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Ask The Readers: What Topics Should We Cover in 2009?

At the end of every year, we like to look back and figure out what we can do better for next year. While doing so, we noticed that almost all of our most popular articles in 2008 were actually written in 2007, leading me to the conclusion that there’s a problem somewhere.

My goal in 2009 is to do a better job in covering the topics that our readers are interested in, rather than only the random geek stuff that we seem to feature. So this is your chance… tell us in the comments exactly what topics you’d like us to cover.

The Happy New Year Geek

Looking at Where We Are

In order to figure out what we need to cover, we have to take a look at what is currently the most popular. We’ll go through a quick run-down of what people are reading.

First, we’ll take a quick look at the traffic graph… You can see a clear upward trend, especially in the number of visitors that are stopping by… so what are they looking for?


This is a list of the top articles on the site (not necessarily in order of most popular)… every single one of these articles had more than 100,000 pageviews in 2008 alone, and the top 10 articles in the list had about 350,000 pageviews each on average:

Notice anything from this list? They are almost all about installation or enabling/disabling features. There’s very little in this list that anybody would find useful once their computer is already installed.

To me, this says that people come to How-To Geek when they first get their Vista computer, or if they are having an issue installing or enabling something. But what about once it’s installed and you want to start…

Actually Using the Computer?

Since most of us are geeks here, we pretty much spend all of our time tinkering with hidden settings, and installing new software to play with. But what about actually using the computer for something useful, like making photo collages, writing a resume, or converting a video so you can play it on your iPod or Zune?

I’m quite certain that there are loads of topics that we can cover in the friendly How-To Geek “Style”, that might help you with more than just installing. Here’s a couple of broad thoughts to get your brain in motion:

  • Home Networking and Sharing
  • Working with Video Files
  • Working with Audio Files
  • Working with Digital Cameras and Images
  • Connecting Your Computer to the TV
  • Keeping Your Computer Safe and Secure
  • Playing Video Games

So let’s hear your thoughts in the comments… it can be something specific, or just a broad idea. Doesn’t matter what it is, we want to hear it.

Note: We’re going to continue to cover geek tips and tricks and hacks… it’s in our nature.

Lowell Heddings, better known online as the How-To Geek, spends all his free time bringing you fresh geekery on a daily basis. You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 01/5/09

Comments (91)

  1. Andrew

    I would like to see more Linux stuff (as you noted in a previous post) but also continue the series on the online games, I find them a nice spurise when I open up Google Reader! :-)

  2. dollar

    I’d like to see about Linux, Ubuntu, Torrents, Codecs tutorials, What is the use of media formats such as acc,mov,wav,mpg,dat etc..

  3. drifta

    connecting your computer to the tv sounds good but how about making a custom home server. perhaps from scratch or simply using an existing machine i.e a dell and playing with it to create a home server. another thing i would liek to see is legal hacking/tweaking; something broder than simply making the OS run faster or soomther but things that will make life easier, basically moving away from the OS and going to individual programs for example making macros in word or something like that.

  4. nuke3ae

    I would love to see some in-depth articles focusing on setting up vpn/ssh style home networks.
    An article on PVR/DVR

  5. Affected by virus

    Backup and anti-virus protection

  6. Dawn Fixter

    I would like more information on how to manage photos in Windows Photo Gallery. For example, how can I move files to another folder.

  7. Aleeve

    Fair point about installation/disabling!

    Well, working with video sounds good, plus some tips on a free universal converter? I still haven’t managed to find a good one.

    How about some tips on keeping your computer up to speed?

  8. Tami

    More Firefox for certain. Also video, audio, digital cameras and images and computer security.

  9. Mr. Epiphany

    Cover more topics over Linux and Mac, that is my simple request.

  10. Bill Akerly

    Look forward to the daily tips from y’all!!
    I’ve tried to install a CanoScanFS4000US on Vista. Canon says vista does not have a usbscan.sys file under C:/windows/system32/drivers. MS says it can be done but not much help yet.

