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List of Anti-Virus Software Compatible with Windows 7

Within a few hours of Windows 7 being released my inbox started filling up with readers asking what Anti-Virus software they should install in Windows 7. Since this seems like such an important topic, I decided to make a list of packages that work.

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Our Recommendation

If you want something that’s going to work really well, and is totally free, you should check out the free Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus solution, which isn’t going to slow down your PC.

Note: as a general rule, software that works on Windows Vista should work just fine on Windows 7, with the exception of software that installs low-level system components like an Anti-Virus, firewalls, or similar. These packages often are designed to only run on specific versions of Windows.

Windows AntiVirus Detection

When you first install Windows 7, you’ll get a popup balloon message telling you that you need to find an antivirus program online… notice the wrench on the balloons that will let you turn them off easily.

Windows 7 Find Antivirus Program Online Balloon

Once you’ve installed a compatible package, the message will go away and you’ll see a message in the Action Center telling you that “Virus protection” is On:

Windows 7 Action Center

The packages should also hook into the Windows 7 update mechanism and let you know when your virus definitions are out of date.

Windows 7 Update Avira AntiVir

And now, on to the list… I took a screenshot of the Action Center screen proving that each package installs and is recognized properly by Windows 7, but I also ran through a couple of quick tests for each package.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

AVG Free is the most popular anti-virus software out there, and not only does it work just perfectly under Windows 7, but it’s on the list of a small number of software packages that are officially compatible per Microsoft.

You’ll notice that it also offers Anti-Spyware protection, and Windows recommends that you only run a single Anti-Spyware application:

Windows 7 AVG Action Center Message

For more on this package, see Mysticgeek’s review of AVG Free.

Avira AntiVir Personal Edition

Avira is a popular freeware antivirus solution that seems to be a hit on our forum, with a number of the regulars in favor of it. This software works without any issues that I could find during my quick testing.

Windows 7 Avira Action Center Message

For more on this package, see Mysticgeek’s review of AntiVir Personal Edition.

Norton AntiVirus 2009

Hardly needing an introduction, Norton AntiVirus 2009 works just fine. They are also on Microsoft’s list of compatible software for Windows 7.

Windows 7 Norton Action Center Message

You’ll notice that this provides anti-spyware protection, so you’d likely want to disable Windows Defender for performance reasons.

Avast! AntiVirus Home

Another popular Anti-Virus package that we’ve previously reviewed, this one works just fine. You’ll notice that this package provides Anti-Spyware protection as well.

Windows 7 Avast Action Center Message

Microsoft Windows Live OneCare: FAIL

This one was a bit of a surprise to me, but it turns out the previously reviewed Windows Live OneCare does not even install under Windows 7, just giving you a big fat error message:

Windows 7 Live OneCare Not Working

I guess Microsoft still has some coordination problems. (Screenshot thanks to our forum administrator Scott).

Note: OneCare is going to be discontinued in June 2009, with Microsoft switching to offering a free product instead.

Kapersky Anti-Virus 2009

This antivirus software package is also on the Microsoft official list of Windows 7 compatible software. We’ve not reviewed it here because we tend to focus on free alternatives, but it’s well-known and preferred by a few of our forum members.


You’ll note that my virus database is out of date in the screenshot above. The Action Center consolidates all of these messages together into one place – rather useful.

McAfee VirusScan: FAIL

Reported to be not working by multiple readers including Daniel in the comments.

Also Working Per Reader Comments

These packages are reported to be working by the readers in the comments below:

  • PCGuard Anti-Virus from Virgina Media Broadband
  • ESET Nod32 Anti-Virus
  • Microsoft Forefront Client Security (Enterprise)

Thanks, keep them coming!

Important Note

Just because all of these packages install and run doesn’t mean they are necessarily “supported” by the vendors.

Ask the Readers: What Did We Miss?

Obviously if you are looking for an Anti-Virus package this list should help you out… but I would like to complete the list. If you’ve tested out any other packages, or had any issues with the ones on this list, leave a comment and I’ll update the article. (If you are reading through RSS or Email click here to leave a comment)

Official Microsoft Anti-Virus Partners Page at

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  • Published 01/11/09

Comments (315)

  1. vistamike

    Hi all
    Just to let you know that for those in the UK subscribing to Virgin Media Broadband, the PCGuard anti virus package supplied free from their website works very well with Windows 7

  2. Nicholas

    ESET Nod32 Anti-Virus works on x86 & x64.
    Microsoft Forefront Client Security and Microsoft Forefront code-named ‘stirling’ also works, although these are Enterprise Anti-virus systems

  3. Daniel Mundy

    I tried my copy of McAfee Internet Security Suite (downloaded the latest version of course) and it didn’t work – says unsupported operating system.

    If anyone knows how to get it working I’d love to know, I’m using Kaspersky for now as I don’t really trust the free programs to provide full protection from anything other than the most basic viruses.

  4. Geek God

    It is surprising that windows live has failed the test and it should be a matter of timing before microsoft comes with a patch for it and hopefully solves the problem

  5. The Geek

    Awesome, I updated the article with your feedback. Keep it coming!

  6. Daniel Mundy

    Isn’t OneCare being discontinued?

  7. Ankit

    Kadpersky Internet Security 2009, successfully installed on windows 7 and working fine…!

  8. Victor

    I was using AVG, but when I tried uninstalling it, it gave me the Blue Screen of Death. I had to uninstall it through safe mode. It installs fine though, just be wary if you need to uninstall it.

  9. T Man

    Live OneCare failed because it is nearing end of life. No use to support it on Windows 7 when because by the time 7 is out, OneCare will be no longer sold. A new solution is forthcoming, probably around the June 2009 time frame.

  10. Jim

    I installed the Free Avast. The program installed just fine, and updated just fine. The Action Center kept telling me that Avast needs updating. I would update it manually, Avast tells me that it’s updated, but the Action Center doesn’t seem to recognize that it has been updated.
    After a reboot, the AC says everything is fine, no issues. A little while later, it tells me that Avast needs updating.

    I uninstalled Avast, installed the Free AVG – no issues whatsoever.
    The install went fine, update went fine, and the AC is not barking at me anymore.

  11. Broni

    Comodo Internet Security will install, too, if you run installation in Vista compatibility mode.

  12. Nightowl

    Vipre Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware by Sunbelt is also recognized.

  13. zifnab06

    I can confirm that Mcafee does NOT support Windows 7 yet. I talked with their customer support staff about it, and they said at this time they do not support it. The beta is in the same condition.


  14. Phoshi

    Or you could not use an AV at all :)

    With the new UAC, and common sense, I think one would be much safer (and if anything goes wrong, you can just reformat :P)

  15. R McGuire

    Norton Anti Virus 2008 does not work..

  16. Win7BetaTester

    Am I the only one who finds it absolutely hilarious that OneCare doesn’t work? lol. I love Windows and I really like the new Windows 7, but this just reminds me of those “I’m a PC, and I’m a Mac” commercials where the PC is made to look dumb for having so many issues (like that).

    On to the point, I’ve used the three major builds of 7 and can confirm that Avast! works great in Win 7 Beta1 Build.7000 with no problems. Jim (posted above) is having a small conflict with the Action Center (oh another great idea, lol) but I have not had any conflicts in Build.7000. Other builds were a little buggy in regards to the Action Center, but it seems to be developing properly.

    That being said, I always install and run my programs in Compatibility Mode Set to Windows Vista and with Administrative privileges. This allows many programs which would have conflicts to install, register with the registry, and run without problems. (Remember, just because you have the User Account Control turned down or off doesn’t mean that Defender, the Action Center, or something else will not block some part or portion of the installer or applicaiton from running properly.)

    To do this, and you should for now, find the installer file that you downloaded and Right Click on it. Let’s say you downloaded the free Avast! Home antivirus program. In your Downloads folder you’ll see setupeng.exe, this is the installer file, Right Click on it and then click on Properties at the bottom of the menu. This brings up Properties, now click on the Compatibility tab. Here you see three sections, Compatibility Mode, Settings, and Privilege Level… Check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select Windows Vista from the drop down menu. Forget the Settings section and go to Privilege Level, and check the box “Run this program as an administrator”

    This will run the installer in the best way it can for now.. But you’re not done yet, this only installs the file, and it still may not run correctly. (Yeah I know..) Now you have to navigate to the file location of the actual application and follow the above steps once again. Continuing the Avast! example, go to %\Program Files\Alwil Software\ Avast4 and look for the file ashSimpl.exe and go through the right click > Properties > Compatibility > Run this program in compatibility mode for > Windows Vista and Run this program as an administrator. You shouldn’t need to perform the operation on other files in that folder.

    Using these methods, you can solve many of the issues with programs not installing/working correctly on Windows 7. I understand that it seems like a lot of steps but really it only takes a second. I also understand that programs “should just work” right out of the box or right away. You’re right but Win 7 is still new and don’t expect anything to be to easy yet. Thanks for reading lol, hope this helps.

  17. T Man

    “Am I the only one who finds it absolutely hilarious that OneCare doesn’t work? lol.”

    Yeah, you are the only one, because OneCare is End of Life and will not be available for sale once Windows 7 is RTM. So, why support it? No reason to support it, and as yet to be released free AV solution will be available by then.

    I hope the Geek updates the post to reflect this.

  18. The Geek

    I updated the article to mention that fact.

    Of course, any customers that bought a 1 year subscription will have then wasted their money because they can’t use it once they switch to Windows 7.

  19. jpmays

    You say that “Avast! AntiVirus Home” works fine under Windows 7… what about “Avast! AntiVirus Pro”?

  20. Bloggliv

    I confirm that Bitdefender Internet Security 2009 works perfectly well.

