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Using the Online Stopwatch as a Desktop Application

While doing research for a project that involved benchmarking, I realized I needed a good stopwatch to time the results… which is when I found a website that does exactly that, and does it quite well. To make it even easier, we can launch it as a desktop application.

To get started, you’ll need to already have Google’s Chrome browser installed, as we’ll use the “Create application shortcuts” feature to launch the website in a window all by itself, mimicking a desktop application.

Creating the Application Shortcut

Open up Chrome and browse over to and then click on the icon to the right of the address bar, choosing “Create application shortcuts…” from the menu.


You’ll get a choice of where you want to place the shortcuts, and then click the OK button to continue.


At this point you’ll have an icon for the Online Stopwatch. The icon quality isn’t so great at larger sizes, but it looks pretty good in the quick launch bar at least.


Now when you open it up, you’ll get what looks like a desktop application, although it’s nothing more than a custom browser with a special shortcut.


You can use this feature of Google Chrome to turn any website into a “desktop” application… loads of possibilities.

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  • Published 11/26/08

Comments (8)

  1. venkat

    We can create shortcuts to websites in Google chrome ,we can create shortcuts to websites in any browser like Fireox or IE for that matter resize browser windows and drag the favicon of website to desktop .That’s it shortcut for website is created.

  2. HugoHilter

    Thats a nice idea with the shortcut – but i think, it is easier, download the application from this site. The “online-stopwatch.exe” runs without installation – in the same way as in the browser.

    Best “geeky” regards from Germany

  3. Ron

    Useful application –

    This little tool might be very useful for atheletes that like to train on their own and track their progress with sprints and other events that are over in a few seconds.

    One missing piece though would be an inexpensive device to wirelessly start and stop the online stopwatch. Something that doesn’t introduce human error and is quick and easy to use.

    A sensor or switch that is tripped as the legs of the runner pass by would work well.

    Is there some type of sensor/switch that is already out there that works well and doesn’t cost a lot of money?

    just a thought,

  4. DocPaul

    Athletes already have tiny computers they wear on their wrists for this type of function. The only reason I can think of to have a stopwatch on your computer would be to see how fast you can double-click. Anyone beat .116?

  5. Dan

    Not too sure what you would need it for, unless it was hotkey controlled – then maybe to time how long different apps take to start up… but then that’s not something the everyday user would be doing.

    DocPaul, I reached 108 after about 5 minutes =] – anyone beat that?

  6. Hunter

    DocPaul –

    Thanks for the suggestion, but those tiny computers they wear on their wrists are for running distance events.

    You can’t use them effectively to time sprints or for anything that needs accuracies of less than a second.

    I think most track atheletes and coaches would be thankful to you for the season if you could tell them where to get a device that was mentioned before..

  7. Derp

    .55 not hard

  8. Ja5087

    If you are using chrome 8 you need to go to the wrench bar-options the create application will be there

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