Friday Fun: Cargo Bridge

By Brian Burgess on June 12th, 2009

For the week’s Friday Fun we bring you the fun and challenging game called Cargo Bridge.  The goal is to build bridges between different valleys to allow the workers finish various tasks.

Playing Cargo Bridge 

You need to build a bridge between the valleys so the workers can finish their jobs.  So the first thing to do is survey the terrain, move the mouse cursor to the left side of the screen to scroll further over.

beginning job

Go back into design mode to start sketching your bridge design using wood blocks and connectors.  Keep an eye on the funds in the bank while building.


During the design process you can go back and test the design with your workers.


If the test doesn’t work you can go back to the design board and start again.


A successful design allows you progress to more challenging levels and adds funds to the bank for better materials.


Progress is saved automatically which makes it easy to start where you left off.

progress saved 

There are a few setting you can change such as the image quality and sound.


If you are looking for a way to bring challenging fun to break up the monotony of the daily grind check out Cargo Bridge.


Play Cargo Bridge

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  • Published 06/12/09
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