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View Hidden Files and Folders in Ubuntu File Browser

The Ubuntu file browser does not show hidden files or folders by default, only the files that your user has access to.

Here’s what file browser looks like when browsing the root file system normally:

As you can see, all of the hidden/system folders are not shown. If you hit Ctrl+H at this screen, you will immediately see all the hidden files:

Fairly useful shortcut key. If you would just prefer to make this be the default setting when using file browser, go to the Edit menu and select Preferences:

Check the “Show hidden and backup files” checkbox, and you should now see the hidden files all of the time.

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  • Published 12/13/06

Comments (11)

  1. paul vickery

    i have an INOi external multimedia hardrive,i downloaded about 200gb of movies from an exsternal hardrive,i had to finish up pretty quickly and stopped the download and unplugged the hardrive,gave it back to my friend,said goodbye to him and returned to my pc to view the results of the 4hour download but i can not find any file that contains these movies and the space on my hardrive is all used up,any ideas

  2. mrcetinel


  3. suresh chandra nathsharma

    i cant access my hidden folder in ubuntu.
    my hidden folde in Document folder.

  4. Masud

    You can change it by following way.

    Just press:

    Ctrl + H

  5. scott

    Ctrl + H, great tip! thanks

  6. Shaolin Zaman Khusbu

    thank you….

  7. anhtuan

    it’s done. Thanks

  8. Linux_G33k

    @paul vickery

  9. Linux_G33k

    @paul vickery

    Try safely removing the hard drive… windows will punish you!


    But How to hide a File?? :p

  11. xtien

    thanks geeks.

    find it! wine installations folder which is hidden by default!
    now i can browse programs files and windows. thanks

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