  11. Dick Dunker

    I am maintaining a Windows98 PC and a WindowsXP PC behind my Linksys router. I, and other users running older platforms, could use some guidance with upgrading software for the older platforms. For example, at which release should a Windows98 user stop upgrading (as compared to updating) his AVG Antivirus, Spybot Search & Destroy, CCleaner, Firefox browser, etc.? Trying to be a responsible Internet user, but attempting to do so with freeware can be a challenge.

  12. Ted Creech

    I’m learning from your site – will work thru some the ideas even if I don’t need to use them. Appreciate that!

    Specifically, need to know how to resize photos strickly by predetermined pixel size requirements. For ex. a photo might be Hor = 512 pix, x Vert = 615 pix. and I need to to bring it down in size to, say, 480 pix x Vert =
    to match the Hor. ratio of reduction.
    Yep, use Vista, IE 7.
    Thanks. Ted

  13. Alex

    More DIY home projects and ways to mod windows (and not just make the skin look different)

    Also, more 802.11 wireless stuff.

  14. Philip Pritts

    How much real-time security is enough (or too much)?

    It seems to me that security vendors of free products always want you to pay for the “pro” version of their products so that you can have them run in “real-time” not just as an on-demand scanner. For example, I am using the following programs:

    Sunbelt VIPRE (anti-virus + anti-spyware) – real-time
    SuperAntiSpyware – on demand
    MalwareBytes – on demand
    Spyware Terminator – on demand
    Spyware Doctor – on demand

    I know you should NOT have more than one anti-virus program running at the same time but how about more than one anti-spyware program? I can’t figure out which ones will conflict with other ones. The vendors, themselves, seem to say they will not conflict with others. VIPRE claims to cover all bases and nothing more is needed. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks for your time!

  15. Hatryst

    This year, its good if you publish some articles on adobe products as well ! (flash, photoshop, etc.)

  16. Steve C

    I would very much like you to cover the following not bing very technically inclined:

    1) Drivers: what they are, what they do, how to update and where to find them.
    2) Music and media database cataloging and tagging software, how to control the various established players(i.e. WMP, Itunes, etc find media.
    3) in-depth studies on computer component firmware, and how to install it; update and upgrade; and how to correct installations gone bad.
    4) How to go wireless or clean up and hot cut down on cords.
    5) the best places to find peripheral components (i.e. monitors, printers, hard drives. both internal and external.
    6) Computer maintenance and security.

    Thanks so much for the request for input.

  17. too

    the most important subject:

    tips on how to decrapify vista

  18. mark

    Congrats on another successful year, Richard.

    As I previously requested, I would still like to know why Firefox will not remember password info for Yahoo and how to force it to do so. Also, notice that the Fox allows you individually remove passwords, but not add them. I would like to see a fix for this.

    I fully agree with other comments regarding Linux. More, more and more, please. Installing from sources other than a repository and where to place application pkgs, for example.

    You recently covered the altering of Vista partition sizes- a how-to of the same sort for Ubuntu would be great.

    Backing up, large file transfer, remotely accessing one’s ‘puter.

    Finally, thank you for the opportunity to make these suggestions. It is good to know you are listening to the masses.

  19. Susan Holland

    Here is a friendly comment from a KISS proponent. (no this is not a pass at anyone.) “Keep It Simple Stupid” is what I mean by KISS.

    Some of us don’t like a whole lot of bells and whistles. I would love a separate dedicated machine that just does email, blog, photo cataloging, with option to print. Doesn’t need math, doesn’t need graphs, doesn’t need anything but the above apps. Can you strip down a computer to do a few specific assignments? I have a couple of old ‘puters collecting dust.

    Cheers and many thanks for all your really good work. I like it, whether it’s simple or not.

  20. bg1256

    I would like to see some type of series (perhaps weekly or monthly?) that is dedicated to Open Source Software.

    This would naturally include open source operating systems, but it would also cover useful software across platforms.

    I have found that most people are simply unaware that there are completely free alternatives that can accomplish most of their daily tasks, from word processing to photo editing. A site like this would be a great way to spread the wonderful software that is out there!

  21. Euan Hooper

    In XP the slideshow screensaver worked super reliably for 4 years. I have at least 30,000 images in My Pictures. In Vista it only works 10% of the the time. It works on preview but not in normal use. I’ve not seen a discussion of slideshow problems. Everything else works fine on Vista.