  21. James

    CA Internet Security 2009 works perfectly on Windows 7. I installed it without any trouble and it updates, scans…etc without any issues

  22. Chris

    On the subject of Anti Spyware – SUPERAntiSpyware BSODs during install!

  23. Deaf Bastard

    I’d like to confirm, that BitDefender 2009 Total Security works fine, no problems with that.

  24. Andy

    Trend Micro OfficeScan 8.0 is working fine.

  25. Jamie

    Is McAfee on the incompatible list because it isn’t compatible with Vista, as well? My McAfee “protected” Dell laptop that runs on Vista crashes with all data lost despite a “D” back-up drive about every other month, usually when I’m doing a Windows upgrade. Vista SP1 is the latest culprit to wipe me out. When I was reloading all the software, I noticed applications were flying until I installed McAfee. MS hinted it might have something to do with McAfee, but advised to install it anyway in a response that sounded like a corporate obligation.

  26. lloydo

    I installed the Kaspersky Windows 7 beta suite from the “Click to find a program online” flag. It wouldn’t update automatically and wouldn’t uninstall either. So I am reformatting and installing NOD32 which is my preferred product anyway.

  27. Gischi

    Yesterday I installed a-squared from emsisoft and had absolutely no problems. It is working really fine.

  28. Frank

    I installed BitDefender Total Security 2009 (I have 2 license keys got from a promotion if you want one just contact me with your email and I’ll send it to you) and it works!

  29. goldi

    Hi can any1 tell me Bitdefender total security 2008 works?????? 2009 works great. but what about 2008? it not going to update

  30. Bloggliv

    ZoneAlarm Antivirus also works but two reboots were required for it to work on my computer. Also installed using Vista-compatiblemode.

  31. Justin

    I’ve got McAfee Virusscan 2008 12-in-1 and it gives me the incompatibility message whenever I start the PC up from scratch with Win7. If you persist through all the messages and elect to run the programme anyway, then the Windows security manager lists all services as working and ON. The problem seems to be that it no longer downloads definition updates for all its components – even if you tell it to do so yourself.

  32. Linus

    FYI…Kaspersky Workstation 6.0 caused frequent BSOD’s for me on Win7.

  33. Gary

    RE: antivirus programs work with WIN 7. You listed Norton AV, so I guess that Norton 360 will also work.

  34. morningowl67

    Trend Micro works

  35. Eric

    Trend Micro doesn’t work for me. Gives me the blue screen after about 10 minutes.

  36. Nukus

    PC Tools Internet Security, no issues *yet*.

  37. don

    I am using McAfee Beta edition and all i had to do was to right click on the install file after downloading the small install file and click on compatibility mode and chose run as vista sp1 rtm and i clicked on run as admin and it then download the entire program and it installed and even updates just fine

    i find it funny that under vista my hard drive gets a 5.2 out of 5.9 but now gets a 2.9 out of 7.9. I wounder if it could be a driver issue?

  38. 6AN6A5

    Hey Norton works great no probz

  39. don

    how about we do a speed test of win 7 vs win 3.11 and see which is faster on an core i7?

  40. Win7BetaTester

    (not to sidetrack the thread but:)

    Don, that’s a big difference and is definably worth looking into. I know Windows 7 is packed with lots of drivers, but you might want to get onto your manufacturer’s website and grab all the Vista drivers. Maybe check the Hard Drive website and the motherboard website. You’ve probably already done that, but worth looking into if not.

  41. Jamie

    Do Defender and McAfee clash? Should one be shut off, and if so, which is preferable?

  42. don

    i have an issue with the beta of Live messenger where it wont let me sign in. A few times i was able to disable mcafee and then it let me sign in, other times it would not with it being disabled.

    Win7BetaTester i have a dell studio 1735 from best buy with an upgraded cpu that i put in which is an intel core 2 duo t-9300 at 2.5 ghz with 6mb of cache. Boy would I like an exterme in this, it does support the 1066 front side bus. I have 4gb of ram, 320gb hard drive, intel 4500hd video and all.

  43. Allan

    Nod32 security suite works for some and not others, for me the firewall when turned to interactive did not block anything outgoing (supposed to ask) and gave me junk addresses.

  44. Lygris

    Mcafee WILL install in compatibility mode BUT it does something to windows update i haven’t figured out the problem and i’m uninstalling it.

  45. stevieb

    Hi every body just to let you know nod32 internet security works very well

  46. ken

    I tried AVG free but it would not run, some message about side configuration or something, I uninstalled it but forgot to make a not of the error…

    It installed ok, just would not run for some reason.

  47. Muchenjeri

    Technically Onecare doesn’t really have to work since they are working on Morro. But yes, its rather strange that it actually doesn’t. I am all windows but here the windows guy deserves any punch from the Mac snob

  48. neilmcc

    my english is very bad but i will try it:
    i’d seen on the official win 7 webside(microsoft) this 3 recommended security solutions which were norton, kaspersky and avg. i always trusted norton so i installed norton internet security 2009 – i use it in my vista and it’s very good and works best for vista. in the past i had some problems with kaspersky(system crashes and broken apps/drivers). after restart my machine with win 7 norton internet security didn’t start and the “actioncenter” alarmed me. the problem was defender – norton could not deactivate it. i removed norton and installed avg internet security 8.0(newest build). after restart the system my cpu went to 100% and the fan howled badly. i tried to uninstall avg but during the process the computer went out. after restart it was still impossible to remove the app. finally the sytem recovery solved the problem but it also broke firefox and my network driver. so here’s my advice: don’t trust microsoft recommends!
    p.s.: now i use avira – it works great!

  49. Ravi Gupta

    Two problems with your article:

    1. You say about Kaspersky – “we have not reviewed it here since we look for free alternatives”.
    But you failed to make the same note about Norton. Last time I heard, Norton was not free.

    2. In their compatible software page Microsoft has provided links to
    A) a special technical preview of Kaspersky Antivirus and not Kaspersky Antivirus 2009,
    B) a beta version of Norton 360 ver 3 and not Norton Antivirus 2009.
    Please make this distinction clear before encouraging others with AC screenshots.

  50. Marc

    McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i works just fine on Windows 7

  51. The Geek


    I was making the clarification because I was also mentioning that it’s a favorite on our forum. If I had only said that, it would be implied that I was recommending it, which isn’t necessarily true.

    The second point is a good one, though. I didn’t realize it was only the beta versions, and I’m not sure those pages were linked when I wrote this article.

    Either way, it’s good to know which utilities work. I need to update this article with all the information from the comments.

  52. Maurice

    Till reading this article,I thought Norton 360 had stopped Windows Firewall+Defender automatically,So some non-responds could be put down to these issues.Generally Win 7 running better than Xp,

  53. Shadows

    !!! i have installed Kaspersky AV 2009 !!!
    It crashed up my system!!
    I had to use the system restore!
    I don’t recommend you to try it !

  54. Alexis

    For the people that talked about running things in compatibility mode and choosing Windows Vista- are you saying this works on Windows 7? Is Windows 7 in the drop-down to select “run in capability mode for”?

  55. Shadows

    yes, but i often get an error trying that.
    You can choose compatible vista but it often crashes your pc when doing that >.>

  56. Huon

    As Marc said, McAfee Enterprise Edition works fine. Windows 7 detects it, no error messages, etc.

  57. neilmcc

    recently i wrote avira would work but i have to retire my statement – it doesn’t. i installed avira antivir premium and it seemed be allright. after one day i noticed it wasn’t updating. but some good news: the norton 360 version 3 beta(recommended by ms) seems to work. apologize.

  58. zeke

    Sophos works as well.

  59. Ravi Gupta

    @ neilmcc

    Yours is an isolated case. I have Avira Antivir Personal Classic and Premium installed on two installations of Windows 7 beta build 7000 scanning and automatically updating like champs.

  60. Ravi Gupta

    @ zeke

    It works. I know this is not a post about how good an antimalware is but in the light of a new self protection test conducted by in January`09, I would suggest you switch to something more substantial.

    Link for the same:

  61. ANGIN

    Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 works fine on Win7 32 bit. (not tested yet on 64 bit).
    Kaspersky AntiVirus 8 Beta works fine on Win7 64 bit. (it should be work on 32 bit).

    Both tested on Win7 build 7000. If you failed to get them work, check your winver. Maybe you have an older version.

  62. fubar

    Everytime I run the virus scan on Norton 360 v2 I get a blue screen 0x0000008E, it says something about BIOS caching/shadowing and that it should be disabled, which it is…
    I get no other crashes except when I click scan in Norton 360

  63. Hector Macias Ayala

    You don’t mention PC Tools Free Antivirus and it is compatible with W7 x64 and x86 as well.

  64. Jedi Master

    I have the lastest from Norton –> Symantec Enpoint Protection 11.0 and It DOES NOT work. Any suggestions. I did, however, install an older version of SAV and that worked. Very strange. Enpoint woks with VISTA but not with 7

  65. james

    I use bitdefender 2009. Initally the firewall would not reinitialise after the window 7 install but after reinstalling the software it works perfectly!

  66. dinesh

    I m running Avast antivirus home edition 4.8. It shows in the action center but when generated a system health report, it shows that windows did not find an antivirus and antispyware software.
    How do i fix it?

  67. dankubuntu

    I have tried AVG Free 8 with Windows 7 Build 7000 and it won’t update. It gives me the error message: “Invalid Update Control CTF File”.

  68. Marcus Sundberg

    Panda Antivirus PRO 2009 (BETA)

  69. Rick

    Kaspersky Windows 7 beta works fine initally. But have not had any luck with web control. When on it blocks site from all users.

  70. Neal

    I tried NOD32 version 4

    After installing I got a blue screen memory dump error just after seconds.

