Increase Google Chrome’s Omnibox Popup Suggestion Count With an Undocumented Switch

As almost everybody knows by now, Google has released their Chrome web browser, a stripped down browser built for speed and an inline search bar known as the Omnibox. The only problem is that by default there are only 5 suggestions, but with a simple command line switch we can increase that number.

To illustrate what we’re talking about, once you start typing in the Omnibox you’ll see 5 suggestions:


But we can increase that to 10, or even more if you choose:


The magic happens with a simple command line switch that we’ll add to the shortcut. Just open up the properties for your Google Chrome icon, and add the following switch to the end of the Target line (making sure to put a space between)



Now when you launch Chrome with this shortcut, you’ll see more suggestions in the list. Note that you could put any number instead of 10.

Note: In case you missed the news about this browser, you can check out Lifehacker’s screenshot tour.

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