Friday Fun: Test Your "Eyeballing" Skills

By Lowell Heddings on January 23rd, 2009

Have you ever put up a picture and just “eyeballed” it instead of using a level? Chances are you stepped back, and realized it was way off, and then had to fix it. That’s the basic idea of this surprisingly fun flash game, which tests your eyeballing skills.

If this game isn’t your style, you can check out GemCraft, our last Friday Fun, or browse through Mysticgeek’s archive of fun stuff.

Playing the Eyeballing Game

The basic idea is using your mouse to find the mid-point in a series of geometric shapes. For instance, in this one you need to move the mouse to the point where all of the lines would normally meet if they were to continue in the same path as the arrows.

Eyeballing Point of Convergence 

In this one, you have to adjust the lines to make a parallelogram…

Eyeballing Parallelogram

And here, you need to find the mid-point of the circle.

 Eyeballing Circle

This is the closest I ever got to being accurate…

Eyeballing Bisect Angle

Overall, I wasn’t too terribly great at this game – here are my results by category.

Eyeballing Results

At the end they tell you how well you did against the last 10,000 people that played it (completely anonymously)

Eyeballing Results Score

This is one of those games that you’ll never think is fun until you try. So how well did you do?

Play the Eyeballing Gaming on

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  • Published 01/23/09
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