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Configure AutoSave / AutoRecovery Of Crashed Projects in Visual Studio 2005

Visual Studio 2005 has a new feature that lets you automatically save your projects and recover them when the IDE crashes. If you’ve done a lot of programming in Visual Studio, you’ll know that it tends to crash at just the wrong time.

To configure this option, go to Tools \ Options and then click on AutoRecover in the Environment section:

The option should be usually enabled by default.

When Visual Studio crashes, you’ll see a dialog like this when you restart:

All you have to do is click the Recover button, and you are right back where you were.

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  • Published 11/22/06

Comments (4)

  1. MrElectrifyer

    Is it possible to change the default directory to which visual studio 2008 auto saves files (C:/Users/(UserName)/Documents/Visual Studio 2008)?

    Please REPLY ASAP, Geek :D

  2. Johnny

    Common geeks, answer the question already, don’t be scared to post you don’t know if that’s the case as i’m assuming. Please take a minute or two out of your programming moments and answer this simple and verry useful question

  3. gregg

    Look in Tools / Options / Projects and Solutions / General / Projects Location.

  4. Johnny

    Sorry to say this gregg, but that changes the default location of the projects when the user manually want’s to save, i.e. save as…

    For some reason even though I have changed those to the directory I want, Visual Studio 2008 keeps creating this directory, even though nothing gets save in it.

    C:/Users/(UserName)/Documents/Visual Studio 2008

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