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Disable the Login Sound on Ubuntu

If you are constantly tweaking your setup the way I do, the login sound will drive you crazy after a short while. Of course, if you are constantly tweaking your setup, it’s very unlikely that you are reading this article because you already know how to do this.

To change or disable the login sound, go to System \ Preferences \ Sound and click on the Sounds tab.

Change the dropdown to No sound, as shown:

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  • Published 12/24/06

Comments (15)

  1. adam

    Is there a non-gui means of doing this? I’m using xubuntu, which does not have any system / preferences / sound region.

  2. tony

    xubuntu gui is in System / Login Window

  3. Durell Wilson

    I have no business being here, I have an entirely different problem. But I couldn’t help to read your post in the description on Google. Why don’t you just mute it? I don’t understand the trouble.

  4. shillo

    is there a way to copy the login sound… i want to use it as my windows login sound as well.

  5. bungler


    Brilliant! There’s a clunking noise coming from under the hood of my car. Should I just turn up the radio?

  6. Shaz


    yes you can copy it.

    File location: /usr/share/sounds/

  7. Logan

    then if i copy it, can i use it in my cellphone?

  8. stan

    While this will disable the Login sound, it will *not* disable the drum sound announcing the login screen. I have disabled system sounds on my system, yet even so that drum sound plays. Since I aim to use my laptop at school — unobtrusively — I would like to silence all sounds.

    Yes, I’ll mute the system, but where the mute status doesn’t persist between boots, I’d just as soon be safe rather than the guy in class whose laptop starts singing…


  9. stan

    In fact, to disable the drum sound, go to System>Admin>Login Window>Accessibility and uncheck the sound in question.


  10. Roboshed

    FYI in Kubuntu it is under System Settings->Look & Feel->Notifications

    Event Source = KDE System Notifications, Title = Login

  11. Jonathan

    Thanks Stan for finding that out how to disable the drum sound (System>Admin>Login Window>Accessibility). That is what I wanted to find out when I googled this page.

  12. Hein Garik

    I just open terminal, “GKSU Nautilus”, navigate to /usr/share/sounds/stereo and delete all the sounds. I do not know if this will cause trouble, but I just did it. I had disabled sounds through System/Preferences/Sound, but it had no effect, and I was tired of having my speakers nearly destroyed at every log in. To hell with Gnome and Canonical.

  13. Hein Garik

    “gksu” should not be capitalized. So not GKSU, but “gksu” nautilus

  14. Hein Garik

    Sorry for the triple posting, but Jonathan’s method is clearly the best. I never observed this feature in 4 years of Ubuntu use. Thank you Sir.

  15. Al

    This is covered on this site in a post for 10.04 here:

    Thanks, al.

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