need to as updates dynamically.

    Hey presto, all sorted. . .



  481. Chook

    I can NOT SHARE A DRIVE or FULL PARTITION.. C: or D: in Windows 7
    However I CAN have Any FOLDERS shared fine. I guess it’s another setting in WIN7 to allow shared root access?!?

    The guide is OK, I would rate it above 60% because there’s so much missing, Root Access, Printer Compatible with Newer Operating System, And Everything else the above have seeked help for.


  482. Chris

    this worked like a treat, i also had to share the root of the drive on the xp mechine that i was using but i think that was due to it being a stand alone hdd.
    Thanks again

  483. Paul

    Worked Perfectly, thank you.

    It’s a shame microsoft never thought it was important to make this a simple process.

  484. Katie

    Thanks for this :)… Saved me a whole lot of time and got it all working within minutes…

  485. Calyntz

    very good!..thank you for this tutorials :)

  486. Tjitske

    From Netherlands (Europe) a great THANK YOU!!! for this tutorial. Bought a new laptop with Windows 7. Happy with it, but a minus was, I could not print anymore on the printer connected to a XP-desktop. Thanks to your tutorial I could solve the problem, so I can enjoy my new laptop now fully. Thanks again!

  487. Johann

    Pleasee Helppp…

    Win7 sees the shares on xp but cannot connect to them.

    This is the error message i am recieving when i try to connect from WIN7 TO WINXP

    \\XPCOMPUTER is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

    Can anyone please tell me how can i solve this problem ?


  488. Cristian

    I have some problem with Johann from September 27, 2010, but we have XP computers and we want to access to WIN7, and the message it’s same.

    Can anyone to help us, please?

    Thank you very much.

  489. Dean - Oregon

    Redone our Home Office and the shared printer all-in-one had to be attached to the Win7 PC.

    This worked great, except for one thing. at 1st I couldn’t change the Work Group name in the Win7 to match the Win XP PC. But I figure it out by going thru the Control Panel, then Systems, then Advanced System Setting on left side, the old WIN XP window for System Properties pops up, click on Computer Name Tab, then Change button for changing computer name, domain or workgroup. Made the change, saved it, rebooted the Win7 PC.

    Thanks, you saved me from a lot of headach.

  490. Stuart

    I have Win 7 on a desktop machine and xp on my dell laptop. I have tried all of the above without success
    Neither computer can see each other. Yet the shared printer works ok. I give up Ive got a network hard drive plugged into my router that I share with both machines. Ill look forward to windows 8 maybe Microsoft can fix the bugs still outstanding from win 3.1 ! . I think it must be that as new programmers come along they don’t look at the mistakes previously made and not rectified.

  491. PeteSearle

    You guys still having problems

    Just repeating a previous posting by JS Miller

    When adjusting the “Advanced Sharing Settings” in the “Network and Sharing Center” for the Windows 7 machine be sure to select “Enable file sharing for devices that use 40- or 56-bit encryption” for the “File sharing connections options”. By default Windows 7 sets up “Use 128-bit encryption to help protect file sharing connections (recommended)” option and XP can’t handle this!!!!!

  492. Bill Richardson

    I just got a Windows 7 machine. I have a wireless network in my house that has a number of devices connected to it. Two XP machines, a Slingbox, and an Epson printer. Before I ran the tutorial, I could only see the Windows 7 computer itself, the printer, and the router. After I ran the tutorial, I still cannot see anything more than that. Question: DO I HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOMEGROUP FIRST before running the tutorial? Second question: WHAT DO I HAVE TO BE SURE OF ON THE XP END? ON THE ROUTER ITSELF?


  493. Mike

    Thank you, Thank you – for a detailed explanation in setting up the network sharing.

  494. Subrat

    Thank you so much. I am now able share files between my desktop (Win 7 32bit) and laptop (Win 7 64bit), which are connected over a wireless network.

    This article was very helpful in the process.

  495. Teebo

    nice tutorial , but i got problem with me .

    i cant access to the other computer folder. u dont have a permission to access . so whats now it must be way to access .

  496. Ulun

    Great tutorial!!!!

  497. Mohsen

    Very Good

  498. Joe Bine

    I would like to add something that will save the day for a lot of people.
    Everything seemed fine on my network except that XP often loosed connection to the shared folder on Win 7.
    It happens often when I move media files or any file that has a certain size.

    It seems it has to do with a setting in the registry that optimizes for using the least memory possible for workstations instead of optimizing for file shares like Windows server. The default value is 1MB.

    If you get those 2017 errors in the event manager of Windows, you might want to try this registry trick to solve the problem of XP loosing connectivity to Win 7 :
    Set HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache to 1
    Set HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters\Size to 3

  499. Erik Čerpnjak

    Thanks for the tutorial… It worked like a charm :)

  500. Brique

    YOU ROCK! Worked perfectly. THANK YOU!!!!!111oneoneeleven



    1. No, you don’t have to disable your firewalls. If, eg, you’re using Zonelabs Free Firewall, just set both Program settings to Moderate (not high, not low). That allows sharing and access from within your trusted network to folders you’ve designated as shared).

    2. Yes, of course, you do all the basic steps like making sure permissions is set to “Everyone”. And set both computers to “Work” network and both named “WORKGROUP”, since everyone knows XP’s default group name is “MSHOME” which must be changed to match Vista and Windows 7 default group name which is “WORKGROUP”.

    Ok, here’s why I’m writing in:

    3. FOR THE MACHINE THAT’S RUNNING XP (that gave you the error “\\computer is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource”, HERE’S THE problem and the SOLUTION: The problem is that you have to put your shared folder in the \\computer name\Users\Public\Documents folder like this:

    \\XPcomputer\Users\Public\Documents folder\Jacks_shared_folder


    4. FOR THE WINDOWS 7 computer, it’s DIFFERENT, which causes the confusion. This time you set your WIndows 7 shared folder in this location: \\Win7computer\Jills_shared_folder

    Took me hours to get that only workable solution, and the cool thing is that I didn’t have to do any

  502. barbara

    This is seriously one of the most frustrating tech issues I have ever come across. WTF?

    I can only access WinXP to 7 not other way around. It works for some files, but not others, promptly closing the connection to the remote computer and I have to figure out what has transferred and what hasn’t, reshare everything and start again. There are 4 different sets of sharing setup inWin 7 (you can right click on a file–>properties–>sharing–>advanced too and make it look like the old school XP/NT shares but you can’t access them in XP). AND…Somehow ALL files under C:\user are shared on the Win7 machine, not just the one folder I am trying to move.

    WTF, that is all I have to say. I’m going to go get a hard drive enclosure and save myself the trouble.

  503. Luis M. Aceituno

    GREAT! Worked like a charm :)

  504. MataHarry

    Hello I have a laptop using windows 7 and a desktop using windows xp.

    I have just upgrade the laptop from windows vista to 7 and I have problems with the wireless network.

    Until now the network was: Main computer (desktop) with windows xp connected with Ethernet wire to modem/router and the laptop using vista connected wireless with modem/router and respectively with the network so I could sharing files.

    Now with windows 7 I have problem. If I connect the laptop with router/modem by Ethernet wire there is no problem. I can see the desktop in the network and I can access the files of the desktop but if I connect the laptop wireless then I can’t see other computers in the network except my laptop.

    I try to set up a Homegroup e.t.c.
    I try to do all these you are writting here

    but nothing work…

    your help would be very usefull

    thanks in advanced

  505. Death_Master

    I’ve got a problem sharing my drives (C,D,E,F,H,Z) from my main PC(Win7x64) with WinXP/Vista/etc on my VMs…
    Folder sharing works, but I need drive sharing(don’t ask me why, there are some reasons for me)….

  506. aaronjc3

    Thanks for the info…worked like a charm!!!

  507. Katja


    thanks a lot for the awesome tutorial. But I also have the “Windows cannot access”-problem, when I try to access the Windows7-PC from the XP-Notebook. I followed the instructions several times and tried all the workarounds in the comments. No idea what to do else. Can anybody help me? The Windows7-PC sees the XP-machine but is not able to access ist. Have many thanks.

  508. Manuel

    Since my desktop Windows 7, when I select CONTROL PANEL I can’t find All Control Panel Items.
    So, how to find it?

  509. RR

    Surprisingly easy solution – very annoying that MS have changed the set up of sharing an entire drive. Read this post:

    You essentially need to give the ‘Everyone’ group the right permissions – by default, this group doesn’t have the right permissions to view a shared drive.

  510. 777jboy

    thanks bud, it really helps a lot. and now i know why i cant logged into windows 7 shared files, with that password protection can be turned off.

  511. Al444

    I guess I am starting over again with the question about a printer on the windows 7 machine being shared with an XP machine.
    The first thing I did was install the printer on the XP machine to make sure the thing worked – ie drivers.
    It worked.
    I then moved it over to the “main” windows 7 machine and it worked. I then shared it.
    Now comes the part where I am stumped.
    On the XP machine: Control Panel > printers and faxes add a printer. The printer is there on the network. When the dialog gets to the part about drivers, it wants to know where to find it. I know that there is an XP driver on the XP machine. Is it looking for a windows 7 driver on the XP machine? If so, where do I tell it to look for one?
    Thanks in advance for the help. Do you respond via email or on this forum?

  512. David

    I followed all those steps to connect a W7 to a WXP network but W7 still doesn’t see WXP. I did a ping from and to W7, worked; I checked workgroup name, fine; I verified user names and rights, right.

    I see the W7 computer name from XP network list but W7 denies to see WXP.

    I don’t know what else to test.

  513. Al444

    Reply to David:
    I think you have to include the 7 computer in the same workgroup as the xp machine. I can’t remember how my IT guy did it, but I’ll try to figger it out. Maybe a google search would help on the how to question.
    Good luck
    Now — if someone would answer my question posted on the 23rd, I would appreciate it.

