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Here’s The Typical End of Year Cliché Post With Stats, Graphs and Useless Numbers for 2007

Yes, I’m stooping to the pathetic level of writing a post with stats about how well the site has done. You shouldn’t bother to read further unless you have an unhealthy love for numbers.

We came soooo close to hitting the 10 million pageviews mark for the year, but fell just slightly short because there was a day of downtime when I was on vacation. I guess that was the hidden cost of all that wine and cheese =)


We had a nearly even split between Firefox and Internet Explorer users, with 48% and 46% respectively.


Not surprisingly, Windows is the choice of 85% of the readers. I should really write more Linux articles.


Vista users make up 42% of the Windows users… which means 36% of the readers of the site are running Vista, if my math is correct.


Here’s the top 5 traffic sources for the year… obviously the vast majority of traffic comes from Google, but I’m very thankful for being featured on Lifehacker so often. Thanks Gina, Adam and Kevin!


It’s really easy to see the current subscriber count, but the graph of the growth this year is really interesting. We went from pretty much zero to almost 40,000 in 12 months, but if you look closely we actually gained 30k over the last 5 months.

(The 3 downward spikes you see in the graph are when Feedburner’s counter went down)


The forum has also done really well over the last 5 months… Many thanks have to go to Scott for keeping everything going there, but I’d also like to thank the many people that help answer questions on a regular basis, including whs, lighthouse, jd2066, taybay, michael, alanmcc, mysticgeek and all the others that will be offended by my forgetting to include them on the list.


Additional forum stats that I don’t have a cool graph for:

  • Total topics: 1396
  • Total posts: 6052
  • Registered users: 1572
  • Total pageviews: 344,935

And thus ends the tale of the graphical number goodness. It should be interesting to see what next year has in store for us.

Oh, and my new year’s resolution is 1680×1050 on 3 monitors =)  [from]

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  • Published 12/31/07

Comments (10)

  1. Vaibhav

    My new year resolution is 10 megapixels :)

    Happy New Year.

  2. Scott

    And to the one and only Geek, personally responsible for helping countless grateful readers, may your generosity be rewarded in kind.

  3. Kafka

    Wow… people still use Windows ME? Maybe they’re just spoofing it to mess with us.

  4. Shankar Ganesh

    Happy New Year!

    The stats are really inspiring. Keep up the good work.

    Good luck :)

  5. Carlos Abreu

    A wonderful job. Happy New Year.Keep up the good work, Thanks

  6. Vikram

    Hello there Geek!

    The numbers are staggering and I wish they would look minuscule the same time next year, so grand may be your success in 2008!! Wishing you 100k subscribers and even more!!

    Happy New Year and All the very best from one of your admirer!


  7. Syahid A.

    Worth showing up. Geeky. Love it.

  8. Doug Stevens

    Happy New Year, and thanks for a very entertaining and informative website. Your “graphical number of goodness” is quite interesting. Thanks for sharing the numbers with us. I was told a few months ago that I’m dying of cancer-induced kidney failure, but I will continue to check into your site for as long as I can! All the best to you in 2008.

  9. The Geek

    Everyone: Thanks for all the feedback, the readers are what makes this site go.

    Doug: I’m sorry to hear that, I’ll hope for a miracle for you. In the meantime, enjoy yourself as much as possible!

  10. Sherry Lefler

    (Still trying to calculate your math… getting a headache!)

    You are on my “iGoogle” homepage, so I see, at minimum, your subject matter. I often click to see more…

    Happy New Year! Keep ’em comin’!

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