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How to Access your Box.Net Account from Ubuntu the Easy Way offers 1GB of free online storage, accessible from anywhere. I use them to back up important files like ebooks I’ve paid for and don’t want to lose. Which got me thinking… how to access my files directly from Ubuntu?

Turns out there is a really easy way to mount your account. Go to Places \ Connect to Server:

You will be presented with this dialog:

For the User Name, enter your own username. Don’t use my username. For Server, enter

You can put whatever you want for the “Name to use for connection” textbox. That is the name that will appear on the desktop icon:

Double-click the icon, and you will be presented with an authentication dialog box asking you to login:

I chose to remember my password, because I dislike typing it over and over. That part is really up to you.

You should now be able to access your account.

Tested on: Ubuntu Dapper, Ubuntu Edgy Eft

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  • Published 10/24/06

Comments (17)

  1. Aleksandersen

    Oh, thanks! I had almost forgotten about my account! But now I just found new areas where I can use my account…

  2. Freesitebuilder

    Just starting to play with Ubuntu, and tips like this are really useful as I try to work out the “Ubuntu / Windows equivalent” of many ordinary tasks.

    Thanks :)

  3. adrpater

    Very cool!
    But how do I remove it?

  4. UbuntuUser

    Thanks! This saves me a lot of trouble, especially on linux. ( doesn’t seem to like linux veyr much)

    To remove it, right-click it and press “unmount volume” (this is for feisty specifically, not sure about other versions)

  5. Vyazovoi Pavel

    Also, you can use application named “Conduit”. This is synchronization program. One of his function – synchronization with local directory

  6. senthil

    Sound like a cool idea. But in my “Connect to server” Secure WebDAV(https) is not listed in Service Type. I am running Hardy. Any suggestions?

  7. J.Lai

    It seems that has closed this service.

    Thanks Vyazovoi Pavel ! Conduit is an exciting tool, the dream synchronization I want.

  8. Brunno Gomes

    This doesn’t work on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy).

    There is no “Secure WebDav (HTTPS)” option, just “WebDav (HTTP).

  9. Raphael

    @Brunno : You’re right !
    Too bad …

    Here is the bug report :

  10. nergar

    I tried with:


    in nautilus and It worked, very slow but it worked. Then I just created a bookmark.

  11. Grindboy

    Tested and working on Xandros with Gnome installed on the EEE pc

  12. fxleytens

    For “non secure dav” folks

    Goto Start —> Places —> Connect to server,

    Select “Custom Location”

    In the “Location (URI)” field, enter dav://

    Give a bookmark name then click “Connect”, give credentials.

    You’re done, you have a desktop icon with your files.

  13. Arnold

    Can’t get it to work properly. I get the folders in the root dir, but when I try to open them, there an error ‘Could not display “davs://”. Error: Response invalid
    Please select another viewer and try again.’

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  14. Jake

    I got a similar error as Arnold. Not sure if this is Ubuntu’s issue or a issue.

  15. Filipe

    Same problem here

  16. elie-m

    No images found in ‘davs:// (2).jpg’.

    same prob.

  17. Aiham

    Works with Ubuntu 11.10

    I couldn’t find Connect to Server for a while. It can be found by opening your home folder, then going to File > Connect to Server…

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