  514. Higgins

    Hi, i also have a similar question.
    Yesterday my PC asked if it could upgrade the W7 package with live essentials. Of course i did not see any harm in it. But after upgrade i could log acces my shared drive/maps from the pc with my mediaplayer. It keeps asking for a username and a passwd. I tried and looked if i could restore a setting of the maps, but i could not find anything at this moment. Does anybody recognize this problem or has a solution for it?


  515. Alan

    I used this article to set up a successful network, via a Netgear router, between my HP desktop machine (wired to the router) running XP Home; and my Acer laptop (wirelessly connected to the router) running W7, but I had a lot of crashes on the laptop with blue screens. All the evidence I have so far points to my use of Zone Alarm, which I have now uninstalled in favour of the Windows firewall, since when I have had no more crashes but my network has vanished. I’ve rerun the procedure and everything looks perfect, but neither machine recognises the other, though the Internet connection on both remains fine. I’ve obviously missed something, but what? Does the firewall need some sort of a tweak? (I still have Zone Alarm on the XP machine, with no obvious problems.)

  516. Ben

    Ok i followed the instructions i can see all my windows 7 systems but i can not see my xp systems from windows 7 but i can see windows 7 systems from xp ?????

  517. Peter

    Here is my situation. Got a workgroup setup. Got a XP home edition machine connected to a HP 5550 printer. Got multiple OS platforms connecting to the workgroup. I am able to do file sharing with no problem. I am having printer sharing xp home edition pc with printer connected to it. When I print from windows 7 machine I see the light on the printer ecive data across the network. How ever all the lights do is blink and nothing ever prints. You can see on the xp machine that there was a document sent to the printer from the windows 7 machine. Stumped now. Any ideas as to what is next?

  518. Peter


    Hi there
    I’ve posted on this before but to share Printers attached to XP computers with either X-64 or X-32 versions of Windows 7 is SIMPLE. These instructions are for the Printer attached to the XP machine (but works in reverse as well).

    (“Stand alone” Network printers can be done slightly similarly BTW).

    assume the computers are call XPMACHINE and W7MACHINE.

    1) Ensure Printer on XP machine is shared – assume it’s called SHAREDPRINTER.

    2) On the Network Browsing on your Windows 7 machine ensure you can “See” the Printer share.

    Now on the Windows 7 machine do the following (doesn’t matter if it’s X-86 or x-64).

    3) Control Panel==> add LOCAL (Yes LOCAL) printer. I know it’s on a Network but hold your horses — what we are actually doing is “Poodlefaking” the Windows 7 machine into thinking it’s running the printer.

    4) Create NEW port==>Local port


    6) Now Windows 7 will load a driver and you’ll be able to print on the XP machine.


    (For a “Network stand alone printer”) at 4) chose TCPIP port
    and at 5) enter the IP address.

    If the printer is on the Windows 7 machine and you want to print on the XP machine then do the same instructions on the XP machine —
    port name in this case will be \\W7MACHINE\SHAREDPRINTER

  519. max schurtz

    it works! thx alot for the instructions.

  520. Mark

    There is still one hurdle to leap in regards to loading the x86 drivers on Windos 7 for use by the XP computer. This link should clear up everything. After much hassle and Googling, I finally stumbled on this and it fixed the problem. A simple solution…but what a hassle. Shame on Microsoft!

  521. Jane Joseph

    I am a 55 year old technically challenged woman living with my 75 year old aunt. I got a new Window’s 7 for Christmas of 2009. My aunt had a XP laptop. Today is 11-03-10 and I finally found your site. Today is the first time, and I even called a “so called” technician in, that these 2 computers have been able to share my HP Printer.

    God Bless you for being so clear and precise that even I could understand and rectify the challenge.


  522. Janet

    Thank you, thank you a million times for taking the time out to post this solution.

  523. Joe Bine


    My trick might help you. Here it is again.

    I you intermittently loose your access to the Win7 computer, prompting you to restart it and it works otherwise :
    Go into the registry and set HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache to 1
    Set HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters\Size to 3

    I’m on a small business network and guys playing music from my computer would jam my other shared folders and then I had to restart the Win7 computer with shared folders at least once a day. Now, I never have to do that…

  524. djpm

    Will this process work to move i-tunes from XP desktop to win7 laptop. Looking to donate XP desktop in next few weeks so need to move 2000/9GB i-tunes.

  525. afmg

    XP can’t access Windows 7 solved.

    I have a couple of computers in the house mostly on Windows 7 I have been able to sharing folders no problem. I just setup an XP machine which Windows 7 machine could access files but XP could not access Windows 7.

    All machines have static IPs all on and same subnet mask and all on same WORKGROUP. On XP machine when I tried to view WORKGROUP i get the usual “inaccessible” message popup. When I renamed the XP machine WORKGROUP to some else like HOME I can access the workgroup, although the XP machine is the only one connected.

    I decided then to rename the Windows 7 computers to another network and then renamed the XP machine back to WORKGROUP restarted all computers and volia XP machine now can access WORKGROUP although it was only computer on WORKGROUP as I renamed Win7 machines. As a last step I renamed Win7 machines back to WORKGROUP and then restarted all computers and BINGO!!!! XP now has access to folders of all other computers.

    I am guessing some kind of rules setup on Workgroup by Win7 machines when I moved them off, the XP machine got access and when I put Win7 machines back on they or XP machine could then create new set off rules, which couldn’t happen whilst Win7 machines sitting on Workgroup. Also very very important to restart after each setting change so any new changes can be applied and old ones cleared.

  526. pw

    this may sound stupid or obvious (depending on your level of expertise).

    at work we were having an issue where an XP machine could be seen by a Win7 machine, but the user on Win7 kept getting the “invalid username… log in as different user…” prompt every time he’d try to log into the XP box. what was very annoying is that everything was fine the previous day (previous few months, actually).

    our solution:
    i had changed the time on the XP machine to some time in the past (i.e., a few days, hours, mins prior to the actual date & time) for some software dev testing. i changed it back to the proper time, and poof, he was able to log in again.

    – both machines were connected to the same network,
    – in same vicinity,
    – the user existed as admin on both machines (with same simple username: “joeX” and same group: admin),
    – everything seemed correct (as correct as things always needed to be to work in the months past),
    – we had tried all manners/orders of machine restarts and other solutions seen online without success.

    btw, excuse my bad grammar/spelling – i’m at work and trying to write this as quick as possible. hope it helps someone.

  527. KSanger

    Geek; Why do I want to install my printer on the new win7 box? I want he win7 box to see the existing xp printer and share drives. Especially since there is only one win7 box and multiple xp boxes.

    How do I share the existing home network with a custom name? Do I have to change my home network name to the default? What a pain in the ass win7 is.

  528. KSanger

    So I renamed my XP Network to WORKGROUP and rebooted. Now it times out while moving files.

    “Cannot copy filenameX” “The specified network name is no longer available”.

    If I try to go from win7 to xp I get the password box and “password is invalid”.

  529. KSanger

    Sorry I meant “Unknown User Name or Bad Password.

  530. Wayne in Indy

    SOLVED… It is an Airlink router problem.

    I have been fighting file and print sharing ever since I bought this Windows 7 laptop. I could not get this Windows 7 wireless system to access anything on the wired LAN, but it could access other wireless XP systems. And my wireless XP systems could access the wireless Windows 7 system, and everything else on the wired LAN. Seemed like an issue with the Airlink 101 router. I had talked to Airlink earlier, and told them it seemed like there was some parameter in their internal wireless to wired bridge that was not allowing new Windows 7 protocols to pass. They said it was a Windows problem (as most vendors do). However, when I decided to replaced their router with a similar Linksys router just for for, presto… everything started working just fine. Seems like Airlink has some firmware updates they need to work on.

  531. Harvey

    Great article! I have successfully completed this steps and now my windows 7 laptop and windows xp desktop have a way to share files. My only question is the shared folder is only available if both of them are turned on. Is this because i am using dynamic ip’s? Is there a way i can access the shared folder if the other machine is turned off?

    Please enlighten me..

  532. Babsjoy

    I am trying to share my XP printer with my windows 7 laptop. when I try to connect to the printer on my laptop, that I just added via the instructions. I get the below error:
    “Windows can not find a driver for printer Epson CX 4200 series ” I click o.k. and another window pops up saying it is looking for a *.inf file.
    Prior, I downloaded drivers to my XP machine for the Epson CS 4200 printer but I put the files in a different folder on my C drive not the suggested folder. I am not sure I installed them correctly since I am not familiar with iinstalling drivers. Then I shared this driver folder and was able to view the folder on my laptop where I preceded to manually navigated to the *inf file and double clicked in hopes I was installing the driver. No luck… does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  533. Babsjoy

    Tried what Peter suggested in post dated 10/26 but when I looked at the scroll for the Epson printers my Epson CX4200 printer was not an option.

  534. James

    Nope, nothing works. I think something changed in either windows 7 or winXP since this was written. I can see the folders I want to share but I get all kinds of errors when I click on them. However I can access the default Users folders just fine. I suppose that’s as good as it gets now. I really hate windows.

  535. NnpctO

    I have made all, how it is necessary, but for me doesn’t work anything?! I have switched off anti-virus programs and all the same it is impossible to make options.

    Tell, and it can from established OutpostPRO Firewall? I tried to disconnect, but for some reason it seems to me that in my system Windows all the same something is blocked. Tell, please, the problem can be in OutpostPRO Firewall?

    I so wouldn’t like to reinstall Windoes, and it is impossible for me to reinstall an operating system now. I ask you help me council. In advance thanks!

  536. Henk

    Thanks a lot. It worked beautifully for my Brother DCP-130C printer after following your instructions.

