Announcing the How-To Geek Blogs

Since we opened our doors in September ’06, this site has produced more than 450 How-To articles on a bunch of different topics, but until now we haven’t had a place to blog about regular geek topics.

So here’s the formal unveiling of the How-To Geek Blogs. Here’s the blogs we have so far:
The Geek’s Blog
This is my personal blog, where I can finally blog about brain controlled tv remotes, mini math sculptures, or creating an aggregated feed in WordPress MU.  Make sure you grab the RSS feed, because I’ll probably post all the future site news on there.

Mysticgeek’s Realm
You might recognize our newest author from all his Microsoft Office articles lately. He’s been a big help for the last month or two since he joined the team.

The Source (coming soon)
Covering the best of open-source software, will feature an open source application each day. (more writers needed)
If you are interested in having a blog on the How-To Geek Blogs, drop me an email. I’m not necessarily opening up to just everybody, but I absolutely would like to have more people blogging, especially on some more diverse topics.

We’re also going to open some forums at some point in the next month so all the readers can interact with each other.

The How-To Geek Blogs

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