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How to use an ISO image on Ubuntu Linux

Like anything else on linux, it’s easiest to do things from the command line. Open up a terminal window and type in the following commands

sudo mkdir /media/iso

sudo modprobe loop

sudo mount filename.iso /media/iso -t iso9660 -o loop

You should be able to navigate to the /media/iso folder and see the contents of the ISO image. If you want to unmount the iso, use the following command:

sudo umount /media/iso

Stay tuned, we’ll post a howto about using these ISO images from within the GUI.

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  • Published 09/25/06

Comments (10)

  1. Rahul Prasad

    thanx for the stuff dude…

    But Can anyone please explain it…
    Like what does paramater -t and -o stand for.
    what is “sudo modprobe loop”
    And why iso9660 is used…

    I will be thankfull

  2. Ravindran K

    sudo modprobe loop ->loads/ installs the module for loopback file system support
    iso9660 -> the file system used by CD roms
    -t -> specify the file system type
    -o loop-> for additional options while using a loopback filesystem

  3. shoshuro

    i need help i downloaded unbuntu linux and it is a iso file but when i tried to execute it , it would not let me

  4. steve

    shoshuro If you are on windows you need to burn a cd from the iso image first. Use Nero or the free iso recorder from here:

    then if your system is set to boot from your cd drive, insert the cd in the drive and restart your computer.

    This will run Ubuntu from the cd without installing it. If it works on your system you can click install and follow the directions.

  5. kerry

    if you want to burn your dvd to iso image and save it to your mac,i share you below resource:

  6. Vicky

    Thanks for the help…..

    I always search firstly this site for any help on ubuntu linux 9.04

  7. Mike

    You can mount a iso in Ubuntu with a GUI by using the program: Gmount-iso

  8. My Name's Yoeurm Mut

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    and then when I click on this bottom bove it shown more msg
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    and then it show more msg below
    -Are you sure that you want to remove and all of its component.

    Please kindly reply your answer to my email above.

    Hope you could help me resol this problem

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  9. asmara

    kindly tel me somthing about ubuntu ?? and ISO?? and what is ubuntu ISO???? thanks.. waiting 4 reply!!!

  10. Vineeth.J

    Ubuntu is an operating system that runs on the debian platform, its a linux based OS. and hence very different from windows. although ubuntu developers have tried hard at making Ubuntu easy for beginners .its still best if you know how to use Linux commands
    ubuntu is safer and faster than windows that’s one of its biggest advantage

    an ISO .is an image file..that you get when you create a copy (image) of a can run it using virtual disks..or just burn it onto another disk..

    hope i helped…

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