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How to Switch Between GDM and KDM on Ubuntu

If you have installed the Kubuntu desktop on top of Ubuntu or the other way around, you may want to switch from gdm to kdm, or from kdm to gdm. This is an easy thing to do.

Open a terminal window and type in the following command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm

Hit enter at the OK prompt, and then you can switch between the two easily:

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  • Published 12/13/06

Comments (15)

  1. Kavitha

    Thanks a bunch for the tip!! It comes in quite handy.

  2. Terry


    I tried it, but I get an error message at the end:

    “invoke-rc.d: initscript gdm, action “reload” failed”

    I have Ubuntu 7.04 and install Kubuntu-desktop on top of it. I am currently using KDM, but want to switch back to GDM

    How do I fix it ?

    Thank you very much for the help

  3. chibuzor onwurah

    Thanks Geek. Gonna try it right away

  4. Igron

    > How do I fix it ?

    May be
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm

  5. smgbulldog


  6. Jack Hackett

    Subject:- How to Switch Between GDM and KDM on Ubuntu
    WEB Page:-

    Is there a ‘Launcher’ for this?
    Do I have to go to the Terminal every time i go to SWITCH

  7. Fabian Rodriguez

    Thank you. Still useful in Jaunty.

  8. mhernandez

    Nice tip. Helped a lot! :D

  9. Jaxon

    Thanks heaps!!!

  10. Matze

    Thanks a lot! =)

  11. seyed

    It fixes Shutdown and Restart button from Kickoff menu.

    Thanks again 8D

  12. Vincent

    Can’t believe this article is still so popular.:p

  13. Hehhl

    Just keeping the fire running……

  14. Agentkiller4

    Works on Debian unstable =]

    post still popular =D

  15. Synergy

    But … I WANT KDM :(

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