Friday Fun: The Boombot Flash Game Lets You Solve Puzzles by Blowing Stuff Up

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By Lowell Heddings on January 30th, 2009

There’s nothing to de-stress the end of your week quite like playing an addictive, time-wasting flash game. Combine that with puzzles and bombs, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

This game isn’t quite as addictive as GemCraft, my new favorite flash game, or the geekiest game ever… but it’s still loads of fun.

Let Me Blow Stuff Up!

The general idea of Boombot is that you have to explode bombs to knock the little character into the exit portal. Just hold your mouse down to choose how powerful of a bomb you want, and blast away!


The first one was pretty easy… he went rolling for the exit right away.


The second level puts some bricks in your way… no matter, we’ll just send him flying over top of it.





Hmm… guess we’ll have to blow up the boxes first, then use the second bomb to launch him through the gap.


This level you only get a single bomb! Better place it just right…


Only one bomb for this level? Seriously?



Time wasted: At least an hour.

Play Boombot at the How-To Geek Arcade (Adobe Flash Required)

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  • Published 01/30/09
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