  537. Ratul Sen

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  538. JRM

    Found this solution in another post. Way much easier, tested it and works for me:


    Hi there
    I’ve posted on this before but to share Printers attached to XP computers with either X-64 or X-32 versions of Windows 7 is SIMPLE. These instructions are for the Printer attached to the XP machine (but works in reverse as well).

    (“Stand alone” Network printers can be done slightly similarly BTW).

    assume the computers are call XPMACHINE and W7MACHINE.

    1) Ensure Printer on XP machine is shared – assume it’s called SHAREDPRINTER.

    2) On the Network Browsing on your Windows 7 machine ensure you can “See” the Printer share.

    Now on the Windows 7 machine do the following (doesn’t matter if it’s X-86 or x-64).

    3) Control Panel==> add LOCAL (Yes LOCAL) printer. I know it’s on a Network but hold your horses — what we are actually doing is “Poodlefaking” the Windows 7 machine into thinking it’s running the printer.

    4) Create NEW port==>Local port


    6) Now Windows 7 will load a driver and you’ll be able to print on the XP machine.


    (For a “Network stand alone printer”) at 4) chose TCPIP port
    and at 5) enter the IP address.

    If the printer is on the Windows 7 machine and you want to print on the XP machine then do the same instructions on the XP machine —
    port name in this case will be \\W7MACHINE\SHAREDPRINTER

  539. DC

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure this out for a month and a half, and today, thanks to your tutorial and about ten minutes of my time, I am done. Great work.

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  541. Swiss Chef

    Just to confirm JRM’s comment 22 Nov 10 re printer on an XP machine. I have 7 Premium Home 64 bit on a Samsung Laptop, linked by wireless, and did JRM’s method and it worked first time, even though it seemed to take a while (5 to 10 mins) to find, and download, the driver which was for an HP DeskJet 895Cxi ie ancient printer in terms of the IT world.

    The other thing I did first was to ditch McAfee security from the Samsung and install Norton Internet Security 2011, which is the same as installed on the Dell XP desktop with the printer attached. I did this because when setting up our other wireless linked laptop, running XP, about 2 years ago, nothing network wise would work on the XP Laptop, not even internet access, until I ditched the McAfee and installed Norton on the XP Laptop. The 2 secuity suites obviously clash.

    Finally in terms of linking to the shared area on the Dell XP Desktop, I did this: a) Made the workgroup name on the 7 Laptop same as on the Dell XP desktop; b) then used the Map network drive option in windows explorer on the 7 Laptop to link to the shared area by typing, like for the printer, \\server name\shared area name and it worked first time, and continues to work, provided you tick the box to reconnect at logon. I’m not informed enough to know what the downsides of this might be but it seems to work… (please let me know if you know of any!!)

  542. Kenneth Bush

    My Windows 7 Pro machine would not see my XP Pro machine in the same workgroup until I installed the Link Layer Topology Discovery software to the network protocols on the XP machine. However, since I had SP 3 installed, the software installer gives the message that the software is installed already when it isn’t. I had to install the software manually by extracting it from the MS update download. Now file and printer sharing works well.

    It also works well with my notebook which runs XP Home, but I am unable to get file & printer sharing to work at all with my wife’s XP Home machine. It shows up on the network map, but access is denied, even though sharing of selected folders and printers has been enabled.

    A neighbor asked me to help set up a workgroup of a notebook and desktop, both running XP Home. Neither would allow access to the other, even though file & printer sharing was enabled. I think that the networking within XP is flaky.

  543. John Coco

    I followed the Tutorial, however…i want to share a folder from a “User”, rather than a “Public” folder…can i do that? I’ve connected my 7Mach with the XPMach, and i can see the shared folder, but it wont let me access it, saying to check permissions…could someone help me with this?

  544. dLux

    I couldn’t read everything here, but just in case someone needs this….
    Win7 machine does not show XP machine with printer in network list. XP does see Win7 Public files!

    So I installed printer driver on Win7 using disc. When wizard did not find XP printer, I set it manually to \\XPMachine\PrinterName and it recognized it.


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    Read through most of this lengthy forum but nothing really worked. Think I’ve found the answer though – in 2 easy steps:
    1 – right click on the folder you want to share; click share with; specific people; click on the little down arrow box just to the left of add; select everyone; click add; click share at the bottom
    2 – right click on the folder you want to share; click properties; select the sharing tab; click advanced sharing; tick the little box next to “share this folder”; click ok

    Now the folder should appear on the network, not under any users but alone by itself (just as with good old xp). If this doesn’t work then chances are you haven’t configured your network and sharing settings properly. To do that, check out the very first post of this thread (but ignore all that stuff about printer sharing and passwords).

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    Cheers for that

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    Hi. “Windows 7”

    I have a network setup, and I can see all of the other computers on the network from my computer “Windows 7” When I try to access one of the other computers on the network from the Windows 7 computer, I get “windows connot access \\the othercomputer”

    Error code:0x80070035
    The network path not found.

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    Capt. Khan

  555. John Kirby

    I have just bought an HP P2055d to replace a 20 year old HP 4L
    It was easy to connect both PC and Laptop running Windows 7 to the printer ( Printer on the PC, Laptop to printer via the home network)
    BUT nothing I tried would connect PC or Laptop running XP
    After loading the driver from the HP supplied Disk (The downloaded latest Driver sioftware from HP didn’t work) to the Windows 7 machine as you suggested, above all machines can now print to the printer on the ‘7 Machine!
    Many, Many thanks and a Happy Christmas.

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    thnxxxxxxx to Barkdust45 aswell :)
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  559. shyam

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    Here is another one, that tried everything, still no luck accessing XP from 7 and vice versa!

    I can see the machines, but have “Windows cannot access \\COMP2 Check the spelling of the name…”

    Running either disabled or removed firewalls…

  562. phantom1969

    Thanks. This was very helpful.

  563. Arne

    Ok. I need to transfer a large amount of files from a Win 7 64 desktop to a Win XP 32 laptop

    2 options:

    1) move data to external hard drive -> connect drive to laptop -> copy. Done

    2) waste hours to try and get two windows computers to talk to each other.

    hmmm. I’ll go with the drive. If anyone has an idea how to actually make this work I’m all ears.

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    Thanks again….KJR

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    I have a Canon iP2600 connected to a Win 7 64 bit machine on a home network with a Dell Win XP 32 bit PC. I have set up the Canon printer for sharing, found it on the home network on the Dell machine and connected to it. However when I send a print job from the Dell it throws a printer error and reports the Canon as offline. Any ideas?

  569. Matt Woods

    I have upgraded my small office computer with a faster windows 7 computer. This computer acts as a server and a workstation; it has a modem to bill Medicare and is attached to a Netgear router for internet, the printer, and the other workstations. I use a USB one T Byte Drive as a network drive by sharing and the other computers assess that drive through the server workstation. This worked fine when the Server/Workstation was an XP pro (sp3). When I replaced the Server/Workstation I had a hard time getting the other computers to network at all. I finally got one of the workstations to network but the other is still flakey. I need to share files and network two programs; the programs are Quick Books and PC-ACE, a Medicare billing software. One of the workstations was already a Win 7; the other was an XP machine. Needless to say the Win 7 computer is the one that seems to be networking ok. The XP machine is buggy, sometimes I can access the files I need on the server/workstation and sometimes I can’t. I have all of the workgroups set the same (PMESGROUP), all sharing is enabled and password is turned off. When I tried to map the network on the other win 7 machine it mapped ok except it did not see the XP machine. When I tried to do this on the Server/workstation it had an error (not allowed in domain). I didn’t think that I had set this computer up with a domain but may have by accident. I found an article on the internet explaining how to set permissions and security on domains so I followed that to get it to map the network and it worked but still didn’t show the XP machine. I am going to upgrade the XP machine to win 7 but it only has 1 ½ gig of memory and is maxed out. I had hoped to use the C drive on the server/workstation as the network and then use the USB drive as a back up drive but at this point I would be happy just to get everything to work correctly. Any advice would be appreciated.

  570. Raj

    I am having trobule with accessing a shared DRIVE (C,DE,F, which eva) on a win7 machince, on a Win7 & WinXP network, tho I can easily acccess the FOLDERS on both XP & win7 & any DRIVES on XP Machine, using another win7 or winXP machine, but cant access a DRIVE on win7, using a XP machine or even a Win7 Machine. I have followed what was mentioned in microsoft site (DRIVE–>Right Click—> Share with —> Advanced sharing —> Tick to share this folder, give name, —-> click permission –> Everyone, Allow for Full Control, Change & Read) the drive [as folder] appers on the netwok, but when i click to access, i am getting —-< you do not have permission to access \\computer-name\drive letter [x]. contact your network administrator.! (network administrator ? in this case thats would be ME lol ) Help me out here please!!


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  574. Trevor

    I am trying to connect my three computers, running XP physically connected to the printer, with a Vista and 7 both as clients. I am connected between the 7 and Vista computers, but neither computer can connect to the XP. When I try I get an error message that says “Logon failure: the user name has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.” It doesn’t even ask for a password. Any ideas?

    Also, I misnamed the work group on the XP computer the first time, so it now has two. How do I delete the old workgroup? When I right click it, it only says open, explore, create shortcut, and properties (with map network drive greyed out). Properties only has one tab (it is basically an “about” box). It basically shows two of the XP computers on the 7 and Vista: one as part of the real workgroup (I can see it but can’t get into it, and it’s not connected on the network map), and the the other as part of the misspelled workgroup.

  575. Perry

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    Only feature missing was where to get those drivers for XP (the inf files). Somehow my XP computer found them by itself.

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    Works great I have windows 7 on my laptop did the newtworking on it and xp pro on desktop thing to remember is once you shut down your laptop you can no longer access your printer. Your laptop is the print sever.

  582. Dave P

    Works great I have windows 7 on my laptop did the newtworking on it and xp pro on desktop thing to remember is once you shut down your laptop you can no longer access your printer. Your laptop is the print server.

