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Launch an Application Really Fast With the Keyboard in Kubuntu or KDE

KDE is an alternate window manager/desktop that can be installed on Ubuntu, and comes standard with the Kubuntu linux version. KDE is a lot more robust than Ubuntu’s Gnome environment, and is well worth a try if you haven’t used it.

If you want to launch an application with just a few keystrokes, you can use KDE’s Katapult functionality to quickly find and start an application.

From anywhere, just hit the Alt + Spacebar key combination, and you should see this window pop up:

Start typing the name of an application…. I’m going to type Kon, because I’m looking for konsole…

All I have to do now is just hit enter to launch konsole. Oh how I love KDE !

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  • Published 12/11/06

Comments (5)

  1. slave

    Omg I did’n knew that! Thanks a lot :)

  2. naser

    Double OMG.. I didn’t know this either ! Thanks a gazzalion :) I too do love KDE more than ever now

  3. James

    The Deskbar (panel applet) in GNOME does the same thing.
    Katapult can also be used from GNOME.

  4. Leo

    Kommando is pretty kewl too. Katapult is better, but kommand + katapult makes a really good team.

  5. Pham Nuwen

    Hey, it’s like Launchy for PC, love it!

    KDE FTW!

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