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Make VLC Player Look like Windows Media Player 11

The VLC Media Player is an open source, cross-platform media client that supports the vast majority of media formats. One of the great features is that it supports skins that work across different platforms. This article will cover installing on both linux and windows.

You will first need to download the skin named WMP11 from the skins page. This skin looks a lot like Windows Media Player 11. It’s not exact, but it’s a pretty good skin.

To install on Ubuntu Linux:

Hit Alt+F2 to bring up the run dialog, and type in this:

vlc -I skins2

This will bring up the player in the right mode to let you install new skins. Right click on the title bar area and choose Select Skin \ Open Skin, and choose the skin file that you have downloaded.

That’s pretty much all there is to it.


To install on Windows:

Select the “VLC media player (skins)” option from the Start menu program group. This will start VLC in the right mode to select skins.

Right click on the title bar area, and choose Select skin \ Open skin and choose the skin file that you have downloaded.

Easy stuff. Now you have a great looking media player.

Update:Changed the article to point to the newer and better looking WMP11 skin instead of the Dalin one.

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  • Published 12/4/06

Comments (22)

  1. dj

    thanks for halpin great skin ….n great instructions too

  2. daz


  3. Hasheb

    thankx for you

  4. Lantesh

    Hey thanks for the tip. This skin really looks fantastic, and it was so simply to install.

  5. jeff

    The new skin looks great compared to the non-skinned version, however, when I chose “make skinnable” from the start menu, then installed the skin, then chose the skin, then played an mp3, then chose the “gloom” visualization, VLC Media Player crashed in an XP Pro SP2 environment. Hopefully, this plan works better in the Linux version, which I’ll try next in Mint and Mandriva.

  6. eyad

    thnx alot!!!

  7. Ashfaq

    Wonderful.. this is a Very good thing and am liking it.

  8. paritosh

    not able to change skin in vlc 9.2….what about the zip skin files.they dont have a tld file that necessary…kindly tell for 9.2 version.

  9. Joel

    I just started using Ubuntu 8.04 and it’s all new to me and I can’t play any video’s for example MSNBC like news videos or any movie trailers or streaming videos….what did I do or not do to be able to play these videos? I need help cause it’s driving me crazy.



  10. Soubhik Datta

    This skin dows not work on my PC for some reason. Win XP sp3. Player version 0.8.1.
    Switching to this skin puts back to the default skin!

  11. Amber

    I need help my windows media 11 player wont allow me to make media changes like with the colors or turning up the bass…i change those things then click save as and its still the same as before so then i tried clicking apply media info changes under the tools tab and then save still didn’t work…what am I doing wrong?..

  12. Brazilianboiii

    Haha, in the picture, a clip from “My Name is Earl” show

  13. karol riley

    installed wmp11 and flv4free also installed silverlight f0r do you get it to play internet movies etc?

  14. Trix

    With all the nice VLC skins out there – I like hx_milky – why on earth do people want to make it look like WMP, with all that wasted space? Don’t mind me, I just don’t get it.

  15. dave

    on the risk of sounding a bit the instructions a very vague? cant seem to do it

  16. amon

    I’m using Windows Vista and I’ve downloaded the VLC skin, it’s in the download folder and I do not know how to install it from there, when I click on it, it asks me to open with. please any idea.

  17. _sahirs

    With Win7 and WMP12, I see no reason to use VLC anymore. WMP12 is a huge improvement over earlier versions – it is fast and reliable and plays all formats that I usually use…

  18. anshu mahajan

    hi all of uu

  19. Jack H.

    For Google’s puproses: Make VLC player look like Windows Media Player 11 Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 or Lynx 10.04
    Worked like a charm. Thanks! :)

  20. Pankaj

    WMP 12 skin is also available………

  21. ishaq

    I also like it cool thing i ever seen

  22. Dharmendra

    I liked it bt wobbly window effect is not working after installing it… so i m nt gonna use it further.

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