  583. Hardy G

    The best tutorial I ever read to this issue (some ones in german are written for IP experts, not for rookies like myself)
    I had to mark the sequence
    ” First make sure both machines are members of the same Workgroup which by default is named Workgroup..”
    in double bold and then all the other steps worked perfectly.

    It tooks 20 min for the setup and afterwards I was happy, thanks a lot.

    Greetings from Thuringia/Germany

  584. Jim B

    I have an HP Deskjet 3320 printer USB connected to a Windows 7 x64 machine. It is working fine, but to get it to install, I had to use the HP Deskjet 3600 driver that came with Windows 7 since HP does not yet have a Windows 7 driver for the Deskjet 3320 and recommended this as a way around the problem.
    I have a Windows XP x86 machine that I want to set up to use the 3320 as a network printer. When I use the Add Printer Wizard on the XP machine, I select network printer, then browse for a printer, and can find the 3320 on the Windows 7 machine. When I ask to connect, the applet comes up telling me it’s about to connect and that it will be installing a print driver on my machine etc. When I click OK, it tells me the driver installed on the Windows 7 machine is incorrect and asks if I want to intall the proper driver. When I proceed, I try to give it the Deskjet 3320 driver for Windows XP x86, but then it says it can’t find the proper driver for the printer, and I can get no further.

    This is driving me crazy, what driver would it be wanting?

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    Question: WHERE do I find the properties settings to insure that I am name workgroup

    Problem: the network on my vista machine is called Network 7 while on the Windows 7 it is calle Network 3. Is this why the computer don’t recognize each other?

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    thank you very much

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    Hi , I have HP Laserjet P2014 connected and shared without any password proctetion to my windows 7 machine which too doesnt have any password set and i am trying to access it through my WIN XP machine but its prompting for username and password with i never set on windows 7 machine.Both the systems are on same network group. pls help to resolve the issue.Thanks in advance.

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    Well, what’s sad is that the web used to be a good source of tech info because only those who knew about the web at all were pretty knowledgeable. No more. How about howtoputz.duh. Illiterate, untested, junk. Why to you waste my time? By the way, for one month’s hosting fee, you could buy a dictionary. Give it a shot.

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    I must warn you guy’s,if you do this your your wmpnetwk.exe will take up most of your system resources. You have this problem simply Click Start, type services.msc in Start Search and hit Enter. Now search for Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service from the list, right-click it, and hit Stop
    It will take some time to stop the service. Once done, right-click this service again and select Properties. Change the Startup type to Manual and restart the computer. Once the computer is restarted, head back to the Properties once again and change the Startup Type to Automatic. The problem should be resolved by now. If not you can just disable it as i did . This is only effecting a small number of people,but my guess is the we are the small number of people .

  596. Michael

    Sorry for the type errors. Had my toddler in my lap .

  597. Michael

    I must warn you guy’s,if you do this your wmpnetwk.exe might take up most of your system resources. If you have this problem simply Click Start, type services.msc in Start Search and hit Enter. Now search for Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service from the list, right-click it, and hit Stop
    It will take some time to stop the service. Once done, right-click this service again and select Properties. Change the Startup type to Manual and restart the computer. Once the computer is restarted, head back to the Properties once again and change the Startup Type to Automatic. The problem should be resolved by now. If not you can just disable it as i did . This is only effecting a small number of people,but my guess is the we are the small number of people .

  598. davephx

    I have desktop and laptop BOTH Win7 64 bit.

    File sharing worked till a few weeks ago accessing desktop files on networked laptop. Without any changes by me I get the don’t have permission message on laptop when trying to acquire “share” Folders seen as such on the network.

    I hate libraries but tried to include the files I want to share and set up the library sharing. On laptop see the libraries and the FOLDERS I open and hear the “click” but nothing will open.

    On desktop all have file permission set to all and via all sorts of objects including homegroup, homegroupuser% (as I recall no idea what that is) and username everything but nothing allows me to access folders or files from the laptop. Totally stumped at this point after following all directions (I think) on various boards like here.

  599. davephx

    BTW printer sharing WORKS I can print from laptop to two printers attached to router connected to desktop.

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    I have two printers on a WinXP Pro SP3 w/all MS updates installed. They are fully shared to my wireless network. I can print from my other XP machines, but not from my Win7 laptops. I have setup Win7 per the tutorital above. Win 7 sees my printers and XP machines in Win Explorer, but will not “connect” to them. None of the shared folders are assessible either. Followed all of the suggestions above but still can’t print or access. XP from Win7. Haven’t tried it the other way around but a newly installed HP4200 on XP will print from my Win7 laptop. Win7 did download a driver from somewhere for the printer, and it prints just fine. So perhaps the issue of printing has to do with older printers on XP Machines. hmmmmm

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    Just click start then type homegroup, click the link, after that a window pops up, look for the “start the homegroup troubleshooter” and follow the instructions, it automatically turns the public network into a home network, and you’ll be able to access the network computers.

    I’m not quite sure if it has something to do with it, but before i did what i just mentioned i disabled the other conexions (even wireless) and set static ip’s for my computers, it’s probably not necessary though, u try it this way if the first one doesn’t work for u just by itself. good luck.

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    Your article was the best solution so far about getting a XP PC to print over a network with Windows 7 connected to the printer.Sadly it seems the nightmare is not quite over as all went well except actually printing, with the error that the the shared printer is “offline” from the XP PC’s view point.

    This is reported by the HP printer wizard. Both PCs can see and access each others’ files over the network, and Windows 7 was able to print a test page via the HP printer management software.What have I missed? XP claimed it did a driver update(supposedly the 64 bit drivers to print remotely to Windows 7’s printer?) so I am puzzled.

  614. Richard Blum

    Well I was finally able to get the printer sharing to work for the XP PC using the Windows 7 POC’s HP printer using the following solution I found here(sorry Mysticgeek)

    For those trying to get an 32-bit XP machine to use a printer connected to a 64-bit Win7 machine:

    – go through the “Add Printer” wizard
    – choose “Local” printer instead of “Network” printer
    – choose “New port”
    – enter the path to the printer “\\Win7Machine\PrinterName”

    It used my existing 32-bit printer driver and works fine. Good luck.”

    I used my HP printer CD and used “autorun.ini” and then used the 32 bit drivers as GW suggested.,I also listed location as Win 7 Box as by this time I had 3 other non working printer set ups on the XP box ;) There was a 15 min lag before I could print anything I wanted, 1st the HP test print worked, then Notepad, and finally Open Office and printing pdf documents.
    All I can say is this solution was NOT intuitive ;)

  615. seeker_0809

    hey guys need help here,,, i already connected my two computers with p2p connections,, how can i share any flies from one to another? although i shared already the files, it wont appear into other computer. is there any problem?

  616. Paul

    I followed the instructions, but from the Windows 7 Home Premium computer I am unable to view the XP Professional computer. It just shows (1) Computer, the Windows 7. When I go to the XP computer, I am able to see the Windows 7 but get a rights error. Am I missing something here? This is basic networking in which I have found Microsoft a pain in the ass over the past few operating systems. XP has it right. This Windows 7 crap is ridiculous. Help. Just trying to share a folder between two computers!

  617. Gregg

    I followed these steps and they were great – except for one thing: notes on making sure that users know to set up a network bridge on a Windows XP system with a wired and wireless network. Otherwise, the XP system may or may not see Windows 7 and vice versa.

    Once I set up a network bridge across the WLAN and LAN on my XP laptop, the system saw my Windows 7 desktop and my Buffalo NAS network name (no longer have to connect via IP).

  618. Merrritt

    I have a similar problem. I have a Win 7 laptop that worked fine networking and print sharing with my four XP machines and two Vista machines. Last weekend, the laptop just stop seeing any of the XP machines and cannot print to the XP machines that have printers. From my Win 7 laptop, I can see the two Vista machines in the house but not the XP machines. The Vista amd XP machines can see all the machines, XP, Vista and Win 7. Something happened in the last week that changed the Win 7 machine from seeing the network XP PCs.

    No new software was added to the Win 7 laptop. The firewall is off, I’ve followed all the network sharing guidelines to fix this problem but none work. All machines are on the same workgroup.

    Any Ideas??? Did Microsoft send out some new updated that changes Win 7 networking?

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    I just bought a Belkin wireless router share n300. I have two laptops running windows 7 and a desktop running windows xp. My desktop is hardwired to the router, laptops wireless connection. Looking at my laptop monitor in network, I see laptop#1 and laptop#2 but no desktop. I pinged my desktop ip and it was ok. I pinged from desktop to laptop and it also was ok. so now what? There seems to be communication between computers but not seeing or able to access it. PLEASE HELP Thanks

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    This works! Use common sense on instructions above to allow windows to share public folders easily between win 7 and vista. EASY.

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    Please show me to click easily.
    Thank you..

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    I am trying to follow the instructions but have a problem and not sure I am following the article instructions. I have an XP and Win 7 system. The XP system is the host (printer and files). I have the printer sharing working. But the Win 7 system cannot access the shared folders. A message stating that permission are not setup for access by the Win 7 system.

    What is confusing to me is that I have setup my Workgroup to be RRSHARE on both systems (Computer properties). When I ask for a map of the network, the only name that appears is “rrwifi” which is the name of the wireless connection from the Win 7 system. The returned map also has an icon of the XP labeled D600-Laptop system down at the bottom and a message stating “The following discovered device(s) can not be placed in the map.


  629. RonK

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    Something was left out here, because it doesn’t work. I’ve followed these directions to a “T” twice and cannot see the Windows 7 Computer hooked to the same router from my XP Pro Laptop and visa versa. Everything worked fine before Windows 7 machine came in to the picture. IT Professional tried it too, no can do.

