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MusicBee is a Fast and Powerful Music Manager

Are you are looking for an alternative to iTunes that is light on system resources and includes far more options?  Today we look at MusicBee, which is a powerful music manager with an interface laid out similar to iTunes and contains a lot features.

Using MusicBee

After installation you are prompted to have MusicBee scan folders for music and import tracks from iTunes or Windows Media Library.

2 scan drive

The interface is nicely laid out and very intuitive by default.  You can also customize the layout of the UI including a few different skins.

3 Full App

There is the ability to automatically download tag and metadata from the web, or you can customize it manually for lesser known artists.

custom tag

It also includes a web browser for checking out different music blogs, and you can Scrobble tunes to your Last.FM profile.

4 music blog

Songs on the page are automatically loaded in a playlist below for you to check out.

5 from music blog

It will easily synchronize music and podcasts to an iPod or several other common portable music players.

device 2

You can go in and change the device synchronization settings to your liking.


There is a customizable EQ that also includes some presets.


Keyboard Ninja’s will enjoy the customizable hotkeys.


MusicBee is in constant development by Steven Mayall and is now on on version 1.0 RC1.  There are still some bugs to be worked out but you can submit them to his forum and he answers most issues personally.  If you like to try out new software and are looking for an alternative to iTunes give MusicBee a try.


Download MusicBee for Windows

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 06/8/09

Comments (8)

  1. LifesSweetDrug

    KYUSS!!!! :)

  2. dmcoxe

    It appears to be just a rebranding of Songbird.

  3. Ian

    Good find geek – restored my faith in Music managers.

  4. Ivo

    Wow, if this software really can replace iTunes, then i’ll start recommending it to a few of my friends! They’re complaining that iTunes is using up a lot of RAM, but they don’t know any alternative to synchronize Music on their computer with their iPod.
    Nice find, Geek :)

  5. Anonymouse

    “Keyboard Ninja’s”
    should be
    “Keyboard ninjas”

  6. Mohan

    I installed it on my system, but every time I launched it I got an error it would just close program. So I just took it off my system and went over to and installed that…works like a charm, and it’s light weight too.

  7. lovejahlive

    Check out MediaMonkey. I’ve used it for years and every time I try something else I’m disappointed. It can use any of the Winamp plugins which means it is very flexible. Syncs to my device but not sure about ipods, but surely there’s a plugin for that… Not understanding why you would need the browser function on this one.

  8. catwhowalksalone

    Earlier versions of MusicBee just did not cut it, but the latest version updated in May 2010 is awesome – very stable, all the best features of iTunes (plus lots more) with none of the bloat. So far, I really like it a lot.

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