  71. Bobby

    Just because the anti virus company’s name is on the list of compatible anti virus programs for Windows 7 does not mean that all their products are compatible. If you actually click the links they take you to specific download pages for beta trial versions.

    A bug I am aware of other than the products not installing etc, is that when you connect to a linux based network drive on Windows 7, after a few minutes the computer will get a blue screen of death. I know that Avast does this, and it took me 8 blue screens and a few hours to find out what the problem was. Several forums I’ve read have listed many programs as having this bug, in actual fact struggling to find one without it.

    I found that ESET Smart Security Beta does not have this fault, however I am coming to the end of the trial and need to find another one. I refuse to pay for anti virus that is for a BETA operating system that will expire on 1st August.

  72. Kaddas

    I just would like to confirm that my “Kaspersky Internet Security 2009” works great and smoothly with my “Windows 7 Build 7048 32Bit”

    make sure you to install all your drivers before any antivirus insallation.

  73. stueycaster

    Eset Smart Security v4.0.314.0 works fine on Windows version 7.057 x64 here.

  74. cam

    AVG free is NOT fully compatible with windows 7, only the paid version is. If you try to run any VPN software AVG will crash your computer

  75. Ada,

    For some reason when i install Norton 360 and norton internet security 2009 my computer freezes after install. When it restarts i get a black screen with only a mouse. I have to go into safe mode to uninstall the program and it runs fine without antivirus.

  76. danix180

    Kasperski users beware .I installed the beta version on win 7. It worked fine for 2 weeks after that the system kept freezing. I realized that was the issue. I uninstalled the AV and now it looks like it’s working. Don’t install Kasperski.

  77. bobby

    kasprsky for windows 7 is free for 5 monhs and itis really good.

  78. sekhar

    I have used Panda as well as bull guard 8.5 . Bull guard is much better u can try 60 days free version

  79. kyoki

    i’m using kaspersky antivirus 8.0 for my windows7,but why i cant update..???plzz help ie8 also dosnt work..

  80. kyoki

    what antivirus is the best for my windows7 build 7077…? my ie8 still freezeeeeee…huhhhhhhhh

  81. Robbert

    He i tried G Data internet security 2009
    internet connection failed
    problems whit dns server

  82. donweckyahoocom

    Try Viper A 15-day trial version of VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware is available on Sunbelt Software’s website at

  83. hac_king

    Bit Defender internet security is Best Antivirus For Windows 7.

  84. Robbert

    I have now KASPERSKY windows7 trail versie works perfect

  85. Robbert

    its a special version for win 7

  86. ashwin

    is Eset Smart Security v4.0.314.0 works on windows 7(build 7057 x86)?????????

  87. duvan

    Hi.. Im testing the beta 7077 on my AspireOne AOA150 and the system report some minor compatibility issue with AVG Free, but also the system work slowly with it….

  88. chris

    anyone with a mapped network drive should be aware that Avast! on Win7 does *not* work. you get a tdx.exe bluescreen about five minutes after connecting to your network drive when the Network Shield kicks in. this happens whether you have Network Shield running or not (it still scans the files). as of May1 this issue still persists. a quick google search will show that this has been confirmed a couple other places as well. as far as i have found, there isn’t a hack/fix/workaround (other than uninstalling avast).

  89. Trooper

    Eset Smart Security v4.0.314.0 x64 worked on build 7068 x64 for me,but Just Eset V4 anti virus x64 installed alone gave the BSOD so frequently I couldn’t use my computer, and could not uninstall,and took 5 attempts to reformat and reinstall windows 7 again.

  90. jack zwick

    Norton AntiVirus 2009 breaks under Windows 7 RC1

  91. ocean surfer

    Forefront would not install for me. I tried installing from commandline with command: clientinstall.exe /nomom

    We have an enterprise license so perhaps there is a newer installer available?

    Problem report returned “incompatible”

    Microsoft Forefront Client Security (1.0.1703.0) — Installation started

    Log Name: Application
    Source: MsiInstaller
    Date: 5/6/2009 2:31:30 PM
    Event ID: 11724
    Task Category: None
    Level: Error
    Keywords: Classic
    User: N/A
    Microsoft Forefront Client Security — Installation failed.
    Event Xml:



    Microsoft Forefront Client Security — Installation failed.

  92. ocean surfer

    BTW, the ForeFront Client Security installer version that failed was X13-62435

  93. ocean surfer

    I was able to get ForeFront installed – had to first run the command prompt as administrator: Start->All Programs->Accessories->Right-click on CommandPrompt and select RunAs Administrator. Then because I am running 64bit OS I ran the command

    c:\Users\username.domain\Downloads\ForeFront Client Security\CLIENT\X64>clientsetup /nomom /L c:\Users\username.domain\

    The installer was failing due to not being administrator, wrong 32bit version when I am 64bit, nor a correct Log file path.

  94. Ashwin

    Not any of the Norton Antivirus or Internet Security are working properly on Windows 7 RC1, windows notification is showing the driver incompatibility error, any solutions???
    Please help…..

  95. David

    I have tried using Norton Av 2009 as I read on microsoft’s web sote that is is compatible with Win 7. It installs ok and appears to run ok, except you get an action note saying that ‘Auto protect is off and the Heuaristic setting is off’ I switch them on, appears to work ok then same message. Uninstalled the program. I know it’s not free but felt it useful to know. I also tried the Kaspersky version via the microsoft recommended page. Installed ok, but kept locking up my machine. Quickly uninstalled!
    I am now running AVG, again from the MS webpage. No problems, installed easily and works without a problem. Vast improvement on earlier versions.

  96. David

    Sorry! Should have said running Windows 7 RC

  97. Blujeans

    Norton anti-virus 2009 does not work with Windows 7 RC1 . “This driver is blocked due to compatibility issues”

  98. Jim

    Have to agree with David, Getting the exact same error messages Heuaristics are off and Norton Liveupdate fails to start, and Autoprotect is off.

  99. vbfernandes

    Norton Internet Security 2006/07/08 Run´s in Seven.
    Norton gives the update free by Live Update.
    You can check it in Symantec site.

  100. Chris

    Norton Internet Security 2009 v. apparently doesn’t install correctly. I got an error message saying there was an incompatible driver.


    F-Secure technology preview (2010 beta version) works fine with Window 7 (Build: 7100) and you can get the full subscription by using the same crack (dll files) as for version 2009.
    If you are upgrading from vista ultimate to windows 7 ultimate than your f-secure 2009 version will work perfectly but you cannot have a fresh install of fsecure 2009 version on windows 7.


    ESET NOD smart security v4.0 can be downloaded from anywhere on the web and it works well with Windows-7 (builds 7000 & 7100). I loved f-secure internet security on vista ultimate but NOD 4 on windows 7 has totally changed my views. Try it.


    I have successfully upgraded from Vista ultimate 32bit to Windows 7 (7100). All programs are running fine except bentley programs and ArcGIS v9.3. So please be carefull.


    Windows 7 accepts any USB device for readyboost with only one condition that the file system should be NTFS. If you are using FAT system on your USB than it cannot be used for readyboost.

  105. Jan

    TrendMicro OfficeScan 8.0 is failing on Win 7 RC! (64bits) (did work for January beta).

  106. Ryan

    Norton Internet Security 2009 seems to work ok under Windows 7 RC Build 7100. I had some connection issues when running LiveUpdate, but cannot accurately attribute them to Win7 as my ISP has been severely pathetic as of late.

  107. Ankuresh kumar

    Trend Micro beta for Windows 7 is working fine on “Windows 7 release candidate”. I have tested AVG, MC AFEE, NORTON, F-SECURE, PANDA and KASPERSKY. All of them except trend micro showed conflictions and slowed my computer. Especially NORTON harassed me more than anything else as usual. Trend micro has good firewall and it blocks more viruses than any other. Its antivirus quickly showed me more results than other antiviruses and some viruses that it detected were not detected by other antiviruses.

  108. nevare

    can confirm that symantec endpoint protection managed enterpise version 11.0.7 does not install but will quite happly on vista pc’s

  109. nevare

    sorry for double post has anyone tried symantec anti-virus enterprise 10.2 yet?

  110. Paul Lucas

    Hi all, Just to say that I am on Windows 7RC. And like you all testing out Antivirus? – So Far up to now I think KASPERSKY 8.0 beta, runs ok, apart from their (NDIS 6 Filter), which seems to be a bit deep? as On the diagnostic tool, of Windows 7; it as come up with a report and showing that (Kaspersky Anti-Virus NDIS 6 Filter), is giving a bit of a problem in the boot-up sector, as well to the start-up, which cause a slowing down in the start-up! But it works fine as a antivirus and runs well along with Windows Firewall. Best to disable Windows Defender for performance reasons.

    As for AVG, MC AFEE, NORTON. I would say forget them, as Windows 7, is not compatible with them.

  111. Brianb

    I had a problem with Norton Internet Security after I installed the Windows 7 RC, previously NIS09EN had worked fine with Windows 7 Beta.
    Error User Name= ~Mr. Brian B Andrews logged with Symantec:
    shortdesc= Loaded NIS09EN after installing Windows 7 RC (previously I had W7 Beta running successfully with NIS09EN) “Error with Driver for Symantec Heuristics windows message indicates I should contact: provider problemtype= prodsetup zip=
    Symantec response
    “I understand from your email that you receive an error message regarding Norton in your Windows 7 RC operating system.

    Addressing your concern is important to us; I will do my best to assist you.