  640. John Roberts

    Thank you

  641. Est

    hey, last month i tried this method it really works.. but after i reformate my xp comp..i try doin sharing printer but i cant… help pls!!
    many thanks, est

  642. RICHARD

    I have the same problem as James (4th comment):
    on the windows7 machine I can see the Xp machine but when I try to connect I get an error message …

    “Windows cannot access \\XPMachine – Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click diagnose.”

    What to do?

  643. Tim Kingston

    I am very thankful for your help. I hate being scammed into buying software to do a job that can be done with the tools already on the machine. Thanks again !

  644. amit

    I performed all the steps mentioned, but while trying to access a shared folder of the win 7 system from an xp system, i get an error which reads like –

    “\\np\D is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Access is denied.”

    Is there any other setting that I need to do on any of my systems?

    Thanks in advance.

    Amit Kotak.

  645. amit

    I performed all the steps mentioned, but while trying to access a shared folder of the win 7 (home basic) system from an xp system, i get an error which reads like –

    “\\np\D is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Access is denied.”

    Is there any other setting that I need to do on any of my systems?

    Thanks in advance.

    Amit Kotak.

  646. Anand Mahalaha

    Very Good Tutorial, really…..

  647. Senkale

    I followed your procedures, some worked pretty well. Except that I could not access the printer on the XP machine which has been shared. However I couldn’t share my canon ip1600 as well on the same network , coz i am using win7 for others that are using win 7 as well on the same network, but file sharing is fantastic…Help me out

  648. Albert Whiner

    I’ve been unable to access my Win 7 computer form XP computers, kept getting this error message:

    \\Win7\SharedDocs is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

    Not enough server storage is available to process this command
    I found this solution on

    Try this:

    On Win 7 machine, start menu, then in search box type services.msc, hit enter.

    Manually shut down the Server service. Wait a little, at least 30 seconds or so whatever, then restart it.

    Now try to log back in from XP.

    Worked for me.

  649. Gourav

    I have tried all the things but the problem is not solved still it shows an error message windows cannot access \\ xp pc

  650. YAkky

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    Love it!
    Thanks A million!!!!!!

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    Muchas gracias por el gran trabajo y dedicación al compartir este tipo de información y perdón por escribir en español ya que no se ingles….

  657. Est

    hey, try doin it, yeah shared but when i tried to print…nothing happen??!! my xp comp was shared but i still cant print my pls..many thx n appreciation . :)

  658. Billg226

    I’ve a new PC with Windos 7 64bit. It replaces my old PC which has XP SP3 on it. I have all PCs on same Network group of MSHOMe, New PC is Named BillDT!, old PC is BillDT2, with laptop named BillLT. My router was connected to BillDT2 but now on BillDT1, Printer now on BillDT1 and it Shares great on all PCs. My problem is that BillDT1 Sees BillDT2 but I get the followin Message when I click on BillDT2, “Windows cannot access \\laptop. You do not have permission to access \\laptop. Contact your network administrator to request access.”.
    NO problems will laptop but if I click on BillDT1 at BillDT2, I see all the Public Folders on BillDT1 but nothing in them.
    I’ve Password Enabled off in BillDT1, I have the Public Folders set to share in BillDT1.
    What am I doing or need to do to resolve this issue?

  659. it doesnt matter

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  661. Dilltron

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  662. MrJMan

    Boy, i was pulling my hair out trying to figure this out between window 7 and XP.

  663. Gene

    I have followed the steps here for sharing files but I am running into a snag. I can see my XP machine on the network from my windows 7 machine, but when i try to open it doesn’t allow me, gives me an error message. However, if i manually type in my XP machine’s IP address, i can view all my XP’s shared folders with full read/write capabilities. What gives?

  664. POPPY1313

    Thanks… Worked like a charm easy instructions

  665. Boopathi


    I have a small office setup. i have a HP office jet 5610 printer which is connected to my laptop(OS-Win7). i have connected the printer using USB port since printer doesn’t have network slot. I wanna share my printer to other computers(OS-Win7) which is connected with my laptop. please guide me and let me know the steps. Thanks in advance!!!

  666. Graeme

    You can share a folder on the Windows 7 computer as a shared Resource – i.e. in the normal old way that you can in XP. Using Windows Explorer on the Windows 7 computer, right-click on a folder you want to share, and select “Properties”. Select the “Sharing” page tab, and click on the “Advanced Sharing” button. Tick the “Share this folder” tick-box, and provide an appropriate share name. Then click on the “Permissions” button, and set these up as you require. The Windows 7 PC’s folder should then be visible in “My Network Places” on the XP computer.

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    Thanks a lot my dear great friend, i was just about to reinstall xp from windows 7 to my server. This helped me a lot by solving.

  668. Dan

    Thanks!!! Just completed a new network from the new 64-bit Windows 7 tower, XP laptop, Linksys wireless router and old (but still fine) HP Deskjet K80 all-in-one printer. Luckily, Windows 7 had the printer drivers for the K80. Followed your excellent instructions step-by-step to success. We now use the printer on both machines and share files through the workgroup.

  669. GeorgeG

    Hi, I have a question for any of you. I have shares working on both XP and 7 machines, but I’m using passwords to access the shares on win7 and these pc’s are sharing a couple of printers too, I would like to know if is possible to share folders using passwords protection and at the same time i would like to share the printers without password requirement. Is that possible????

  670. Don Benton

    Like many network fixes I’ve attempted, this one apparently can’t cover all scenarios. I have a Win7 laptop and an XP desktop, both on a linksys router. I couldn’t get past the first steps–when looking at the network on the Win7 laptop, it failed to list the XP machine (both set for WORKGROUP, and everything else being apparently as instructed. That stopped me dead in my tracks, sadly finding this page useless. At no point does the author explain what to do if that happens. BTW, I run Norton internet security on both machines and suspect there might be a problem there, since Norton uses its own firewall. One way or the other, for once I’d like to get accurate instructions that actually worked. Not to be had here. Guess I’ll look elsewhere.

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    Can’t thank you enough!

  674. Mike

    To share Windows 7 PC folders to a XP PC, you must setup advanced sharing for each folder to “Everybody”.

  675. David Roberts

    I had the same problem as many above in getting XP machines to see root drive shares of a Win7 machine. I did all the stuff that people suggested above, including setting up the Advanced Sharing, then setting permissions for all users, the using the advanced network settings as suggested above. Still didn’t work.

    My solution was to create identical user accounts with identical passwords on all the network computers. They must have passwords. When each computer comes up, log into the account(s) that you won’t be using. Then switch and log into the account you will be using. Repeat this process on each computer, so that you end up with each computer having all accounts logged in with passwords. Then it all works, no problem. I still have to tackle the printer sharing. I have my darling HP5 machine that I’ll have to connect right to the router, as my Win7 machine doesn’t even have a parallel port.

  676. Danone

    try to disable firewall that usually come with your antivirus.

  677. chiko

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    that was great

  678. Ken

    Way to go…. The lamer explanation from M$ was pathetic I got it working the first time I followed yours…. THANK YOU

  679. Adrian

    I set up my windows 7 laptop with my XP network and everything worked fine. I could see all the other computers from each laptop and the main PC and could print to the printer with no problem. On may 2nd my laptop with windows 7 had a Microsoft update and then I lost the network. Still have Internet access but cannot see any other computers or the printer. Spent hours going over all the settings but all seem to be ok. Eventually restored to May 1st restore point and hey presto everything worked again. The next day microsoft did the update and I have lost the connection again! I am using the microsoft firewall on teh laptop with windows 7. Can anyone suggest where to look next – may have to load windows 7 on everything.

  680. Jesse

    I can’t connect the windows 7 domain to windows XP workgroup. Because the password of XP administrator can’t determined. What will i do? Thank you….

  681. Ramy

    Hello. I did what exactly mentioned here and it works GREAT!!!!!

    BUT,… when I click on the shared folder, the screen doesn’t prompt to enter USERNAME and PASSWORD of PC users, I can simply browse the other PC file simply…. even though, both PC’s WIN7 and Win XP has username and password.

    Anyone could help please??


  682. john davis

    You try to access a shared folder that is located on a Windows 2000 or Windows 98-based computer from a Windows 7-based computer. You are required to provide a username and password. However, the authentication fails. Therefore, you cannot access the shared folder.

    Note This issue does not occur if you access the shared folder from a Windows Vista or a Windows XP-based computer.
    Back to the top
    Windows 7 uses NTLM version 2 (NTLMv2) authentication. By default, NTLMv2 authentication is not enabled in Windows 2000 or in Windows 98. Therefore, this issue occurs.
    Back to the top
    Warning Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method. These problems might require that you reinstall the operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that these problems can be solved. Modify the registry at your own risk.

    To resolve this issue, enable NTLMv2 authentication on the Windows 2000- or the Windows 98-based computer. To do this, follow these steps:
    Start Registry Editor. To do this, click Start, click Run, type Regedit, and then press ENTER.
    Locate and then click following registry subkey:
    Locate the LmCompatibilityLevel registry value.

    If the registry value is not present, follow these steps to create it:
    Select the registry subkey that is listed in step 2.
    On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.
    Type LmCompatibilityLevel, and then press ENTER.
    Set the DWORD value to 1. To do this, click Modify on the Edit menu, type 1 in the Value data box, and then click OK.
    Exit Registry Editor, and then restart the computer.
    For more information how to enable NTLMv2 authentication, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    239869 How to enable NTLM 2 authentication

  683. Gal

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  684. ryan

    Why is my Windows XP Not Showing Up on the Networks? I cannot figure this out!?!

  685. ryan

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    But what if I have done everything right and when I try to connect to another computer’s public folder I am asked for a password that I’ve never provided?
    I have set up myself 3 pcs, these are appeared connected to the network but when I try to connect into the public folder I asked to login using the username and password. Are there any “default” usernames and passwords?

