Week in Geek: Windows 7 Taskbar’s Last Window Trick Edition

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By Lowell Heddings on May 29th, 2009

The taskbar button grouping feature is nothing new in Windows 7, and it’s still very irritating if you want to quickly switch between multiple windows of the same type. But Windows 7 makes it better.

To explain: Normally, when you click on a taskbar icon that has multiple open windows, you’ll see the popup previews for all of them, and then have to switch between them… which can quickly get tedious if you are repeatedly switching between the same windows.


But… if you hold down the Ctrl key while you click the button, you’ll immediately be taken to the last window of that type that you had open. (If you continue to click the button while holding the Ctrl key down, Windows 7 will cycle through all the windows of that type.)

As an example, imagine you have three Chrome windows open, and 15 instances of Notepad, but you only want to switch back and forth between two of the open windows. You can simply hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the Chrome icon, and then hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the Notepad icon—alternating between them is easy.

And before you ask, sure… you could close some windows, use Alt+Tab, use Aero Snap to split the screen, or any number of other methods of switching between them. The point is that this little trick can be a huge time-saver when you just want to get back to the last window that you were using.

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  • Published 05/29/09
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