Looking for a way to watch premium sports and entertainment television on your PC?  Today we look at StreamTorrent, which is a free tool for streaming to unlimited users with serverless peer to peer technology. 

Installation is quick and easy following the install wizard.

There are some categories included by default in Search that you can browse through or type in your own inquiries.

Search For Streams

After you search for feeds you add them to a playlist where StreamTorrent shows you the quality of the feed, name, and how many users are currently watching.


When you first launch a station there is a message from the StreamTorrent team while it buffers.


The video player is relatively basic but provides a good picture.  You can resize the player and toggle to full screen as well.


There are hundreds of different channels to check out from around the world, some of which are premium cable such as HBO.  If you’re a sports fan you will enjoy watching ESPN, Fox Sports 2, Sky Sports and several others.

Right now this model is not perfect, you will only get good results when several others are watching and seeding the same channel, but overall this technique could be come a great way to watch premium television without wasting loads of bandwidth on files.  The project is a work in progress and if you want to try it out you can download the program at their Google Groups page.

Download StreamTorrent at Google Groups