GMedia Blog: Setting Up a Windows Home Server

One of the reasons we started the How-To Geek Blogs was to give bloggers the chance to focus on other topics that we don’t cover as regularly here. If you are interested in Windows Home Server, our very own Gmedia blog has been running a series covering the addition of a new server in his already impressive home media setup.

The Un-Boxing

First, the new Windows Home Server comes in the mail…



Read Part 1: the Un-Boxing

Getting Connected

Next we need to plug it in and get connected…


Read Part 2: Getting Connected

Loading It Up

There’s never enough hard drive space, so let’s install some more drives…


Read Part 3: Loading It Up

But that’s not all – the series is still continuing, covering add-ins and further customization. If you are interested in Windows Home Server or setting up a home media serving network, you should subscribe to the Gmedia RSS Feed.

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