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Send Email Replies To Another Recipient In Outlook 2007

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Have you ever wanted to make sure that a reply goes back to more than one email address? You might want to have somebody automatically reply to your home and personal address, or you might want to make sure your boss is included on replies instead of having to forward the messages to him.

Outlook allows you to set the default reply-to address to something other than your own email, but you can also use more than one email address into that field, which will tell the recipient’s mail client to reply to a list of email addresses, not just yours.

Open Outlook and compose a new Email message.  Select the Options tab on the Ribbon and choose “Direct Replies To”.


This will pop up the Message Options dialog box, where you can check the box for “Have replies sent to”, and then enter your contact email addresses in the box (or use Select Names to choose from contacts).

You’ll want to use semicolons between each email, and make sure to keep yourself on the list, otherwise you won’t get the replies.


Note that you also cannot send replies to an Exchange distribution list, which is probably a good thing.

When your recipient receives the message and clicks reply, they will automatically reply to all email addresses in the list. It’s also useful to note that they will see the reply addresses and be able to change them if they choose to.

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  • Published 11/20/07

Comments (8)

  1. Rushdi

    If I want to send an e-mail message or reply to a message by Microsoft Outlook with Vista system, I always get this eror message “Explorer has stopped working”

  2. Joachim

    Is it possible to set up Outlook to always use a different reply to address? I would want recepients to always send replies to a distribution list.

  3. Chuck

    Joachim asks the important question. Being able to set this on a case by case basis is great, but there needs to be a way to set a DEFAULT reply-to addy which is always in effect. How can that be done?

  4. Wes

    My question is the same as Joachim’s. The only thing that I have been able to do is create a template and use that but, it would be nice to have a default setting for sure!

  5. sunil sir


  6. Frustrated

    Did anyone determine if there is a way to change settings to “always” use a different reply-to address? (Please say yes…)

  7. Frustrated

    P.S. Nevermind… I continued searching and have determined that since I have Exchange I will not be able to do this. Oh well.

  8. sudar

    if the sent was not in the display

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