If you are like me, you’ve just gotten the news about the new Google Desktop client for Linux, and you are removing the current Beagle search for Ubuntu so you can replace it with Google instead.

The only problem is that the Beagle search had a huge cache of data left behind after removing the package, in this hidden directory:


On my test system, that directory is /home/geek/.beagle/ and it turned out to have 141mb wasting space. I suppose it could have been worse… my main system has 1GB of data sitting there.


Note: This article assumes that you’ve already removed Beagle, and that you don’t want the search cache to remain.

Navigate in the File Browser to your home directory, and then hit the Ctrl+H key combination to see the hidden files. You should see .beagle in the list.


Just delete the folder, and you should be all done. (Of course, you could do this from the command line instead like I did)