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Configure Current Source Control Provider in Visual Studio 2005

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Visual Studio 2005 includes the ability to easily switch between source control providers. This is better than the 2003 version that required a 3rd party plugin to change that setting.

To configure this option, Go to Tools \ Options and then choose Source Control \ Plug-in Selection:

Select the Source control plugin that you are planning to use. For instance, if we selected Visual SourceSafe, we would then have extra options under the Source Control section, as seen in the next screenshot:

You can set a variety of other settings from this screen. The settings will be specific to the source control provider you are using.

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  • Published 11/23/06

Comments (9)

  1. angela

    i have vs 2005 and vss 6.0 but for some reason i don’t have the source control options. is there soemthing that didn’t downloand?

  2. The Geek

    What version of VS2005?

  3. dirc

    Due to problems with the VSS 2005 client, as installed with VS2005, I have uninstalled it and want to configure VS2005 to use the old fashioned VSS 6.0d client, but this does not appear in the source control plug-ins list.

    I have done a few searches and it seen many users with this problem, but no answers! Any ideas anyone?

  4. The Geek

    I’m unsure of why that is the case… perhaps you need to re-register the VSS client by reinstalling it.

    Reinstall always seems to be the option on Windows…

  5. teztaz

    At the bottom left side there is a “Show All Settings” check box click the check box and you will have the option.

  6. edgar

    I also have found a way to use vss 6.0, I also cant find the ‘Show All Settings’, but that could be a mean ironic message :-)

  7. edgar

    I meant NOT found !!!!

  8. edgar

    oops… DID found.
    Just create a shortcut in the VSS\Win32 folder to Regsvr32, and drop all dll’s on it.
    Some will be registered, others complain this is not possible.
    Probably SSSCC.DLL is the only one needed, but I registered them all.
    And now it worked again !


    for the vss u must instal the vss 6.0 or any other version
    if you install the vss then goto vss and then goto the vss admin and there you can make user and add
    data base and delete user if you are administrator for more help email me

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