    RC release of an operating system is designed for outside testing but is not yet a final version. Due to the frequent changes made to a RC release, Symantec cannot guarantee any level of functionality of any of its products with Windows 7 RC. Symantec does not recommend installing any of its software on a RC version of Windows 7 at any time during this phase. Microsoft may make changes to the RC version at any time. If your Symantec product is not compatible with those changes, you may see errors on restart or you may not be able to restart Windows at all. Symantec Technical Support does not provide support for any version of its software on any RC version of an operating system or application. Since Windows 7 RC will continue to change until it is released in its final version, we cannot officially support it as an operating system until after its final release for resale. However, we are working toward supporting Windows 7, and value your feedback as we continue our efforts.

    I switched to ‘Avast’ with no problems I have stuck with NIS09EN on my XP & Vista boxes.

  112. Paul Lucas

    Yeah, I like the way that Symantec response, to anyone regarding; using Windows 7RC?
    As we all know that Windows 7RC can change anytime from Microsoft! – But, as to say: “ Symantec does not recommend installing any of its software on a RC version of Windows 7”; but we all know that any new operating system or application, needs to be tested out, in order to assist them, as to any problems that may arise, during the trial period.

    As I am happy using and testing out: KASPERSKY 8.0 beta. – As it seems to be working out alright, with hardly any problems and also there is some support from them, on this trial period, as to any changes that may arise!
    The latest news: As I have been informed about, is a Service Pack 1, for Windows 7RC. It is due to be released soon from Microsoft. – And this will be a great help to us all, as it will contain the up to date for the (dllhost. exe). And this will be a big help, for any new Drivers that are needed!
    Happy computing all and looking forward to, for the final release of this new Windows 7.

  113. lancea

    Norton Internet Security 2009 and Norton 360 both have issues on Windows 7 RC. See the Norton Community Forums for further information. The heuristics engine doesn’t work on the x86 version. The x64 version of NIS 2009 appears to work well, but I’ve had false positives. I’m assuming these are false positives because the DLLs come from a trusted source, and are not identified as trojans on the x86 version, nor when I was running Vista x64 and x86.

  114. Ravi Gupta

    Avira Antivir Personal, which is a free antivirus+antispyware worked flawlessly with Windows 7 Beta and works flawlessly with Windows 7 RC too.

    Try it and experience super fast boot times, very low resource consumption and top notch detection.

  115. Asintha Prabhashwara

    I installed avast proffessional 4.8 It’s working properly, No bugs.

    no futher errors….

  116. Ankuresh

    Try “KASPERSKY Technical preview” For Beta Release. That is the best antivirus availaible for WINDOWS 7 RC.

  117. RTec88

    Tried Avast Home Edition with Win7 RC build: 7100 64-bit. Upon reboot after initial install, my system hung while loading. I had to manually shut system down and uninstall in ‘Safe Mode’.

  118. Terrence Rog

    I am getting blocked driver issues with Kaspersky.

    Free AVG definitely did not work for me

    Avira Works perfect

  119. bulldogtime

    Will iolo Antivirus work on 7? System Mechanic PC Tune-Up also.

  120. Keith

    I trying out the (free)comodo security suite….loaded fine …now running virus scan……so far so good….I’ll get back on the results.

  121. Keith

    Nawwwwwwwwww that comodo security suite firewall won’t work…uninstalling & trying avg internet suite…!

  122. r.mohaan

    The Windows 7 Technical Preview Kaspersky is perfect. I think the problems with Kaspersky noted in these comments are from a suite not specifically for Windows 7. We all need to remember 7 is not retail yet. The technical preview edition of Kaspersky is free to use; updates just fine automatically for me; works with e-mail, the web, files, etc. and it takes up very little resources. This is good since I am running 7 on a 1000HE EeePC.

    Once 7 actually retails in October Kaspersky will most likely make their netbook edition of AV available for it.

  123. Billy

    My Norton Internet Security 2009 will not install with Windows 7 RC , keeps telling me that it requires either Vista or XP operating system.

  124. Ben

    Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware installs and works well on Windows 7.

  125. PaulAlex7000

    Webroot’s AntiVirus with AntiSpyware installs and functions with 64-bit Windows 7 RC build.

    However, I noticed that my system would freeze for up to 5-10 minutes shortly after boot. The taskbar and start menu would work, but I would be unable to launch any applications using start menu or desktop entry points. After the freeze was over, any applications that I attempted to launch previously would then launch.

    The solution in my case was to go into go into Webroot’s Shields | Windows System tab | File System Shield Options and disable “Scan on Write.” Now unchecking this option didn’t persist when I repeated the steps (had to uncheck it again), but in either case, I didn’t experience the freeze again.

    This problem also reproed on Vista 64-bit.

  126. adi

    Norton antivirus 2009 works fine, but only the version you download from their website… after program update, it fails.

  127. sev

    AVG 8.5 Works prefectly. avg even has a special download page for windows 7.

  128. Apo

    List would have been more useful if it had contained info about whether the software works in x64 or compatibilitymode

  129. glenn

    CA AntiVirus also compatible with windows 7, it works well

  130. GraceMelinda


    Windows Live™ OneCare® End of Sale Guidance Page

    Windows Live OneCare will begin discontinuing sales in all markets this summer. This page is intended to provide guidance and answer questions for customers as we complete this process. We will continue to update this guidance page as new information becomes available.

    Sale of Windows Live OneCare retail boxes will be discontinued during the summer season. Windows Live OneCare will be removed from direct online renewal and sale this fall.

    OneCare will support all existing customers through the duration of their subscriptions to ensure all subscribers remain protected and have ample time to find another security solution for their PC. OneCare will continue to be updated and supported until at least one year past the last subscription activation date. All OneCare customers will receive support and servicing through the end of their subscriptions. Please note that while Windows Live OneCare anti-virus and anti-malware protection will be continuously updated and all OneCare subscribers will be supported for the life of their subscription. OneCare will not be updated to support Windows 7.

    Microsoft announced that it plans to begin offering Microsoft® Security Essentials, a new security anti-malware solution, to consumers in the second half of 2009. The anti-malware solution will provide comprehensive anti-malware protection from threats including viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, and other emerging threats in a single lightweight anti-malware solution. In concert with the ongoing improvements in internet security offered by Windows Vista®, the forthcoming Windows® 7, and Internet Explorer® 8, Microsoft believes that this no-cost service will offer the essential security that consumers need. And by making this available at no charge, we hope to be able to help the estimated 60% of consumers who still do not have up-to-date antimalware protection. If you would like to try Microsoft Security Essentials, the Beta is available now in select markets at This page will be updated regularly as new information about the Security Essentials release becomes available. Microsoft wants to ensure your PC is protected. If Windows Live OneCare and Microsoft Security Essentials do not meet your needs, you can learn more about security software providers for Windows here:

  131. GraceMelinda

    sorry i pasted in the link wrong above, this is the correct link here that shows the article from microsoft’s onecare, which i pasted in above the whole article FYI :) Peace & healthy eyesight in spite of pc-gazing :)

  132. GraceMelinda

    oh dear, i pasted it in again correctly and it still came out weird, but i did try clicking on it and it does go to the correct site on microsoft.

  133. Valek Hawke

    Just an FYI, my personal experience with NAV 2009 is that it DOES NOT work with the Win 7 RC Build 7100. Let me qualify that statement. It seemed to install with no issues until the end when Win 7 blocked the Symantec Heuristics driver. After a reboot NAV 09 seemed to work OK (with the exception of still blocking the heuristics driver) and I was able to manually run the live update. I didn’t have to reboot the computer for a couple of days after that but when I did I got another error saying that Live Update had failed and that there was some other incompatiblitly with a particular file.

    I contacted Symantec support and of course got the official party line that they don’t support beta software but they did tell me that there was a beta version of NAV 2010 out that they had specifically designed for WIN 7 and then proceeded to download it for me and install it. Of course it promptly failed with an error message saying “This program has known compatibility issues…Location C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\Engine\\uiStub.exe…Norton 360 is incompatible with this version of Windows…” I loved it because the Symantec tech was remoted in and could basically just say “Uh…Uh…Uh…Well we don’t support beta versions of software…you’ll have to wait until Windows 7 is official and then we’ll have a product that supports it.” What a joke.

  134. clock

    I tried to install Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 in Windows 7 (7600 RTM) 32bit. It had problem drivers and out of dated.

    BUT I did installed it in Windows 7 (7100 RC) 32bit. HEY it does work!!!! No problem at all!!!!!!!!

  135. Harv

    Norton 2009 does not work with Windows 7.

  136. Eugene

    My Norton Internet Security 2009 will not install with Windows 7 RC , keeps telling me that it requires either Vista or XP operating system.
    I download Norton 2010 and that work, but it is only a trail for 14 days !

  137. Bertie

    Tested AVG free on Win7 beta and RC1 and it worked fine for me, the 32 bit version.
    Now I am running eset NOd32 Antivirus 4.0.314.0, registered and it works fine and dandy.
    Running pc tools firewall plus free version and it’s also fine without any probs.

  138. Garebear

    um… have you tested Eset Smart security 4 and NOD32 antivirus?

  139. Hippie

    Have tested the following two – Trend-Micro and Norton. Both installed correctly on my RC (build 7100), separetly of course! With Trend-Micro ran into trouble. No matter which firewall profile i chose or rule i created to allow outgoing http (port 80) traffic i couldn’t access any of websites, i turned Trend-Micro to bare minimum and couldnt get it to work. as soon as i unloaded Trend-Micro my http traffic would work. So there are some bugs… With Norton (side note : guys where are you downloading from? and you get a 6 month subscription… 14 days talk is rubbish). With Norton 9.50 build 961 i haven’t run into any trouble… yet (keep fingers crossed : )

  140. CrazyCanuck

    Norton AV 2009 seems to work with Win 7/64 but has a problem with Win 7/32. Anyone else find this?

  141. John

    Norton 360 has issues with Windows 7. 3 or 4 drivers get disabled due to not being compatiable. Chated with Norton and they say that their products will not be compatiable untill Windows 7 is offically released in October.