    Also Vista dropped the filename appearing at the top. Is there any way to recover that?

  22. Bob

    I noticed a large number of Vista pageviews, many of which seemed to be a bit “beginner-ish” (no disrespect intended) in content. Most heavy computer users that I know, are more interested in audio/video editing, useful open source (freeware) applications, and hands-on hardware modifications. They are long past polishing the eye candy. On a more positive note, I’ve found all of your articles that I have used, to be well written and presented. Keep up the good work.

  23. Susie Cannon

    I LOVE your site and newsletters.

    I’d love to see tips on FTP and web hosting. (File hierarchy, etc.)

    Firefox hacks

    Paint Sho Pro (Latest versions) tips and hacks

    Lumapix FotoFusion tips and hacks

    Computer security

    Router tips

    Registy cleaning

    Registry tips

    Blogger/Blogspot tips

    Getting rid of application’s splash screens (Such a waste of time)

    Thank you SO much for your site! Happy New Year!

  24. jerr

    My wife received an email written with word 2007 and she couldn’t open it. She noticed a remark at the bottom of page that said you had to have word 2007 installed to read it. I thought there must be a way to change the format so anyone could read it. I think this would be a good topic. (changing formats)

    I think your column is good enough to be a book. Maybe O’Reilly publishers would be interested. I mean all your past posts put into a book.

  25. allgeek2me

    I would to see some really useful information regarding IP Routing and Routes. What makes a computer on one network – access a computer on another. How Firewalls work and some good advise on how to understand them.
    How can someone using XP Remote Desktop to someone else’s XP going through an ISP like Comcast for example – without having to use third party software.

  26. Vernon

    Every day something different happens on my computer, Vista, and it drives me nuts. I suspect it is the constant upgrading or patching of the various software. I have tried to turn it all off and control it but so far things keep happening.
    More articles on keeping Vista/XP/Linux running after installation. I playwith Linux and keep my WinXP running too just so I can do some of the work I can’tdo in Vista. I think WinXP was the bwest OS M$ put out.
    More How-to articles, on any of the 2 main software systems, Windows orLinux, I don’t include Apple.
    I like the daily tips.
    Great job.

  27. cricketycrank

    Hello Geek (G)
    You said it yourself, most of you are advanced members. How about splitting your space and making one for beginners and intermediates and then one for you pros? I have been looking for a step by step to get my three computers networked privately so I could use my printer or files from my main desktop and still having problems. My grandson works for an isp broadband co. and he set it up supposedly for me but I can’t get all three together and the one that I thought was networking okay won’t print. I’ve got so I run thru your posts and then delete them as there’sw nothing for me. It’s either over my head or not pertaining to my problem. I won’t abandon you but I keep hoping. CKS in Oregon

  28. cricketycrank

    P.S. (me again) the topics you’ve put up as a test all look good to me…. Let’s do it.

  29. Patti

    just a suggestion…I have noticed that many times when downloading automatic updates on a Vista machine that is wireless, things seem to change after the updates are installed. Personally, it happened to me when my google email notifier would not work anymore so had to remove it and then re-install. another case is when my brother called and he downloaded updates on his girlfriends machine and her internet connection (wireless) no longer worked.

  30. Tom

    Glad to see so many wanting Ubuntu/Linux articles. Add me to that list! XP, Vista, Zune….etc. forget that stuff. I’m sick of all the Windows tips, and would love to see more on the superior operating systems. Microsoft is a sinking ship, I put my life jacket on and bailed out about a year ago!

  31. Jen

    Suggestions for those of us with only a minimum knowledge that are tasked with keeping all of the home computers running when the kids or parents do stupid things that cause problems…. most common issue for me – how to remotely repair the computer in your inlaw’s suite so that you don’t have to ‘visit’ while fixing it.

  32. I would like to see more Firefox tweaks. I mean, more indepth ones, the kind you do at your own risk, things like speed tweaks that aren’t really well known or well documented….. under-the-hood stuff is what I think I mean.

