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Waste Time With the Geekiest Flash Game Ever

Around midnight I stumbled across a new flash game posted by dillon, one of our forum members… about 3 hours later I realized that I was still playing, and hadn’t written anything for today… but no matter, I’ll pass on this productivity killer for everybody to enjoy!

The game is called Fantastic Contraption, and it’s a physics-based flash game where you have to build a “contraption” that can get the red object over to the goal, usually through some type of obstacle course.

Building a Fantastic Contraption

After going through a brief tutorial level, you’ll get to play the game and make your own contraptions using a number of different objects, seen at the top of the screen. (This screenshot is from the “Junkyard” level 4.)


For this level I decided to make something similar to a tank, so I positioned a number of wheels and then connected them with the “water” lines, which are flexible…


Then I put “wood” lines between the wheels, to make sure they stayed a certain distance from each other.


Then I put more of the “water rods” in place, which basically act like the tracks to the “vehicle”. Once you think your contraption is ready, you can put it to the test by clicking the Start button.


There it goes… not pretty, but looks like it’s gonna make it!


And sure enough, it did. Now I can move on to the next level.


Some of the levels aren’t terribly hard… just need to make a machine that won’t fall down the trench here:


But some of them are really difficult…


This one required building an extremely complicated machine that pushed the balls across.


Don’t even get me started on this one…


Altogether, this is one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played.

Are there any geekier flash games that you spend your time on? Let us know in the comments.

Waste Time With the Fantastic Contraption

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  • Published 10/23/08

Comments (21)

  1. Ahmed Kotb

    very nice game
    it really looks like phun (PHyiscs is fUn) :D

    Phun main Site :

    you can also see my article about phun (

    the best part of this game is that it could be played anywhere online without wasting time in installation, however phun contains much more tools if you this sort of games.

  2. palmamod

    Hey, I was just yesterday struggling on the very last one you mentioned..
    I will still be next time I go play that again!!
    Great post!

  3. Owen Davies

    Do you realize what you’ve done?

    Take the hours you’ve spend and will spend on this game (you know completing each level once won’t be enough; you’ll have to go back and do it in a better/faster/cooler way) and multiply by the number of people who read your blog….. I think you’ve just caused a .2% drop in the GDP due to time spent building contraptions and/or sleepiness at work the next day.

    They keep looking for someone to blame for the financial crisis…. look at when this game came out and when it spread to wider audiences and plot that against the value of the financial markets…

  4. JCVC

    I’ve been playing this game since the day it came out, it is truly incredible. I’d definitely recommend paying the ten dollars to register and get the full version. It allows you to play other players levels which makes the fun (phun?) keep going.

  5. whs

    As the Geek says: A waste of time.

  6. Amr El-Helw

    Very addictive game!! But loads of fun.
    I couldn’t let it go until I managed to beat all the levels :P

  7. JonMCC33

    As long as someone is entertained by it that is all that matters…

  8. jambarama

    This is a great game, I lost almost 5 hours when it made it to reddit a month or two ago. But I did beat all of the levels, which made me proud.

    I think light bot is an even geekier game: While not as challenging as this one, it sort of centers around programming. It is really just logic, but the ability to use & reuse functions makes is an excellent challenge.

  9. jambarama

    By the way, here’s the reddit thread if you need some inspiration on a few levels:

  10. The Geek


    Great game! I love it!

  11. Swaar

    It reminds me of ‘The Incredible Machine’. Looks like i need to check it out… but after work hours :)

  12. Lisa Tong

    It’s not exactly a brainteaser game (nor a flash game), but it’s “The Settlers of Catan” online. You can find it here:

    Then click on the first game on the panel.

    The settlers of Catan emits the same type of addiction as your flash game, only worse, because you can play it with other humans (so it’s not typically good sportsmanship to depart the game mid-way). So you can be three-hours into a game (although each game rarely takes that long to play) and still not be done.

    Try it – it takes some time to learn, but using a strategic mindset and understanding a bit of probability helps a great deal. Enjoy!

  13. dcj2

    {shaking my fist at photo of HtG a yelling in my best Colbertian voice} GEEEEK!!!!

  14. Gyffes

    Hey, Geek (and others), have you seen this:

    “Magic Pen” — delightful. Not quite contraption-like in that you don’t design something like your tank, but the general idea’s the same: applied physics — who knew it could be so fun?

  15. Kyle

    Geek! Have you tried, “The World’s Hardest Game”? go here:

  16. The Geek


    That’s way too hard! =)

  17. Kyle

    search on youtube to see strategies on that game. It helped me!

  18. Abe

    Cool games, i like it very much

  19. Bink

    Down with you How-To Geek! I have lots of things to do, but Fantastic Contraptions is occupying too much of my time!

    (Thanks for the write-up :/ !)

  20. Sparkie

    I hope there’s more of these… we love them.

  21. John

    I see that you posted this in ’08. In the middle of an economic melt down. This couldn’t have helped to get people back working on the real issues of the day.
    So now we’re trying to claw our way back out- and what do you do? Why, put this up again. Even worse now with the iPad all over the place. Gonna be some awfullyyyyy long coffee breaks taken. Got a secret death wish for the economy???

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