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See Task Type at a Glance by Adding the Icon Column to the Outlook 2007 To-Do Bar

Have you ever noticed that the To-Do bar in Outlook 2007 doesn’t show you what type of item is in the list? It could be a task or a flagged email, but which one is it? With a simple tweak you can add the icon column to easily differentiate them.

This isn’t really a hack, it’s just a useful setting tweak that hadn’t occurred to me before, so I figured I’d write it up for everybody.

Now you can see at a glance that one of the items is from your task list, and the others are emails that were flagged for followup:


Adding the Icon Column to the To-Do List View

Just right-click on the column list and choose Custom…


Then click on the Fields button…


And then add the Icon column from the left side, and make sure you use the “Move Up” option to move it to the top of the list on the right-hand side.


It’s a really simple tip, but very helpful!

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  • Published 04/30/08

Comments (5)

  1. Miguel

    I tend to drag emails from my inbox and place them in the to-do bar (and then file the email to a folder). Sometimes the subject line in the email needs to be changed to make it more meaningful when it sits in the to-do list. I found that you can change the subject of followup item and keep the email subject the same. Just click on the to-do item once and change at will. Pretty cool.

  2. charles

    That really is helpful-and simple!

  3. Matt

    My to-do bar resets each time I close and reopen outlook. The icons dissappear and I have to do it over again. Any insight as to what I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks so much ffor the help btw.

  4. Luke

    Nice tip – but any ideas on sorting flagged emails that appear in the To Do List? I sort by Subject, but it seems that Outlook uses the email subject to sort by rather than the Task subject.

    This is a problem because I’ve put useful information (eg company name of the person I had emailled) in the TASK subject which I couldnt include in the email subject. And I wanted to sort based on this info.


  5. Teresa Tong

    I’ve the same problem as Matt: This problem occurs in both my to-do bar & my favorite folders – I am sick of rearranging my fav folder everytime I go on outlook.

    Thank you in advance!

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