    Also, maybe more items on tiny and portable software… E.g. step-by-step help for making non-portable apps portable after the fact. Or, if not truly portable, then more portable. I found some material for making three of my absolute favorite programs more transportable…. Winamp, SlickRun, and 1by1. I’d like to see more of that, and contribute as well.

    Also, I’d like to see material for spiffing up XP– but not weighing it down. I’ve read lots of things about how to make XP look like Vista or OSX, but all that seems to come at a high performance cost.

    Thank you for the How-To Geek.

  33. Bob

    Vista has an annoying way of “highlighting” when using a notebook touchpad, even though the left click button is not pressed. It also “moves” bookmarks or icons when not wanted. Is there any way to turn this unwanted feature off?

  34. Jr

    I would love to see some info regarding the OSx86 Project

  35. motang

    I would have to agree with the first two commenters and that I would like to see more Ubuntu stuff and maybe start on Windows 7. My primary OS at the moment is Ubuntu and looks like will be for many years and has been for the past 4 years. My secondary OS at the moment is Win XP Pro but I have a close eye on WIndows 7, and Haiku OS. Also some tips and tricks with OpenOffice.

  36. Americo J.

    I would like to go deeper in how to deal with digital photo, audio and video.
    Thank you for your daily lessons. They are helping me a lot.
    Americo J.

  37. Scott

    I’m planning to cancel my cable soon (something I’ve long wanted to do, just never got the guts to do it), so I’d love to hear more about hooking the computer up to the TV and other media center type things.

  38. Scott

    @Jen, try The description from their website:

    “Copilot helps you fix someone’s computer problems by letting you connect to their computer, see what they see, and control their mouse and keyboard to help fix the issue.

    There is nothing to install, and nothing to configure—even if your computer is behind a firewall, proxy, or NAT. It’s secured by 128bit SSL encryption, and we preconfigure everything for you to make sure that it just works.”

    Best of all, it’s free on weekends!

  39. Roger

    As a novice computer person, I find your information very useful. Thanks! Some suggestions for 2009:
    + Two from your list interest me: Connecting Your Computer to the TV, and Keeping Your Computer Safe and Secure.
    + Also, how about a simple explanation of how to remove viruses if found by virus protection programs. Some don’t seem to do it.
    + Along this same line, once again explain the compatibility between the various protection programs, and problems and benefits of mulitple programs.

  40. joey

    I would be interested in reading how to set up more then one wireless router in my house as our coverage in the basement is very weak even when router is on the 2nd floor of our 3 story house.

    Also, articles about how online TV viewing – how to connect a TV to a computer. WEnt to a party with a friend and saw his boss had such a set up.

  41. Paul

    I would like to hear topics on the subject of optimizing our internet connections for broadband. There are various TCP/IP and network adapter settings that can be changed to increase our throughput and efficiency when connecting to the Internet.


  42. Kifissia

    Your site is invaluable! I’ve made so many positive changes to my computer- following your detailed but easy to follow explanations.

    Can an advanced home user- but no tech person- use Linux? Why do you write so much about Vista- for my new computer I had XP Pro installed. Real techies seem to have shunned Vista.

    Since my computer is a total media center- all suggestions about media players (any good ones out there?) and ways to set up TV streaming would be welcome. Those of us who live outside of the US are in a real bind. Can these problems be overcome?

  43. Corey

    I just cant wait for all the win 7 tips. the tweakabilty of the OS is a selling point for me, so I want to see what I can tinker with.

  44. bg1256

    I second, third, and fourth the suggestion to devote some time to using your PC as a media center and connecting it to your TV. This might require some discussion of TV tuners and other hardware such as an xbox 360 or other upnp device that allows you to stream from your PC to your tv over your home network.

  45. RobGF

    Write what you feel is interesting!

    After years of going to weekly held symposiums, I have notice one axiom of be a good presenter, regardless of the media, the only good articles/talks/… are the ones the creator real feels passion for. You have a good blog, taking direction from the readers is good, but I strongly urge you to keep it pure and only write about topics you have a passion for or find interesting. Thank you for all the work you’ve done so far. I am looking forward to reading more of your work.