  689. HeartShapedNoose

    Ok, I am having an issue getting my xp pc to show up as a computer on my win7 pc. When i go to the area it has the win7 pc and then in media devices it has the xp pc but i cannot take files off the xp pc and put it on the win7 pc that way. What am i doing wrong? all settings are right as far as i can see.

  690. JohnB

    Just thought it might be useful to post this in case it helps someone else:

    Following the instructions I was able to access the Windows 7 PC’s shared folders and files from the XP computer. However, on the Windows 7 PC I could see the XP computer and the shared folders on the XP but when I tried to open those shared folders there was an error message saying I didn’t have permission (I forget the actual words). BUT in the same error message it said:

    “Not enough server storage is available to process this command.”

    After doing quite a bit of hunting round I came upon this:;en-us;177078

    I have Norton IS and Ghost on the XP computer so it looked promising. I (very carefully) did the edit to the registry as instructed – rebooted – and suddenly everything was working!!!

    I had to create the IRPStackSize and set it to 18 (decimal) as the article says the default value is 15 for XP and advises increasing by 3 at a time.

    Can’t help feeling that you really shouldn’t have to edit the registry to make sharing files work between W7 and XP computers, even if the XP computer is running Norton IS/Ghost.

    (All the usual warnings apply about making sure you can recover the situation if you screw up the registry.)

  691. confused

    Can someone help me?

    I have 4 computers:
    Windows 7 Professional (64bit)
    Windows Vista Home Premium (64bit) [Laptop]
    2 x Windows XP

  692. spot_the_dog_za

    Superb explanation, thank you very much. I have now managed, in only minutes, to connect both an XP Professional machine and a Vista Home Professional machine to my printer on my Windows 7 machine across my network. This page is now a firm ‘Favorite’ on IE.

  693. gary

    I was ruining special copy of win xp ultimate for evaluation purposes ok
    I am not not going to buy ht shit unless it works for me
    For some strange reason win 7 would not recognize the xp net work for lots of minutes
    took about 15 minutes to see the network first time
    When it did it could see the xp network but the xp network could could see it
    Simply reset your xp network to work group instead of Lan which i used or maybe ms home and u will connect with win 7 default . I am not sure yet how to set a dedicated share
    Oddly enough your win xp wont loose its network connection with its other computers
    it should but does not if the win 7 machine is running
    No promise here guys .It worked for me
    I connect 3 xp machines to the win 7 machine but one xp machine wanted a pass word
    so we gave it a user name and a pass word then it connected 2
    This should put you in contact
    This is not the final answer .But I will find it .but this should work .let me know how u go
    Gary 57 years old LOL trust me or not trust me LOL

  694. Frank

    I think the problem is not because these people are silly but its the W7 navigation that makes it imposible to find these options for example when changing sharing options for network profiles people dont see you are ment to scroll down for more options including the password option coz the scroll bar is almost invisible and well camoed.
    secondly for guys with windows 7 and cant access their shared file on the xp machine go to your firewall and allow exeptionsspecificaly file and printer sharing.


    Hey guys lol Its not the printer thing thats Bugging me its That the workgroup hell for me lol, on me W7 PC theres no xp PC name and I was Like HUH? but i cant find the “JOIN WORKGROUP” button on the W7 OR XP PLEASE HELP

  696. Jenny

    Thx, it helps me to hook up my to systems.

  697. Richard

    Anyone know why this would happen:

    I have a printer hooked up on an XP computer 32bit, networked and a windows 7 computer 64bit linked in on it. I can print from the windows 7 computer but anytime I have restarted the XP computer or the windows 7 I have to print a page of anything off the XP before I can print from the windows 7. It then works fine. On the windows 7 computer it just ques until the XP has printed then shoots everything out.

    Can not figure this out.

  698. Alex

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    and got it done…
    sharing files between Win 7 n XpSp 3

    Thanks a lot…
    it really helped me…

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    Has anyone tried networking a LINUX desktop (running Ubuntu 10.x) with Windows 7 and getting the two machines to see each other and share files and printers? I am learning LINUX, and have it installed on an older Pentium 4 machine. I have a new Windows 7 laptop. I am liking LINUX, but am far from being a guru yet. LINUX does have a learning curve. If anyone has networked Win 7 and Ubuntu (or other LINUX distro) please let me know,

    the yorkiedad (yes I have two yorkies)

  702. Aaron

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  703. Jennifer


    The instructions from GW (posted way back in 2009) were key. I’m now able to print from my XP machine to a USB printer hosted on Windows 7.

  704. cabledog

    I updated to Win 7 a few days ago after putting it off forever. I wasn’t sure how everything would work between my PC and the old lady’s with XP. After installing Win 7 I just opened up my Network connection tab and I could access the files from her XP machine, and the printer that is on the XP machine installed as a plug&play. I was a little amazed that everything went so good.

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    Took a while to fill in all the blanks, but it WORKS! Now sharing files and printing between my old XP desktop and my W7 laptop. Thanks a lot.

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  709. Don Lutes

    Hi – I posted this on Monday/June 27th, saw it here for a day, now I see it disappeared, so here it is again.

    I recently made the reluctant switch to a Win7 machine although I still use XP for the most part. Naturally I want to transfer files between the two – went through the procedures several times, every time I reach the point on the “Network and Sharing Center” (on the Win7 machine) where the XP machine should appear…it doesn’t.

    At first I was using a Belkin 3181 router, then just last week I bought a Linksys 4200. Same result with each.

    In the procedure, when I reach the point where it states “Now if you go into Network in Windows 7 you should see your XP machine and the Windows 7 as well which in this case is Mysticgeek-PC.” this is where it all “stops” since the XP machine is not shown. Disabled the Firewall on the XP machine, still no joy.

    I saw nothing in the procedure that addresses what to do if the XP machine wasn’t shown – so this was a “cannot continue” point for me.

    Both machines can connect to the internet through both routers, unfortunately they just don’t see each other.

    Seems everyone else doing this had no problems, so obviously I’m missing something, just don’t know what it is.

    Any suggestions, I’m all ears…


    Don Lutes

  710. Bieeanda

    Three cheers for GW! I followed the instructions in this article last year(!) but couldn’t get past driver differences between x86 XP and x64 7, until I came back and sifted through the user comments and suggestions just now. Tricking XP into treating the printer as a local machine did the trick!

  711. Ray Leiter

    I need help with the problem of sharing a printer owned by Win XP with another computer running Windows 7.

    The printer is connected to the XP machine with USB and both machines are on a home network.

    The Win 7 machine is a laptop that needs occasional print capability.

  712. Sommer C

    One thing you don’t clarify – do both machines need to be connected to the network the same way (i.e. both wired or both wireless)? I have a Win 7 desktop connected to my wireless modem with a wire, but then the Win XP laptop is connected wirelessly. I have tried everything over and over and can’t even get them to see each other. :(

  713. kukubk

    thanks for share I have a very weird problem. I have my printer set up on my windows 7 pc. When I try to access this PC through an XP PC y asks me to input Username and password though I’ve disabled password proteccion on my Win7 PC. It lets me in if I hit Enter. It is only when I do this that my XP machine sees the printer and allows me to print. If I don’t do it, I can’t print. Everytime I restart my XP PC I have to do that. Thankfully I only have to do once, I can print as many times as I want once I enter the Win7 PC.

    Does anybody know why is this and how can I fix it?

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    I feel very proud!

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    A fantastic tutorial. I’ve tried for ages to get file and printer sharing working between my two home PCs and your instructions were clear and simple to follow. Many thanks

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    i followed da above steps you wrote but still coudnt make it…..
    my laptop(WIN 7) and desktop(WIN XP) are connected through an adsl modem
    please help!!

  721. RONZZ

    I have followed the instructions but I’m still having problems. I can see the XP computer on The windows 7 machine but cannot see Windows 7 machine on XP. Furthermore my printer is wired to the XP machine instructions are for the other way round. As if thats not enough, when I try accesing XP machine from Windows 7 machine it is not possible and the following message is displayed:

    “Windows cannot access \\OWNER1223 check spelling of the name. Otherwise there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose”

    Clicking diagnose does not give any viable solutions. Ant idea how I can get round this??

  722. Ahmad

    it is so easy man Thanks!

  723. Dennis Gile

    I have 4 computers networked through the same Linksys router. They used to all network. One windows 7 64bit, windows 7, xp and windows 98. All see each other and access each other except the window 7 64 bit. It sees only the window 7 machine but will not show any files (it used to access them without a problem). Settings are the same using the same work group. Homeshare is disabled on both. Any thoughts? Thanks, Dennis

  724. rogerb

    am having same problem as Dennis Gile. have tried just about everything on this list. Did anyone come up with a definitive answer?

  725. KLR

    I tried a few approaches with a 32bit Win 7 laptop and SP3 XP desktop, what put in the fix in the end was making sure both computers were on the same workgroup – including capitalization. You can’t run “Workgroup” on one and “WORKGROUP” on the other. I think that tripped me up at first, or maybe I just needed to reboot each machine a few times. Looking in the comments here for the word “capitalization” I see a comment from testudo involving a registry tweak which I tried on my laptop to fix another problem entirely…maybe it tweaked something else entirely…? And of course maybe this connection won’t be any good tomorrow…knock on wood.

  726. John

    This is fantastic! I got my old XP laptop to see the hp 1320 pcl5 that is connected to my new win7 machine. However, I’m having another issue that I hope you can help with. The printer was previously connected to another (now dead) computer, so the driver is already on the XP laptop. However, when I try to install the printer, it says it can’t find a suitable driver. I have the original driver CD, but even with that, when I select the appropriate driver from the CD, it still says it can’t fins a suitable driver. Any idea why this is occurring? Should I uninstall all of the previously found hp printers, using the app on the hp CD?

