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Week in Geek – The Slick Windows 7 File Copy Animation Edition

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Earlier this week on Lifehacker I wrote up a few of the really slick features I’ve come to love in Windows 7… but I forgot to mention one tiny feature with a really big impact on how you use your computer.

Since I’ve been using Windows, one thing has remained constant—every blasted time I start copying files that little dialog window gets lost somewhere in the background, and if your taskbar buttons are set to group, you have to keep checking to see if it’s done yet.

Windows 7 adds a tiny, but awesome, tweak that makes this problem a thing of the past—when you start copying files, the taskbar button shows a progress bar:

Windows 7 File Copy

And if you’ve got another window maximized, the progress bar will glow even brighter to make it more obvious that a copy operation is going on.

Windows 7 File Copy

It’s a tiny feature, but just so terribly useful. The more you use Windows 7, the more of these really useful tiny features you find.

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  • Published 05/15/09

Comments (5)

  1. Chris

    What’s happened to your new Dell? I’m holding off buying one because I really want to read your feedback.

    All the very best from Exeter, England

  2. JustInspired

    I have found the copy process to be much snappier in Windows 7 than Vista. Also, browsing network shares is as quick as XP whereas my two installs of Vista take an age to even open up a network share. And yes I’ve tried all the ‘fixes’ for the Vista issues with no avail.

  3. Juliana Pea

    What’s cool about the progress bar animation, is that third party programs can use it too. IE already uses it for downloads, and there’s a big discussion going on in Bugzilla to implement it in Firefox. Installing some programs will also show the progress bar in the task bar. Here’s a tutorial on how to implement it into your own program:

  4. jomimogi

    I just joined. I also chose Vista Home Premium to replace XP on my 2003 PC. I am on a learning curve right now, but question: Am reading alot about Windows 7, but know nothing about it. Did I make a mistake by buying Vista instead of maybe downloading Windows 7 or purchasing it? Sorry to be so ungeekish, I remain
    Mike M.

  5. SuAlfons

    Hello Geek!

    The single one *grrr* I always had with any windows version was, that when the filemanager or explorer coming to a point where it thinks it needs user interaction it will not include an option to “make like this for every file that has this problem”.

    Like, one file you want to copy over is write protected. You are not prompted to SKIP that one file. You may either overwrite it (and will be prompted for all other files again with this problem) or you may cancel the whole copying process (what’s really cool when you run on this halfway through a big multi file copy operation).

    Has that been improved in Vista or Win7? They could have copied from Gnome or KDE,…they could have done so long ago….

    OK, there is another bugger in Windows: When you browse any menu, also the Start-Menu, the menu will be closed when another Program opens some dialog. ***GGRRRRGRRGGGRRR** User intention has always to come first. Stop those menus from closing!

    Sorry, that had to come out. I actually am totally for new look and feel when a new OS version comes out. But Windows has so many shortcomings in internal and even GUI design that the last thing it really lacks are new window modes and colors.

    Greetings from Germany,

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