  46. Massaddict

    How about an article about paperless offices and how to convert the current stacks of paper to computer files. Which softwear/hardwear works the best?

  47. Kinetic

    I’d like to see more ubuntu/linux stuff as well as some additional firefox stuff. Maybe even some stuff on Thunderbird.

  48. madmacs

    Geek, home networking definately sounds good. How to set up NAS servers and going WiFi to stream music / video / pictures all around the home would be interesting!!

  49. -=Ben=-

    More Firefox!!
    Less Google!

  50. diane

    Vista: How can you Keep Users from Clearing IE’s History of Their Browsing

  51. me

    Some suggestions keep up the good work
    • Home Networking and Sharing
    • Between xp & vista
    • Back up our xbox games what to do with scratched disks
    • Steps to make your computer to run efficiently for the home computer

  52. bingojubes

    1. podcasting? i don’t plan to podcast, but i am sure alot of other users do/will in the future.
    2. media converting, especially the strange ones like RMVB or OGG. MKVs and MP4s win in my book.
    3. maybe an App o’ The Month section? to keep in feel with the slight random-ness of tips and tricks?
    4. getting the most out of blogs/blogging? maybe this was already covered somewhere; trying to come up with more than 3 things is tough work when the good ones are taken already.
    5. network management programs/tips, like “getting the most out of wireless” or something similar.

    i like this blog site alot! (above is in no particular order)

  53. Odeho19

    How much does Uncle Bill get in “retirement benefits”? JK, I use your site as a launching pad for everything I’m trying to learn. So I think if you keep up the good work, we can all benefit from how you lead us out into the field, show us your experiences, and then let us go out,(and come back when we need to) and learn more on our own.

    I’m a Vista guy, with fortunately few issues with my system, but I’m the ONLY ONE USING IT!(I live a sheltered life). But I would like to learn more on trouble shooting, with the hopes of someday, being able to help others. And thanks for all you do to help us!

  54. bingojubes

    sorry for split posts, but after re-reading the topic at hand,

    6. cameras could be a very useful topic as well. maybe about megapixels or certain, maybe confusing terminology/features or random function ( like the flower icon or lightning bolt or trash can).

    also, not quite sure how the “playing video games” would work out. but you could have maybe tips for those click adventure games, or something.

  55. Hanshi

    Describe in detail how to add a laptop which can access a home network in a Workgroup from both a wired (docking station) and a wireless configuration Of course the laptop can share files and printer with the network (from both a wireless and wired configuration. The Laptop is a work laptop which has its configuration set up for a Domain at work which can’t be renamed, changed and etc. This configuration is instructive in several aspects. Thank you, I enjoy your site very much.

  56. Joe Vautour

    Home Networking, connecting to TV, dual monitors, wireless computing

  57. Zoe

    I would like to see an article on how to best secure your computer; against those evil hackers!!

  58. whs

    1. I think the proposed list is excellent
    2. I would like to see a little more system topics, such as useful commands in Command Prompt, also something about the Systeminternals such as Process Explorer, Process Monitor and tools alike.
    3. I am amazed about the many people that commented within a few hours. How come we never see you guys on the Forum, or are you present under another name?

  59. drifta

    i second nuke3ae suggestion on setting up VPN and using SSH etc. like making your own intranet and hosting it yourself on a home server.

  60. 7SeVeN7

    i would like to see a comparison of XP,Vista RTM,Vista SP1 aginst windows 7 ,(i think PC World did it) and see what results you guys come up with, im dual booting with vista SP1 and win 7 ,and personally 7 kicks azz aginst all with boot up time,login time, resource usage, like to what ur results are……………

  61. Siavash

    More Linux , More network and security tips
    thank you so much ;)

  62. The Geek

    This feedback is definitely great, keep it coming :)

  63. Zoltan

    I’m sure you’ll hit a lot of reader with a torrent tutorial.
    If US justice system rules that ‘It’s not the gun that kills it’s the person who uses the gun’, then you can safely do a tutorial, just as the gun’s are sold. (I’m just getting tired of telling these things to newbies)

    Win7 is coming our way, so new tweaks are appreciated. Or just comparison to existing features in XP/VISTA.