  142. HEH

    Norton AV 2009 does not work with RTM Windows 7. Installs, but says hueristics drive fails to load and Advanced Protection will not work. Spent a frustrating time with Symantec support via chat who decided to just disappear and not call back when I argued Windows 7 is RTM and not beta as they claim. Submitted an online support request afterwards. They claim they have a Norton AV 2010 in beta that will support Windows 7 when released.

    Here is their response from Symantec support:

    Thank you for contacting Norton Support.

    I understand from your e-mail that you want to know if Norton 360 is compatible Windows 7 operating system.

    Please note that Norton Antivirus is still not compatible with Windows 7 operating system. Norton Antivirus runs best with Windows XP service pack 2 and Windows Vista.

    Symantec has been testing Norton Antivirus 2009 to be compatible with Windows 7, and Norton Antivirus customers will be eligible to receive a free online update for Windows 7 after the final version of the operating system is made available

    When the production version of Windows 7 is released, users of Norton AntiVirus 2009, Norton Internet Security 2009 and Norton 360 Version 3.0 with active subscriptions will automatically receive the appropriate compatibility update. The update will be delivered automatically online, and no user action will be required.

    Symantec does not recommend installing any of its software on a beta version of Windows 7 at any time during the beta phase. Microsoft may make changes to the beta version at any time.

    Since Windows 7 Beta will continue to change until it is released in its final version, Symantec cannot officially support it as an operating system until after its final release for resale.
    If you require additional assistance or still have some concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
    While replying to this message, please do not change the subject line of this message.

  143. Koen

    McAfee Enterprise 8.7i is said to be not working on Windows 7 according to this article. In the comments one says it does work without any problems. Neither is the case here. It does install under Windows 7, it also does work and detect virusses, though digging deeper in Windows 7 one will find that the Action Center in Windows 7 reports an issue with McAfee VirusScan Enterprise where the communication between the product and Windows is too old.

  144. Fremen

    ClamWin 0.95.2 opensource antivirus works perfectly….

  145. Mailguard

    The official word from McAfee is as follows:

    “McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i is compatible with Windows 7 with the exception of Buffer Overflow Protection (BOP). This advanced protection feature fails gracefully running in the Windows 7 beta environment. Customers installing and running VSE 8.7i in a Windows 7 beta environment are required to turn the BOP feature off.”

    Also, “McAfee will address all known issues and fully support the latest versions of VirusScan Enterprise and Total Protection Service within 30 days of Microsoft Windows 7 general availability announcement.”

    Of course (BOP) isn’t an issue with the the 64 bit version of Windows 7.

  146. avraham

    i have windows 7 64 bit i want the best antivirus for my new computer witch antivirus install ?

  147. allun

    i have recently formatted my computer from xp to windows7, and have installed bt netprotectplus,which actually works great even though bt say its not compatible,bet when i came to installing it on another pc also running windows7, it now says that it is not compatible, why is this?

  148. GS

    I installed beta version of mcafee 2010 suite…
    works well

  149. Peter Mortensen


    Just to let you know MS ForeFront is NOT compatible with W7.

    Peter Mortensen

  150. TonyH

    I’m now running Windows 7 Professional (RTM) on my Dell latop and Samsung netbook, both with AVG Free for Antivirus. Unfortunately on my NC10, using AVG added 5 minutes to the start-up time (usually 40 seconds or so), so I had to uninstall. Now looking for another anti-virus provider…

  151. Windows7

    There is alot of antivirus software for Windows 7 now .. which is great!

  152. jarrow13

    Bitdefender total security 2009 does not work on my windows 7 64bit. Gives problems with the network and firewal security.

  153. Shaun Zhang

    Windows live onecare is not compatiable with windows 7, and it will be discontinued.
    Microsoft Security Essentials is going to replace Onecare, it is currently in beta now, once it is fully released it will be on the Microsoft Website.

  154. Shaun Zhang

    Microsoft Security Essentials will work on windows 7

  155. duke

    Kaspersky beta anti-virus for Win7 = BSOD
    so far Panda’s beta ver is ok…

  156. John Jeckmans

    AVGfree works allright, however the full version is causing blue screens with windows7 (64) at least once a day, it slows down the CPU by taking 95% after any update, it conflicts with Outlook 2007 wth Business Contact Manager. Btw, It did the same with Vista (32).

    So, I will try some of the above others or reinstall AVGfree

  157. Chuckhole

    I just finished my 60 day free trial with BullGuard on Windows 7 RC and found it very good. Not a single problem. Excellent GUI and small footprint. It is one of the very best security apps I’ve used.

  158. Jamie

    Can confirm Trend Micro Client/server security agent works fine on Windows 7 Enterprise. Did have install issues but got around that by installing with install disk rather than remote pushing the client to the machine. Also one driver does come up as incompatible but dont seem to be having any other issues.

  159. Anuj

    i downloaded kaspersky internet security 2009 trial from official site
    during installation it gave an error “A driver was blocked……”
    although i continued installation and kaspersky was running but most of its components were not!

    So thumbs down to KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 2009 frm my side

  160. Llyander

    Downloaded the final version of Windows 7 Ultimate from MSDN and can confirm that Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 does NOT work on it. I received the same error as a previous poster where a driver is being blocked.

    The product appears to install, but most of the components are non-functional.

  161. Shaun

    Microsoft Security Essentials has been released, and it will work on windows 7.

  162. JPS

    Symantec Endpoint Protection starting with version RU5 (11.1.500x and above) works and is supported for Windows 7. Spybot Search and Destroy, also works fine.

  163. ismash

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 is not yet supported on win 7
    during installation i got the error “A driver was blocked……” and most of its components were not working properly with alot of bugs and issues

  164. dietat

    Has anyone tested Trend Micro Internet Security (2009) with Windows 7?

  165. Nancarrow

    The Geek needs to update this article to include the FREE Microsoft Security Essentials.
    see this link-

    This is FREE from Microsoft. No Subscription. It is low impact, and works well with Windows 7. Don’t waste any time with 3rd party AV software garbage. You will regret it. THey are all invasive and compromise performance. Microsoft Security Essentials is clean, and doesn’t impact performance.

  166. toby53

    Anti virus on Virgin Media does not work on my Windows 7, understand will not see update till next year

  167. reefachief

    tried the kaspersky win7 prototype…crashed my system horribly, using 60 day trial of avast until win7 has been out a while and a forerunner emerges.

  168. Ed

    Installed WIN 7 over Vista. Works Great!

    When I place the PC in sleep and then wakeup, The network backup drive (P) has a red “X” on it in My compuer and I cannot access it unmless I reboot. Any suggestions? It worked OK in Vista.

  169. Jopen

    Avira Antivir Personal and Premium is running smoothly on Windows 7 RC, Windows 7 (32 bit) and Windows 7 (64 bit) on two of my machines :-)

  170. Gel

    Hi people there,
    I saw the list of antivirus software compatible with windows 7 and I found the Kaspersky antivirus out there.
    so… if Kaspersky antivirus 2009 is on the list, it means that Kaspersky internet security 2009 could be also compatible, isn’t???
    I have my Kaspersky internet security 2009 and it’s not compatibe… always appears the messege asking to turn on Kaspersky internet security.

    how can I solve this problem??

  171. Marsha

    Anyone have a new / updated list of internet security software that is compatible with Win 7?
    I just got a new laptop with Windows 7 and McAfee came preinstalled on it as a demo. Everything seems to be running fine…
    btw Bitdefender also claims to work on Win 7 but I have found it extremely unreliable allowing a lot of unwanted creatures on one of our PCs – any comments?

  172. John Connor

    My name & email addy is not a Joke.

    Bitdefender Total security Suite 2010 works great with Windows 7. It is what I’m using to keep my network clear of Viruses & Firewall intrusions

  173. NightLynx

    You forgot about free version of Comodo Internet Security. It works well with 32 or 64 bit, but you need to download the correct version. Works very well and is firewall and AV both

  174. bubazoo

    Aww man, you forgot the BEST anti-virus program ever created on that list!!

    Panda Antivirus Pro, 2010 lineup

    Panda puts ALL those you listed to shame! It finds EVERYTHING
    and is 100% compatible with WIndows 7. Avast, Mcafee, Symantec,
    AVG, don’t even hold a candle to Panda!! :-) I am completely serious!
    I’ve been a computer geek for over 30 years, and NOTHING holds a candle
    to Panda, not even F-prot or ClamAV…

  175. BigM

    hey guys i just installed mcafee total protection 2009 and it brought up that comptability issue so i just clicked run and vola its working fine. its updating and everything check it out . its the only antivirus that i really trust there is this new virus which is called duedue.exe and AVG didn pick i up any idea which antivirus will clean it up

  176. JAVSTAR

    Hey everyone!

    CA Anti-Virus Suite 2008 does not work under Windows 7,

  177. Martin Bull

    I purchased CA Antivirus in July 2009 and it would not work under Windows 7.
    I contacted CA and moaned about it and even offered to upgrade to the latest version but no deal.
    They did however refund my unused portion of the year (8 months) Well done CA, thanks.

  178. Craig

    AVAST does NOT work with windows 7, or at least Windows 7 refuses to recognise you have virus protection when AVAST is installed.

  179. Sampyre

    I can verify that panda’s Cloud AntiVirus works perfectly (without compatibility mode)

  180. getseven

    After 2 weeks of Level II tech support and numerous re-installs of W7 Home Premium, I can confirm that AVG Free 9.0 does not work with windows’ homegroups. All other functionallity seemed fine. But, when installed on two homegrouped computers, AVG Free made it so they didn’t know they were in a homegroup. I suspect it had to do with the 3 Windows Firewall rules they created but did not experiment with turning these rules off. Instead, I contacted them for support and was told to buy the retail package, then cancel within the trial period. This seems pontless since the retail pack includes an AVG Firewall whereas the Free does not.

