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Turn Off Auto-Play of Audio and Video CDs and DVDs in Ubuntu

Ubuntu automatically starts playing audio or video discs when you put them into your computer. If you don’t want this behavior, you can easily turn this off.

Navigate to System \ Preferences \ Removable Drives and Media

Here you can just uncheck the box for the disc type you don’t want to autoplay.

You can also disable autoplaying of portable media players such as an iPod.

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  • Published 11/9/06

Comments (5)

  1. just-passing

    Great. Ubuntu is really going “The Windows Way” … I’ve been looking all over for information on this Q .. mostly my search results include installation guides and other (in this case) useless stuff – this is the first page that addresses what I’m on about … but the shown dialog doesn’t exist anymore in hardy heron …
    What I mean by “The Windows Way” is – we get help how to use menus?!? What’s that all about – they’re there because people are often afraid of the console .. I’m not .. I’d actually prefer the info on where to edit which file to get the job done … I can find menus myself :-P

    /me does “man woman”
    /me types “make money”

  2. just-passing

    Well … the menu doesn’t exist in Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04) anymore – anyway, anyone can use menus – give us some background information! Which gconf-entries or files do we need to edit/creat/delete to make the system work to our specifications!?!
    I found this and am going to try it now … :
    It suggests changing the following entry (e.g. via gconf-editor) :
    But – with just logging out and in again in my Gnome – this didn’t do the trick for me :-/
    Happy hunting everyone!

  3. Reclusive Schmoe

    In Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04) these settings can be found in the Nautilus file browser under Edit->Preferences->Media.

  4. Robert

    How do you set the autoplay option in Kubuntu 8.10 (4.2)? I would like to make VLC launch and play a dvd.

  5. del

    Please turn off auto play its very annoying. thank you.

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