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Why is Amarok’s "Burn This Album" Disabled in Ubuntu?

So you are using the killer Amarok music application under Ubuntu, but when you try  to “Burn this Album”, the menu item is grayed out and otherwise disabled. The reason for this is because Amarok is a KDE application designed to work with K3b, the cd burning application for KDE, but it’s not installed by default in Ubuntu. (For that matter, neither is Amarok)

Here’s what it looks like before:


Just open up a terminal prompt, and type in the following command to install K3b and the mp3 writing library in one step:

sudo apt-get install k3b libk3b2-mp3

Now when you right-click you’ll notice that Burn This Album is working.


You can burn the album easily by just selecting the CD writer that you want to use, and clicking the Burn button.


You might want to disable the completely obnoxious trumpet sound that K3b makes when it’s done burning. Just go to Settings \ Configure K3b, and then click on Notifications.


Your best bet is to click the “Turn Off All” sounds button, although you could select a different sound if you wanted to.

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  • Published 06/23/07

Comments (6)

  1. snotty

    I always wondered about this. Thanks for the article.

    Posted to… vote it up!


  2. Haico


    It helped me a lot to burn my favorite CD’s

  3. KNY

    This was a huge help; thanks for the information!

  4. rod

    Thanks buddy! It saved me a lots of money! Now I can make free gifts!!!

  5. Adam Pope

    Thanks for this! I think there’s a way to get it to recognise Sounduicer the Gnome burner as well, I had that working on Feisty, but this works swell. Thanks again!

    Adam Pope

  6. Scott

    Thanks for the article, I’m on Linux Mint 5 Fluxbox CE and was wondering about this. Just a note to anyone else, it appears (at least in my repos) that the libk3b2-mp3 package has been deprecated, and is now part of the libk3b2-extracodecs package instead. Easy enough to find with Synaptic, etc, but good to know if you’re using a terminal.

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