    I have been scouring the web looking for an A/V that “works” with W7 and with homegroup but have not found any reviews / forums that are that specific. Would appreciate feedback.

  181. john c


    I recently bought a new laptop with windows 7 as my operating system, I tried to install a software that was made by my friends to help me with my work but when i run the programme I keep getting a message saying ” Time and Date not valid?? and the programme doesn’t work but works fime on my old system which is windows xp home edition..

    Do you have any idea what could be causing this problem if so any news would be great..
    Many Thanks..

  182. srisoftwarez


    i dont like anyother antivirus than avg.. bcoz all other antivirus are slowing down the system speed.

  183. andreas birgerson

    Panda Antivirus, Norton 360, Symantec Endpoint Security 11 should also be on your list i guess

  184. Rising Antivirus

    I tried using Rising Ativirus on Win 7 but it didnt work

  185. Jim

    I recently installed Avast Free on my Win 7 computer and it installed OK, updates OK and seems to run just fine except for the fact that it is not recognized by the operating system. Any advice?

  186. Nirvanknight

    Hey thanks dude for the precious tips you gave me about Windows 7. I just installed Windows 7 64-bit on my laptop Acer Aspire 4930 and then…later got some probs with my usual antivirus..McAfee..which i was running on Vista and all went normal…but my drivers are the big probelm… thanks to you, I got an Antivirus”Microsoft Security Essentials” which is the best and to another friend all the drivers which are coming… a tip to all users :”Download all your drivers before you installl Windows 7 and burn then on a DVD/CD” so as not to be in a rush while intalling Windows 7 !


    MICROSOFT security_essentials
    Not available in your country or region
    You appear to be in a country or region where Microsoft Security Essentials is not available. Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Security Essentials.

  188. SICFux

    I have been running whatever is the latest free version of AVG since it came out and it runs fine. No problems. I am usually a symantec user and dont stray to far from it. In my experience AVG doesnt always do a great job of finding things especially on sytems with large filing capacities.

  189. enews

    I think you have missed out few. Here is the full list of antivirus and internet security software that are compatible with Windows 7

  190. Mukesh

    Hi.. Everyone..
    For me, Norton 360 v 2.0 worked fine when i made it run under compatability settings for Vista SP2..

  191. soga

    thank’s for information..

  192. ReZa

    hey guyz i tried bit defender internet security really works.hehe.try it.

  193. Bart0z

    to reply at Daniel,
    I just bought a new pc with Windows 7 and i got a 60 day trial for McAfee Security Center, works just fine!

  194. imp1953

    Why bother?
    I gave up using virus scanners several years ago and have never had a virus on any of my PCs, laptops or the dozen or so PC, laptops and servers that are constanly running in my business and used by 10 staff. Obviously I am careful about what is installed, but not especially so.
    I have saved me and my business vast amounts of time wasted by the problems regularly caused by even big-name virus tools.

    Where I must have one to keep clients happy, I install ClamWin. This runs off a schedule or manually is non-intrusive and free!

  195. blade

    Will Norton Internet Security 2008 work on windows 7 Build 7600 ??

  196. Sandeep

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 does not run on win 7 :(
    There is some driver which fail to install, as it is in conflict with win 7 boot.

  197. somsing(meitie)

    i got problem in using avira av which says that the driver is block when installed in win 7

  198. Clinton

    No mention of Zone Alarm Extreme Security whatsoever? It has a 3-day free trial. It works fine with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit as far as I can tell. I would suggest everyone who gets/has it go into the scanning options and click “Deep Scan” and make sure you also specify All Files, on your specific drives.

  199. Haideri

    I’ve been using Avira Antivir Free Edition for quite sometime on the free version of Windows 7 (i.e, beta and RC ) with no problems but when I upgraded to premium version Windows 7 Professional, a pop-up balloon comes up all the time form the taskbar saying that “A driver was blocked due to incompatibility which is causing stability issues with your system. Driver name Avira Antivir.. blah blah blah… ). My system has even crashed a couple of times which is quite hard to believe under windows 7. Plz help me if this problem is solvable. Should I stop using Avira or is there a solution for this??

  200. Daegreg

    Only Kaspersky 2010 is working with windows 7 all other version have compatibility issues like Kaspersky 2009 not all features of the anti-virus is working.

  201. Pegasus

    I just bought a brand new Asus G60Vx gaming notebook and I installed the
    free Avast security and it works great, My system has the new Windows 7 64 bit operating system on it .
    no problems works great. I hightly recomment the Avast !

  202. saico

    Only Kaspersky 2010 is working with windows 7 all other version have compatibility issues like Kaspersky 2009 not all features of the anti-virus is working.

  203. Pegasus

    Avast free security package is working great.It checks everything
    and works in background, it evenm has gaming mode, it won’t bother you while your gaming….nice feature for a free virus protection program.
    get Avast free home edition.

  204. Rory K. Smith

    I’m having trouble with my main computer being redirected continually when trying to log on to my gmail account. Could you point me in the right direction to find help. . . Thanks! — RK

  205. Big Mike

    Hi all… bought an Acer Revo 3610 to use and bought the full version of AVG for 33 GBP… not a bad price I thought for internet security…However it crashed my system several times with the good ole’ BSOD… uninstalled it (properly from Control Panel) and now (touch wood) everything seems to be okay.. However when I tried to install AVG free it downloaded it but wouldnt run the file.. so at the moment Im totally not sure if I have any AV installed and running… Im going to put the MS Security Essentials mentioned earlier by other people and see how that works out… wait out for updates..

  206. Nani

    Avast is not working as it should for me.
    I’ve tried twice to run a boot time scan but after it finishes running the laptop just won’t turn back on. It’s stays black and I have to manually shut it off. It was also a hassle to uninstall it. Shame since that’s the only AV I’ve liked so far.

  207. Sworup

    if u are in intension to have W7 then simply install avira, it works great

  208. mick449

    pctools internet security is the me i download an awful amount of stuff.and has not let me down 7 and all the xp you now what i mean.long live the bay::::::::::::::::)

  209. fahed


  210. sharp

    I am curious why it says some software was not tested because you only test the free software. AVG is not free anymore. I have tried many times to get it from their site and even called. They informed me only the trial version is free now.

  211. RevClyburn

    So what’s a clear choice with av’s, seems like Avira works most of the time. Just bought my wife a laptop after her dv6000 crash, piece of crap. Sorry, I transgressed. I know I need to put something other than Norton on here, it’s only a trial version anyway. Got to get something else before the 60 days are up. So which one works?


  212. The Dude

    Microsoft Security Essentials is working great for me

  213. Azim

    I personally like AVIRA.It is lighter and easier than other antivirus software that I used before.
    Highly recommended that for anyone to try it.It is a great news that AVIRA is compatible with
    Windows 7.


  214. harendra

    I m using Kasparsky internet security and it works gently with W7

  215. Tejae

    What are supported operating systems for avast! 5.0?

    Supported operating systems for avast! Free Antivirus 5.0 and avast! Pro Antivirus 5.0 are Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4, Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit) or Microsoft Windows 7 (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit).

    Supported operating systems for avast! Internet Security 5.0 are Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit) or Microsoft Windows 7 (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit).

    It means, that avast! 5.0 isn’t supported (isn’t compatible, couldn’t be installed and won’t run) on DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.x, Microsoft Windows NT 3.x, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows Server operating systems or others which aren’t specified as supported.

  216. Rahul

    avast is the best software and i have a subscription on 2249 days and it works on all operating systrem coz i have all windows in my single pc.(xp,vista,windows 7) avast the best .

  217. TAIMOUR


  218. Bona

    why McAfee 8.7i don’t support with Windows 7

  219. monja

    Avira Antivir worked fine only for some days. After some windows updates I noticed, that Avira is not active, clicking on icon appears following message: “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.” :(

  220. Kevin

    I hav luved avast for years…it still checks against mal-ware coming in over the NT…auto updates, and scans/fixes for free…but when the “F” is alwil software gonna finally add in 64 bit support for off-line scanning, it is after all what puts avast home(free)in a class all by itself…hhmmmm

  221. ya

    i have had windows 7 for 3 months with absolutely no problem whatsoever from mcafee firewall and antivirus. sounds to me like quite a few of your readers already have bugs in their system that interfere and/or block well known firewalls/antivirus from working correctly

  222. ankit

    I have symantec endpoint protection corporate edition .i install the antivirus in win 7 . symantec antivirus install sucessfully but it doesn’t show shortcut in programe and no update install

  223. NeilR

    Having endless trouble with Norton 360 v4 and Win 7 ultimate 32. Overnight full-system scan still running int he morning, making the PC almost unuseable. Cannot stop it without restart and will not shut down without power off. Also causing problems with Outlook 2007 (on start up it often reports last session had problems with Norton email scan). Norton support downloaded a fix to the PC and it stopped the problem for 2 weeks but now it’s back. I advise all against this product until they fix it properly.

  224. OneRepairSpot

    Kaspersky works the best in my opinion because it doesn’t waist to much memory in your computer, and they pretty much always keep up to date with all the harmful malware

  225. Bhanu Chawla

    Eset NOD32 works fine on both x86 and x64 architectures.

  226. Claire

    I bought McAfee as on their website it says compatible with windows 7, after downloading and restarting my comp, it just kept restarting until i uninstalled it through safe mode (only thing it would let me in to, if tried to go in normally it’d say something about something that is going to damage computer so it restarting??), requested refund as it’s their mistake.

    Trying the free on you suggested.

