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Organize and Share the Web with Thumbtack

Looking for a free method to be able to save, organize and share different information on the web?  Today we take a look at Thumbtack from Microsoft Live Labs which offers functionality similar to services like Delicious or Clipmarks.

Using Thumbtack

To start sharing important and interesting parts of the web just go to the Thumbtack site and log in with your MS Live ID or create a new account.  Then create a Thumbtack nickname which will identify your clips and collections.


While you can copy and past into Thumbtack manually, it’s better to get the bookmarklet for easier submission.  Just click on the link at the top of the Thumbtack screen.


The bookmarklet will work with both Internet Explorer and Firefox and you are shown the directions on how to add it to each browser.  It’s basically adding a link to your favorites toolbar.


Here we take a look at how it works in Firefox.  Simply highlight the information you want to save on the webpage and click on the Thumbtack bookmarklet.


You may need to sign in first and a new window will pop up with the login page for Thumbtack.


Now you can add in a title, select collection, and add tags to the clip.  When done click on the Collect button.


With Internet Explorer you can download the Thumbtack Accelerator which makes adding data even easier.


Again highlight what you want on the page and select Collect with Thumbtack using the Accelerator.


The Thumbtack user interface is nicely laid out and intuitive to use.  You can change different views, drag and drop collections, and easily share content with others.


You can arrange your content how you like including creating different categories of information.

my collections

Click on the share tab to email friends or colleagues your found data, or publish them to the web for people to see.  Keep in mid that when you publish something anyone will be able to view it.

share pub

There are also a few gadgets to install to enhance the user experience.


Thumbtack is still in an experimental phase and could use more features like sharing videos.  If you want to try out a new way of collecting data and sharing with others you might want to check this out.


Create your own Thumbtack Page

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 06/16/09

Comments (6)

  1. Jason

    I hate to be the dork to get this wrong, but the first set of instructions for both FireFox and IE step #2 does not work (for me anyway). In my case, I am using FireFox so The “Drag this link: Collect with Thumbtack…” is not a link for anything but the image it resides in.

    I notice that it can not be right clicked on and save location, but it is an image.

    …so, can you post the link to bookmark please??…or expose my ignorance?? Either one works for me!

  2. Mysticgeek


    Right-Click the link and and Copy Link Location … then make sure the Bookmarks Toolbar is shown … Right-Click on the Bookmarks toolbar \ New Bookmark then give it a name and paste the link into the Location field.

    I probably should of explained it better because the directions they give you are not necessarily very accurate.

  3. UncleBeard

    Reminds me a lot of EverNote. Super-cool though.

  4. Jason


    I’m pretty savy on a computer, compared to most anyway, and unfortunately using the latest versions of Firefox and IE8 it is as I said: the link is just an image. Again, because you asked so kindly, I tried right clicking the”link” but both in IE and Firefox it gives me options for saving the image (“view image”, “copy image”, etc). No “save location” or “copy hyperllink location” options as one would expect….I dont know how this is operator error….but hey, as I said at first, I could be wrong….but it seems its coded in your post as an image, and not a linking hyperlink location.

    …can you just post the link in your answer?

  5. Mysticgeek


    You need to sign into Thumbtack first then click on the link to “Get Thumbtack Bookmarklet”.
    Then the screen you see in this article pops up while in Thumbtack. Right-Click on those links.
    Don’t click on the image in this post. That is a screenshot of what you will see while in Thumbtack at the page you create first.

  6. Mike

    Hey MysticLake er… i mean MysicRiver, dang wrong again, Mysticspirit. it was just an image for me too.

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