  727. John

    I should add… When setting up the sharing for the printer on the Win7 machine, I told it to add additional drivers for the x86. I don’t know if this is required or not, because I don’t know if my XP laptop is an x86 OS or not. But when I tried to do this (with the hp driver cd in the Win7 computer), I was met with “the specified location does not contain the driver hp….. for the requested processor architecture”, and I couldn’t continue. So I had to do the x64 only. Maybe I need to point the XP laptop to the driver that Windows Updates loaded on the new WIN7 machine to get the win7 driver (which I had to have Windows Updates download)? If so, where is the driver located, and how do I point the old XP computer to it, if it is not is a user folder?


  728. Allen

    I need an ungent soluction, i will be very happy if there is a soluction this challenge b/c it has become a nigth mire to me. i can conect from a laptop runing on win7 home primum to desktop runing on winxp sp3 but whenever i want to conect to the shared printer on winxp sp3 an error massage always occur that says Window can not conect to the printer (operation failed with error 0x0000000a). but on win7 pro. such massage never occur. I would appreciate it 4 any king of assistance.
    Thanks Allen

  729. John

    I followed your tutorial and got printer sharing to work on my windows 7 network (the printer is connected to my desktop and sometimes I print from my laptop). But later, when someone else wanted to print, it didn’t work for them, so I experimented around on my laptop and found something interesting:
    Even with password protected sharing turned off, I could only a local port like you described when logged in on my laptop with my main account, which has the same username password as an account on my desktop. When I log on my laptop with a different administrator account, I could only print from a virtual USB port (which works on both accounts). So then I decided I wanted to change the name of this printer on my laptop to something shorter, and when I did, it changed it on my desktop. But I can change the name of the printer using the local port all I want and it doesn’t affect my desktop settings. It seems odd to me that I can do that without authenticating using the USB port, but using the local port, which seems to require authentication, I have more freedom.

    Do you know why its doing that?

    I’ve always had problems sharing printers. There’s always been one method that works and other methods that are supposed to work don’t. Previously, I was sharing the printer from a Windows XP desktop, and using a local port was the only way I could get it to work at all. This is the first time I’ve gotten it to work with two methods at the same time, and even then only sometimes.

  730. khayam shah

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    When I click on XP pc on Win7 under Network, there’s a popup called Windows Security. It says “Enter your password to connect to: XP pc’s name”. Then under is “Win7’s name/XP’s name” and under a password box. Well I have no bloody password on any of them. I have tried everything. Win7 isn’t able to see XP’s files, but XP is able to see Win7’s without any password or anything. I have tried everything. From password to administrator to workgroup. Nothing won’t work. :( And I just wanted to transfer a couple of files to my Win7. Bloody Microsoft.

  733. Iris

    I have the exact problem as zicka. My laptop is Windows 7 and my desktop is Vista. I can see all the Windows 7 files on the Vista machine, and I can see the Vista “machine” on the Windows 7 network, however, when I try to access it I’m asked for a user name and password. I’ve tried every user name and password I’ve ever used – nothing works. ANY help is appreciated.

  734. Iris

    To clarify – it asks for network user name and password

  735. Alex

    Thank you! Turning on uPnP on the xp machine did the trick.

    Surprising how difficult this was.

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    Way to go. Why would microsoft make this so damn difficult? Why not let the user know about the secret sharing permissions in the same screen as the share the printer pane?


    This is a good news. Thank you so much!

  739. Dave

    I have a strange problem. My Win7Pro64bit machine is harded wired to my router and my WinXP32bit Laptop is on a wireless connection. The XP machine can see the Win7 machine but thw Win7 mnachine can’t see the XP one. When I click on the XP machine in the Win7 PC I get this message: You do not have permission to access \\Name of XP PC. Contact your network administrator to request access.

    Neither can I install 32bit driver on Win7 for my printer, an Epson Stylus Photo R300 in order to share it with the laptop.

    All of the above was possible/impossible prior to reading this post.

  740. Ishan

    Thanks Work Perfectly….nice job man

  741. Punith

    In win 7, shared folder not getting in other pc what was problem?

  742. kashifzee90

    thanks very much…………. this is a fantastic ……. this is helpful…..

  743. ChrisK

    To connect a domain win 7 laptop (my work computer) with another win 7 workgroup only laptop
    Use the IP address instead of the computer name in explorer. Share your folder from the host computer as normal, get the IP address and on the client computer’s explorer, type in \\ (or whatever the host ip is).

    This seems to work accross platform (XP, Vista & 7) without bothering with workgroups…

    Good luck!

  744. Brendan

    Tried all of the above (which was already setup correctly) and I still cannot see my XP machine and my XP Machine can’t see my Win 7 machine. All XP machines can see and communicated with each other (print, files, etc.), but 7 does not show anything. It is connected to the correct WORKGROUP but no luck.

  745. Max

    thanks a lot this really very helpful

  746. badboy37117

    guys,i wz searching for this type of sharing & at last found it over here.i followed the steps completely n xp machine can access the win7 machine.but whenever i try to access the win7 machine from my xp machine,it prompts me for username & i dont have any idea that which username & password do i put over here.i tried all possible usernames & passwords which i got on my systems.but failed.please help me out.

  747. badboy37117

    sory guys 4 my above posts mistake.actually i can access my win7 machine from my xp machine.but when i try to access xp machine from win7,it always prompts for username & password.plz help

  748. crazedgamer24

    This helped a lot. Thanks.

  749. compslave

    helped me.thanks and regards

  750. GoSlimey

    Awesome, thanks so much for making this easy.

  751. nannymcphee

    how do you access a printer connected to a xp machine from windows 7?

  752. CK

    YAYA… how to access a printer connected to a XP from windows 7??? can’t find any answer from top…

  753. JD

    Fantastic! I was anticipating a protracted search across the internet to make this happen and your “lesson” taught me all I needed (and saved me having to break down and spend an extra $140 for a resident version of Outlook on my new Windows 7 machine).

    I bow in awe and thanks!

  754. Tom Vanderbeek

    Nice tutorial. I had a different issue about file sharing, though. Just found the solution.
    When trying to access shares from a Windows 7 box to a Windows XP box that has zero shares configured, then Windows 7 will keep asking your user credentials in Windows Explorer even though you’re entering them correctly.
    Solution: turn off “easy file sharing” in Windows XP and your Windows XP credentials will be accepted when trying to access the XP shares from the Windows 7 box in Windows Explorer.

  755. Fabio

    Excellent guide, by following the step by step indications I connected my XP Laptop to my Win-7 Netbook.

    A big bonus is the possibility of using the Laptop E-drive to install programs from a CD/DVD onto the Netbook, typically deprived of a Cd drive.

    Thank you Mystic Geek !

  756. RAJ

    You are amazing!, I browsed so many websites to find a solution to network my xp to windows 7. And yours was the only site which explained it so clearly. Now I can network, share printers, etc. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge.

  757. RAJ

    Hi Badboy37117, I had the same problem and found the solution from this site. The answer to your question is right on top of this page- its the 3rd figure from top.

  758. ravi

    thnx a lot i did it

  759. sumit

    When sharing printer W7 to Xp I have some problme. I was sharing printer then an error msg flsh Printer setting could not be saved(error code 0x0000006d9)

  760. Sue

    Amazing! I added a Win 7 computer to an existing XP workgroup, MSHOME. Changed Win 7 computer from Workgroup to MSHOME and rebooted. Magic, everything worked! Of course I had prepared the Win 7 computers with the settings you outlined and made certain that user names had no spaces and that user names and passwords were the same on Win 7 user accounts and XP accounts! It just worked!!! Thanks!

  761. labeeb ahmad

    thanks for quite useful information.again thank you very much.this is very useful website.


    This is all very well if the printer is connected to the Win 7 machine.
    However, It won’t work if the printer that you wish to connect to is
    attached to an XP machine via the Workgroup.

    XP really was easier before Microsoft went all paranoid and insisted
    on attaching permissions to everything. Needless to say we have
    a customer, who having upgraded one machine, cannot connect
    to the printer on the XP machine.

    WIN 7 INSISTS that it needs to use Windows Update to find a driver,
    when it is already on the network WIN 7 ignores this fact. The driver
    is on the XP machine

    It then starts to download a driver, stops and says it cannot connect
    to the printer.

    We can send documents into the print queue and they go to what it
    thinks is the printer, they do not appear at the printer end though

    Printing form the XP machine to the printer – No problem at all

    Microsoft really suck sometimes.

    “Welcome to your PC – Simplified” – “Yeah Right…”

  763. juandos

    None of this worked worth a damn! Thanks for trying though…

    Nothing explains why windows 7 has a red x for the wireless lan setup…

  764. Shie

    Thank you so much!!!
    The tutorial is great :)
    God bless u more!!!

  765. DanD

    Hi all.

    I’ve had the same blooming permissions issue as many others and spent hours failing to see files on my XP machine with my windows 7 machine.

    For me, it turns out the issue is on Windows 7 not XP.

    My solution:
    The computers are on the same “workgroup” and I have tried everything above.
    I have a shared folder(share) on the XP machine named “STORAGE”, but if double click STORAGE in Windows 7 it comes up with the “You do not have permission to access \\STORAGE. Contact your network administrator to request access.”
    If I right click on Network on the windows 7 PC and hit “map network drive, then type in \\STORAGE\share BOOM, I can see it and edit it :) OH HAPPY DAYS.
    Apparently this is a Windows 7 issue and not XP ??
    Don’t care where the issue is, all I know is I have all my XP drives no accessible from multiple Windows 7 machines and a Vista machine too :)

    Hope it helps

  766. Mark S

    I can’t get my Dell printer connected to my XP machine via USB to print from my networked win 7 (64) machine. Everything is installed and visable including file sharing but all print jobs are completely ignored. The printer is visible and the status indicates connected and online. Any thoughts ?

  767. Shrirang

    well i have 2 pc on win 7 with home group created and one xp pro with sp-3. both win 7 pc are able to communicate properly as well as they are accessing win xp also. but win xp is not able to access d and e drives of windows 7 pcs. xp pc is acceesing user files of win-7 pc.
    i have given all rights to all drives of windows 7. remote desktop is allowed, printer working fine,firewall off on all pc(while it was on i’ve given all udp ports on condition).

