Select Colors from Anywhere on the Screen with Instant Eyedropper

As a programmer and a fairly terrible web designer, I often need to select a color from an image somewhere on the screen, and it gets really tiring to take a screenshot, paste into Photoshop and use the eyedropper there.

There’s a small utility called Instant Eyedropper that runs in your system tray and will let you easily select a color from anywhere on the screen.

Just click on the icon in the system tray and Hold down the mouse button… you’ll see a little selector window as you move your mouse around the screen. Releasing the mouse button will copy that color to the clipboard.


The right-click menu for the tray icon will let you choose between a whole bunch of formats… mostly useful for programmers or professional designers.


The Options dialog will let you choose from a number of different color formats, as well as change the resolution of the selector window.


The biggest problem with this application is that there’s no keyboard shortcut… perhaps one of the readers can suggest a tool that includes one.

Download Instant Eyedropper from

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