    Please don’t neglect Opera browser. It’s highly tweakable and user friendly. Almost everyone uses it among my colleagues. – Not too much mention on your site.

    And yes, THUMBS UP for your site! You’re absolutely right, I always come here to set up things on a new machine, and I forgot how to do them in detail. (like slowing down the minimize/maximize option in Vista). I wouldn’t worry about it – when people set up their comp they like to be done with the job and just use it.

  64. helen

    Hi, thank you for this newsletter!!! As I am no GEEK & fit in the age group of over 45’s, I find the world of IT very complicated….BUT little chunks of step by step guide really help and amaze me.

    Keep on, you are just wonderful.

    Please would you consider also a little add at the end of every “geek” for newbie’s? I would like to know step by step how and build my computer for my personal needs and use some things I have, also reprogram to its peaks, clean the discs!

    Can anyone help and guide me through???

    Love, Helen

  65. Moshe

    How about having a Geek for Mandriva users also? Show beginners how to actually download and install a compressed file in simple easy 1, 2, 3 stages using the Control Panel and their root password, and if need be how to compile it.

  66. Sedrick Harris

    For those of us using WEP encryption on our wireless router, how do we easily convert ALL nodes to WPA or WPA2 (assuming our router functions with those protocals – which mine does).

  67. dolving

    i really dig any articles you have written so far.
    anything is appreciated :>

    keep up the good work

  68. morningowl67

    I have seen some really bad viruses that usually warrant a rebuild since it takes longer to clean the virus…got any really good tricks?

    Also, the SATA drives coming on Dell’s are problematic for Windows installs. Always have to switch from AHCI to ATA in BIOS to get Windows to see the drive. I understand why, just not sure how to get it to see the drive in AHCI when no floppy drive is available. Darn dell still seems to think that we all have floppy drives, yet they shipped the unit with no floppy drive. And of course Microsoft didn’t bother to slipstream the sata drivers in Windows. Going ATA loses performance.

  69. helen

    HOW do we connect the computer (XP) to the television?


    Would be nice to have a foolproof guide on how to share files and folders on a network, never had a problem with XP, but have had to go down a level to VISTA,
    Also how to change colours in VISTA, How to de-blue it, by changing the colur to graphite etc only changes part of the colour scheme and you always get blue somewhere in windows.
    Also how can i set different programs to open on a different screen on a dual display system with vista? I have managed some things, one of the worst offenders is slideshow, it only ever opens on the primary monitor, and it is always full screen so i cannot drag it across.
    Ever thought about windows mobile, how to tweak it to make it more reliable, good free apps and such.
    Thanks for all the info already here, have a good new year.

  71. Passerby

    More Acrobat .pdf stuff, virtual machine software (as opposed to dual-boot OS loading) ftp tips and tricks, how do I get my camera’s .mov movie files to play on my Vista mechine, fave imaging software for hard drive recovery…

    Great site, thanks much!

  72. Clayton

    a little bit more about the google chrome, please.

  73. sue parchick

    We purchased Noton. Now it says it’s outdated and wants more money. I am sure it’s causing trouble with e-mail and our desk tops. How would I know for sure. It’s NASTY…keeps popping up and won’t let us get past it. John want to keep the part we paid for…I don’t know. We have xp 64 and vista 64 on a dual core.

    Window Galley is also NASTY with all those tag and useless sorts. Can they be Geeked out of business? I have and like Nikon View for photos, but Vista seems not to share the photos. It won’t let you change folder names and lots of times it combines the wrong photos in a totally wrong folder name. Could Norton be at work here too. thanks

  74. DanRhea

    Since I work and play with multiple platforms I would like to see more Ubuntu, OS-X and Windows XP related articles. I haven’t upgraded my XP systems to Vista yet (and probably won’t since I’m willing to wait for Windows 7) so some pure Window XP stuff would be nice too.

    Also, how about articles aimed at people who run multiple platforms on a single home network? I would love to do a better job of getting my wife’s Mac to play nicer with Window XP and Ubuntu and vice-versa.

