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Stop UltraEdit "File is probably not DOS format" Error Message

If you use UltraEdit as your text editor and edit a lot of Linux/Unix files, you’ve no doubt encountered the “File is probably not DOS format” message every single time you open a file. So irritating…

There’s an easy fix to get around this frustrating error message:

Just go to Advanced \ Configuration from the dropdown menu.

In the Configuration dialog, choose File Handling and then DOS/UNIX/MAC Handling in the left-hand tree menu.

Under UNIX/MAC file detection/conversion, just choose Disable to make the error message go away. UltraEdit will no longer prompt you to convert the files, but don’t worry, it will keep them in their original format.

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  • Published 05/30/07

Comments (14)

  1. S


    Thanks for the great Tip. I was really irritated with the error message, till I read your article!!

  2. R

    Gr8 to see this. Now got rid of this annoying mesg… :-)

  3. David

    Thanks a LOT! This was extremely annoying. :)

  4. Patsy

    Thank You so much! That message constantly popping up was very irritating. I can’t see why the developer doesn’t disable that by the default. Nobody uses it.

  5. Alex

    Ah, what e relief :) Thanks a lot! Great Tip.

  6. Patrick Gryciuk

    Thanks for the tip ^_^

  7. Dumbass

    Thanks for this tip. This was really starting to annoy me.

  8. xoco

    tx for the tip !!! Little things make life more beautiful !!!

  9. Dany

    YEAH: i think i’ll earn 5 seconds for every click on that message. And i could calculate in …about 20 times per day…this is almost 1 hour per month! and in 40 years of work it is almost 20 days of life i saved. Thanksssssssssssss:

  10. JIM


  11. Fuzzy Logic

    I love you like a brother. But…different.

  12. [RVG]

    Woot, great fix, I regret not looking for it earlier!


  13. Cynthia

    yay, i have to change this every time i reinstall UE.

  14. shiregator

    Thanks! That was annoying.

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