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Share Your Calendar in Outlook 2003 / Exchange Environment

If you would like better communication with your co-workers here is a quick tip on sharing your calendar in Outlook. This will only work if you are using an Exchange Server e-mail account, typically something you’d be using in a corporate environment.

To share your calendar, open your calendar in Outlook and in the Navigation Pane click on “Share My Calendar”.

In this window click on the Permissions tab. This is where you decide who on your network will have access and what rights they will have. If you want to share with anyone just click on Default and choose the permission level. Each level allows or denies various editing rights. You can check out more information on Permission Levels at the Microsoft Office Site

If you would rather choose individuals on your network whom you want to share your calendar with just click on the Add.. button and choose the individuals or departments you want to grant sharing to.  Click OK and you are now sharing your Outlook Calendar.

This tip is intended for the business or home office environment where it is assumed you are running Exchange Server.

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  • Published 04/24/07

Comments (16)

  1. Ryan

    Is there a way to access “CREATED CALENDARS”. I’m currently running Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Exchange 5.5. I have the abiltiy to share my calendars, but when I look up the calendar from another PC, I only have access to the DEFAULT calendar.

    When you click “open a shared calendar” it only asks me for the “Name…”
    When I type in the name, it only shows me the default calendar, and no options to check the other shared calendars of that user.

    If you can figure this one out, you truly are a genius.


  2. mysticgeek

    Is the person’s calendar you want to access sharing theirs as well? Secondly, are you using active directory?

    For better conversation and answers to your issue I recommend posting the question in our Forum:

  3. Jennifer

    We are supposedly using Exchange Server, but I cannot get Outlook (2003) to show the “Share My Calendar” option on the naviagation pane, nor can I access any of the sharing features. Do we have something set up wrong?

  4. Donald Palmer

    As for calendar permissions editing for exchange users in an enterprise environment there is a tool called security explorer for exchange that offers very powerful abilities for exchange permissions management on mailbox folders like inbox, contacts and calendar as well as permissions cloning and backup.

    It’s also suitable for managing ntfs, sharepoint and sql security.

  5. Stella

    I have the same problem as Ryan. Can someone help?

  6. Reena

    How can you find out who has put an appointment in your calendar if you have several people looking and editing your calendar in outlook 2003?

    Is there way of tracking?

  7. Lori

    Can you share calendars when you have 2 different versions of Outlook? 2007 and 2003?

  8. Jaime

    How do you STOP a person from viewing your calendar after you gave them access?

  9. Erum

    I am also facing the same problem as unable to see Share a calender option in the navigation pane….kindly help!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  10. Heather

    Can you add to the persons Calendar you are sharing?

  11. Linda


    I have the same problem as Ryan and Stella. Is there a solution for this?The newly created calendar is shared with permissions set. And yes, I am using AD.


  12. Rhonda

    My question is the same as Lori’s. I nave someone onsite that has Outlook 2007 and shares it out but personnel that have Outlook 2003 are unable to view the calendar. Is there something special that needs to be done to allow 2003 to see a 2007 outlook calendar. Thanks, Rhonda

  13. Claire

    I am trying to share a calandar within the office. I have managed to publish it online but I can not find an option to give people permission to edit the shared calandar. There surly must be a way but I have NO option anywhere to change permissions. Please help!!!!!

  14. michael


    I have shared my outlook 2003 calendar with another colleague and everything works fine but he was unable to view my past event for some reason

  15. Magda

    I can’t share my calender!! I need help to set it up. I have Microsoft Outlook 2003. The options you are showing above is not working!! Please help!!

  16. Sherry Jobs

    Software based Outlook Sync can simplify the process of cable based sync. For seamless, Over-the-Air sync of Outlook with any Smart phone or Tablet, you need ActiveSync enabled Email system, known as Exchange Mail.
    One option is Google Apps for Businesses although it requires modification to your domain and server settings.
    A simpler one is triosync active sync mail. It is easy to setup and doesn’t require any modification to your email account or domain settings

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