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Install a Drop-Down Console in Ubuntu

Tilda is a console that drops down off the top of the screen, the same way the console in a first person shooter game does, with just the press of a key.

Installing the console is easy. Open up a terminal window and type in the following command:

sudo apt-get install tilda

The properties dialog will pop up, just close it for now. Hit the F1 key, and down pops the console:

So useful! I don’t think I’ll ever use the regular console again. If you want to get to the properties window to change some of the settings, just right click the window and choose preferences.

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  • Published 12/13/06

Comments (9)

  1. joe

    do you have anything like this for the xfce desktop. i have just started with ubuntu and trying to find the cool stuff to horse with. oh an also do you have any wine help i can’t seem to get it to work at all

    thanx syn

  2. Jay

    How about the help function? It keeps popping up the help window.

  3. burwaco

    Jay, change the trigger key in preferences>keybindings to something else. I use F12, so that makes “NONE + F12″…

  4. alephiej

    You may also want to give yakuake a try, especially if you’re not using gnome desktop.

  5. rafael

    hi.. when i enable the transparecy i cant see my commands. or other things on the screen
    i want to use it with transparency .. please

  6. zibeb

    I use Yakuake in Ubuntu because even though it’s KDE, I believe that it looks nicer. (I also love multiple tabs)

  7. Delcio carneiro

    I tested and it’s work fine thank you people for help

  8. Bala

    Dude, it work awesome, Am Loving it :) Any more tips…

  9. Jmourton

    If your transparency isn’t working open Tilda right click in the console window and select “preferences” go to the appearance tab and under extras set your level of transparency to something around 19. that should fix you up.

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