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Enable or Disable Auto Login in Suse Linux

If you hate logging in every time you reboot your computer, you can easily configure Suse to automatically log you in when you start your computer. Or you can disable it if you are worried about security.

Suse Linux has an amazing set of graphical administration tools that let you perform virtually any system administration task without having to use a command line. The only problem is that there are just so many settings, it’s easy for new users to get lost.

To get to this setting, click that green Suse “start” button, and type in user management into the search box, and select the highlighted option below.

(I’m an advocate of using the search functionality as opposed to trying to find something buried in a menu. I also prefer a command line, no surprise there.)

Note that if you are using KDE style menus, you can launch YaST, click Security and Users, and then click User Management.

Click the Expert Options drop-down button, and select Login Settings:

Now you can check or uncheck the Auto Login checkbox, and choose the user that you want to automatically login.

In my case, I was disabling Auto Login. I prefer security, and it’s not like I have to reboot linux very often.

Update: I should note that I’m using Suse 10.2 with KDE desktop.

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  • Published 01/28/07

Comments (10)

  1. superjan

    I had a problem with this (you can set it by the way, while you install suse). With xgl and compiz enabled, gdm would not let me auto login in gnome. Kdm had no problem with letting me login, but it gave me different problems with signing off in gnome. I guess the problem is xgl, because switching to aiglx solved this.

    Is there a known work around? aiglx on my nvidia card does has some stability issues.

  2. The Geek

    I’ll have to check it out under xgl… I’m using kdm at the moment.

  3. superjan

    Thanks, i switched to kdm myself, as kdm has no problems with auto-login. But now i miss some gdm power-options

  4. e.e.

    I would like to understand a thing: if I check autologin, is this only about local security? From remote is it necessary always login and password?

  5. The Geek

    Auto Login is only for local security, that is correct. It’s still less secure in general.

  6. brugazz

    Man I’m so lost now!!
    Does anyone knows how to enble the shut down button on openSUSE system with gnome?
    I just wanna have a button to click and then have the options (hibernate, shutdown, reboot…)!! I somehow messed the the config by disabling the F10 menu in the login screen!!
    I hate to have to use the command line(terminal) to shut or reboot my thing!!
    Is there any kind of menu or command to do this?
    by:brugazz (kiddiegeek)

  7. sameasiteverwas

    suse live cd, when u put in the disc & start it up it will ask for a password.? why? what is it? why isn’t it included with the download? the live disc is worthless without it. or is there a master password they use that the end user can change later?

  8. Rosemarie

    Does anyone no how to disable automatic file downloads. Some one must have pushed the dont ask automatic downloads this file

  9. Jorge pajares

    Un saludo cordial. dear sirs: problem is that I am usin linux linpus based in fedora de acer one net book. I can not conect to a red wifi because appears on the screen a window that ask me for a user login and password and i dont know that user y password, and I dont know how to desable this window or write the password in the blanket. please how can i desable this window in firefox mozilla de linux linpus.regards…:)

  10. clyde

    thank you very much clyde

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