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Geek Fun: Remember the Old-School SkiFree Game?

I was stumbling around the web yesterday when I came across a blast from the past: The original SkiFree game for Windows, written by a Microsoft programmer on Windows 3.0 back in 1991. Imagine my surprise when I found out the same game actually works just fine on Windows Vista.


The game is based on the original terminal game for VAX systems, the graphics of which aren’t very impressive:


If you use the mouse to control the game, you can click the mouse button to make him jump… although I seem to land in the trees more often than not.

SkiFree Trees

I’m really not terribly good at this game:

SkiFree End

What old-school games do you miss? Tell us in the comments and we’ll try and find them and do a roundup of classic games. (If you are reading through RSS or Email click here to leave a comment)

Download SkiFree from ski.ihoc.net

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