  227. vikram

    which antivairas in working win 7

  228. ajay

    i have a older version of iolo antivirus but don’t know hether it will work in win 7 or not. help me

  229. Anonymous

    The latest AVG update (9.0.801) is no longer compatible with Windows 7, I have researched a bit and found that 8.5 works for some, but not everyone. Now I am worried as I am not sure like others what free anti-virus to get which offers full protection

  230. pheromones

    Great information here. I have a windows 7 64xbit system and I was having trouble installing older versions of anti-virus software that I had. I was running Etrust 64 bit version and Mcaffee but it failed each time and was unsuccessful with my current version. I’m going to give AVG 9 64-bit version a try and see.

  231. calebstein

    “If you want something that’s going to work really well, and is totally free, you should check out the free Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus solution”

    Technically, MSE is not free software.

  232. deadlocke82

    i install panda,kaspersky,avira, norton, eset..and its all the latest issue..but it turns out that after i install it and restart…damn, it gives me blue screen of death..i uninstall it in safe mode…i havent tried avg yet…hope it works fine….is there some out there know a virus that displays youve been hacked by noodle!…a upgraded version of hacked by godzilla…damn, it makes me scratch my head….need help here…please email me…thanksalot

  233. wahrren

    what compatible antivirus for windows 7?..and why my esset anti virus needed for pasword and username if i upadate it.?in the first place i cant put password ?thanks

  234. AeroDynamic420

    im on avg 9.0.814 and it’s working great…i am running windows 7 ultimate. tried avast before and after a while avast started using up all my system memory and made my computer lagged light crazy. So far i think avg is the most reliable security software out there. + its free :)

  235. Aryo Handono

    I just want to share with you guys, eventhough this is an old thread..
    Previously I was using Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.5 for protecting Win7 until somewhere in mid April 2010 it stops updating without any reason.
    Try running LiveUpdate manually, I was endup with error message LU1803.

    After try many steps, I decided to uninstall SEP and try reinstall it and guess what ?
    It fails many time during setup and keep rollingback without any reason.

    Yesterday I got call from Symantec Support but the support is not good enough and it seems they just focus in closing the trouble ticket.

    Now I decided to use Microsoft Essential for my AV replacing old buggy SEP.

  236. Umar

    McAfee anti virus seems to be working with x86 as windows says that anti virus is running. BUT on startup windows states that there is a driver issue for McAfee, not sure how it is affecting it though.

  237. Cleo

    McAfee is the worst in failure with Windows 7. It froze my computer multiple times, it’s very damaging, I was only able to use my laptop a few minutes before programs including Firefox stop responding. I couldn’t even do a proper shutdown of the computer. I had to uninstall, hopefully they fix the issue without making consumers purchase a new virus cd just to get the fix.

  238. Amy

    I installed the latest version of Zonealarm onto my windows 7 computer and it installs just fine but it kept crashing my computer (at one point every 10 minutes) and reporting the blue screen of death. having unistalled my computer works normally again.

  239. ab exercise dvd

    The publish already been excellent and I’ve referred it to many associated with my personal pals. I honor for the perform a person have done. Thank you once again.

  240. dave sasa

    i have installed this version of windows but none of these unit-viruses is compatible with it.

  241. migliori giochi dei casinò gratuiti

    I bought McAfee it is not compatabile with my pc.when i install macfee it is not working properly…

  242. karan

    i have installed windows7 ultimate , please tell me the suitable antivirus 4 tis version
    im using i3 processor

  243. karan

    if i installed any software it runs bt in desktop the icon covers with black patch,
    i checked it and it is showing incompatible app. bt itz running

    i hav no idea….

  244. PJ

    Just to let everyone know as well. If you live in Alberta, Canada Telus Security Services are NOT updated for Windows 7. Once you download and activate, the windows programming will crash.

  245. gp

    calebstein, GNU defined what a “GNU free software” has to be.
    For the most part of us MSE is a truly free software, since for us the only thing that matters is you don’t have to pay for it.

  246. erkki

    Panda cloud antivirus !

  247. Anak

    For; gp, and calebstein, GNU defined what a “GNU free software” has to be.

    “For the most part of us MSE is a truly free software, since for us the only thing that matters is you don’t have to pay for it.”

    gp, I think when you say “For the most part of us” The caveat is, the user’s OS has to be ‘Genuine Windows”

    Before MSE will install it will check to see if the user’s version is valid, and activated properly.

  248. joakim

    My completely new toshiba computer with windows 7 came with Mcafee antivirus, and it’s obviously working fine. Maybe an update?

  249. bioweb

    What about Symantec Antivirus?

    anybody tried?


  250. rupa

    avast is the best antivirus

  251. RJP0

    McAfee Works. Needs Version 8.7i Patch 2 or Later

  252. the compute doctor

    eset smart security 4.0 and above if installed can cause the famous blue screen of death
    it appears that the cause of this stop error is that the driver that eset smart security installs is
    incompatible with windows 7
    here is where the driver is installed
    delete this file if the bsod happens
    but you will need to uninstall eset anti virus
    and choose anouther security suite

  253. stalker7

    Eset Nod32 almost crashed my brandnew laptop. My dad installed it, but it wouldn’t open no matter what we tried. Eventually the laptop slowed down A LOT and refused to react so I tried to uninstall it, but every time I tried, it would stop reacting and I had to restart the laptop again. After I don’t know how many tries I finally managed to kick it out.
    Seriously, it drove me insane…

  254. Thebud

    I didn’t see Vripre by Sunbelt mentioned. It has been the best I have used on XP. How about Windows 7?

  255. Jill

    For anyone connecting through a Canadian ISP’s using Radialpoint-based security services (Bell calls it Security Services) – it does not support the 64 Bit version of Windows 7 and results in the so-called “Blue Screen”. Just spoke with radialpoint and although a new version is in testing, they were not able to say when it would be picked up by the ISP’s.

  256. Arnie

    if you use Mcafee antivirus & run Windows7… DO NOT UPDATE mcafee because u may find on restart that u have lost all files, & all programs will cease to work. Remove mcafee and install a freebie like “Antivir” or “AVG”. I reported this bug to DELL as my pc is only a few months old & came loaded with mcafee. Dell’s reply was to call a premium rate number for help!!
    To fix, boot up in safe mode F8, in advanced startup options select repair pc then select restore system (to a time b4 mcafee updated). you may have to restore 2 or 3 times before it runs without errors

  257. cecep munir

    i have a copy of symantec Corporate edition 10 and doesn’t work with Windows 7……any solution?

  258. Victor

    I learn’t bitdefender and avg are good for internet protection.Please i need a copy to download

  259. f khan

    well i think ESET NOD32 is the best anti virus

  260. jones


  261. Barb

    Trend Micro will not let me install some programs and will not allow me to uninstall any programs. It says administrative authorization needed, which that is me. I had to have the tech support uninstall for me. Now I don’t know what antivirus to try next. HP said to only us McAfee Toatl Protection 2010, but sounds like others do not agree. Hmmm.

  262. John

    Please leave detailed specs of your system if you post an opinion. It does no good to say “XYZ does not work on my machine” without telling us what kind of machine, OS, RAM, etc. BTW all antivirus programs, by their very nature, have the ability to cause problems on your machine. Some worse than others.

  263. Barb

    Sorry, first time user … I have an HP Pavilion HP6000 running Windows 7. Trend Micro Internet Security 2010 is the anti virus program. I keep getting the administrator authorization needed message, most recently when trying to load and run Print Artist Version 23. I have tried turning off TrendMicro, but still get the message. I called TrendMicro Tech support and they say it is not their problem since it continues when turned off. I contacted Print Artist and they say it is the TrendMicro. Is McAfee Total Protection 2010 any good? I have access to that program if needed. Thanks.

  264. Barb

    Oh, my computer is 64 bit.



  266. LoveLess

    AVG?? are u kidding me i will tell you all 1 thing there is no best or perfect antivirus out there PERIOD if u are running a 64bit OS that’s even worse because most antivirususes just SUCK at supporting 64bit specially mcafee and symantec their support for win 7 suck on a major scale.

    From my testing and experience the only antivirus that is that good is Ad-aware internet security, that thing as much as it is annoying and even marking keygens and cracks as trojans and whatnot it blocks everything from processes to networks modifications that’s something none of the other antiviruses cannot.

  267. BigDog

    McAfee Enterprise 8.7i patch 3 works with Windows 7, both x86 and x64. Using it right now.

  268. Rose

    mcafee does not support windows 7 64bit. i JUST spoke with several reps who expained that they did not forsee this malfunction. hopefully it will be fixed in a month or so… if u think ur protected on widows 7 with mcafee- u are wrong.

  269. Terry Thomson

    I’ve just spent hours with McAfee advisers before they finally admitted the problem; which they say will be fixed in two weeks time. Some support for a so called best anti-virus software provider.

  270. Roy Watson

    I am in the process of uninstalling AVAST from my Windows 7 (x64) system. I had experienced periods of extreme disk activity (with no corresponding CPU) that would “resolve” after a minute or two. After yesterday’s boot, the disk activity did not resolve and I couldn’t start any applications. After starting in safe move and uninstalling AVAST, everything worked find and no periods of being locked out. I re-installed AVAST and the issue returned.
    I am/was running the most current AVAST with it’s latest database and all current Windows patches.

  271. Roy Watson

    Sorry, should have mentioned that it was the free version of AVAST! that I am having problems with on Win 7 Home Premium.


    thanks for informations

  273. Peter

    Have been using Comodo Internet Security Premium (FREE) for a While on Windows 7 64bit (and XP PRO) without a problem and find it superb. Updates frequently and picks up problems quickly and efficiently.

