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Get IP Address from DNS Hostname in C#

A frequent task when designing applications that work with TCP/IP and the internet is to lookup an IP address from a hostname. It’s much easier for users to deal with the hostname than having to type in an IP address.

First you’ll add the System.Net namespace to your using section:

using System.Net;

Example of code to get address from hostname:

string howtogeek = "";
IPAddress[] addresslist = Dns.GetHostAddresses(howtogeek);

foreach (IPAddress theaddress in addresslist)

This was tested in C# 2.0.

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  • Published 11/25/06

Comments (9)

  1. Robert

    How might I go about getting other DNS records, such as NS records, or MX records in C#?

  2. Ba Than Tin

    How can I know which ip address for which network interface? And if I want IPV4 address only how can I do?

  3. vinh

    thanks for your info.

  4. biosys

    thanks for info :) works perfect!

  5. Narendra

    how can i print all the systems address connected in a network through window application in c# vs 2008

  6. arnr

    can you help me to find ip address form dns in visualscript for computers in active directory

  7. vinod

    following code returning interaces of local computer but i want inerfaces of the other computer based on ip address ? any one can help me

    NetworkInterface[] nics = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces();
    foreach (NetworkInterface ni in nics)
    if (ni.OperationalStatus == OperationalStatus.Up)

    IPAddressCollection ips = ni.GetIPProperties().DnsAddresses;

    foreach (System.Net.IPAddress ip in ips)
    strDnsHostName = ip.ToString();


    where can we get an Ip address for our wireless security system so that it can be monitored remotely.

  9. Dave

    Good morning.

    When I use the Get IP Address from DNS Hostname in C# code, it does pull in the IP Address:, but when I step through the code, I am getting an AddressList[0].ScopeId threw an exception of type System.Net.Sockets.SocketException.

    I am using VS 2008, C#, and 3.5. Any suggestions? WHEELS

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