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Set the Speed Dial as the Opera Startup Page

Reader John wrote in today asking how to set Opera to open directly to the Speed Dial page… so after a bit of testing I figured it out, and am sharing with everybody else.

If you are unfamiliar with Opera’s Speed Dial, it’s an extremely useful page that shows you thumbnails of sites, and allows you to quickly navigate to them using the mouse or keyboard:


Set Speed Dial as Opera Start Page

Open up Tools \ Preferences from the menu, and then change the Startup drop-down to “Start with blank page”. (Note that this will prevent you from loading up the tabs from last session automatically)


Next, you’ll need to click on Advanced \ Tabs and then “Additional tab options”:


Now just make sure to uncheck the box for “Allow window with no tabs” (it may not be checked by default)


At this point Opera should start up with nothing but the Speed Dial. I find this extremely useful, since I mostly use Opera when I want to quickly look something up.

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  • Published 06/18/08

Comments (23)

  1. Litbea


    The main problem I’m having with Opera 9 is with Netvibes. It can’t full fill up the browser window… :-(

  2. Jason

    The only issue I have with this is that setting Opera this way negates your ability to restore your session the next time you open it.

  3. Jake

    Fast Dial is a Firefox extension that gives you the equivalent of Speed Dial.

  4. Itsme

    I’ve used Opera for over 6 years, out of the box it just works, no add-ons are needed.
    IE and Firefox are a joke, for speed and security.

  5. 1fastbullet

    Richard, I use Firefox exclusively and have been happily using Speed Dial for quite some time. What’s cool and timely is, I got an update just today from Speed Dial that includes this little goodie:

    “# Multiple website addresses can be assigned to a single dial. Works like the home page, by oncatenating multiple addresses using “|” as the separator. For instance, “|” will open those addresses at the same time in different tabs”.

    Now I don’t have to open individual tabs for my Email accounts. Speed Dial does it for me.

  6. sam

    m havin a problem w speed dial ;) its not displaying the correct thumbnail (webpage) on the url i’ve saved to.. can anyone help me?

  7. randy

    hey howtogeek – thx for the post. however, how do you set opera so that when you click on the home icon, it goes back to the speed dial page? I haven’t had success in doing this…

  8. Terri

    Better late than never responses….

    Jason: Opera does allow you to pick if you want to open the last session, your homepage or a blank page. Go to Tools – Preferences – General and pick from the drop down bar what you want to have happen at startup.

    Jake: Fast Dial is just a clone of Speed Dial and is still buggy. Opera’s is stable.

    IFastBullet: LOL, if you are talking email then once again Opera has the others beat by being one step ahead. Opera not only can integrate ALL of your web email addresses under one page it also renders pop-ups whenever a message to any of those accounts are received. I have 3 gmail, 1 hotmaiI and 1 yahoo account all nicely packed onto one screen. If I just want to check on one of the accounts and not the rest all I have to do is click on that address and only those messages will appear. And what I REALLY love is it’s new popup feature! If you get any email to any of the accounts tied into Opera’s interface you will get a pop up screen on the bottom right hand corner lett ing you know what address it is to and who is sending it. I don’t use Outlook at home but I know how nice that feature is at work and it is great to have it at home as well with Opera.

  9. Bill

    Heya Terri,

    Can you outline for me how to integrate my email into Opera and set it up how you have described above? A link will be fine or a pointer in the right direction.

    It’ really exciting learning about Operas capabilities and would really appreciate any pointers you have.


  10. joppe

    After some fiddling around, I found a much easier way to start with the speed dial:
    1. configure your speed dial to your own preferences
    2. save the session and check the box “start these tabs and windows everytime I start Opera”*
    3. done.

    *or a similar sentence, I use the Dutch version

  11. Slick JT

    Thank you for sharing this.

  12. YesYesYes

    excelent! wery easy! it works!

  13. CingT

    Hi! This would be great, but as it turns out I don’t have the same options as you on “Additional Tab Options”. I only have two check boxes, not including the “Allow windows with no tabs”. Do you know why? Btw I have the newest version, for Mac.

  14. cityrooster

    someone asked earlier how to return to speed dial when you hit the home button. I have not seen an answer for that. Can anyone help?

  15. blah

    This didn’t work in 9.26, I don’t have a blank page option

  16. Awais Imran

    Really helpful. Keep it up How-To Geek!

  17. Tezdoll

    In the newest version. 10 beta. I had to set my homepage to show start-up dialog. In there was an option to set my homepage to speed dial and to never ask me this question again. Now under my preferences it says Start with Speed dial as my startup.

  18. Toe

    Like randy, I was hoping this would describe how the home button could be configured to go to the speeddial. I’ll keep looking.

  19. phonehome

    I’ve also been trying to get the home button to go to speed dial for a year or two in Opera

  20. geo

    PC versions of 10.5 & 10.6 have become more mac like

    closing all tabs in a second instance of opera closes that instance


    in 10.01 & 10.10, all tabs are closed & leaves Speed Dial tab open :)
    I guess not many users mind the change
    at least it makes the interface consistent with what happens on the mac

  21. shanty_rof

    what does mean the server responded:[AUTH] failed user/password when i start to open opera every tabs? i was full fill up but still failed and i don’t understand. Thank you for help.

  22. syed.parvin

    when i start to speed dail

  23. imfirinmalazor

    Can someone tell me how i can do this : star opera with 2 tabs ( 1 is speed dial and the other is a site )
    Please someone help me.

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