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Keyboard Ninja: 21 Keyboard Shortcut Articles

The Keyboard Ninja

The Keyboard Ninja uses shortcut keys to accomplish tasks in less time than using the mouse. He uses the keyboard to launch applications, switch between windows or tabs, or change settings on his computer.

I took a look around the site and found 21 articles about using keyboard shortcuts to speed up your daily work. Look for more keyboard ninja articles in the future.


Windows Vista

Web Browsing




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  • Published 06/24/07

Comments (8)

  1. truman

    Love the ninja drawing!

  2. syama

    Great keys..

  3. Lee

    Why isn’t this article included in the above list ? I have to search for it separately everytime to get to it ….

  4. The Geek


    The reason is because this article was written before that one… =)

  5. Andrew Dubinsky

    I developed a Firefox plug-in that allows you to create keyboard shortcuts on any web
    page. Like the keyboard shortcuts in gmail, only everywhere. [ it’s free ]

  6. Jean

    I cannot make Yahoo my default email program. It does not show up in any of the places where you choose that. When I click ’email this file’ to send something from My Pictures, a passport login popup is all I get, and when I sign in to that, I always get a ‘fatal error’ message. Help, please?

  7. Giorgio

    How to Clone an old hard drive to a new one.

  8. Justin, PenaltyKillah

    THANK YOU! Now, if you’d excuse me… I got, uh, 21 keyboard shortcuts to memorize… xd

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