    After using Norton, Avg and a few other virus checkers Comodo has me hooked

  274. amina

    thank u for your comments , i downloaded PCTOOLS free trials but i am not sure it removes viruses i think it only detects coz it’s free well i am not sure this is the first time i use this antivirus. i will be greateful if u help me know how it works. thanks

  275. Heather

    What do you think about ZONEALARM? I used it on my old computer and I loved it. I just had to uninstall Mcaffee, for some reason it just stopped working. So, I don’t completely understand which program I can install so that it doesn’t say “running two or more anti-spyware programs blah blah blah”? From what I got out of your post…Avira AntiVir Personal Edition is the only one that you can install without getting that error message. Is that correct? I rather install ZoneAlarm though because I’m use to it and it worked well for me in the past. Thank you for your time. Looking forward to hearing back from you. -Heather

  276. ziggy

    i have window 7 on a lap top and a desk top, they both have mcafee on them and now suddenly the desk top says its incompatable with it? what gives?why does a desk top not work but lap top is still cool with it?

  277. Sue

    What about BitDefender Antivirus 2010?

  278. nezam

    just nod32
    nod 32 for ever

  279. Kevin Austin

    I installed the AVG antivirus and it started making my computer slow so I would never ever suggest anyone to use…

  280. Emmanuel

    Tried to instal Kerspersky 2009 only to recieved apop up message that the driver is blocked due to compatibility issue.

  281. jeferson

    ..ESET NOD32 Antivirus..still the best for me….with a fast update and maximum protection to your computer.

  282. Mattia

    Windows 7 64bit on brand new Sony Vaio Z11-X9 with dual Raid SSD. McAfee internet security 2010 came preinstalled so I gave it a try. After an update when it goes off once a day it automatically turns real time protection off then freezes for about 4-5 minutes the taskbar and I can’t click on the start button. Some programs still work while other are completely unresponsive. It lets me take control for a few seconds every 4-5 minutes then takes over again.
    Only way to stop it is to turn off the power and possibly loose data and corrupt win7 installation.

    Similar (actually worse experience) with McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection on a Windows 2003 Server SBS. If froze the computer and I had to uninstall it in safe mode. Spent hours on the phone with this indian (terrible phone line and worse english I ever heard) tech that remoted into the server a few times and help me remove it and reinstalled it with less options but froze again and again, after this the server was unusable and I spent 3 days to fix the damage the hard shutdowns had caused.

    Asked for a refund but never heard back from them.

  283. Mark

    I have problems with AVG. It works good for awhile then shuts down everything comming and going on the enternet. I lose all enternet conections, then i have to unistale it to get my intermet conection
    back why? I have windows 7 never had that problem with XP and AVG!!!!!!!!!

  284. charles

    Why do I keep getting registry errors when I have system mechanic and why can’t we ever play any facebook or online games hp support couldn’t even help plus my pc will not load java can someone on this planet help me or we are getting rid of computer all together. Thanks

  285. jayar

    hello [poh

  286. Ronan4896

    Hi all expertise,

    May I know, can AVG Professional Edition version 7.0 (not freeware) install into Window 7 starter?

    It is an old version of AVG into new Window 7 Starter, can this work?
    Will it crash? I am not sure will this going to crash my Window 7 Starter, seems like Starter less function and not compatible.


  287. Divya priya

    Hai dude i have seen your blog. It looks awesome and i had never seen blog like your’s. I feel great to see your blog.And i to have a blog related to your blog, you can visit and comment On my blog. Thanq

  288. sohail

    rising antivirus is working good and it supports all o/s

  289. Jimbo

    I have just had to uninstall Avast free from my Win 7 Home. All was well till I updated the program yesterday, the computer went haywire. Icons disappeared from the screen, the task bar disappeared, and I had to press reset to get out of the computer. I eventually uninstalled the program, but still had problems, so I restored my computer back to an earlier date, and searched the entire computer for any bits left over from Avast, and deleted them. My computer is now fine.

  290. Derek

    I’ve had nothing but issues with AVG free running with Win7 HP 64-bit. everything installed fine, but updating causes the computer to “unrecoverable error” and bluescreen every single time.
    All windows updates are up-to-date, very frustrating.

  291. Rob

    Today a lot of my programs refused to open in windows 7. Even firefox was hanging up when it tried to log in for my e-mail.
    Uninstalled Avast and now everything works. I’ve had it installed for a long time with no problems until today.

  292. ttx

    Microsoft Security Essentials is Excellent Edition avg avst and all the others don’t work but mcafee i know i have used it for 10 years and yet to get a virus at all and yes i have tryed the rest of these and no they do not work at all they will fool you to think you at safe but you are not i first used norton the avg and Avast and the rest but want back to mcafee because it work just fine for me and i have not had a virus in so long it is great

  293. Harvey Meltzer

    Trend Titanium Maximum Security is working extremly well. It does not slow the system down the same as the previous versions did.

  294. LuckyBhumkar

    Thanks, I found everything about Windows OS. also it helping me in my research work.

  295. Damazin

    I have Kaspersky 6.0 and the main protection components are blocked due to incompatiability with windows 7, please advice me what to do?

    Many thanks

  296. Jenny

    So Im not very good with computers. I am using an hp laptop and my dad installed the vipre antivirus software on my computer(about 6 months ago), and ever since he did, the microsoft updates always fail…. (ya know the ones that run right before the computer turns off and say stage one, two, and three). They never give any reason but its been happening for months. Ive tried to find the reason why but I have a feeling its because of the antivirus software. is there any way you have the answer?

  297. Jimbo

    Jenny, I would suggest that you uninstall the anti-virus program, and then try installing the updates. If they install, then you know that is what caused the problem, then find another anti virus program and use that.

  298. Dale Trotman

    While most of these anti-virus programs are pretty good, there is a program called fake anti-virus that seems to always seem to slip through. Are any of these programs good against that? I have been testing out a product called Sandboxie. Has anyone heard of it? Seem you work in a “sandbox” and if any malware comes through it stays in the sandbox and won’t affect the rest of the system. It is also good if you want to test a new program you’re not sure of. When you close Sandboxie, everything disappears with it.

  299. Oslove

    Keep well clear of BitDefender
    After 3 years of trouble lack of support, I have got rid of Bitdefender IS 2011. It slows the PC to a slow crawl, Stops responding, crash’s the PC.
    Very heavy on resources!!
    Their support is a joke from suggesting (If you can wait a week + for a reply) re-formatting to what ever you can think off. A real 3rd rate product, having said that IF I repeat IF you manage to get it working it’s low in my ratings as a product. No refund was forthcoming from them whatsoever.

    I switched to BullGuard 2011 & have had no problems with it, light on resources efficient easy to use,without out all the bells & frills.
    Their support are quick, friendly & helpful if needed.
    Certainly seems to do the job with quick updates.

  300. awesomeness

    hi, what viruses do windows 7 get, like does it get trogen horses and all that stuff.
    i really want to know what viruses we windows 7 users get, a whole list would be nice.
    thx guys,awesomeness out

  301. comodoavast

    @awesomeness try avast free v6 absolutely free for 1 year use,,im using it now & works properly on my windows 7 home premium 64,,1 have not experiencing any single problem,,,also try comodo internet security premium free edition,,,or try avira personal ,,,trust me

  302. irneb

    I’ve come across something strange. Just started with a new PC with Win7 x64 Pro. It only had MS SecEss on. I prefer Avast! myself, so I installed from an old download I had on an external HDD. Worked perfectly, after installing my broadband connection it even started updating. Awesome!

    Though it needed a reboot. After which the turn on WebScan dialog poped up. At which point the PC became totally unresponsive. Had to hard-shut-down, and restart in safe mode, then recover to before Avast. Tried the same process again, but this time from a new download – this also seemed to give the same problem.

    From another forum, I’ve seen someone complain about MS SecEss causing Win7 to freeze. Perhaps that’s what’s going on? MS SE doesn’t want to work well with Avast! I’ll try uninstalling MS SE first & then install Avast! then come back here to review.

  303. Lakarika

    I have Bit Defender Total Protection 2011. Windows keeps saying that Bit Defender is off.

  304. santosh

    is k2 antivirus supportable for windows 7?

  305. Paul

    I have Windows 7 on two computers and have nothing but trouble trying to install Avast Internet Security. In one case I ended up installing hte free version but kept getting annoying update /purchase notes ( even though I put in a valid license code). In the other case, no version of Avast Internet Security works at all. The Avast support comes from a group caleld iyogi, and they are next to useless – -they have had me reinstall Windows 7 three times. I definitely do not recommend Avast for anything!

  306. perogi

    eSet NOD32 – nothing else comes close

  307. Free antivirus

    Nice article……..
    Thanks for your sharing…
    Really informative….

  308. bsod

    thanks for great post. keep sharing.

  309. Jimmy


    Which ant – virus is best used on window 7

  310. chris

    why don’t we stop worrying about what better if not best anti virus to use, maybe its time we give LINUX a try. i only use windows for playing games. i have dual boot: openSuSE 11.4 and windows 7 ultimate 64bit. with Linux, you get an OS where security issues is second to none just a thought, no offense!

  311. ysp

    nod32 work properly in win7 but prevet to connect to file server and computer hangs.
    plz help

  312. Online GED Programs

    Great, nice post, I was wondering the same thing and found your site by Google, learned a lot and now I have got some idea. I’ve bookmark your site. Keep us updated.

  313. jay

    oh my pc is slowing with microsoft security essentials what is the best antivirus for windows 7 that can delete trojan and trojan worms… ?? plz help me

  314. ATSH

    oh my pc is slowing with microsoft security essentials what is the best antivirus for windows 7 that can delete trojan and trojan worms… ?? plz help me

  315. Ryujin

    I’d would like to uninstall my window live messenger but no matter how i tried it just won’t budge…does anybody here gt a solution…thnxx

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