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Fix Amarok Error: "Fingerprinting of .mp3 files is not supported"

If you receive an error saying “Tunepimp (MusicBrainz tagging library) returned the following error: “Fingerprinting of .mp3 files is not supported” when you are attempting to fill in the tags on your mp3 files using Amarok’s MusicBrainz plugin, then you’ve come to the right place.

This error message is really wide, isn’t it?


All you need to do is completely close down Amarok (make sure it’s not in the tray either), and then open up a terminal and run the following command:

sudo apt-get install libtunepimp5-mp3

Restart Amarok, and you should be able to immediately start using MusicBrainz:


Now if I just knew which album that song was on… 

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  • Published 07/2/07

Comments (24)

  1. alexander

    brilliant, thank you heaps I spent all afternoon trying to get musicbrainz to fix 12 songs… makes you wonder why i didnt just rename them myself from the CD.

  2. frankie_it

    thanks man!

  3. David Crandall

    Thank you! This was the first fix I came to, and it fixed my problem right away! I appreciate it!

  4. aditya agrawal

    i have installed

    from packman
    still i am getting the same error. some one please help me out!!!

  5. Binny V A

    Does anyone know the yum equivalent of the apt-get command? (yum install libtunepimp5-mp3 does not work)

  6. The Geek


    You should use the “yum search” command to see what is available in the repository. I’m not running Suse, so I can’t give you the exact command at the moment, but you can do “yum search tunepimp” or something like that.

  7. Binny V A

    Got it – the command is
    yum install libtunepimp-extras-nonfree

    And it work :-)

  8. Sudhang Shankar

    Thank you so very much!!! :D

  9. pchero

    Thank you for your advice.

  10. Amy

    Fix worked perfectly.

    However, when I try to fill in tag info with Musicbrains (regardless of trying one tag or many) the progress gets stuck on “Generating Audio Fingerprint…”.


    Thanks in advance…

  11. ILE

    Really usefull, thanks a lot !

  12. Niky

    Grande! Very good! Thank you!

  13. Ricardo

    Thanks!!! It’s working on Kubuntu 8.04!!!!

  14. The_Tall1

    Thanks now thats what i call a music player.

  15. Alberto

    Excellent! Thanx a million!

    comentario dio en el clavo!

  16. Halibutt

    Thanks man, you’re my hero :)

  17. Xubuntu

    *** Thank You! ***

  18. Cesar

    every word in this post is USEFUL!!!!!!

    now Amarok works like a charm … just waiting Amarok 2 in the Ubuntu repositories

    many thanks :)

  19. loteq

    Thanks, spot on.

  20. JaRRo

    Nice, Thanks

  21. nmnfgs

    Works for me, thanks!

  22. Ulli

    Due to the track number in the filename the song might be from “Play : the B sided” (-> #7) ;))

  23. Jorge

    It really works!!!

  24. schilkschi

    Thx! But why is there no dependency in the repository?

    I don’t care anymore :D

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