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Change the DHCP IP Address Range for VMware NAT

VMware Workstation includes a network utility that allows you to manage the virtual networks. Typically virtual machines will use NAT (Network Address Translation) to automatically assign a virtual IP address that hides behind your host address, but the default range of may not work for everybody.

You can change this address range to anything you like easily. Note that you should not have virtual machines running during this.

First open the Manage Virtual Networks start menu item:

Click the Host Virtual Network Mapping tab, and then click the arrow button next to the VMnet8 dropdown box. VMnet8 is the default NAT adapter for VMware.

Choose the Subnet option, and you will see a dialog where you can change the network range:

Once you have changed the network here, you can click the OK or Apply buttons, and after a few seconds it will update.

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  • Published 12/7/06

Comments (7)

  1. chels75

    good work ;-)

  2. Matt

    Great posting. This is exactly what I needed using VMware with Nortel VPN. A couple of notes for VM Player users.

    1 – The network manager is not in Start -> Programs -> VMWare section of the program manager. Instead, it will be in the same directory as the VMPlayer which on my box with a standard install is “C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Player\vmnetcfg.exe”. I added a shortcut so I could find it later.

    2. Once connected with VPN, do ipconfig /all and look for one with a description matching the VPN client. Using Nortel on my box the description is:
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Nortel IPSECSHM Adapter – Packet Scheduler Miniport
    Use subnet corresponding to the matching IP address as descirbed above.

  3. JD

    I tried this, but after the change all my internet connections on the host PC (Windows XP) were lost.

    The host PC works with the IP range: 192.168.1.x. Before the change, the guest OS (Windows XP also) had the IP range 192.153.128.x. I changed this to also 192.168.1.x and this caused the problem described above.

    I had to revert back to the original IP range to get the Internet connections back on the host.

    Can anyone explane why this is?

    Thanks in advance!

    Jan D

  4. (say no to godaddy)

    how do I create a static reservation per virtual machine? Assume all XP Pro each a clone of a base XP install, and at least five machines running.

  5. Pedro Nobre

    Hi! Don’t you have this for virtualbox, or if you please, could you put how to do it here?

  6. ubuntu666

    ¿Hay algún comando para crear subredes con una maquina virtual ubuntu?

  7. yomismo

    alguna forma de crear subredes¿?

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