The last time I was too lazy to write anything turned out to be extremely popular, so I decided to do it again since I’m enjoying a cup of coffee a few thousand miles away.

These are the highlights from MysticGeek and Jatecblog, two blogs in the How-To Geek Blogs network that you should really subscribe to.

Fun Stuff

  • Funny Only To A Geek (This is simply hilarious, a must read)
  • Social Engineering Gone Wrong
  • Online Music Factory
  • Lincity: Sim City “Classic” for Linux

Office Stuff

Windows Related Articles

Linux Stuff

  • Bash Shortcut to Repeat Last Command
  • How to Get a Root Terminal on Kubuntu
  • Setting up in Konqueror
  • Make a Floppy Boot Disk for Ubuntu from Linux
  • Getting Up and Going with Wine on Ubuntu
  • Kubuntu and KDE Cheatsheet
  • Tasty Menu
  • Use G-Mail’s IMAP Feature with KMail
  • The Easy Way to Run Programs as Root on KDE

I’m quite impressed with the content these guys have generated over the last month. Very glad to have them on our team!