Our motto here has always been “Computer Help from your Friendly How-To Geek”, and we try to provide help in the friendliest mode possible. Since we’d like to be more efficient in helping you I decided to write up some tips on the best way to get help.

Post your question on the Forum

This is far and away the best way to ask for help, as we’ve got quite a few very helpful geeks that monitor the forum. There’s even a decent chance that your question has already been asked, and has possibly been answered.

Those of you that don’t need help are also welcome to participate in the forum and share your knowledge.

The How-To Geek Forums

Bookmark that link, and feel free to visit and ask questions.

Don’t Leave Computer Help Questions in the Comments

You are welcome to leave a question in the comments, but we get somewhere between 20-40 comments per day on the 570 published articles, and there’s just no way we’ll be able to answer your computer help question if you leave it in a comment on an article written months ago.


If you are asking a question directly about the article, we usually respond to questions posted in the first few days after publishing, but we can’t consistently answer questions on really old articles.

We’ve also noticed a lot of very off-topic questions being posted in comments. Again, please leave your question on the forum if you’d like an answer. I’ll be updating the comment form to more accurately reflect these thoughts.

Use the Search

We’ve got a search box on every page that will search through the published articles, and chances are we’ve written an article on most subjects concerning Vista. There’s also a separate search option on the forums (we’ll be unifying the search soon). If you can’t find an article by searching, you should post your question on the forum.

Contact the Geek

I get a lot of questions sent to me in email every day, and I’ll always try and help personally if possible, but depending on how busy I am it might take me a day or two to get back to you. The forums are your best bet.

Subscribe to the Feed

Chances are that you are already subscribed, but for those of you that aren’t, make sure you subscribe to our latest articles feed (over on the right) to get your daily dose of How-To goodness.
We hope that your computer works perfectly and we never have to hear from you, but if we do, we’ll promise to be friendly and helpful.

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