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Feedback Wanted: Should I Provide a Separate Feed for Advanced How-Tos ?

The goal of this site is to provide computer help for everybody. When building a site like this, it’s important to cover everything, not just the more interesting how-tos. This means there will continue to be a lot of simple articles like the last two.


Which brings me to my question…

Should I provide a separate feed for advanced how-tos? 

This really means:

Should I provide a separate feed for advanced users, that only lists the more advanced how-tos?


Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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  • Published 12/24/06

Comments (19)

  1. lux

    not required

  2. TempWin

    In my opinion it’s not necessary because you choose what is interesting for you. If you read some post that it seems advanced for you, you stop reading and check another post, but you also can bookmark that advanced post for the future when that becomes useful for you (because you have learnt a lot or something).

    Congratulations for the site, i really enjoy all the posts :-)

    Greets from Spain and merry Xmas!

  3. The Geek

    Sounds good, I probably won’t bother with it.

  4. Me

    Please leave it all in one feed and let us decide what’s ‘advanced’ and what isn’t. Everyone has a different meaning for the word. :)

  5. jasperism

    I think it is much better. Advanced users probably will look more in the advanced how-tos and articles! Good site! I enjoyed it even it is my first time to visit the site. More power to the Geeks!!!

  6. raju

    It is all right, keeping everything at one place as the advanced varies from person to person. good site, I love it

  7. vizo

    really not i think.

    some advanced users may still get advantage from simple how-tos, who can assure that he knows every simple tip?

    let’s enjoy this site, with a ready-to-learn spirit :)

  8. Rig100 geek

    Hi Geek,

    Love your website ! It’s awesome. Still I believe a link to a more advanced section of the HOW-TO-GEEK would be an advantage. It would satisfy both parties. The main site still the way it is now, easy to understand and follow up and a link for the more curious pc-users to the advanced part of HTG.

  9. GKI

    BUT, I would like to see advanced tips, as I can perform quite well on the computer with directions as clear as you give them! I love the site, as this is my first time on it, and I think I performed 15 changes.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work. I’ll pass you on to any of my friends who are interested in making some things happen, like how to make some of the “Are you SURE?” dialog boxes go away.

  10. Brigitte

    I don’t think it needs to be separated – what I would appreciate is if your “how-tos” would have a date listed so I can see what I have already read through!!!
    Your site is THE most super and well-written site EVER! I have learned everything I know about VISTA from your site. Keep up the excellent work! YOU ARE A GEM!
    I have one super Vista-machine running now – thanks to you!

  11. j_sk

    First time I visit your site. Well done, indeed. But I’m sure your proposition would be appreciated.
    An easy way to directly get beginners or more advanced users feeds for the same discussion.
    In addition, site would be more furnished and attractive.

  12. zepe

    I just built a computer a few months ago and an article like this would have been great to have. I did fir a few articles, but I didn’t find then very useful. A separate feed is a good idea because a computer is never a project, it’s always a work in progress. Also as Brigitte said dates are important because products are changing as well.

  13. Tom Hanson

    Yes, I believe you should leave ADVANCED HOW TO’S. For example how to set up SATA AND RAID DRIVES and using the F6 key when installing Windows to install the drivers for SATA DRIVES.

  14. mickey16001

    I think you should have an advanced Tips

  15. Mark Searle

    I think the bottom line is…”What does the word advanced mean?” Trying to categorize this sort of thing by a level would be nigh on impossible I think. ‘Advanced’ for an IT expert might be something really complex in DNS or Group Policy or some SQL code, etc…but something ‘Advanced’ for my mum would be how to go to YouTube!!!!!

  16. Mark Searle

    NB…Following on from my last comment, perhaps rather than categorize by level, it would be appropriate to catergorize by area – like you’ve done with Win XP, Office, etc, but with a wider range of categories?

    PS Love the site btw, think it’s genius!!

  17. red gus

    Nice and helpful site Geek

    Like Mark said I think you should categorize by OS then by subject
    for example XP : Desktop environment
    It would maybe be difficult to sort all your how-tos so you should, whatever option you choose keep the
    entire list of them somewhere in your site

    keep helping us geek more ;)

  18. SuperAwesomeBlog Guy

    I would suggest having a special “Warning: Advanced Tips!” alert on the How-To, but I don’t think you need an entirely new section… sounds like an organizational headache.

  19. Nefarious

    Maybe have a little drawing illustrating how geeky the how-to is. A meter that has a pic of Mr. T representing a novice geek all the way to a pic of Data from Star Trek illustrating the super high geek is the first thing that comes to mind.

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