    I am able to see win-7 pc on win xp network place after opening it it is not allowing me to access any local drives of win-7.

    if any one know the solution plz let me know

  768. ConsJMEA

    Hello. I had the problem that my XP computer could open the shares on W7 computer but my W7 computer could only see the XP computer and the shares but could not open them. The solution was the comment from TESTUDO on May.22.2010. I’ve created the IRPStackSize with a value of 16. Thank you very much.

  769. Joe

    Thanks a million! You helped me out big time! Great site!

  770. Mab

    i have problem of sharing printer hp laserJet 2015 to win 7 starter and win xp, could yuo help me. some of procedure you mantion can be follow but the problem is: need some file .inf so what have to do.
    also i need to share printer hp laserJet 1320 with win vista and win 7 starter. could you help me the way to do that.

  771. resty

    well i have 2 pc on win 7 with MShome group created and 4 xp pro with sp-2. both win 7 pc are able to communicate properly as well as they are accessing win xp also. but win xp is not able to access drive D: and E: drives of windows 7 pcs. xp pc is accessing user/public folder files of win-7 pc.
    i have given all rights to all drives of windows 7. remote desktop is allowed, printer working fine,firewall off on all pc(while it was on i’ve given all udp ports on condition).

    I am able to see win-7 pc on win xp network place after opening, it won’t allow me to access any local Drives of win7.

    any idea here plzzzzzz help… thanks….

  772. tamzbratz

    Thanks Mystic
    It’s a big help for me
    More Power & GOD BLESS……..


    ustedes son extremadamente unos tesos…………………………………………………………………. bendiciones
    cali colombia

  774. David

    I did all the steps but it gives me this error “\\BOB-PC\Hard Drive is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

    Access is denied.”

  775. John

    ~~~~>CONNECT TO XP SHARES FROM WINDOWS 7~~~~XP—>Internet) but it just doesn’t work.

    For now, I’ll just disconnect the VPN connection whenever I want to access the internet. Easy cake.

    Thanks for the help guys. I hope my guide helps you!

  776. John


    Hey Everyone! I read the original instructions but it wasn’t what I was looking for. I was looking for a way to connect from my Windows 7 to XP. Luckily for me I was able to solve it (Partially)

    All you got to do to connect from Windows 7 to the XP, if nothing else works, is to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Create a connection on the XP machine to accept incoming VPN and then dial the connection from your Win7 Machine. That will remove the need to enter a credential and remove the annoying “couldn’t connect to” due to password or whatever it was.

    Problem is, Whenever you’re in the VPN connection with the XP computer I can’t seem to find a way to access the internet while VPN with the XP. I have to disconnect to access the internet. My best guess it that My Windows 7 computer is trying to access the internet through my XP machine (Win7—>XP—>Internet) but it just doesn’t work.

    For now, I’ll just disconnect the VPN connection whenever I want to access the internet. Easy cake.

    Thanks for the help guys. I hope my guide helps you!

  777. xchanger

    I have connected PCs through switch and they are visible in Network Places but i can’t access some PCS like i have connected two PCs A & B i can access A from B but can’t access B from A…Plz help… OS is Windows 7

  778. Mission Cap

    I have two computers on a Windows XP and one on Windows 7. I have networked the two machines on Windows XP to the Windows 7 Computer. The netowrd works fine except for one issue. When i try to access files on the Win7 computer it promps me for a password. all password setting are off and when I hit ok on the passwod page it just lets me in. However, once I’m looking on the files in the other compter and save a file to a folder on the Win7 computer, it saves but when i try to replace the file, no error message comes up, but it doesn;t savve the new file. Any thoughts?

  779. karma

    thank u vary much

  780. NeverReality

    deetmar you’re awesome. Even though your comment is two years old it still saved my ass.

    I can’t believe how fucking specific they make things. I simply want to share between my computers over a router, nothing fancy, and it was such a headache, and the fix was so fucking simple just very specific.

  781. Angga

    edaaannnn eng, asa ka ingetan deui uink, maklum geus tilu taun karek instal ulang deui PC… hahahay, twink-twink… btw, hatur thank you misterrr… ;P

  782. David

    Thanks for the much needed info, but I can’t help but ask, WHY IS IT SO HARD AS TO NEED A TUTORIAL IN THE FIRST PLACE? Did nobody mention to Microsoft that millions of people still own computers with Windows XP, millions of low power Netbooks are still being sold with Windows XP, and that there would be a need to quickly and easily network them with the new Windows 7 computers?

  783. ron2x

    that is nice….now we know….hehehe..tnx…….

  784. sv

    Thanks a lot your instructions were perfect. You guys really rock

  785. Ray

    Thanks, Big Fan, Long Time.

  786. petcomp

    This does not work when trying to connection from an isonic media player! Please try these settings on any media player, e.g. mede8er. They will not work even if you provide valid credentials!

  787. Norm

    Trying to connect win 7 with win xp, 7 sees both boxes but requires a username and password for access. How are these established?

    Win xp does not see either box nor the printer from network places, view workgroup computers or printers and faxes.


  788. Fidd

    2 years later and this how to guide helped! I recently got a mini laptop running XP, 2 years old and still going and wanted to be able to work on files on my Windows 7 PC. The printer set up was a breeze after reading your guide and after renaming my workgroup on both devices, bam! I finally have access to all my files…Thanks!

  789. Mike

    What the author failed to communicate:
    [Administrator privilege on Windows 7 machine required]
    If you want to see the contents of a newly-created folder in Windows 7, over the network, from an XP machine, you must…
    – Go into the “Security” tab of the folder on the Windows 7 hard drive.
    – In the “Group or user names:” window, there must exist an “Everyone” entry. Add one if necessary (otherwise, goto Open Sharing tab below).
    – Click “Edit” button.
    – Click “Add” button.
    – Type “Everyone” in the window.
    – Click “Check Names” button. “Everyone” should now be underlined.
    – Click OK
    – Three default “Allow” permissions should exist in the “Permissions for Everyone” window below: “Read & execute”, “List folder contents”, “Read”. Set more if you like.
    – Open the “Sharing” tab.
    – Click “Advanced Sharing” button (Administrator required!).
    – Click “Share this folder” checkbox.
    – Click “Permissions” button.
    – Confirm “Everyone” has “Read|Allow” permission (checkbox). Set more if you like.
    – Click OK
    – Click OK
    – Click “Close” button.
    – You should now be able to see folder contents on the XP machine.

  790. gianni

    hello, thank you for your tutorial.
    I’m still having problem with a pdf printer. On windows 7 (host) I have installed a pdf creator but I can’t see it from xpmode.
    Just to add usefull information:
    1) on the host are installed 2 printer (a USB and a network printer) which work from xp mode.
    2) the ping of the host from xpmode doesn’t work.
    3) the xp-share folder in /user/public is missing

    do you have any suggestion?
    thank you, gianni

  791. Noel8

    Dont know if it makes the difference but your example is using Win 7 Pro and i am using Win 7 Preium…so some of the connections you show are not reflected in my version. They may be there, but may have to get at them in a different way. with that in mind, I do not see my XP pc, and yet the network icon on Win 7 shows limited connection. So i do not know where to go from here so to speak. BTW, i am using 64 bit and like someone else here says that they cannot find or get XP drivers for the 64 bit vesion of Win 7…But right now i would be just satisfied seeing both pc’s and share files.

  792. Dray

    i have a problem sharing files between win7 ult and xp Pro: Window 7 and window XP are connected via wireless router . . . from win7 machine under network i can see “sharedocs” from my xp machine and access its files, but when i enable share on another folder on the xp machine, it shows up in the win7 machine but when i try to open it say “i do not have permission to access (file name).

  793. Shokat Ali


  794. WinCrazy


    ??? How do you get XP to read & write Win7 shares ???

  795. LD

    This worked for me 100% and saved me having to bother my mates who know more about computers than me! Thanks so much!!

  796. Noel8

    I cannot use my Lexmark laser printer with my new net book that has only Win 7. Lexmark told me that it stopped adding Win 7 drivers for it because it is now a discontinued model. Isn’t that nice…a perfect machine and cannot use it with Win 7….BUT, I think I found a loop hole. With my XP desktop i tried a test printer page and on it, it says compatible with Windows ( not Win 7 or Vista ) but also compatible with Linux. So I’m thinking if I install another browser on that Win 7 net book, i then could use my printer? If so, after installing Linux, how does one “Add a printer” without Win 7 getting involved, to deny it?

  797. Noel8

    Hey Mike, ..and others who submit info here, make sure that you mention in your posts, the version of Win 7 your coming from. I went to Mike’s post where he said go to the security tab….well , in my version i couldn’t find such a tab, especially the route he mentioned. Now, maybe it works in his version, but not in mine..I am using Win 7 Home premium SP 1. I did find in an around about way, the area of Group and user names, but there was no “edit’ button or ‘add’ button. We appreciate the info, but make it a lot easier if we are all coming from and going to the right places.

  798. CCronan

    Sorry. But I got lost going to the Network settings to see the other computer online. Still can’t. I know it is there, because it is online and using the router.


  799. Oniesta

    Great great tutorial and good explanation, I understand very well what you are explaning in this tutorial.
    Keep up your good work.

    Please can you post some more tutorials.

  800. Binoy.G

    When I try to access A windows 7 drive other than public folder, an error message is coming ” You might not have permission to access this network resource”. What can i do?

  801. greg

    thank you very much for your dedication to the cause!

  802. Jessica

    For some reason I can’t share my HP Photosmart printer from my XP machine to my 7 machine. Cause I don’t have the driver. Sad thing is I can’t install the printer on the 7 machine for the same reason.


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