    Asking for stuff on OpenVMS would probably be pushing my luck… so I won’t. :)


  75. roman

    I want to see more about Windows 7!

  76. Ev L.

    Thanks ever so much for this helpful and informative website.
    I’m not a tech-geeky – older average computer user.
    I would like more on connecting computer to TV – working with video files, i.e. editing video with free or inexpensive software, and editing/organizing digital photos.
    Best wishes for a successful 2009 and beyond.

  77. Ganesh

    I loved your blog when it used to give fantastic tips day after day. However, this impact of content is severely diluted now. I do not remember when was the last useful post I read on your blog. In Google Reader, I click on HTG link just to ‘Mark All Read’.

    I hope HTG gets its punch back in new year. [Or, I am about to go off from HTG]

  78. The Geek


    Thanks for being honest… and I agree, which is the whole reason I put up this post to ask the readers – I want to get back to where we were.

    It would be helpful if you’d let us know what you Are interested in reading. If you don’t want to share in the comments, you are welcome to email me.

  79. Steve Bryant

    You know, As a Backyard Computer repairman, I’d like to see some stuff on free utilities, or something like that. Maybe get a “super stick” usb drive built. Something I could launch an OS from, and run apps, etc. etc. OR perhaps some tutorials on Linux terminal stuff. I’m trying to switch to opensuse, but its difficult.

  80. smokechaser

    I’ve gotten a lot of great help from your site already, but since you asked……..

    I recently started using skype to communicate with my son serving in the military in another country…While it’s great to see and talk to him, I worry about the virus risk involved in this type of connection. Any help on this subject would be helpful to myself and I’m sure many others. Also some comparison info on this type of program…Thanks

  81. Ninique

    I can’t agree more with people who say to cover operating systems other than Vista. For the last few months it seems that most tips I get from this site are about vista, but I don’t even use vista (I use mostly Linux and XP a bit) so I don’t really care about that information. Please cover more topics about other operating systems such as OSX and Linux!

    I also would be interested in topics about some new software that we can try out.

  82. Andy Hawkes

    As above really, less windows more linux and other O/S. Vista is of little interest to most people i would think as surly everyone is either on XP or moved over to Linux / OSX

  83. whs

    Andy, you must not be well informed. There are 300 Million users on Vista and as you can see on our Forum, most of the threads deal with Vista. Apart from the people that double boot, there are few “native XP” users.

  84. Artur

    I like to use the windows taskbar on the left of the screen, but I don’t like that the start menu button is on the top and the system tray is on the bottom. So I’d love to see an article about how to move the tray to the top and the button to the bottom (both on vista or windows 7).

    Also: connecting to TV and dual monitors.

  85. Golden Phoenix

    I was wondering if we installed Windows 7 over a vista installation, what would happen when the trial period is over, aka, in August. Will the system just “automagically” revert to my previous instalation of vista?

  86. Doz

    Please don’t forget about us XP users.( You guys helped me to pin my shut down button to my quick launch bar and I love it) All of us don’t want to be “improved and updated” every year. We work hard to to get comfortable with our OS and you help us do just that. Don’t be like Microsoft, Adobe and &tc… . We luv ya and need ya. Keep up the good work and don’t sell out to the corp.

  87. oldtrumpet

    I would like to see some real info on configuring a wide-screen monitor, and especially how to display in
    4:3 aspect so that my everyday programs aren’t all stretched out of shape.

  88. ibbill

    Would really like to know what torrent is and how to use it.

    I see it listed all over the place lol.


  89. Kevin

    Please add more Mac info/downloads and necessity for virus protection. Also, any info on how to get Safari to work a little better with many websites.

  90. eduardo1966

    Here’s something I can’t find a simple solution for anywhere: How do I clean up/organize my program links in Windows Vista? I’d love to find a simple drag and drop solution, but whenever I get into the right section of my directory structure, I am quickly humbled and scared away by the amount of non-program folders co-mingled with what I want to change.

  91. Ahmed

    I would definitely like to see articles about Home Networking and Sharing (especially about issues with sharing/networking between computers with different OS’s, and Connecting Your Computer to the TV.

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