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Prevent Firefox or Internet Explorer from Printing the URL on Every Page

If you’re the type of person that likes to print off long articles for offline reading, then you’ve no doubt had the same irritation as me: How do I disable the page URL from printing on every page? It’s really annoying, and it’s a waste of ink as well, especially since many pages have long URLs that don’t fit on the printed page anyway.

Luckily we can easily change this with a small configuration tweak in either browser.

Remove from Internet Explorer

Simply click on the little arrow next to the printer icon on the toolbar, and then choose Page Setup from the menu.


Now you should see a “Headers and Footers” section where you can specify what is printed. The codes, like &w and &b are replaced with the values on the current page, such as the URL.


To remove the URL from printing, simply remove the text from the Footer box. Otherwise, you can more fully customize the setup by following the instructions in this article.

Tip: If you just want to remove the header and footer for a single print job, you can click on Print Preview, and then click on the button for “Turn headers and footers on or off”


Then you can simply click the print button, and your print job will print without that extra information.

Remove From Firefox

Go to the File \ Page Setup item on the menu, and then select the Margins & Header/Footer tab in the dialog.


You should be able to change the drop-downs to set the Title or URL to –blank– instead, which will prevent them from printing. Note that you could also use this to put the page numbers at the top instead of the bottom if you prefer that.

Note: You can access the Page Setup from the print preview screen, which should set the options just for that print job.

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  • Published 07/11/08

Comments (19)

  1. iKha0s

    That’s pretty neat. I’ve always hated those little url’s on the pages. I never really bothered looking into getting rid of them until now. Thanks Geek.

  2. Patricia Stewart

    You have helped me with Vista so much, I can not thank you enough. I can only spread the word about your help. You are the top Geek! Thank You Your instructions are easy to follow and understand.
    Plase keep up the super work. 5*****s

  3. Jack

    Thats really neat. Nice little trick to cut down on some ink. Thanks

  4. ron

    just found out about this site a couple of weeks ago. you hit me dead center when you were telling about getting rid of headers and footers. i do a lot of printing off the internet to read later. now i know how to get rid of them. thanks a lot.

  5. chale

    Very good advise, thank you

  6. carls


    If you’re the type of person that likes to print off long articles for offline reading, then you’ve no doubt had the same irritation as me:

    ***end snip***

    Just a “friendly comment here”: you’re not that irritating… Or maybe you meant “same irritation as I” ?

    Anyway, thanks for the tip.

  7. sekri

    thanks for that, but what if i want to include a script on my page so as not to print headers on client pc’s that didn’t tweak thier prient like what you said ?

  8. Igor Busquets

    Is there a way to insert some code on the page that makes the browser disables everyone’s header and footer info on printing media without having to open the settings panels in every local machine?!?! Like, somehow use blank file name, blank page numbers, blank adress, etc.?!?!

  9. jd2066

    @Igor Busquets: No, I don’t think there is. Also, why do you want to do that? Print Settings are something that the user should be able to control.

  10. Sam

    Igor wants to do that, like I want to do that(programmatically disable header and footer info) because I have created letters using HTML to be mailed to clients, and I don’t want the url on the page.

  11. Igor Busquets

    Exactly Sam, is there any way to do that?!?! A alterative would be install a PDF generator on the server.. but that will increase project budget..

  12. Sam

    Thank you very much.

    Bles you, and bless America.

  13. Joe

    this works great. Thanks.

  14. mahrizal


  15. galatic

    Good job!!!

  16. Sharayu

    Thanx for ur help……Thanx a lot

  17. Thank you!

    You are my hero! :D

  18. michael

    It works for a few days then the bloody headers are back again.
    Is there a way to permanently disable the headers in firefox?

  19. hostwifi

    Thank you for the tutorial. Really helpful.

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